Sin, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder
JackassTales…Tale # 58…Readers; here is another incestuous brother/sister tale. I hope that the ages of the sexual participants are adequately sufficient to justify a story of undeniable hormonal rage and hunger for sex. Brothers are male and sisters are female; so let nature run as wild as it will!

Sins of my Country Girl Sis & Me


(Part one) The Truck: Awakening Lust & Love

That meddlesome sister of mine just had to have the last word, “Luke, you had better slow down or you’ll get a speeding ticket!”

I’ll be damned if I let the bothersome bitch tell me what to do! “Mind your own business, Princess!” I retorted. “Besides, don’t you have to hurry home and ‘primp’ for the Ball that Silly Billy Willy is taking you to?”

“Just because Billy is ‘slow’ it doesn’t mean he’s stupid!” the defensive girl argued. “He’s taking ‘me’ to the Fall Ball after all!”

Wow, did she ever set herself up. “Oh big fucking deal!” I snapped. “And, what a ‘catch’ I reckon you to be!”

Ha, that shut her up! The girlie girl turned her face to the passenger side window of my restored 81 GMC truck and pouted. Leah and I had been fussing all the way home from school. I don’t know why we fuss and argue so much. Maybe it’s just the nature of being maturing teen creatures. My sister was now fourteen while I was seventeen.

Heck, when it comes right down to it, I guess my sis ‘is’ a catch! It’s my opinion that Leah wouldn’t win any ‘raving-beauty’ contests, but to be truthful, she is kind of a nice looking girl. She is not beautiful, yet she’s far from being plain. Well, since I’m telling myself the truth, she is not really meddlesome or bothersome, either. Oops, maybe I had better qualify that! In certain dresses or jeans or shorts or swimsuits, this girl ‘is’ a bother to me because she makes my penis get hard even when I tell it not to. Like right now!

Leah’s straight strands of long blonde hair were waving in the breeze coming in through the truck’s open passenger window. The girl’s slender neck seemed to be begging a hand to caress it. Her cheeks looked especially inviting and her lips, god those to-die-for lips, looked kissable soft! Damn, who ever heard of a brother wanting to kiss his sister!

I had pulled to a stop in our drive. Our two hundred acre cattle farm wasn’t the biggest in the county, yet it was a fine place to live. There were no really close neighbors to be a bother. Dad’s truck was gone and so was Mom’s SUV. I guess Leah and I had the place to ourselves.

Leah just sat there looking at our two-story farmhouse while I just sat there looking at her. No more dress code for my freshman sis so she wore what she wanted to. She wanted pretty, frilly dresses like the one she had on now. Instead of going hog-wild and too-short like some girls, my sister’s hems stayed within a reasonable length from her knees. Yet, sitting as she was now, even her modest dress hem had ridden up far enough to show quite a bit of leg. Pantyhose had been introduced into this girl’s wardrobe a year or so ago, but she seemed to be uncomfortable wearing them. After last period in school she often came out to my truck with the feminine undergarments stuck inside her purse.

Today was one of those days. I already knew there wasn’t a stitch of clothing on from the tips of Leah’s barefoot toes to the hem of her hiked-up dress. Why, if I was a gambling man, I’d betcha there wasn’t even a pair of panties on under her dress! And if not, then there wasn’t a god-blessed thing that would keep a guy’s hand from running up one of those sexy-slender legs and grabbing himself a handful of pussy! That is, if she would let him do it.

“What do you think you’re looking at, Mister?” Leah asked catching me staring at her bare legs. After her accusation, she turned away again.

My face just about blushed and I just about beat my head against my steering wheel. What kinda brother looks at his sis with lust in his eyes and a swelling erection inside his pants! Why, only lowdown, perverted, egg-sucking hound dogs do, I reckon!

Despite my self-loathing reprimand, I looked at Leah again. A gust of early fall wind blew several strands of her sun-spun hair towards me. A couple of my fingers caught the wayward tendrils and one finger even coiled itself around a glossy, gossamer filament. Not really meaning to, I pulled ever so gently.

Why she did it, I didn’t really know, but Leah slowly slid across the bench seat towards me. I guess I could have stopped pulling, yet I didn’t. As my young sis inched ever closer to me, my eyes met hers and some kind of illicit message was passed between us. My gaze dove into the pools of her sky-blue eyes. While there in the depths of this girl’s mesmerizing visual abyss, my mind rebelled when it finally deciphered the forbidden message. I wanted to kiss my sister and she wanted to kiss me!

What kind of sicko perverts were we! Brothers and sisters don’t kiss! Yet, those lips, those puffy, pouty, girlie girl kissers were so beautiful and undeniably enticing. Hell, I couldn’t kiss my…but I did!

