Wife Swapping enters our life.
My lovely Japanese wife of 35, Akiko, recently discovered she has an addiction to big cocks. It started with her being seduced by my crippled Father, who has an 8-inch whopper and knows how to use it. Even before my Mom passed away several years ago, he was an experienced pussy-hound. He then introduced Paul (9 inches), a good friend, to their daily fuck sessions. Little did she know that Dad and Paul were recording the sessions and selling them over the Internet. When I accidently discovered hidden wireless cameras in Dad’s room, Akiko and I crafted a successful plan to erase the tapes. Despite her strong craving for oversized dongs, my wife decided to end her month-long sexual affair with my Dad and his pal; and allow me to satisfy her needs through a special escort service in Honolulu. We live on the Island of Maui in Hawaii. If you are interested in more details, please read: “Akiko and My Dad”, “Akiko Expands Her Herd”, and “Akiko Evolves into a Slut”. By the way, my Dad’s legs improved and now he can get around with a cane. I shipped him back to California, where he is living in a retirement community and probably banging several windows and slutty senior wives.

I forgave Akiko for her affair with my Dad and Paul; mainly because I am madly in love with her and the videos of her doing ‘the nasty’ with those two old perverts really turned me on. Before erasing the tapes, I made copies for myself, which I occasionally watch. Each viewing ends in a satisfying masturbation session.

On our first trip to Honolulu, my shy wife was very nervous. Several times she changed her mind on the flight and even during lunch at the hotel near Kapiolani Park. However, after I reminded her how much she loved a big cock in her tiny cunt, she agreed to press ahead. We decided to take these adulterous outings once a month on a Saturday and Sunday.

Upon arriving to the quaint beachside hotel at 11:00 am, Akiko took a long bath and then we had lunch in a charming little restaurant on the first floor. My shapely wife (34-C, 21, 35) wore a soft, yellow summer dress with no bra and a pair of see-through panties. In fact, when walking in the sun, it was easy to see the sexy outline of her body beneath the thin fabric. I had already called the escort service and made an appointment with a man described as 6 foot 2 inches tall, 180 pounds, athletic build and well-endowed. His working name was Eric. I assume that escorts don’t use their real names. The plan was for him to pick her up in the lobby of the hotel at 7 pm, take her to dinner, drinks and dancing and then back to our hotel for a few hours of what the escort agency referred to has “Optional Recreation”. I was told that I would not be allowed to accompany my wife on the date, due to several physical encounters in the past, when spouses could not control their jealousy. Akiko agreed to describe every minute in detail, when it was over.

I spent the time between 7 pm and 2 am, drinking at one of my favorite bars near the Honolulu Yacht Harbor. It was an agonizing 7 hours, but the booze made it less stressful. When I returned to the hotel, I found Akiko lying in bed, naked. She was thoroughly exhausted, but had enough strength to take a bath and clean up before my arrival. I could see she was very tired, so I suggested she sleep and we could recount the evening in the morning, before breakfast. I awoke at 8 am with my insatiable wife sucking on my respectable 6-inch cock. I opened my eyes just in time to see her tongue sliding up the bottom of my shaft. Her full lips and hot mouth were working their magic. “Do you want to cum in my mouth or my pussy”, she said in a soft, throaty voice. “Come here and let me slide it into your naughty cunt, then tell me about last night!” She got excited and was soon lying on her back next to me. I lifted her right leg and while on my side, I slipped it in her warm, wet vagina.

She began recalling her adventure, “Eric was very kind and sweet. We had dinner, and then drinks and dancing. We ordered champagne… I got a little drunk, which means very horny. He’s an excellent dancer. During a slow dance, I could feel his hard cock pressing against my tummy.” I interrupted, “How big was he?” Her eyes opened wide and a smile shone on her face, “About as long as Paul, but slightly thicker. But honey, he knows how to fuck much better than your Dad or Paul. He made me cum at least 20 times. I stopped counting after 10. He did me in many different positions. I learned about the Asian Cowgirl and Reverse Asian Cowgirl. He pushed my legs back until my knees were on either side of my head and ass way up in the air. Then for almost an hour he sucked my clit and drove his tongue into pussy. He even reamed my little rosebud. Every time I saw his face, my cum was smeared all other his lips and chin. Oh yes, after that, he sat on the side of the bed and had me sit on his huge fat cock. Once it was all the way in and stretching me so much, he stood up and walked around the room. Believe it or not, he took me to the large window over there and pressed me against the glass… pumping my pussy. It felt too good. There was a man standing at the window in his room across the courtyard watching us. Eric turned my body so I could see him looking. The guy was jerking off. He didn’t even try to hide it. God, honey, I felt a tingling sensation all through my cunt. I think I also love being an exhibitionist. I like it when other men see me nude. Eric came in my pussy, ass, and mouth before he left at 1 o’clock. It was fabulous… thank you.” She then kissed me and we attempted to reenact some of the positions she had learned the night before. It will take some practice before I am able to match Eric’s sexual prowess.

