Ehrm, so yeah, basically my first ever bondage/S&M story, and I think it's kind of weak for an S&M story, 'cuz I didn't know what to write about to be honest, but judge for yourself :D. Have fun reading! (Note that this story also has a long build-up like my other stories, so if you don't like long build-ups, please don't read this or skip to the end).
Also, grammatical and spelling errors are guaranteed since I'm not even English! Enjoy ^_^


As I walked through the front door to the outside world, I observed the beauty of nature which surrounded me. It was an average spring day; not too warm, not too cold, and it drizzled a little which made the weather perfect for a walk. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a walk because I had to deliver mail, and I hated it.

I was 17 years old and I had a few jobs in my life but this job in particular can’t be beaten in the game “most boring jobs ever invented by humans”. It was basically just stepping on, stepping off my bicycle every 5 seconds. My crotch hurt every time because I would accidently bump that area onto the front of my saddle when I stepped on my bicycle. After 10 or 20 times of bumping, my crotch would be sore.

Luckily it wasn’t really a big problem. I’d do my job, go home, fire up my pc and play some Xbox. What I also love to do is going to my girlfriend’s house. Her name was Tamara. She was a 5’5” hot brunette with a nice pair of D cup breasts. Of course we were sexually active and I can’t imagine sex being better with any other girl in the entire world. Sure there were some less “spicy” moments in our sex life but in general it was amazing. We would always be out of breath, panting and sighing after we had done our thing. Just looking at her would almost make me wet myself, so having great sex wasn’t a problem anyway.

I’ve been dating her for more than a year now and these days our sex life is getting and better. We’re doing it more frequently, sometimes for long, long hours continuously without stopping and we’re also getting it on harder. Yesterday for example, which was Friday, we were lying in bed, softly touching each others for 4 hours straight before finishing it off with a nice anal fuck, punishing her asshole with my 7 inch while she had a 10 inch dildo jammed up her cunt.

We both like the foreplay but when we get to the actual intercourse, we would fuck like crazed animals in an abandoned forest.

I was thinking of our greatest fucks together when it shot to my mind that I was almost late with the mail deliveries. It was 3 PM already and the mail is supposed to be delivered by 5 PM max. I cycled to the drop-off point to get my mail. When I arrived there and looked for my part, I nearly got a heart attack on the spot; three big bags filled with loads of paperwork which I had to deliver in less than 2 hours. If I managed to deliver all this in 2 hours, I would classify myself able to run a 2000 mile marathon easily. Shortly said, it was impossible.

I lifted 2 of the 3 bags to my bicycle and tied them to the back of my cycle. I got on my bike and when I pressed against my pedal, the weight of the mail pulled the back of my bicycle to the ground, causing it to do a wheelie on its own and causing me to collapse backwards, head first.

The sharp pains shot through my brains to the rest of my body as I hit the cold hard asphalt. My bike didn’t hesitate to join the fun and collapsed right on top of me, ramming the handle on top of my head. The worst part now wasn’t my head, but the fact that the saddle of the bicycle had decided to attack my crotch.
I squirmed uncontrollably for 5 minutes straight until the pain started to subside. My crotch felt numb but my head was about to explode. I touched the front of my face and I clearly felt the blood streaming from under my skin. I looked at my hand and the red liquid was spilled all over it although I really only touched it with my finger. I had to go home and put a bandage on it, but that would mean that I couldn’t do my job.

I felt the need to just stand up, grab my bicycle and deliver the mail but my head hurt so bad that I could barely stand up. I grabbed the heavy bags filled with mail and brought them back into the drop-off point. My boss would probably get extremely angry at me for not doing my job but I couldn’t care less seeing my current situation.

I got home and when I stepped inside my mom looked at me in horror:

“Simon, what the hell has happened to you? Oh my god did you get in a fight?!” She shouted out in panic.

“What? No mom…” I replied, slightly annoyed by her concerns “I fell backwards off of my bike which after it decide to attack me… can I get a wet towel please?”

There was a short silence before my mom burst out laughing. I got increasingly annoyed and I would’ve shouted at her but she quickly ran up the stairs giggling at my obvious fail.

I waited for half a minute before my mom came back down again handing me a wet towel. I put it to my head and as I looked down I saw that a lot of blood had dripped onto the floor.

I walked upstairs and when I entered my room I saw Tamara just sitting there.

“Baby!” She exclaimed. “I didn’t expect you here so soon!”