My right hand crawled across the top of the bench seat then it reached out to grasp the slender stalk of Leah’s neck. I felt the fingertips of her right hand touch my cheek. Before I could think, before I could protest, before I could deny the depravity of it, my lips made contact with the lips of my sis.

One millionth of one second before contact was made I touched my wet tongue to my dry lips. Apparently, Leah had done the same. Wetness met wetness as sinful lips collided in a kiss filled with love and lust. One kiss, two, three glorious, mystifying collisions of wonderful wickedness. After the third lingering, breathtaking kiss, my partner in wretched wrongdoing pulled away then scooted back over to the passenger’s side of the seat. She again stared out the window.

What the heck just happened! God forgive me, but I kissed my very own sister! You sick-ass bastard, you dirty-dog pervert! If you burned in the fires of Hell you would get what you deserved!

In spite of my pathetic guilt and my fears for my immortal soul, I found myself scooting over in the seat towards temptation herself. Leah’s legs stretched out seductively. Her dress still rode high on her thighs. My hands reached out, with my right brushing hair away from a slim neck and my left closing on the silky flesh of a slender upper thigh. My lips dared fate by kissing my sister’s enticing neck and squeezing her thigh.

“No Luke,” a quiet voice whispered. “We can’t kiss again.”

It’s what I expected, I suppose, yet I just had to question, “Why not?”

“Because it’s wrong,” was Leah’s barely audible answer.

Well shit, I reckon she hit the nail on its goddamn head! Still, I tried one last time, “Is it?”

A blonde-haired head nodded in an affirmative gesture. A subdued, almost crying voice replied with one word, “Yes.”

Silence set in. A quiet tranquility disguised the screaming reverberations of raging teenage hormones. I felt the conflict between right and wrong waging war inside my head. On one hand, I knew Leah was right because what we did ‘was’ wrong. On the other hand, the words to a country music song played over and over in my subconscious brain; “If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right!”

Speaking of hands, my left one was still grasping the silky flesh of my sister’s upper thigh. My fingers were within seven or eight inches of a heavenly female mound. Without me telling it to, my thumb was slowly tracing lazy circles on Leah’s supersoft sibling skin.

“You don’t like pantyhose, do you, Sis,” I softly asked in Leah’s ear. While my mouth was there so close, I tickled her earlobe then grabbed it and tenderly sucked.

One word answered my question, “No.”

“Do you put on panties when you take them off,” I quizzed.

Two words, this time, “Not always.”

There wasn’t any getting around my next question. “What about today,” I inquired hesitantly. “Do you have panties on today?”

Back to a one word answer, “No.”

Oh god, how do I dare ask! Shit, it was a thousand times more perverted than a kiss! I can’t do it, I won’t ask…but, damn my soul, I did, “Can I feel you?”

A one word answer spoken emphatically, “No!”

Well hell, I had come this far so one word didn’t mean diddly squat! “How about just for a few minutes,” I appealed. “You know, for about as long as we kissed? It’s not really any naughtier, is it?”

No monosyllable answer this time. “Yes it is,” Leah protested. “But…well if it’s what ‘you’ want…okay, but just for a minute or two!”

Good god, I couldn’t believe it, yet in a way, I could. Leah had wanted the kiss as much as I did, so maybe she wanted this, too! Whatever the reason, my fingers inched up my sister’s silky leg and, with time limited, I grabbed myself a handful of pussy. As I cupped and squeezed the split-cracked mound, my hand noticed a wonderful thing.

“All the girls are shaving…down there,” Leah quickly explained.

I couldn’t help myself from exclaiming, “Yea to ‘all the girls’ because I love smooth pussies!”

To prove my point, I eagerly played with Leah’s super-smooth, super-hot, super-wet pussy. This fleshy mound must be mimicking my cock because it was swelling and getting firmer. This girl’s clit was a puffy protrusion of erotic magnificence. Dipping a finger in a pool of wetness, I coated this clit then flicked it and teased it every which way but loose.

So eager was I in playing Explore-the-Pussy that one of my wet fingers accidentally disappeared into a deep, sticky, slippery hole made specifically by Mother Nature as a place where horny, hard cocks come to play orgasming games. God, I never would have guessed that…

“Don’t you get the wrong idea, Luke,” Leah interjected before I could finish my thought. “Mister, I am a VIRGIN and any of my Girl Scout friends can tell you that my hymen was broken while horseback riding at camp this summer!”

Thank god, I thought silently. Aloud, I said, “Whew, that’s a load off! The thought of having some horny bastard sticking his nasty cock into my sweet sis is disgusting!” As an afterthought, I quickly teased, “Unless it was me!”

“Oh shove it, you nasty bastard, you!” this country girl sis of mine playfully retorted.

