There is very little sex in this part. It is to whet your appetite. If bro/sis incest offends you please read no further but remember this is fiction.
Ranch Life

It was late afternoon when I got back to the ranch, and as I was stripping the saddle off Blackie my father appeared in the stable entrance,
“ Mase, when you've finished up here' wash up and get some chow. Cookie and the boys have gone into town and I'm heading into Cedar Falls myself and probably won't be back before morning' “ he said. “You'll have to stay on here and look after the ranch and your sister.”
“ No problem Pa,” I replied, “ Today was pretty hard work and an early night won't do me any harm.” I smiled inside . I had overheard one of the hands say that he was glad Pa had finally started to overcome the grief of Ma dying eight months ago and that he was visiting the Widow Hadley to get his wick dipped. At seventeen years of age and considered a man because I did a mans work around the ranch, I still had to ask my friend Billy Hendrix what it meant to 'get your wick dipped.' Billy had laughed and explained what was meant and that it was also called getting' his pole greased.' He also took me with him to the cat-house behind the saloon and encouraged one of the girls to relieve me of my troublesome virginity as he called it. Although I found the exercise very pleasant, hell, extremely pleasant, I realised that it was a purely mechanical function and the less than romantic procedure meant I was not inclined to spend all my hard earned pay on such foolish notions.
After caring for Blackie and making sure he had food in his stall, I went to the well and washed up then went inside the ranch-house. My sister Kristen was stirring a large urn on the coal range and looked up as I entered.
“Hello Mason. How was your day on the North Forty?” she smiled and gave me a hug as she asked the question.
“Good Krissie” I replied returning her hug,” Got rid of most of the weeds and fixed that broken fence over by the old Jensen house. Sure looking forward to some food though.”
“Well, You shouldn't have too long to wait. The food is ready and Pa should be in soon.”
“Aww Hell, Didn't he tell you that he was goin' into Cedar Falls and wouldn't be back till morning.”
Krissie reached around and slapped my butt.
“Mason McLennan, don't you swear in front of a lady. And No, he didn't tell me he was going into town.” She turned to the oven and lifted the large urn to bring it to the table. I leaped to my feet and took the urn from her hands and placed it on the table, then went to the cabinet and got out two plates and cutlery. Meanwhile Krissie collected some bread from the bin and butter from the pantry.

We kept up small talk about the ranch while we ate and then took glasses of lemon juice out on to the verandah and sat on the swing to drink them.
“Mace” Krissie asked “Where does Pa go every Saturday night?” I had to think before replying.
“Well Sis, it's been over a year since Ma went to be with the angels and Pa has finally realised that he has needs that he can't fulfill out here at the ranch. He goes to visit a lady friend in Cedar Falls.”
“What do you mean, Mase?”
“What do you know about sex, Kris?” I asked. “Do you know where you came from?”
“Before Ma died she said I came from her tummy, but I don't know how I got there. Do you know Mase? Ohh Please tell me if you know. Please”.
While I thought about how much I should tell Krissie, I looked at my beautiful brown haired 15 year old sister and a shiver went through me.
Though I knew that sex in the family was wrong, I was instantly in lust with Krissie and I didn't really even think of possible consequences. Two years younger than me, Krissie was genuinely the epitome of feminine beauty to me. A younger version of the lovely and loving mother who had left us the year before due to sickness, Krissie was about 5 foot 3 inches tall with a slim figure and her dress bulged out to show the firm smallish thrusting breasts of an early developer. Her legs below her short dress were slim and beautifully shaped. Her hair was long and fell over her shoulders in a dark tawny wave and complemented her gorgeous green eyes.
“If you promise to keep this a total secret just between us, I'll explain all I know Sis. But it must be a secret forever, because I don't think I should be the one to tell you these things. Now that Ma has gone she can't tell you and you should know, so . . .do you promise?”.
As I was speaking Krissie had wriggled her little bottom across the bench towards me and she raised her hand and caressed my face before answering,
“ Of course I promise, Silly. I have always thought you the most handsome man in the world, and I love you like crazy . . .now tell me!!”.
“ Do you remember when Pa went down to Cimarron and bought the Arabian stallion and brought it back to the M-Bar?”.
“Do you mean Shaitan?” she asked.
“Yes, well Shaitan was bought to be a father to some foals. Dad wants to breed the stallion to our best mares to improve our stock. Have you seen what happens when Shaitan is put in a paddock with some mares?”.