“Well… it’s kind of my home you know.” I replied dryly.

“Uh uh, so… what happened?” She pointed at my head.

“Uh, accident with my bicycle… no big deal.”

“While delivering your mail?” She asked me again.

“Didn’t do that… just too tired.”

“But you’ll get fired!”

“I don’t care, I didn’t get paid shit anyway. Now please, I have some other work to take care of so leave me alone.”

I wasn’t in the mood for her annoying speeches this time so I just fired up my MAC laptop and tried playing some games.

For 15 minutes straight she just sat behind me, watching me play my games until at some point she started sobbing.

“Work, huh? Is that what’s most important to you?” She shouted. “I just wanna make you happy but you won’t even treat me like a normal person!”

“Tamara baby I just don’t feel good, can’t you understand?” I was getting scared because she never acted like this.

“No! Don’t be like that! You just don’t love me!” She was crying by now. “I wanted to surprise you and be a good girlfriend but you make it so hard for me!”

And with that she ran out of my room sobbing. When she reached the living room she quickly shouted something before storming out of the front door but I couldn’t hear what.

I got really worried. Tamara never acted like this; she was always cool with everything as long as it wasn’t offensive. I must’ve really hurt her, I thought.

I slowly closed my laptop and removed the wet towel from my face. There were big bloodstains all over it and there was some blood on my shirt too but I couldn’t care less right now. I threw the towel on the ground and looked in the mirror; a big bloodstain smeared over my forehead. It didn’t really hurt anymore though so I just washed it off before walking downstairs.

“Are you going somewhere honey? You can’t go with a wound like that!” Mom said when I reached downstairs.

“Mom, I really need to go to Tamara. I’ll call you if I won’t come home tonight, okay?” I didn’t even wait for an answer and I burst through the front door. I wanted to grab my bicycle but I remembered the incident and decided it might be safer to just walk.

It was a 30 minute walk from my house to Tamara’s so I put in my ear buds and listened to the Gorillaz. I was looking at the asphalt and as I walked down the streets I unintentionally bumped into someone. I felt so crappy from all that happened today that I didn’t even bother to look up. I just wanted to walk through when a steady hand grabbed my arm.

I looked behind me to see 2 skinhead types, looking at me angrily.

“Hey you metal freak, aren’t you going to apologize for what you did?” One of them said to me.

They called me a metal freak, probably because I was 6’2” with longer than average hair. I can’t say they aren’t right because I did enjoy listening to heavy metal but their reason didn’t really make any sense. I wasn’t feeling good enough to use my fists but I was prepared if they decided to resort to violence.

“Don’t call me a metal freak you punks, I didn’t do shit so I’m not gonna apologize.” I wanted to turn around and walk away but I noticed that one of the guys’ fists was clenched tightly. I knew he was going to throw a punch.

Both of the guys were about 5”9’ and with my knowledge of vital body spots I guessed I could take them;

The guy with the clenched fist threw a haymaker at me; I quickly dodged it, getting on one knee, and then gave him a right uppercut to the balls. He collapsed forward, screaming, but before he hit the ground I quickly threw my left fist to his chin. He fell to the ground and gripped his crotch area tightly before throwing up a mixture of blood, food and teeth all over the place.

The other guy was confused and didn’t know what to do so I took the chance to swing a fist at his lower abdomen and I hit him; hard. He screamed and collapsed on top of his friend. He wanted to stand up again, so I quickly kicked him in the face a few times. He was out cold while the other guy was still trying to catch his breath.

I walked away quickly because if they recovered, I would be in a lot more trouble.

I reached Tamara’s house and I knocked on the door. Nobody opened so I knocked again. This time I heard footsteps so I knew someone had heard me. I waited for half a minute but no one responded to my knocking. I was starting to think she was going to break up with me so I began hammering away at the door with my fists. I kept beating on the door until suddenly the door was opened;

I was mowing my arms through thin air at that moment and I basically just tumbled inside of the house, falling with my knees to the floor. It hurt like hell but the embarrassment was much bigger and it caused me to get up on an instant.

I looked aside and saw Tamara standing near the door, frowning.

“What are you doing here? I thought I made clear that I didn’t wanna see you!” She said, seemingly more annoyed than angry.

“Baby, I wanted to apologize, okay?” I didn’t want her to be angry at me. “I swear I didn’t mean to
make you angry or anything!”