So, shove it, I did. Using two fingers, I continued my finger fucking exploration into the sweltering cave of my sister’s deep, wet vaginal hole. My minute or two time limit passed without notice. No restraints were placed on my pussy play. Leah had even given up on her ‘kissing is wrong’ notions. As I was kissing the unblemished skin of her suntanned cheek, she turned her lips toward mine and kissed me with open-mouthed, licked-wet lips. My deep, hard finger-thrusts into her young female body were matched by deep, hard kisses full of impassioned ardor.

“Oh god, Luke,” Leah exclaimed after a dozen kisses. “What are you making me do? I love your kisses, but it’s so sinful! I even love what you’re doing…down there! But Luke, that part is so, so wicked it goes way beyond being ‘naughty’!”

Leah took her arm from around my neck. She forcibly removed my hand from between her legs and pulled the hem of her frilly dress down. Grabbing the door handle, she jerked it open, jumped out, and then began running towards our farmhouse.

(Part two) The Backporch: It’s Sin for Sure

Fast, my barefooted sis was, but I was just a little bit faster. I caught the girl as she sat a foot on the bottom step of the back porch. My arms encircled her waist to stop her. I knew I most likely had a wrestling match on my hands. And, so I did. Leah fought me but she wasn’t fighting very hard. In fact, this glorious sister of mine shortly gave up all resistance. She pivoted around on the step then threw her arms around my neck.

Now I’ve been kissed before, but goodness, the kisses this girl now gave me stimulated every nerve in my body! I was shaken to the very core of my being. I hugged Leah and gratefully accepted these lip-locking tokens of her loving affection for me. I loved her too so I kissed her back with the same obsessive ardor.

I’m not sure if this girl was aware of it or not, but the front of her body was pressed tightly against the front of mine. Bra-cupped breasts thrust their roundness against my chest. Only a thin layer of flower-patterned cloth and my own clothing separated the firm mound of her pussy from the hard stiffness of my cock. Heck, if Leah wasn’t conscious of our closeness before, she will be now. My hands ran up and down her back. I cupped the fullness of her teen-girl ass. It may have only been my imagination, but I swear I felt the swollen roundness between her legs bumping and grinding into my erection.

Bending slightly, I scooped this erotically refreshing creature up into my muscular arms. I twirled my stimulating armful of young woman around and around in the backyard. After several twirls, I climbed the few backporch steps and sat my butt on the floor but I kept the girl in my lap. Leah had been giggling and laughing all the while and so she still was now. The girl continued hugging my neck and she resumed kissing me.

It wasn’t my intention to break the magic spell which had been cast over us siblings, but I just couldn’t deny the undeniable urge which came over me. My hand again slid up a slender, sexy-smooth leg and my hand cupped a hot, teen pussy. A couple of my fingers slipped inside a wet hole. Instead of protesting, Leah whispered three words, “Its okay, Luke.”

And, yes it was. Leah’s pussy was a country boy’s dream. Smooth, warm, wet, and shorn of its hairy pubic coat, it was a delightful object of desire. With my sister’s assistance, I managed to pull her school dress up above her waistline. When I unzipped the back zipper to her dress, this girl made a slight objection, but shrugged her shoulders in surrender to her lusts. The frilly garment slithered down her arms.

I’d had little experience with unhooking bras with the fingers of only one hand. Since I was happily playing with a pussy with my other hand and fingers, a one-handed unhooking would have to be mastered. Voila, I did it! Yet, before I could release this girl’s boobs from their brassiere-cupped confinement, Leah spoke these words, “Wait Luke, will you take your shirt off first?”

Thwarted from my goal of getting hold of her ‘girl’s, I answered my sis a little more sternly than I intended, “No, you take it off yourself!”

I didn’t really believe Leah had the guts to do it, but it seems I was mistaken. Hesitantly at first, she unbuttoned one or two buttons. Gathering courage, she pulled the tail of my shirt out of my pants then quickly released the other buttons. Timidity then returned. Closing her eyes, the self-conscious girl pushed my shirt over my shoulders then pulled it off and threw it to the porch floor behind us. Only then did her eyes open.

I experienced a little self-consciousness myself as I became aware of the hungry eyes devouring me. Fingers touched my chest tenderly then anxiously ran over my rippled muscles. Lips kissed my neck then they kissed my shoulder. Those lips then did something I would not have believed they would have done if it had not been happening to me. Leah’s lips kissed down over my breastplate then their kissing wetness pressed, one after another, against my man-nipples!

“Oh Luke, you are so beautiful without your shirt,” Leah whispered. “I have naughty dreams about you whenever you have it off! I know I am a bad, bad girl!”