“No, I wanted to watch, but Pa always made me come up to the house”.
“Well, if you want to learn, let's go around to the home paddock coz Pa put Shaitan in with the mares before he went to town”.
I stood up and held my hand out to Krissie and we walked around the barn and down a lane to the home paddock. As we walked Krissie had moved closer to me and I had placed my right arm around her waist. Her left arm was around my waist and her thumb was tucked into my belt by my left hip.
We stopped between two trees and looked over the railing fence to where the horses were . We had timed it well. Shaitan was approaching the mares with his head up, and nostrils flared. He began sniffing the mares genital areas and snorting warm air into the area under one of the mares tails. His immense penis began to show and I pointed it out to Krissie. Krissie began to breath heavily and hug me closer to her as the stallion reared up and mounted the mare, his huge black penis entering the mares vaginal opening and Shaitan pranced forward to fully embed, as he stretched forward and grabbed the mare with his teeth and forelegs. The mare squealed as the stallion thrust back and forth, but instinctively pushed back against the forward shoves. In moments a spasm shook the stallion as his seed spewed into the mare and a few seconds later he dropped off the mare, his long penis still dribbling and his sides heaving with the effort used.
“God, that was amazing Mase,”. Kristen’s voice had a tremor of excitement in it. “ Is that how he starts a baby horse?”.
“ Yes Krissie. That's more or less how all animals start babies, and people as well”.
“ People too?” Krissie asked with a tone of disbelief in her voice. “Prove it – Show me !” she almost demanded.
“ If you want me to, my darling beautiful sister. But you can say stop at any time and I'll talk you through it as we do things, OK?”
“ I want, I want. But where shall we go?”
“ Let's go to the barn” I turned towards her and took her in my arms and kissed her on the side of her face. Krissie turned her face and kissed me on the lips. I returned the kiss and, taking her hand, led off towards the barn. As we entered the barn Krissie slowed and seemed a bit reticent.
“Mase, have I got anything to be scared of?”
“ No my darling Kris, You have nothing to fear. Trust me. If, at ANY time
you want to stop, just say so. The first things I'm going to show you will be
fantastic and you will love it. You have a place like the mare had where Shaitan put his prick. The feelings you get from there will be lovely. Just let me set up a couple of hay bales and a horse blanket so we can be comfortable.” I placed the blanket on a three high layer of bales and lifted Krissie up on the makeshift altar.
“ Lie down on the blanket with your legs over the side and I'm going to kiss your little pussey . . . and I promise you, it will feel good. It's still warm so you can take off your dress and bloomers.”
Krissie laughed and said,“I'm not wearing any bloomers”. I moved between Krissies legs and gently blew on the sparse hair covering her pussey, then gently licked along her labia. For several minutes I caressed her with my tongue. Kris gasped several times as I did this and then moaned when I sucked on her little clitoris.
“Ohh Mase,” she cried, “ I want more. Come up here with me.”
I climbed up beside her and stripped off my shirt and boots. Almost in a fever, Krissie tugged at my belt and tried to get it undone. I helped and in a moment my jeans joined my boots on the floor. Kris's lovely little hand immediately went to where my rigid prick forced against the cotton of my underpants and she pulled at them, so I raised my hips to allow her to drag them down.
“ Mace, What can I do to give you pleasure too?”
“If you want to, Sweetie, you can lie on me facing the other way and while I lick and kiss your little pussey, you can kiss my cock and take it in your mouth if you want to.”
“ Would you like that Mace?” she smiled.
“ If you want to Kris, I'd love it, but before that I want you in my arms so I can kiss you and tell you how truly beautiful you are”.
Kris rolled into my arms and I kissed her, my left arm went under her shoulders and pulled her to face me, and my lips found the small tight pink nipple of her left breast. She gasped as I sucked on her nipple and dragged her top leg over me so I had access to her sparsely haired pussey with my right hand.
She shivered as my fingers caressed her labia and sought out the tiny peak of her virgin clitoris. Her left hand grasped my painfully hard penis and gently, tentatively stroked up and down and I fought for some semblance of control as her touch drove me towards orgasm.
“ Ohh Darling Kris,: I moaned, “We've got to take the next step or I'm
going to lose it.”
“ Then do it Mase, Do it!.”

