How Sara came to be experienced
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“You seem so experienced,” said Natasha.

“I suppose I am, in a way,” replied Sara, “do you want me to tell you about it?”

“Is it a lot of boys?” asked Natasha.

“Boys?” replied Sara, her voice dripping with contempt for them, “you’re kidding, right? I’ve never even kissed one. No plans to either, clueless knobheads.”

“God you’re so right,” said Natasha, relieved to have found some fellow feeling on this difficult subject, “they either act all stupid or they’re trying you use you to show off or something. Even if you start with a nice one some big yob comes over and gets all macho with him. I just don’t go out much any more, there’s always one who won’t go away. Or two or three, sometimes.”

“Hehe, they go away from me alright!” laughed Sara, “Once they look stupid in front ot their mates…”

Mike tried to concentrate while the girls talked, but it was difficult. He found himself trying to imagine exactly what the confident little nubile would say to cut some pushy young man off at the knees - it would be quick and crushing mockery, he reckoned. Finally after half an hour he gave up trying to work; he forwarded everything to either the production manager or the sales manager, and told them he’d meet with them later in the week. He’d made it clear to them anyway that they were to run the company day to day. He stayed at his desk behind his monitor, but tuned back into the girls, who were still going.

“…but I don’t go out with boys either just my girlfriends. I’ve had one man, and he was the whole show. Well, and his girlfriend.” Sara was saying. The conversation had finally zeroed in on the background to their current situation, Mike realised that’s what he’d unconsciously tuned into. Sara giggled, then was serious again. “But they’ve gone now.”

The two teens seemed to have established some common ground, even though in many ways they were so different. They had both gone to the one big school in the town, though Mike had the impression they’d been a year apart. He realised he hadn’t really studied Sara’s CV at all.

“Gosh!” said Natasha, spellbound, “His girlfriend as well? Wasn’t she jealous?” Few women, as far as Natasha could see, would be able to see Sara with their boyfriend and not feel threatened.

“Well I was pretty young when it started” said Sara, “and she was grown up, I mean I was just a girl and she was a woman, a teacher like him and they lived together. There’s no way he was ever going to dump her for me. And she was quite keen on me herself anyway, it could easily have been him that was jealous.” She giggled again at the thought.

“Not Mr Jackson?” gasped Natasha, “And Mam’selle Leveque? Was that you?”

“’Fraid so,” said Sara, “that’s why I’m here. They chucked them out and I was told to go quietly. Technically I’m ‘excluded’. But I wanted to get out anyway, make some money of my own and have some fun. And it’s going all right so far isn’t it?” From behind his monitor Mike pictured her touching Natasha in some intimate way.

“Was it what they were saying?” asked Natasha, her voice a bit breathless, “I mean, you know, orgies in the gym and everything?”

“It wasn’t really orgies,“ replied Sara, “just a 3-way, and it wasn’t as pervy as they made it sound like. And they didn’t, you know, groom me or anything, I just caught them at it in the gym.” She paused, then seemed to get into the memory. “Mickey Jackson was my trampoline coach, you know. Martine Leveque was a French teacher, she didn’t teach me though, but they were an item.”

“Was he? Your coach?” breathed Natasha, “Everyone fancied him, even me, almost.” It was said with a shy smile at her lesbianism. “And Mam’selle Leveque, she was sooo, oooh...”

“…gorgeous isn’t she?” Sara picked it up again, “God she’s so sensual, I really wanted to be like her but I’m too pushy. They said so. I only got 8 out of 10 for sensuality” She laughed. “They couldn’t stop being teachers even while they were fucking my brains out.”

“God, what happened?” gasped Natasha, “Did they grab you?” For the slender Natasha the prospect of being physically forced was a frequent faint anxiety in the back of her mind. Not for Sara though.

“No they caught me watching, they used to go all over the gym in the nude, after it closed. They fucked on all the equipment, the bars, horse, everything. Even the rings, they tried, but Martine couldn’t hold on long enough…

I used to stay in the showers and then watch them, in the end I hid inside the old horse and had them fucking right on top of me, it was so cool, but they moved it and bashed my toes and I went and said ‘Ow’. They lifted the top off and there I was, totally busted”

There was a moment’s silence, then Sara carried on, her two listeners – one visible and one not - entranced.