Without answering she walked to the kitchen, so I followed her. She took a bottle of beer out of the fridge and opened it. Then she looked at me, leaned her head to the side and looked behind me, out of the window.

I looked turned my head to look behind me but I didn’t find anything particularly interesting so I asked:

“What did you see?”

“Nothing, probably just an illusion.” She replied. “Here, drink this and come upstairs with me.”

I kind of needed a cold drink right now and I wasn’t really in a position to argue with her anyway. I put the alcoholic beverage to my mouth and took a sip. It tasted a little different from what I was used to but it was good enough for me. I followed Tamara up to her room and she told me to sit down on her bed.

“Okay, but what’s going to happen?” I asked.

“Just sit on the bed and drink your beer. “ She replied dryly.

I did as she said and when I finished the last bit of my beer I started to feel a little dizzy.

“Tamara, how much alcohol is in this stuff?” I asked.

“The normal amount, I just added a little extra something when you looked away in the kitchen.” She smiled at me.

At that moment, drowsiness took over my body and I fell asleep within seconds.

I woke up still feeling dizzy. I imagined that if Tamara had drugged me, she would’ve killed me by now but apparently I was still alive. I felt like something was pulling my arms, and that I wasn’t even lying down.

I looked around to see myself standing, but not by the strength of my feet; when I looked up, I saw chains hanging from the ceiling, connected to my wrists. I tried to pull on them but with no effect. I looked around me to see that I was still in Tamara’s room. I wondered how she fastened those chains to the ceiling but that wasn’t my main concern; I was tied to a ceiling with metal chains and I couldn’t do anything about it. I tried to look behind me but I could only vaguely see Tamara’s bed and a box of weird items. I couldn’t exactly see what they were but I knew those weren’t daily household items.

Suddenly, I heard someone running up the stairs. I couldn’t do anything anyway so I patiently and with my heart in my throat, waited for that person to reach the room. I knew it must’ve been Tamara because no one else was here when I entered the house.

And I was right, a few moments later, Tamara’s head showed up through the small opening of the door. She looked at me and smiled:

“I see you’re awake, honey. How did you sleep?”

“What the fuck is going on? Why am chained to a fucking ceiling and why the fuck was I drugged??!” I asked, astonished by the fact that she could remain so calm under these circumstances.

“Oh” She replied calmer than before, “I just thought you needed to calm down.”

“Get in here and get these chains fucking off of my wrists, okay?” Now I was being more worried than angry because she was acting stranger than ever.

“Don’t worry, everything’s gonna be all right sugar!” She replied.

The action that caught me by surprise was that she walked into the room but not in every day clothes; she was half-dressed in leather:

She was wearing a leather top, her nipples tightly pinching the firm and sturdy matter. The skirt she was wearing was also made out of leather; it was so tight and short that I nearly came on the spot. Her bare ass would have been visible if she had turned her back on me and the skirt should’ve been just an inch shorter for me to see her pussy.

My eyes nearly rolled out of their sockets as she pivoted 360 degrees for me to see what she was wearing:

“Do you like what you’re seeing, babes?” She joyfully asked me.

“What the hell? What is this supposed to mean???!” I exclaimed.

“It’s supposed to be a surprise! Don’t you like it?” She curled her lip teasingly.

“No I do not!” I didn’t really mean it because I was pretty sure I’d enjoy what was about to come, “Get me out of these chains, bitch!”

“Oh honey, I think you’ll enjoy it a lot. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you… or will I?” She teased me again.

At this point my dick was begging to be released from its cage. For some weird reason, Tamara had already removed my shirt when I was knocked out but my pants were a real pain for my cock.

She walked over to me and smiled, then put up her innocent face. She walked behind me, and I wanted to turn around but the arm-chains prevented me from doing that. I suddenly felt a sharp sting on my back; she had probably stuck one of her nails into my back.

“Enjoy that honey?” She said, “’cuz that’s not the only pain you’re having tonight!”

Then she put her hands on my chest and pinched both my nipples with her nails.

“FUCK, what are you doing, that hurts like shit!” I shouted with arousal in my voice.

She didn’t reply but pinched harder which caused tears to jump to my eyes. She then walked away and I heard her go through some stuff. I tried to turn my head and saw that she was searching through the box with weird items. When she was finished she, pulled out what looked like a whip.

“What are you going to do with that thing???!” I exclaimed.