Yeah, like hell, she was bad! So bad was my sweet sister, I placed the palm of my hand on the back of her head, pulled her to me, and kissed her lips in a decidedly unbrotherly manner. I pulled my hand from her pussy and then jerked the bra from her body. Out spilled a pair of grapefruit-sized mammary nectarines perfect of shape and form! Perky, nubile nipples topped the flawless feminine flesh.

Evidence of topless sunbathing was readily apparent. Leah must have done this sun worshiping at our neighbor girl’s place, because if she had done it here I’d have been all over her already. These sun-kissed bobbles were bedazzling beauties. One after the other, I cupped the dolls. At first, I lifted them up gingerly. But such was their mesmerizing fascination, I soon had them both flying up like nipple-topped balls. Hell, I betcha I could have joined the circus as a tit juggler! “Ladies and Gentlemen, may I direct your attention to the breast juggler in the center ring!”

Giggling brought me out of my daydreaming reverie. I then realized I had been speaking aloud. “Leah, you are so damn bewitching, you have me talking to myself,” I teased. “Good god Sis, your titties look good enough to eat!”

Leah blushed, but I think she was proud of what she had. As her brother and tit handler, I was, too. Now, back to her tits being good enough to eat; I lifted a boob then stuffed its ripened nipple into my mouth. I suckled a while on this delicacy then I had a similar helping of its twin. The second course consisted of all the delectable breast flesh my lips could kiss and my mouth could eat.

By the time I got back to my girl’s nipples, I guess I was more than a little tit-crazy. I suckled energetically and I suppose I might be biting and chewing with my teeth a bit too painfully. “Am I hurting you, Sis?” I asked. I receive no verbal answer, just a negatively shaking head. I knew by the tears in Leah’s eyes that she was lying to spare my feelings.

I reluctantly released the breasts and transferred my ardent kisses to my sister’s lips. After about a dozen slobbery good ones, I had an idea. “Hey, why don’t you twist around in my lap and stick your legs behind me,” I suggested. I then noticed the dress bunched around this almost-naked girl’s waist. “And, how about we get this school dress off?”

Leah didn’t immediately answer. She even stopped my hands when I started lifting it. “Luke, are you going to…?” she shyly stammered. “Are you going to get…naked…too? I won’t do it if you don’t also do it! I’ll even help you if you want me to.”

Over the next few minutes my sis and I stripped my male body naked. By the way Leah was acting and the look of the blushes on her face I had a sneaking suspicion she had never seen any guy’s cock before. On the other hand, her darting eyes seemed to be methodically studying my swollen erection anytime she thought she could do so without me noticing.

There had been quite a few ‘firsts’ this day, but when my sister suddenly wrapped the fingers of a hand around my cock for the very first time, I jerked as if a bolt of lightning had struck me. Leah took my action the wrong way. “Luke, you played with mine!” she exclaimed in sort of a peed-off voice. “Besides, I thought you might want me to do it. You do, don’t you?”

It took a few seconds before I caught my breath. “Hell yes, I want you to do it to me!” I practically shouted. “But Honey, I just never thought you would!”

Leah blushed about the deepest red I’d ever seen on a teen girl’s face. She released her death-grip hold on my erection and put her hands over her face. “I was only doing it to make you happy,” she cried. “I was doing it because I love you, Luke.”

Enticing warmth of love and lust inspired me to speak mischievous words. “Then go ahead and do it, Babydoll,” I teased. “You might as well kiss and suck ‘it’ too because I plan on kissing and sucking your pussy in just a very few minutes!”

Startled, Leah replied, “Oh, I could never do that ‘awful’ stuff! But, I will play with it for a minute or two.”

Removing her hands from her face, the girl slowly wrapped the fingers of one around my erection. Unsure of the mechanics of playing with a cock, she awkwardly manipulated my penile flesh. I suppose it was curiosity which caused her to squeeze and pump her hand. After a certain level of familiarity had been achieved, this girl even had built up the nerve to cup my testicle sack and gently pinch its balls.

“Luke, it is a lot nicer than I expected,” Leah whispered. Her ‘minute or two’ of playtime had come and gone several minutes ago. “I guess I might kiss it a couple of times, but I could never bring myself to…suck it!”

I made no response which might spoil these magic moments. After a few seconds, I felt the lips I had kissed with mine press themselves to my cockflesh. One, two, and then nearly a dozen kisses rained up and down the length of my swollen shaft. Then, wonder of wonders, the tip of a super-wet tongue touched my pee hole! Discovering that the flesh of my cockhead was dry, Leah’s tongue proceeded to moisturize it. Around and around my head, her slippery, wet snake did go.