“Well they were busted too, it seemed to me, the school wouldn’t have liked it, two teachers fucking all over the gym like that. So I told them I wanted to watch, and they had to let me.

They were pretty cool with it actually, once they got started, Martine said young people should learn about sex properly, and so they talked to me as they did it, showed me all their parts and how to do everything, you know, how to touch in different ways and different things. How to turn someone on, basically. And then, you know, how to keep it going and cum when you want, cum together and that sort of stuff.

And she showed me about sensuality, using her fingertips, caressing, all the different bits of your body you can turn on if you touch it different ways. Stuff I hadn’t a clue about, like breathing on someone, in their ear and things like that, or licking a bit of neck or something and then blowing on it.

And Mickey was just as good. In a male way. He could be very gentle. And then he could just use a bit of his strength in a certain way and it just made me desperate to have his cum in me.

So I got Martine touching me more and more, and I touched her more and more, we did massage and everything, and after a few sessions she went all the way and got me off. It was the greatest thing ever.

Then I had to get her off, in different ways, and the touching with Mickey got more and more worked up, and one night he came, it went all over my hands and face. And I loved that too. So then we were all touching each other and trying to get each other to cum all at once. They made it like an exam.” Sara laughed again.

“Then they got me to go and get a Depo injection and once that was working Mickey fucked me. It was fantastic, I never even felt my membrane go, it just felt right straight away, we came and came.

Then we just kept doing it, I joined in with them on their gym nights and we all hung out in the nude and fucked on the equipment, the mats, whatever we felt like. On weekends if it was sunny we used to go up on the roof of the library, you know it’s flat, and sunbathe in the nude too. We couldn’t actually do too much then, the wall round isn’t very high, it was about being at our best for each other. And we all did sports, and Mickey told me about what to eat, you know no McDonalds or any of that crap, they really looked after their bodies so they could get the most out of them for sex, have good skin and everything. And, you know, do everything for a long time.”

Mike heard the smile in the way she said the last sentence.

“God, I learned so much. They were just so cool with it all, everything was nice, it was fun. Bodies are so great.”

Natasha and Mike were soaking up the whole amazing tale.

“Then we got caught, someone with a bit of a girl crush on me stayed in the showers like I had, and she was a jealous prudey little bitch and went and told someone and it all got out.”

Mike had a huge hardon again. He shifted in his chair, making a noise, and the spell was broken. He got up.

“Natasha, you’d better pop into town and get a morning-after pill,” he said, “the chemists do them I expect. Both go, if you like.” He didn’t want Natasha’s nerve to fail her on that vital mission. He passed her a couple of twenties, smiling at them, trying to make the adjustment in his relationship with them and not be bothered that his trousers were bulging so obviously. It wasn’t easy – he had decades of habit to overcome before he could be as relaxed about it as Sara, and frankly he still didn’t feel desirable enough for it all to make sense.

As for Natasha, he hadn’t a clue, really. He’d fucked her, she’d cum like crazy but with the position Sara had set up she hadn’t even been looking at him. Then she’d dodged further contact with him and announced herself a lesbian. It was too difficult. Well she was smiling at him now, at least. She didn’t seem to feel even Sara had raped her.

They were getting ready to get up. He tried to record in his memory the image of the two gorgeous young faces together on the sofa, to keep him going for the next hour - green eyes and grey, wide mouth and small, tanned and not, different in so many details, but equally irresistible. Then they were up.

The door closed behind them and he heard them go down the corridor and into the ladies’. He went over and got Natasha’s cut-up panties, that he’d spotted still on the floor under the easy chair - his ulterior motive for getting rid of the girls for a bit. To stop himself immediately wanking with the panties, thinking about Natasha walking into town without them, he put them in a drawer for safe-keeping.

He added a camera from his kit to cover Sara’s desk as well as Natasha’s, wishing he’d got the kit with audio. He waited a minute for his cock to subside a little, and took himself downstairs to do a tour of the factory until they got back.

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