Sara has a surprise for Natasha, and Mike
Factory Life Chapter 3

You might want to read the earlier parts before this one, if you haven’t already, if so visit my profile with the link above and select Factory Life.

As Mike walked up to Natasha’s office door on Monday morning, he found a notice on it: “Meeting In Progress”. He tried to think. What meeting? He couldn’t remember one. Had he got so disorientated? Well he had been pretty much in a daze all weekend, he was late, even, but hopefully it wasn’t going to be a huge gaffe that would be embarassing or even costly.

Natasha’s office was empty. Preoccupied with the meeting Mike opened the door into his own office, and saw a naked girl on the floor.

In steps his senses caught up with the picture before him. Two naked teenage girls in fact, one on her back, and one lying on her side next to her. Sara on her side, facing him. Natasha in front of her, on her back, looking away. Natasha spreadeagle, tied with fabric trim to the legs of his desk and the coffee table.

Sara’s right hand was on Natasha’s bush, her little fingers stroking her clit, which was sticking up, and glistening. “Morning,” said Sara, her face alight with fun and excitement, “we’re doing a little training.”

Mike couldn’t find a thing to say. He sat on the edge of his desk for a moment, trying to work out what was going on, and what Natasha’s role was in it. Sara looked up at him, her shape incredible as her profile rose over her sexy hip, down to her neat little waist and then up to her broad, straight shoulders, her pert little tits sticking straight out. Flat tummy, even on her side. She rolled onto Natasha’s slender body, straddling one lithe, beautiful thigh, and rubbed her self up and down a little.

Mike just gawped as Sara sat up and slid her hand down over Natasha’s bushy but neat little mound, leaving her thumb on her clit. Natasha’s pelvis rose off the floor and she groaned; Mike realised Sara’s fingertips had gone into her pussy. Jesus H Christ. His cock was hard as a rock.

He went back and locked the outer door, thinking this was some kind of ‘Meeting in Progress’. Sara! He’d have to think of a better word than minx.

Back in his office Mike’s mind reeled again at what he was seeing. He had to make an effort. He knelt down next to the girls, noting that Natasha still hadn’t looked his way. “So,” he said, looking at Sara, “does she fancy you?”. Sara moved her hand over Natasha’s clit and gave it a squeeze with her thumb and finger, bringing another moan from the helpless beauty. “What do you think?” she said with a wicked grin on her face, “though I did have to sort of insist we made a start.”

God! What did she mean, ‘insist’? He looked round, he spotted Natasha’s skirt over beyond the coffee table, her blouse in the other corner, with buttons scattered around on the floor. Bra on the sofa, shoes and socks under the coffee table, and panties with his his desk scissors next to them under the easy chair. He forced his mind to put the pieces into place. Sara had overpowered her delicate fellow teen, chased her round the office, stripped her one garment at a time, tied her up, pulled her shoes and socks off, and then cut off her panties.

“Natasha,” he said, “look at me.” Accustomed to being obedient, Natasha slowly rolled her head over and looked at him. Well, she wasn’t crying, at least. “Is this what you want?” he asked, trying to interpret the expression on her face. It was flushed: embarrased, guilty and excited all at once. Humiliated too. “It’s OK,” she said, then gasped - whatever she was going to say was lost as Sara pushed fingers into her pussy and worked some naughty magic there. Natasha thrust her lithe young body into an arch and writhed, groaning, as Sara’s hand follwed her pussy up, down and side to side, then pulled away. Natasha sagged back, still just short of an orgasm.

Mike quickly peeled off his clothes, wondering if it had been a good idea after all to go all weekend without a wank – for the first time since he was about 9 years old, probably. Now he felt close to just cumming all over the carpet. Or all over Natasha and Sara.

Sara had moved her attention to Natasha’s tits, which were seriously lovely. High on her chest, quite full, and very firm. Even on her back they hadn’t spread, they stood out from her narrow chest, especially inviting with their large nipples, deep pink, and erect under Sara’s ministrations. Lovely, and sensitive. Sara stroked over them with her fingertips.