She gripped the whip by the special handle and let the end fall. The whip was short so it didn’t hit the ground; the typical S&M whip it was. Tamara then gripped the whip even tighter and smacked it against the wall. It made a cracking sound that made me shudder. I knew what was coming and I couldn’t escape so I patiently waited; I was right:

“You’ve been a bad boy!” Tamara whispered as she threw her hand backwards and quickly forward so that the end of the whip hit me full in the back.

The pain was indescribable; it was like having multiple hot needles puncture your back on one spot while someone hits them, making them puncture your flesh even further.

“FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK!” The pain was extreme but the weird thing was that the arousal was overpowering this fear of getting hit:

“Hit me again you bitch! You wouldn’t fucking da-...” but before I finished my sentence the whip hit my flesh again causing me to cringe. The arousal was overpowering my body as I wanted more punishment. The excitement, the adrenaline, the fear… It all felt too good to describe.

She kept whipping me and I groaned every time while cursing at her. At some point the arousal was so big that I was shouting for her to whip me harder and faster, which she did with pleasure.

After a minute or three she was getting tired so she slowed down and eventually stopped. My torso filled with painful whip marks, but my mind kept begging for more. Watching Tamara unleash her inner “beast” was building up more arousal than I had ever felt.

“What’s next to come?” I impatiently asked as the adrenaline rushed through my veins, “Can’t you do any better than that?”

“Trust me baby, you won’t forget this till the day you die!” She joyfully said as she walked towards me.

With every step, her gorgeous tits bounced up and down, making me extra horny. She stood in front of me and looked me right in the eyes, then kissed me, deep and passionately. I returned the favor by jamming my tongue into her mouth; our kiss didn’t last long though, she immediately let go of me. I didn’t know what was going to happen next so again, I patiently waited.

“Honey, look here!” She told me.

I looked and I saw that she was holding some kind of collar, but it wasn’t a regular one.
“Look baby, this is a shock collar! I’m going to put it around your neck now, and if you’re a bad boy I’ll press this button on my remote and you’ll get what you deserve! Are you okay with that?” She cheerfully said.

“No, I’m fucking not!” I replied as she put on the collar.

“Let’s test it!” She said, and pressed the button.

A decent voltage went through my neck making me shudder and shout.

“FUCKING BITCH, STOP THAT!!!” I said when she removed her finger from the button.

“Awww, you’re so cute when you’re angry and horny at the same time! Looky looky, I’m gonna get the chains off of your wrists and legs, and you will be a good boy, and take your pants off. After that, you’ll lie down on the bed, and spread your arms. Okay honey?”

“Oh, fuck you, you bitch! The moment you take off these chains I’m going to take that button and put this collar on you!”

She didn’t listen to me, but instead took a small key from her desk and put it in the lock of the chains on my wrists. I heard a faint click, and suddenly one of my wrists was set free. Immediately I gripped the collar but before I could even try to get it off, Tamara pressed the button and my body went crazy again. She lifted her finger again and got the other chain off of my wrist too.

I just stood still because I didn’t want her to shock me again.

“Now lose the jeans!” She commanded.

I did as I was told and she told me to lie on the bed. I did so and just lay still. I was aroused and my dick was almost puncturing the fabric of my underwear, which was now the only thing I was wearing.

Tamara took a few things out of the box with items. I lay down, and waited for her to come and give me what I deserved. She came back with handcuffs; of course, how predictable…

She came back and lay on top of me, with the remote threateningly in her hand. She then proceeded to put handcuffs on my wrists, and connect them to the bedposts. After she did my hands, she also cuffed my feet. The cuffs were tight, and cut my feet a little. But I couldn’t care less; I was just impatiently waiting for her to let me fuck her tight pussy, but she was making it so hard for me to be patient.

She sat on my crotch area while I was still wearing my underwear and proceeded to grind her bare, shaven pussy on my covered dick. She moaned and made me hornier every second; and with every second, I thought I had reached the maximum of arousal, but I kept getting more worked up.

Her pussy was clearly wet, since I could feel the moisture through my underwear. I groaned and moaned, and she got me close to orgasm. She must have noticed though because she quickly stood up and left me unfinished.

It was about 8 in the evening already, and it was starting to get dark. Tamara however, instead of switching more lights on, switched all the lights off. Then she took something from the box again. This time it was too dark to see with no lights on. I heard Tamara fiddle with something and suddenly there was light. She was screwing around with a lighter. I thought she was going to try and burn me or something until I saw that she was lighting candles; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 candles. Why the fuck would she need exactly 7 candles?