Our monthly escapades to Honolulu went on for half-a-year. Akiko dated Eric a couple of more times, but also hooked up with a French guy named Charles, an Australian called Cooper, a Canadian named Phillip and good ole American known as Max. They all had big cocks and were excellent fuck mates for Akiko. My biggest fear was that she might develop some emotional tie or fall in love with one of those hunks; but she seemed to grow even closer to me and continually expressed her appreciation for my understanding and tolerance.

On or 7th trip to Oahu, Akiko met another Japanese woman, Tomoka, while shopping at the Ala Moana Center on Saturday afternoon, before her scheduled 7pm rendezvous with a new escort. It turned out that Tomo-chan (nickname) lived in a condominium with her husband just two blocks from our hotel. She invited us over to their place on Sunday for lunch. I wasn’t with Akiko at the time; but according to my wife, Tomoka was about 30 years old, very pretty, in great physical shape and had around 36-inch, D-Cup boobs. My wife suspects she has breast implants, but didn’t confirm it. I asked about the husband, but she didn’t now anything except that he’s from Chicago.

That night, my wife requested that I wait in the small coffee lounge on our hotel floor, near the elevator. Her instructions were to come back to the room as soon as her date left. I could see our room door from the lounge. The guy left our room at 1 a.m. He was around 6 feet tall, obviously in excellent physical condition and looked to be a mix between Polynesian and European. I later found out his name was Jerry. When I entered the room, my wife, was lying naked on the bed. She had a naughty grin on her face. Her body was bright pink; which meant she had just experience an orgasm. Rising up on her elbows, while staring me straight in her eyes, she opened her lips allowing a large gob of semen to slowly pour out, slide down her chin and drip onto her tits. It looked like twice the normal volume that I ejaculate. Then she separated her lips again and an equally large gob flowed over her lips and trailed down her chin. I was very impressed with Jerry’s load; however, that wasn’t all. Akiko opened her mouth even wider and a larger amount of spunk ran over the entire width of her bottom lip. I was truly amazed. Next, she then laid back down and spread her legs very wide, while raising her ass off the bed. Suddenly, more cum appeared in the opening to her cunt. As she applied pressure with her vaginal muscles, a huge amount spurted out. It ran down the crack of her fine ass, soaking the sheets below. I don’t know why, but I had an uncontrollable urge to eat her pussy. I dove onto the bed and before she knew what was happening, I devoured her steaming cunt, using my tongue to shovel up all the cum still inside. I swallowed it like a man possessed. Then I noticed she had spunk leaking from her ass. I wasted no time sucking up that semen and then penetrating her pink rosebud for the rest trapped inside. It was the first time I had ever tasted a man’s cum and the first time anyone had eaten cum out of Akiko’s pussy or ass. She was screaming with pleasure and started having a series of continuous orgasms… one after another. After licking her dry, I ascended her body and licked up the cum on her breasts, chin and lips. The flavor was far from delicious, but the sensuality of the moment overpowered the aftertaste in my mouth. Still enjoying her chain of climaxes, Akiko kissed me on the lips and consumed the remnants of Jerry’s discharge.

That night, I fucked my sex-crazed wife three times; once in the cunt, once in her ass, and finally down her throat. Afterwards, she wrapped her arms and legs around me until we both fell asleep. Needless to say, we woke up late and barely had time to shower, dress and get over to Tomo-chan’s condo for lunch. When we rang the door bell, we were surprised to be greeted by a tall, slender black man, “Hi, I’m Derek. Tomo-chan is in the kitchen. She will be along soon. Please come in and have a seat on the Lanai. The ocean view is great”. It was indeed fabulous. Derek poured us each a large, chilled Margarita and asked me about my job. As we chatted, Akiko wandered back to the kitchen to find Tomoka. Lunch was great and the afternoon passed quickly while we became better acquainted. It was obvious that they liked us and we, them. Before long we were eating dinner and watching the sunset. Since we had already checked out of the hotel with the intention of flying back to Maui after lunch, Derek and Tomo suggested that we spend the night and catch a flight in the morning. I had nothing planned for Monday, so we accepted.