Sara moved down to Natasha’s feet and untied them, then untied her wrists as well. Natasha started to curl up, but Sara grabbed her round the middle and rolled her onto her knees. Sara lay down next to her and pushed up on her shoulder, then pulled her across. She put one strong little hand either side of her face and pulled her into a kiss.

Natasha responded instinctively, Mike could see, the kiss was mutual, now at least. He gazed, stunned, at the two gorgeous teen bodies, Natasha so slim, lithe, her ass small, firm and smooth, the taper to her tiny waist, the waist hardly bigger than one of Sara’s thighs. And then tapering back out again, up her chest to her shoulders, which were narrow but beautifully straight, and her long, narrow neck, just discernible through her thick, wavy hair.

Sara was urging Natasha over, one leg between the others, so they were interlocked. Mike gazed in awe – two pussies, blonde thin bush, brown thicker bush, four thighs going thick, thin, thick, thin, each one gorgeous in its own way. Sara lifted one thigh into the slightly taller girl’s crotch and pressed upwards, and Natasha started to hump it, gently at first and then more urgently. After a few seconds, Sara lowered her leg, broke her kiss and looked across at Mike.

“Go on,” she said, “she’s ready”. Every last one of Mike’s brain cells had been transferred to his cock, which he hardly dared to touch for fear of setting it off like a firework. Sara had pulled Natasha back into a passionate kiss. Mike moved round behind Natasha’s gorgeous ass and found room for his knees among the teen legs. Her pussy was soaking, he offered up the head of his cock and started pressing it in, prepared for a long slow entry as her little pussy tried to cope with his size. She squirmed awkardly and he grabbed her hips to keep his cockhead in place.

He saw Sara’s arm go round Natasha’s neck, pulling her close, and then felt fingers brush his cock – Sara’s other hand looking for Natasha’s clit. There was a muffled groan from Natasha as Sara found it, and Mike found his cock sinking in a couple of inches. He worked it in and out a bit to spread the pussy juice over it, and then added a touch of pressure to his light thrusts. Bit by bit, his big old cock sank into the slender beauty he’d been lusting after every minute of every hour (barring the hours with Sara on Friday) for the last four weeks.

How he hadn’t cum already he didn’t know, but now he was going to. His full length was finally in to the hilt in Natasha’s gorgeous, tight teen pussy; he just left it there, with no sliding in-and-out, while the sensation quickly built. Gazing down on her back, her smooth skin, her fantastic feminine shape, he started his orgasm, all the more exquisite in a way because Natasha herself was not quite there and her pussy was still.

He stayed where he was as the glorious sensation subsided, finding that his cock wasn’t finished. It was still fairly hard and the lowered sensitivity was a bit of a relief. He slid it part of the way out, then back in. Natasha’s pussy felt wonderful, not as strong as Sara’s and not as pulsating, but a creamy glove that was very gentle. Everything about Natasha was something to be cherished. His cock was rock hard again.

Sara had pushed Natasha up onto her hands so she could fondle her tits. Mike saw her running her little hands through Natasha’s hair, then the hands disappeared underneath and he could only see her elbows. Mike fucked steadily on, a slow gentle fucking starting and ending each long stroke gradually, with a faster moment in the middle of the stroke, Natasha was gasping quietly in time with the strokes.

Sara squirmed out from underneath, then wriggled back in from the side till her face was under Natasha’s lovely tits. Mike couldn’t really see but he could imagine it, and he felt an extra response from Natasha as Sara started on them with her tongue and mouth. Then he felt fingers brush his balls, and Natasha’s lithe little body start to react as Sara played with her clit again. Minutes passed as the slender young teen was brought closer and closer to the brink of something earthshattering.