She placed 6 candles all over the room to create a nice, romantic environment and sat on my crotch area again, still holding one candle. She then turned around, pointing her fine ass at my face, while her face was near my crotch. She wanted to 69?

She wiggled her ass above my face: “Come on baby, eat my cunt out!”

“What if I refuse?” I asked her, eager to taste her pussy but still wanting to play with her a little.

She didn’t answer but instead she was silent, and didn’t wiggle her ass at me for a few seconds. I wanted to ask her again but suddenly I felt a burn on my leg.


She moved her body a little so that I could see my leg; candle wax was now on my leg, burning it.

“Now eat me out, or I’ll have to do it again!” She eagerly replied.

She lowered her ass until her pussy touched my face, and I eagerly started licking her wet cunt. She moaned as I flicked my tongue across her clit randomly.

“Oooooh yeah that’s it!” She moaned, “Tongue fuck me baby!”

I did as I was told and started jamming my tongue into her sloppy wet cunt. Tamara was enjoying this like nothing before. I wanted to tell her something so I stopped licking her pussy and opened my mouth. Immediately, she tilted the candle so the scorching wax dripped on my leg again. The pain was extreme and I decided to just do whatever she wanted me to.

I started eating her out again. She moaned and groaned and I increased my speed. I randomly jammed my tongue into her pussy, and then pulled it out to flick it over her clit a few times. She went crazy with desire and lowered her ass completely on my face so that I could barely get any air. Tamara was nearing orgasm, and I was nearly passing out from the lack of oxygen. I ate her out for another ten seconds before she started shaking like crazy.

She came hard and her pussy juices almost streamed out of her horny cunt. She kept shaking a little after before stepping off the bed and without saying anything, she walked to her desk. She took something off of her desk and walked back to the bed again but without immediately stepping on it. And when I saw the item which she had in her hand, I was terrified that this might go too far; she was holding a big pair of scissors.

“Baby, I’m really enjoying this but please, you don’t have to scar me for life, for crying out loud!” I exclaimed.

“Hehehe, you have to learn to respect me!” She replied, and then did the scariest thing I ever experienced; she slowly brought the scissors to my crotch area. I was so scared that she would actually cut my dick or something, but she only cut my underwear. I was really relieved but scared that she would accidentally hit my prick but she didn’t. She tore off my underwear and my dick jumped into her face. She admired my 7 inch friend and ran her fingers over it a few times before she started to jack me off.

The arousal was huge and I was already about to orgasm while she was alternating between jacking me off and licking the tip of my dick. She skillfully placed my hard cock on her lips before slowly swallowing every inch. She kept sucking me and as I got closer to orgasm, she started speeding up.

She suddenly stopped and looked at me dead in the eye. I asked her what was wrong. She didn’t answer but instead drove one of her long nails into my flesh.

“Listen, the only time when you’re allowed to talk is when I tell you to, okay?” She told me with a neutral look on her face, “and you’ll call me Miss Tamara! Are we clear?”

“Yes Miss Tamara!” I replied, my cock aching with desire while my flesh was aching with pain.

I came after merely a minute of sucking and blew my load into her mouth. She didn’t even choke a little, but swallowed it all like an expert. She kept sucking me until I stopped leaking cum, and licked it all up until the last drop. She then stood up and walked over to the desk again. I looked and I saw that she got a thermos. She came back again and hovered her tits above my face. She then took off the leather top, slow and teasing.

After she took off her leather top, she scaled down the bed a little until she was close to my dick. She then opened the thermos and tilted it so that some of the hot fluid in the thermos dripped on my dick. It was something like gooey chocolate sauce, and it slowly dripped on my dick. It started to burn my dick really bad and I started shouting at her to stop it. She turned around in a 69 position.

“Lick me out!” She commanded me.

“Fuck no, bitch!” I replied, smirking.

“Well if I’m the bitch, why are your limbs tied to a bed?” She replied, and slapped me in the face, “besides, if you want your fucking dick burning much longer, then don’t eat me out. But I’ll leave your cock like that forever, I’m not even kidding!”

That sounded like a good argument. As she lowered her pussy, I again started to lick her. Only this time, I wanted to make her feel more than just my tongue. I stopped licking for a brief second and looked to my right. I saw that the bedpost wasn’t actually as sturdy so I tugged my arm a few times, making the wood crack. Tamara, with my dick in her mouth, was surprised that I had stopped licking her. She turned around, and picked the shock collar remote up.