I recalled this girl’s adamant declaration about never intending to ‘suck it’, so the fact that my cockhead slipped into her mouth must have been purely accidental. Well, whether it was unintentional or not, didn’t account for the fact that once it was there, it was enthusiastically ‘sucked’! Several inches of my cockshaft played follow-the-leader with its head and disappeared into my sister’s suckling mouth.

I was tempted to cum, but I didn’t. Just in time, Leah’s head jerked away. With her face flaming red, she looked into my eyes in distress. “Oh my god, I can’t believe I did that!” she wailed. “Luke, please forgive me for acting like a wanton bitch!”

I smiled. “Sweetie, it’s okay,” I consoled. “I’ll make us ‘even’ by being a wanton bastard to you! Let’s get that dress off and lay your ass down on the porch floor. I’ll put my head between your legs and give as well as I got!”

Leah’s dress slipped off easily. I lay her nude body on the edge of the porch with her legs on the steps. I positioned myself in a pussy-eating stance between her legs. What was it she had said just a little while ago? Oh yeah, it was something about how ‘all the girls are shaving…down there’! I now had myself one of those shaved pussies to admire and play with. Thank goodness for ‘all the girls’!

My sis had the most gloriously beautiful pussy my teen eyes had ever seen. Right there between Leah’s wide-stretched legs was a long cracked mound which swelled intriguingly. This girl’s pretty pussy bewitched my mind and made my cock jump excitedly. Without any conscious commands at all, my lips started kissing the erotic girlie mound. Not one pubic hair concealed any of this unblemished, feminine finery. I kissed and played and gloried in the majesty of the forbidden delights between my sister’s legs.

Giving in to temptation, I spread the puffy outer pussylips and discovered the hidden jewel locked inside. Leah’s vaginal vault had been guarding a priceless, pearl-tipped clit. The excited female peeper seemed to already be hard and erect. In order to confirm my suspicions, I flicked the feminine protrusion with my tongue. No matter how hard I flicked and licked, the clitoral erection sprang back to life. The girl attached to this clit moaned softly.

Mesmerized by my sister’s vaginal beauty, I couldn’t help myself from attempting to orally consume its delights. I sucked her clit ravenously. I chewed on it, I tugged on it, and I ate it wantonly. My exploring tongue discovered the delicate inner pussy wings leading to Leah’s vaginal hole. This girl had passed into puberty so this cavity was full of feminine moisture. Here, between my sister’s legs, was an abundance of tasty pussy meat to kiss, lick, and suck greedily.

My investigating tongue found no tender vaginal obstruction. Leah’s whimpering coos reminded me that she had no hymen to break. This girl settled in to enjoy having her first pussysucking experience. After playing, and eating then playing and eating some more, I knew without a doubt in this world I could make this girl cum and I could do it pretty damn soon if I wanted to. The question was; “Did I want to?” The resounding answer which popped into my head was; “Not yet!”

Rising up from my position on the steps, I took a seat on the porch beside Leah. Physically lifting her female body, I sat her astride my lap with her legs sticking out behind me. When her arms encircled my neck and her breasts pressed to my chest it seemed as natural as the sun rises in the morning. Adding to Mother Nature’s majesty, my pussy-slick lips melted into my sister’s kiss-starved lips.

“Your pussy was Mmm Mmm Good,” I finally managed to say. “Leah, do you think I’m a wanton, pussysucking bastard?”

My sis giggled with that lilting giggle I was growing to adore. “Yes Luke, you are about as much of a pussysucking bastard as I am a cocksucking bitch,” she answered using words I had never heard coming from such a sweet, innocent mouth. “But, why did you stop before you made me…made me…‘cum’?”

Okay, here it is Mister. You’ve gotta tell your sweet, innocent sister about your depraved, dirty, nasty plan. Come on, spit it out! “Because, dear girl,” I hesitantly confessed. “I want to make you cum using something other than my fingers or my mouth!”

At first, Leah’s mind couldn’t decipher my meaning. When it did, the girl exploded, “No, Luke! You can’t be serious! Luke, we are brother and sister! It’s wrong!”

I suppose I expected the explosion. Basically, I had a one word answer, “So!” One word, it was, but I elaborated, “So is kissing. So is fondling. So is pussysucking and cocksucking. So is a brother loving his sister like crazy. So is a brother thinking his sister loves him, too. You do love me, don’t you, Leah?”

If not for my excellent hearing, I would have missed her answer, “Yes, I do.”

So, I waited for more. Leah and I sat clasped in an unbreakable embrace. The silence was unbearably loud. Minutes ticked by with flesh pressed to flesh. My sister’s nude body and mine were speaking their own language.