Eventually Mike knew he had to cum again. He speeded up his strokes, and let the in-stroke land with a bit more of a bump. Sara picked up the signal and did something that made Natasha groan loudly. Bitten her nipple, thought Mike, or squeezed her clit. Or both.

Either way they were both there. Mike went into a series of long, fast strokes and Natasha started cumming. Cumming and cumming and cumming, it seemed to go on forever as Sara put her hands sensuously round Natasha’s slender neck and held her close, cheek to cheek. She couldn’t kiss her because Natasha needed every breath she could draw as her orgasm swept through her, taking over her awareness of everything and everyone except the two people who had control of her body.

Gradually the orgasms subsided and Mike let his cock slide out. Natasha slumped down on the floor, as Sara came out from underneath and propped herself on one elbow, looking at Mike. “Pretty gorgeous isn’t she?” she grinned. Mike could only smile back. “Totally” he said.

Sara scooted over to him. “No, no”, said Mike, seeing what was coming, “I have to get things done”. There must be all kinds of emails he needed to see to, meetings, people to call... he started to get up, but Sara knocked his elbow and he fell back down, still a bit groggy from his cum. “A kiss, at least” she said, climbing on him and wrapping her strong young thighs round one of his. She kissed him, her hair falling in his face, and her aroma got to him. He relaxed backwards and her face disappeared, then he felt his softening but still quite large cock in her hand. He looked down to see her tiny, sexy little hand lift it to her mouth, then she was licking it, evidently savouring Natasha’s cunt cream as she lowered her mouth over it. God! The fingers of her other hand ran lightly over his balls, and in a moment he was hard again. Well, perhaps the weekend’s abstinence had been worth it,

He could see Sara really needed to get fucked, he lay back and she straddled him, her movements quick and urgent, and she lowered herself onto his cock, the fabulous sensations from her strong young pussy enveloping him. She started lifting herself up and down, then Mike started thrusting upwards in response. Gradually she moved less and Mike moved more, the pace accelerating. The speed of his thrusts was being doubled by Sara’s busy, mobile pelvis, and in only another minute or two her highly sexed little body was in orgasm. The convulsions in her potent young pussy set Mike off and he came, thrusting and spurting into her as she writhed on top of him.

They rested for a few minutes, then heard Natasha getting up. Mike eased Sara off him and went over, intending to give her a kiss and a cuddle, but she shied away. “I’m sorry,” she said, “It’s not you. I just, you know..” she tailed off, looking across at Sara. “She’s a les,” said Sara, addressing Mike. She went over to Natasha and put her arm round her. “I guess we know you’re not bi now don’t we?” “I think so,” said Natasha, “I’m sorry.” She smiled uncertainly at Mike, a girl who could normally fix any problem with a smile, but perhaps not this one.

“I’m sorry,” said Mike, “I shouldn’t have fucked you.” “It’s OK,” she said, “it was great in a way, but just, you know, I like girls somehow. I don’t hate men or anything, but girls are sexier, for me. Men are just too…masculine.” She paused, then went on, “I didn’t really know, I hadn’t done anything with anyone, just with myself, you know…”

“Vibrator,” said Sara.

“Yes,” said Natasha, looking back at her, “nobody wants to be a virgin, do they, and it was nice. Then today when you started touching me, and wouldn’t stop, and I couldn’t get away, well…. But that was too much, you know, in the end. I don’t think I’m supposed to cum as hard as that, it felt like I’d die! The rest was nice though, I knew when you kissed me I’m into girls.”

Mike smiled understandingly, hiding his disappointment, and backed off to give them a bit of space. He got dressed and made three coffees. The girls had got dressed as well and installed themselves on the little sofa in front of the coffee table, sitting touching each other, talking. He put their coffees down and took his over to his desk to get caught up with what he ought to be doing.

He couldn’t help overhearing some of what they were saying though. “You seem so experienced,” said Natasha. “I suppose I am, in a way,” replied Sara, “do you want me to tell you about it?”

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