Gently parting her slim legs I knelt between them and leaned forward so the purple head of my rigid cock nudged open her labia. Slowly moving back and forth, each time stopping when I felt the rubbery resistance of her hymen against my cockhead, I felt Kris's vagina lubricating with her rising excitement and she started rising to meet my thrusts.
“ Darling,” I panted,” there will be a little bit of pain for a few seconds, but the pleasure afterward will make you forget it.”
“Ohh Christ, Mase, Do it !” she groaned and then gave a muted cry as I thrust hard against her obstructing hymen. It tore and I went about three inches into her vagina, another hard thrust , then another and our pubic hair meshed and I was fully into her. The excitement was too much and I hurriedly pulled out my cock and ejected my thick creamy semen over her lower stomach and pussey.
“ Oh Mase, Why did you take it out ?” Krissie asked.
“ Darling, I think it would be a bit embarrassing if if I made you pregnant. Don't worry, Love, It's going back right now”.
Wiping the last drop of semen on Kris's pubic hair, I aimed my slightly blood stained cock back towards her vulva and gently pushed it between the lips of her still tiny pussey. Krissie took a tentative breath as her body accepted the still rigid pole and slowly pushed up against my thrust. Her own virgin blood acted as a lubricant and I slid fully home. I began a rhythmic back and forth motion, at first slow, but gathering speed when I realised that the pain was gone from her face.
“ God Mace, this feels so good. If you stop or take it out I'll kill you”. Krissie moaned. She was pushing up against my thrusts and her legs had moved up over my hips so she could get more leverage. I slipped my right arm under her neck and kissed her, my tongue meeting and fighting with hers and my left hand had cupped her lovely right breast.
I pinched the little pink nipple gently and she gasped with delight. Her arms clasped around my neck and she strained against me and cried out as she climaxed for the first time. This triggered my own orgasm and I spasmed my second ejaculation deep into her welcoming gash. Again Krissie cried out as she felt the warm spurts of semen erupt into her and she was thrown into a frenzy as her over excited body succumbed to another orgasm. Fiercely I thrust into her still and with a scream of delight she again fell over the edge into a third climax. Now I slowed and gently lowered her to the euphoric plateau that follows a good fuck.
Dreamily she cuddled up against me and said, in a languorous tone I had not heard from her before
“ Mase, that was absolutely beautiful. When can we do it again?”. I laughed.
“ Kris, Ladies can go on and on but men need a little rest before they're ready again”. I rolled off her and lay beside her with her slim sexy body in my arms and buried my face in her long blonde hair. She used my right arm as a pillow and snuggled up against me. My left arm went to her waist and my left hand cupped the firm cheek of her right buttock. Kris's right hand stole down and her hand gently grasped my flaccid penis. That was all that was necessary for blood to start filling my cock. Kris turned around and her soft lips enveloped the head, and her tongue lapped around the highly excitable corona.
“ God Krissie. You're driving me mad,” I growled. “At least get over me so I can kiss your lovely little pussey.”
Krissie immediately placed her legs on both sides of my head, and I kissed and lapped at her sweet nest. When I transferred my attention to her clitoris, she moaned and started feverishly sucking me into her mouth and jerking her hand up and down the shaft of my severely distended prick. A warm gush and Krissie's moan announced her next orgasm and I pumped my next allotment of sperm into her hot welcoming mouth. Without thinking she sucked and swallowed her first libation of man-juice and lapped the final drops from my rapidly deflating cock, then turned around and fell into my welcoming arms.
For three hours, we slept in each others arms, in the warmth of the barn and when I woke Krissie was still in my arms and sleeping soundly. Carefully I removed my arm from under her neck and flexed it to restore circulation Krissie meantime rolled on her side away from me, and I was taken by the beautiful line of her young form. Her lower left leg was still straight, but her right leg was drawn up to a ninety degree angle from her hip. To me nothing in my life has been more erotic than admiring the body of a beautiful woman when she is unaware of the voyeur.
Carefully moving around so that my hard cock was aimed between her coral pink pussey lips, I gently pushed into her warm, moist well. Krissie stirred in her sleep but did not wake up. I could feel the super-excited head of my cock rub against the entrance to her womb, and instead of thrusting in and out, I gently rocked back and forth, getting unbelievably ball achingly aroused by the feeling. The tension in my body built, but still I fought the urge to ram hard into her and then it was too late. In slow motion my cock pulsed and throbbed and spewed an enormous shower of my juice into her and I gasped at the sheer intensity of feeling. For a long period, perhaps fifteen seconds, I could do nothing as wave after wave of incredible pleasure engulfed me. Eventually it subsided, and I started to slowly withdraw.
“ I know what you did, Mason McLennan, you naughty boy,” Krissie scolded.
I was immediately contrite. I had invaded my sister's body without her permission and without giving her the pleasure she would have had. I had let my own satisfaction become more important than anything else.
“ I'm sorry Sweetheart. What I did was really wrong, but you looked so beautiful, and I just couldn't stop myself. Please forgive me.”
Krissie pealed out in a joyous laughter, and I was dumbfounded.
“ I fooled you,” she wailed with laughter again, “I woke up when your thing was just going in to me, and I was determined to see what would happen and I loved it. I had to bite my tongue to stop giving myself away, and it was really hard for me not to start moving. But it was really good fun and I loved the feelings. It was so beautiful. Don't ever feel sorry for doing something different. I want to know everything.” She rolled on her back and took my head in her hands and looked into my eyes.
“ I loved it,” she said again.
" When can we do it again?"

to be continued . . . . .

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