Finally, I could stand it no more. I broke the silence. “Honey, we have been intimate in so many other ways,” I whispered. “Can’t we just think of intercourse as our ultimate act of intimacy? I know your mind is saying ‘NO’ but your sweet, young body is screaming ‘YES JUST DO IT!’. Girl, your sopping-wet pussy is dripping vaginal juices all over my horny, hard cock!”

Again an almost inaudible reply, “I know. And, I want to, but…”

Hell, I was frustrated, but I really wasn’t such a bastard that I would force any female to do something she didn’t want to! I wouldn’t do it to Leah, and by god, I would beat the devil out of guy who did!

“Okay Luke, you’re right,” Leah admitted. “I do want this ultimate intimacy with you. It’s terribly wrong, but if I raise up, can’t you just let me sit my pussy on that hard…cock…of yours? I think I’m wet enough that it will slip right in!”

And, so it did. Leah hurriedly rose from my lap and spread her pussylips open. Instinct guided my cockhead towards the source of the moisture dripping on it. This swollen sphere inserted itself at the entrance to vaginal heaven. I had intended to take my time, but my sister abruptly dropped back down in my lap impaling my entire elongated cockshaft inside her pussy.

I’ll say one thing about this girl; once her mind was made up about having intercourse with me, she was a determined participant. “Oh god Luke, I didn’t believe my pussy could hold all of your cock!” she breathlessly cried. “Oh, you fill me up!”

Taking matters into her own hands, Leah wrapped her legs around my body and hugged my neck to support her weight. In an effort to help, I grabbed two handfuls of soft sister ass. The entire length of my cockshaft was penetrating deep into her sopping-wet vaginal cavity. Female moisture bathed the elongated intruder in a molten bath of erotic stimulation.

With Leah’s enthusiastic cooperation, I bounced her body up and down on my buried cockshaft. With the energetic skill of a professional basketball player, I dribbled this young lady’s ass as if it were an air ball I was expertly tossing up and catching as it came down. As the nude girl’s slippery wet pussy slid up and down on my meaty penile pole, frictional fires heated my swollen cockshaft. Hot-blooded testicle cream was begging to be released from its ballsack confinement. Without a doubt in my mind, I knew I was going to start cumming soon.

Leah whimpered with feeble cries and soft moans. I could tell from her body’s spastic movements that delightful sensations of pleasure were sweeping over her, too. The pumping cock buried deep within her cunt left little doubt to the fact that she was now her brother’s lover!

I repeatedly bounced and pitched my sweet young woman’s pussy up and down upon my deep-penetrating cockshaft. In our desperate race for cum-shooting release, Leah beat me to the finish line. This girl’s young feminine body which had never felt the touch of a man’s cock was now spraying my erect manshaft with a blistering mist of female cum.

Because of our shared nudity, I could feel Leah’s heartbeat pounding against my naked chest. I could feel this girl’s pussy-racing pulsebeat all along my engorged erection’s elongated length. Whimpering cries stole the girl’s breath away. I knew that breathtaking orgasms were overpowering all her other senses as she moaned with overwhelming lust.

I now knew it was time for me to let go, too. My pussydrowning cock went ahead and released a pressurized load of pent-up man-cum. Thick globs of semen and sperm shot into Leah’s sweltering wet vaginal void. My lap-girl’s pussymuscles constricted against my meaty erection. Squeezing vaginal contractions milked my cockshaft. Euphoric, earthquaking orgasms rattled and shook my world.

As my heated cockcream filled Leah’s pussy, my sis began knowing the thrill of multiple orgasms. Virgin she was, but this girl began squealing like a harlot enjoying all her dream’s delightful desires. Fingernails dug into my flesh, lips kissed and sucked my neck, and then hickey-making teeth sank into my skin.

This young woman’s vaginal hole wasn’t spacious enough to hold a swollen chunk of manmeat plus a heaping servings of thick cumgravy, too. Squishy, squashy squirts of excess male and female fluids spurted out and coated our copulating, sex-enraged pubic loins.

Leah’s tight teenaged pussy begged my sister-loving cock for more and more. My mind told me that in ordinary circumstances my masculine loins would have no more to give. Yet, as god or the devil so willed, my love and lust-inspired body contradicted the rules of ordinary masculine behavior! Amazingly, my seminal reservoir was not yet depleted of all its natural orgasmic liquids! Once more, I began cumming into my sweet country girl lover’s slippery pussy. If I had breath to spare, I too would have squealed with orgasmic delight. I held onto the bouncing ass of the cockbusting girl wildly riding my erection and allowed the victory of orgasms to sweep my mind and body into a netherworld of bliss.

I couldn’t guess how a girl could go from a shy, reluctant sexual partner to an all-in, hot-to-trot sex player in such a short time, but Leah was doing so enthusiastically. I knew my sis was cumming again because this once-virginal young lady was allowing wanton unladylike squeals of joy and whines of pleasure to peal out loudly.