“Don’t make me do it!” She threatened.

I kept tugging my arm as hard as I could, but she pressed the button before I could get the handcuff off. I tried resisting the severe voltage that was racing through my neck, and I kept tugging the cuff. At some moment, I saw the wood of the bedpost crack. I pulled it once again, hard, and it cracked, making the handcuff fall off. The handcuff was still connected to my hand though, but at least I could move my arm again. I quickly turned my hand and smacked Tamara on the ass; hard. A wave went through her beautiful round ass and she screamed.

“How the fuck did you….?” But before she finished, I smacked her ass again, and inserted to fingers into her pussy. She shuddered;

“Suck my cock bitch!” I told her.

“Oooh, I like it when you act like the master!” She replied.

She stroked and sucked my cock, and licked the rest of the chocolate sauce from the shaft as I kept sucking and licking her pussy while jamming my two fingers into her. I wanted to try inserting a third finger, and that’s what I did. She moaned in ecstasy as my third finger punctured her sloppy wet cunt. I fucked her with three fingers for a while until she suddenly stopped giving attention to my cock, and turned around. She was now facing me.

She grabbed the thermos again and poured the chocolate onto her tits. The chocolate sauce was really not that hot any more and it slowly dripped from her chest onto mine. She then rubbed her tits against my chest, smearing the chocolate all over my bare chest. She proceeded to do this for a few seconds until her big tits were smeared with chocolate while my chest was covered in it too.

I opened my mouth to her inviting nipples and she lowered her breasts. My tongue twirled around her erect nipples and I sucked and licked them clean. I then proceeded to lick and suck her big tits while she moaned. I hungrily licked the chocolate from her breasts and within 5 minutes there was not even a speck of chocolate on her tits.

She scaled down the bed a little before starting to work on my chest. She licked and sucked every tiny bit of chocolate sauce that she could find, just like I did to her. When she was finished, she grabbed my dick, and put it to her pussy lips.
Even though she had sucked me off like 10 minutes ago, my cock was rock hard again by now. My friend was ready to enter my girl and she knew; she slowly slid the head in, until it wasn’t visible any more. She then let my dick impale her cunt hard. She took in 7 inches in less than a second.

“Oh fuck yeah baby, your pussy feels so good around my cock!” I said, clearly in heaven by her wet cunt.

She moaned in ecstasy as she slowly slid my cock in and out of her pussy. She pushed her nails into my stomach area as she slowly fucked herself with my cock. She closed her eyes and lifted her head, clearly enjoying the filled up feeling my cock was giving her. She started pounding down on my cock as we both got closer to orgasm.

With my free hand I reached for her tits. I barely reached them but she bowed forward to let me play with her nipples a little. I squeezed and massaged her tits and she drove her nails even further into my flesh. It hurt but it drove the adrenaline and intimacy of the sexual intercourse even further. We fucked slowly for a while, then a little faster, then slower again.

Suddenly she pulled her nails out of my stomach and lifted herself from my dick. The marks from her nails were clearly visible on my stomach. I wanted to ask her what she was going to do but before I could speak a word, she saw my facial expression:

“Switching holes baby!” She replied, and immediately let my dick plunge her asshole. She screamed as her asshole got stretched by my thick rod. We didn’t use any lube, but her pussy juice was probably enough to lubricate her hot asshole. Her tight asshole stimulated my hard rod again.

She started bouncing up and down again while I thrust back to meet her bounces. Her beautiful tits jiggled and I moved my free hand again to slide a finger into her pussy. I flicked my finger across her clit a few times while she bounced up and down. I then proceeded to squeeze her tits and nipples while they were bouncing. We kept fucking at a slow pace until I started meeting her pounds again. Every time she pounded down, I would thrust up. We fucked for about 10 minutes before we both felt our orgasms building up.

We went over the edge together and Tamara screamed while I groaned. We kept fucking while experiencing our orgasms since Tamara was shaking so hard, that she was actually massaging my dick with her asshole. She kept at it for about 30 seconds while I shot my jets of hot cum into her, and then collapsed on top of me.

“That was so fucking hot baby!” I told her.

“It was, wasn’t it?” She smiled, and fell asleep on top of me.

My dick went limp and popped out of her asshole.

“Uhm, honey? The handcuffs?” I whispered.

“Mhmmm.” She dryly replied before slumbering away.

Although I was stuck here with my hands and legs tied to the bedposts, it was still one of the best nights I ever had…..

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