If you don't like father/daughter incest FICTION then FUCK OFF. This is not for you.
Suzy's Introduction Part 2

When I next woke up I glanced at the bedside clock and realised we had slept for twelve straight hours and it was just after seven a.m. Sliding myself carefully out from under still sleeping Susie's arm, I wandered out to the kitchen and cooked up a feed of ham and eggs with a couple of hash browns added, made and poured a cup of tea each, and placed my daughter's on a tray and returned to the bedroom. Placing the tray beside her on the bedside table, I
leaned over and whispered in her ear,
“ Good Morning, my beautiful sexy daughter. Food is ready for energy replacement.” Susie stretched languorously and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me,
“ Ohh Food. Yummy, I'm famished. Gimme, Gimme. But I need a shower first. I'm all sweaty and sticky.”
“ No Princess. Cuppa and grub first, then shower . . together might be fun.”
Susie sat up and attacked the food with gusto and then sipped the still hot tea.

“ Mmmm Lovely,” she said, “but now I really gotta pee.”
“ Can you wait just a couple of forget it. Come here Sweetheart.”
I picked my sexy girl up and carried her, not to the toilet, but to the bathroom. I entered our large shower cabinet with her in my arms and told her to put her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist.
“ I've wanted to try this for years, just to see if it feels as good as I think it will.” I lowered her onto my erect cock and it slipped easily into her cunt.
“ But Daddy,” she protested, “ I've got to pee.”
“ Well Darling. Do it. Here and now. Like this.”
“ I don't know if I can. Ohh, Yes I can and it feels so sexy.”
With a warm trickle at first, Susie's urine increased in flow until it cascaded over the root of my cock and balls. Even to me, the feeling was intensely exciting, and my hands holding her slim little buttocks began to raise and lower her on my meat stick. By the time her pee had finished we were so aroused that a few thrusts sufficed to bring us to a sweet but abbreviated mutual climax. Susie hugged close against me,
“Ohh Daddy, that was beautiful. Unusual . . .but beautiful.”
“Anything my Sweet, that is pleasurable and hurts no-one, is acceptable in my estimation.”
Lifting my lovely girl off my cock, I reached over and turned on the shower. When I had the water at a pleasant temperature I drew her under the jet of water and we washed each other, I being preoccupied with her tiny breasts and cunt, and Susie still vastly entertained by cleaning and caressing my nearly always rampant prick. When we were both squeaky clean, we left the shower, and took turns drying each others body's. Taking Susie's hands in mine I looked into her deep blue eyes,
“Well, Beautiful, today is yours. What would you like to do?”
“ Truly,” she asked, “ Anything I want?” I nodded.
“ If that is true, I want to go back to bed and have you kiss me down there,” she blushed and pointed to her little nest,
“ and I want you to fuck me . . .a lot.” she blushed furiously at this last statement.

I laughed and took her in my arms and carried her back to the giant bed where our last combat had transpired.
Lying her down I lay beside her, tilted her face to me and kissed her lovingly and passionately on the lips. She sighed with contentment and moaned when my lips and left hand took possession of her nipples and my right hand gently caressed her lovely slit. Ten minutes later she cried out as my agile tongue thrust her over the edge into a period of almost continuous orgasm, rising higher and higher and culminating in a shattering climax that almost unhinged her mind.
“ Oohh Daddy, Please. I need you inside me. Please.”
I kissed her flat little belly and moved up to her firm little breasts as I nudged her slim thighs apart with my knees, and arching my back, allowed the glistening purple head of my throbbing fat seven inch cock to touch her damp, newly opened slit.
“ Oohh Go od Daddy, Don't TEASE me,” she screamed, pushing her tight little cunt up towards my lower belly. This caused her slippery labia to open and envelope my cock-head, and with a groan of sheer lust I sank myself full length into her pulsing welcoming depths.
Re-adjusting my arms so her neck was resting on my right forearm, I passionately kissed her on the lips and commenced the age old dance of lust. Starting slowly I withdrew until only my swollen glans was in her, and then pushed firmly, inexorably back into her until I felt the entrance to her womb. Thrust after thrust, faster and faster, harder and harder, until Suzy was grunting as I banged into her.
“ Oohh Fuck me fuck me fuck me.” she chanted, “Give it to me.Fill me up with your juicy stuff.Cum in me Daddy!” She finally screamed.
And I lost it completely, pumping my load into her belly, my muscles pushing and retracting mindlessly. I felt my cock push through into her womb and I blasted millions of little babymakers inside.
“ FUCK, FUCK, FU U U CK!” Suzy screamed into my mouth before she collapsed in total exhaustion.
At the same time, having blown my spine, and most of my internal organs into her tight clutching uterus, I fell to her side, my body still twitching on post coital bliss and my lungs desperately trying to drag oxygen out of the air.

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2012-05-24 23:41:32
it would be hot to have her father get her pregnant with his baby


2011-05-16 09:50:05
It says "Fiction"...I liked it, good story.


2011-05-06 09:01:04
Both of these are great. I know we touched on this earlier, but fourteen is just too old to have a naturally bald tiny little hole with itty bitty titties. The girl you described is more like ten, but then again, it is your story. Bon apitite!


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Nice to see our resident troll making his usual asinine comments. Too fucking gutless to make himself known, but hey, life wouldn't be such fun without stupid little fuckwits like him.

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If you like slogging in shit, you'll like reading this story. Wantsomefun

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