At long last, panting moans and whimpering cries began fading away. Leah’s arms held onto my neck with the seeming intention of never letting go. I too held onto the young female in my arms with no immediate plans of ever letting her go.

(Part three) Aftermath: Horsing Around

Stillness, no movement, no words… What could be said; how could this be justified; how could plucked fruit from the forbidden tree be uneaten? When warm tears dropped upon my shoulder, I was not the least bit surprised. Seduction had taken place, but who had seduced whom? Perhaps it was mutual, for surely, both had enjoyed the thrills of it!

“You’re sorry, aren’t you, Leah,” I quietly inquired.

No answer. Of course there was no answer. Hell, this innocent girl probably hated my guts! But then, hey was that movement I felt? Leah’s head was shaking in a negative gesture.

“No, I’m not sorry, Luke,” was whispered.

Only then did I realize that my shrinking erection was still enveloped within the folds of my sis’ drippy pussy. I guess this girl really wasn’t sorry or else she would have jumped up off my penis and escaped from its temptation. With this encouraging knowledge, my erection stopped it reduction in size. In fact, it began swelling and stiffening again!

“Oh no, Luke,” Leah objected. “Not yet. I can’t hold anymore right now! Good god, we are both a sticky, cummy mess!”

I jumped off the backporch carrying my young lover with her arms encircling my neck and her slender legs entwined behind me. Leah was a bit of a featherweight in size so I carried her effortlessly towards one of our stock watering tanks. I think it was kinda miraculous how the majority of my stiffened cock remained within the warmth and wetness of my sister’s pussy. And, speaking of miracles, by the time we got to the watering pool I was experiencing some kinda mini orgasms and so was my girl! I don’t believe there was any additional cum coming out, but there certainly were enough ‘feel-good’ sensations to make this an enjoyable trot for us both!

The stock tank was a galvanized aluminum watering pool two foot deep and twelve feet across. Standing at the edge, I used my muscular arms to hold my pussy-dripping sis up in the air in front of my face. I kissed her breasts, I sucked her nipples, and then I pitched her nude body into the water. Leah hit the surface with an ass-first cannonball splash. The girl sank into the watery depths but resurfaced shaking her head, spluttering, and splashing.

I climbed into the tank knowing full well what would happen. The calendar said it was fall but our weather had been unseasonably warm all week. Consequently, the surface couple of inches of the water were a comfortable lukewarm temperature. Yet, when I sat down, the chilly lower depths and my hot cock had a violent altercation. All vestiges of any sort of rigidity fled. I suppose every boy learns at a young age that stiff cocks and cold water are sworn enemies! The devil of it was; the damn frigid water always won these battles!

Leah and I frolicked and played in our makeshift swimming pool. We then stood and washed the remainder of the male and female cum off each others loins. “Poor little fella,” my sis teased as she fondled my shrunken manhood. “What in the world can a girl possibly do to get a hard one when she needs it!”

Before I could show this girl what she could do to make me hard, she caught me off guard, shoved me back into the water, and sprinted to the edge of the tank. My sis whistled and an obedient horse stomped over with the thunder of her hooves shaking the ground. Belle was our two thousand pound, twenty-year-old Belgium mare. She was also the biggest, most-spoiled pet any couple of kids could grow up with. Climbing up on the rounded metallic rim of the stock tank, Leah hopped aboard Belle’s back.

Once again, my sis had misjudged my highly motivated behavior. Where a piece of her pussy was involved, I was a speed demon! As Leah leaned over to grab a handhold in Belle’s mane, I spanked the teen girl’s ass with one hand and reached between her legs in front to cup her pussymound. Even though this girl kicked the giant horse’s ribs, I was astride behind her before the beast could lumber off.

As we two rode around the barn and other outbuildings, I not only practiced my tit juggling skills, but I played hide-the-finger in her pussy games. I knew it was too soon for us to screw again because, well, because it wasn’t really all that long since we had fucked. Still, Leah’s vaginal hole was getting awfully wet and slicky and my penile pole was already swollen and erect. If my suspicions were correct, then this girl’s feminine body and my masculine one were ready and set for fornication.

For such a big animal, Belle had a surprisingly smooth gait. She was solidly built yet riding aboard her back was much like rocking in a cradle. Actually, this horse’s extra-wide backside had much in common with the feel and dimensions of a bed. I released Leah’s tits and pussy and then I slumped backwards to rest. I decided that, just for a moment or two, I would sleep.