By 9 pm, we were all very drunk from the two gallons of margaritas that we had consumed. Tomo-chan wanted to show Derek and us her new exotic dance routine that she had learned at her daily exercise class. She even convinced Aki to do it with her, saying that the moves were very easy.

Tomo set up some songs on their sound system and disappeared into her
bedroom with Aki, while Derek and I continued drinking and talking about
football… our favorite sport. A hand holding a remote control came
through a crack in the bedroom door; and suddenly, we were surrounded
by sexy music. Next a leg appeared through the opening and gradually
Tomoka came into view wearing and long black, satin robe. The robe was
slightly opened exposing a black camisole that showed off her firm legs.
She began gyrating to the rhythm of the music until she was in the
center of the room. Then another leg appeared at the doorway, followed
by Aki, wearing an all white robe and camisole outfit. She also shook and
rotated her ass in a sensual manner until she was standing side-by side
with Tomo. When they started moving together, I was surprise how well
Aki was able to keep up with her newly found friend; but she was always a
good dancer and very athletic.

The music drove their moves, as they gradual dropped the robes and began to bump and grind like a couple of professional strippers. When the music ended, Derek complained, “I thought this was an erotic dance. Aren’t some clothes supposed to come off?” Tomo laughed, “If you guys show us yours, we’ll show you ours!” Akiko looked at me with confusion in her eyes. I just shrugged my shoulders… as if to say, ‘let’s flow with the action’. Derek immediately stood up and shed his jeans and shirt, followed by his boxer shorts. Totally nude, he turned to me, “Come on man, hurry up before they change their mind.” Akiko was staring at Derek’s semi-hard cock, which was about 7 inches long and very thick. I was drunk and horny; so I quickly shed my clothes to reveal my fully erect 6-incher.

Tomo punched the music remote and another sultry beat began to echo through the room. Derek and I sat down on a sofa, as Aki and Tomo started another dance. Looking over at Derek, I saw him staring at my wife, while stroking his huge dick; which was now hard as a rock and over 9 inches long. Tomo turned away from us and unzipped her camisole, revealing her shapely waistline. Aki did the same. Soon they were both pushing their lingerie down to the floor. Just like my wife, Tomo’s cunt was clean-shaven. In fact, she was almost as beautiful as Akiko. Now, with no clothes on what so ever, they continued dancing. Tomo moved over to me and sat on my lap. Looking me in the eyes, she kissed my lips and pushed her tongue in my mouth. Akiko watched for a few seconds and then moved over to Derek and copying Tomo’s action.

Before I knew it, Tomo had inserted my cock into her wet cunt and was bouncing up and down to the beat of the music. Then I heard a loud deep sigh. Looking over at Derek, I saw his massive member almost three quarters of the way in Aki’s tight little muff. I could she was very excited about Derek’s length and girth; but I also think she was turned on by his black skin. She has never been with a black man before. The sloshing sound of juicy cunts being pounded by hard cocks filled the room. Tomo changed into a Reverse Asian Cowgirl position, so she could see her husband fuck my wife, “I bet she’s really tight, Sugar… isn’t she!” Derek grunted as he replied, “The tightest, I’ve ever had; and she’s squeezing my dong with her vaginal muscles… unbelievable.” Tomo moved and aligned her asshole with the tip of my shaft, “Well, Bill, I can’t match your wife’s tight pussy, but my sweet rosebud can squeeze you good!” I slid into her small hole with ease. For the next hour we fucked doggy style, missionary style and even did a little 69. Eventually, Akiko and Derek moved to the guest bedroom, while Tomo took me to the Master’s chambers. I thought Akiko was insatiable, but Tomoka was like an Energizer Bunny. Even after I came twice, she would suck on my cock and stick her finger up my ass until I got hard again.

I could hear Aki screaming from the other room, “Oh yes, Derek, do me with you big black cock. My pussy is yours, baby. I love your hard shaft. Give me some of your thick cream. Shoot me Derek… shoot it in me!” Tomo whispered in my ear, “I think your wife is going to have the same problem I have.” I replied, “What’s that?” “She’s addicted to big, black cocks. Now don’t get me wrong, Bill. I dig screwing you and your pretty pink penis, but there’s nothing better than getting banged by a black man. Anytime she gets hungry for Derek, come visit us; or if you like, I can come stay with you on Maui, while Aki gets it on with my hubby here in Honolulu. I exhaustedly replied, “It’s up to her; but I certainly wouldn’t mind fucking you again… and again… and again.

The next morning, when Aki and I flew back to Maui, we agreed to try out the new wife swapping lifestyle for a few months and see what happens. Now that Akiko has gone black, I am praying she’ll always come back.

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