How long I slept, I don’t know, but when I awakened my sister had somehow flipped around on Belle’s withers. This naked girl was now facing me with all her nude glory on display. A feminine hand closed around my semi-erect manhood. Of course this masculine muscle filled with blood, stiffened up, and crowed like a proud rooster. Another cock-playing hand joined the first. Without seeking permission to do so, Leah the Contortionist bent over and took my rigid rod into her mouth. Saliva poured, teeth devoured, and suctioning lips pulled on cockflesh.

Finding her breath, Leah hopefully inquired, “Oh Luke, I love it so much…may I…may I fuck it? Oh please, may I climb atop it and…and screw it into my pussy?”

I’m not sure, but I think I said, “Yes.” Whether or not I did so is beside the point, because that teen sister of mine climbed up my body and slapped her tits against my chest. After grinding her boobs into me, this girl crawled up and kissed my lips with a red-hot passion born in the fires of Hell.

Suddenly, my sis pulled her lips from mine. Her passions cooled as reality told her what she was doing. “Oh god, I can’t do it,” Leah practically screamed. “I’m a slut! I’m a cockteasing, cock-loving, brother-screwing whore! Luke, I can’t compound my sins by fucking you again!”

Just then, Belle deviated from her path and stepped into the rough, bumpy, fresh-plowed ground of our football-sized garden. My body jerked beneath my sis and hers was jolted above mine. As an unplanned result, my saliva-slick cockhead slid into Leah’s split-cracked pussy mound and slipped along the smooth surface inside. Before any reaction or objection could be made, my cockhead plunged headlong into a tight, super-moist, drippy hole.

With Belle’s next step, my entire cockshaft effortlessly penetrated this girl’s vaginal cavity. The giant horse’s gentle gait became a rocking chair ride where each step caused sexual friction. Whether planned or not, my cock slipped in and out of Leah’s pussy. Male and female loins smacked together. Tits swung wildly. I would liked to have grabbed those beautiful bouncers, but my hands were much too busy hanging on to my sister’s ass in an effort to keep us from falling off the beast we rode.

And then it happened; a sister-seducing, whoremongering, bastard of a brother and his reluctant, brother-fucking, whore of a sister, both began cumming. Spastic orgasms raced through bodies, hearts, and minds. Screams of joy pealed out and echoed off the barn. Penile and vaginal cum dripped from orgasming loins onto the hair-coated hide of Belle’s back.

This rocky, rollercoaster ride finally came to an end. Belle had stepped back onto smoother ground where she resumed her gentle, cradle-rocking motion. But, the damage was done. Me, a brother, and Leah, a sister, had again fucked. Sin had again taken command. Depravity could not be denied.

Belle suddenly stopped. Becoming conscious of our surroundings, Leah and I found ourselves at the steps to the backporch where our clothing was strewn all over the place. We both sat up on our pet horse’s back. We stared at each other face to face. Nudity was examined; and delighted in! Cummy loins were touched; and passions stirred! Kisses, ardent, obsessive, heart-stopping kisses were exchanged without guilt.

(The End) The Beginning; The Awful Truth

Leah and I did realize the end of our youthful sibling innocence had come. Although we did know that sibling incest was supposed to be forbidden sin, we made a solemn vow to ignore this fact. A new beginning had been accepted. As darkness settled in at night, my sexy sis would climb upstairs, shed her clothing, and become my bedtime lover. The awful truth of the matter was; my sis and I loved slapping our cock and pussy together more that we loved breathing.

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I had two men licking my wife's feet two sucking on her tits two kiss her mouth all one time she became a slut in front of eyes the took there fuck her 10 min each as she became wet

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I made my girls come true her fantasy was please 10 men in one day she to be wet with sweat and cum

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2013-06-23 22:40:15
"Sins of my Country Girl Sis & Me" - Leah and Luke - (Sister and Brother)

Seventeen year old Luke and his fourteen year old sister, Leah, are certainly a match made in heaven; and with the addition of their carnal, incestual, copulation and consummated love-sex only intensifies the aura and reality of the true lover's beings. Luke and Leah are a most joyous, charming, delightful sensual couple that truly dote and adore each other, love the other to their core and would die in hell to benefit their love for the opposite sibling!!!

This is a most rewarding story, ideally and idyllically presented and constructed. The role's of the characters Luke and Leah are played and romanced to pure perfection! Their dialogue and banter is very sweet, endearing, each word to the other expresses their love, feelings, and emotions.

An excellently written story!!

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2012-11-22 11:54:44
- She really is a biauteful girl. I didn't know she did photography too. How awesome to Collaborate on stuff . You've been so busy! I loved the capturing movement' shots. Do you disclose any locations in St. George? I'm going to be doing my brother's portraits in March and haven't lived there in a long time, so I kind of forget what's around. I'm getting more familiar with vegas :)

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