Akiko takes another step toward sexual addicion.
Over the last month, my once innocent Japanese wife, Akiko has allowed herself to be seduced by my sly, crippled, 78-year-old father. Playing off her Japanese culture that demands respect for elders and honoring parents, he talked her into taking off her clothes. He started by telling her how much he missed my departed mother. Then he complimented her sexy body. She reluctantly gave him permission to touch her in the most intimate places. Being an experienced pussy hound, he soon had her moaning and sighing with lust, which led to him eating her tight, hot cunt. Being multi-orgasmic and a woman who thoroughly enjoys sex, she soon found herself sucking his cock; and, while in a ‘69’ position, blasted his mouth and chin with her tasty juice. He then lifted her light, 110-pound frame onto his 8-inch shaft and came deep inside my once excusive, tantalizing twat.

Even though she confessed to the adulterous act that night, while we were in bed making love, I ended up forgiving her and despite my better judgment agreed to let her continue to sexually service my handicapped father based upon compassion for his loneliness as a widower and respect for him as her father-in-law. In return for my consent, she offered up her firm, rounded ass to my 6-inch lance, something she had refused during our 16 years of marriage. All went well for about 30 days, as my Dad enjoyed Akiko’s talented tongue and pussy. Then a new player was introduced to their lunchtime sessions. Paul, Dad’s 75-year-old friend, secretly set up 4 wireless cameras around my Father’s bedroom and hid the recorders for each camera in the closet. My sweet-talking Dad convinced her to do a strip tease for him and Paul; resulting in her screwing Dad and sucking Paul’s cock dry. She had Dad and Paul swear to never tell me; however, she had no idea that the whole event had been videotaped and that Paul, an expert videographer, was going to edit the erotic threesome into a porn piece and sell it over the internet, splitting the profits with my Dad. More details are contained in my previously submitted story, “Akiko expands her herd”.

Let me pick up the story, two days later. I arrived home from a meeting in town, when I found a note from Akiko explaining that she had taken Dad shopping in our SUV. He seldom left his bed and did not like being seen in public in a wheel chair. My first reaction was a feeling of happiness that my Father was improving enough to want to end his hermit-like lifestyle and adventure out shopping. The note stated that they would be home in time for her to make dinner, which was at least four hours away.

I had lent my father my iPhone to make some calls, so I went into his room to look for it. As I wandering around, I noticed a small device nestled in the branches of a tall, indoor plant near the head of his bed. I soon discovered it was a remote, miniature camera. Now, with more focused eyes, I found three more tiny cameras, My curiosity lead me to opening the closet, where four recorders were placed on a small table. I turned them on and punched the play button. With heartache and disbelieve, I watched the ‘love of my life’ strip naked, not just for my Dad, but also Paul who was a total stranger to Akiko until that day. Not only did she strip, but she also sucked the cum out of Paul’s huge 9-inch cock. I heard her beg the men not to tell me, saying that I would never forgive her. As I sat on my Dad’s bed thinking deeply about how to react to this revelation, I had no way of knowing what was happening in the back office of Paul’s electronic store, just four miles away.

After arriving at Paul’s store, Akiko pushed my Dad, in his wheelchair, to Paul’s private office… where Champagne, fresh fruit and various snacks had been prepared. The office had a large wooden desk and workspace, but also a very spacious living area with two large white leather sofas, a coffee table made of teak, and a white leather recliner. Soon they where laughing at Paul’s off-color jokes. Akiko consumed several glasses of champagne, while enjoying the lively conversation with Dad and her elderly host. She was unaware that the room had been outfitted with several wireless video cameras that fed a steady audio-visual stream to recorders hidden in an adjoining room. Seeing that my wife was getting drunk, Dad asked her to come sit on the arm of his wheelchair, which she obediently did. As soon as she was in position, he began kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear. “Papa”, she said, “Don’t be naughty. Paul is here.” He quickly responded, “Hell, sweetie, he’s already seen everything you have and was fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of one of your fabulous blow jobs!” Akiko turned pink with embarrassment, “Remember, Daddy, you and Paul have sworn to keep that top secret.” “Don’t worry”, chimed in Paul, “That event will follow us to our grave in silence”.

Dad then poured her another glass of champagne, “Baby, would you please give Paul and I another one of your exotic dances?” “Papa, you are so naughty. What if one of Paul’s staff would walk in?” Paul eased her concerns, “Don’t worry, gorgeous, the office door is locked and the staff is not allowed back here”. “What am I going to do with you two? Okay, I’ll strip, but no sex… not here… okay?” What ever you say Honey, what ever you wish”, Dad assured her. She gulped down her glass of bubbly and was looking around the room for a good place to perform, when Paul handed her a stack of folded purple clothes, “Here, why don’t you change into these for your show and I’ll put on some appropriate music.” Akiko giggled, “I think you two dirty old men had this planned all along, didn’t you?” She disappeared into the nearby bathroom.

When she stepped back into the room, she was wearing a full-length silk yukata (Japanese summer robe). The two men were overwhelmed by her beauty. Paul started up the music, which had an exotic, oriental melody. Akiko took her time moving about, occasionally turning and posing, as her hands slid over the contours of her hips and upper thighs. She moved next to Dad and let his hand pat, and then squeeze her firm, muscular ass. Floating over to Paul, she allowed his hands to rub her hips and tummy. Gliding to the center of the room, she slowly untied the sash holding the robe, and let it sensually fall to the floor. Beneath, she wore a shorter, silk robe that exposed her well-shaped legs up to mid-thigh. Paul and Dad unzipped their pants and pulled out their rigid hard-ons. Akiko’s face turned flush red, “Now, now boys… settle down.” They ignored her words and started stroking their erect cocks.

Turning her back to men, she bent over, flashing a spectacular view of her string bikini-covered ass. She shook it and rotated several times, then stood up again. Looking at the two large erect penises in front of her, she went into a lustful trance as she unfastened the sash holding together her suggestive robe. As it slipped to the floor, she stood there with nothing more that string-tied panties and top. Walking over to Paul, she turned her back, “Would you care to untie me?” Without hesitation, he pulled the string and released her breasts to the open air. Her one-inch long nipples were rock hard. While walking towards Dad she twisted her upper torso, winked and tossed the bra to Paul. Angling her right hip to Dad, with her back toward Paul, she spoke in a husky, horny voice, “Papa, do you want to see my wet pussy?” Dad pulled the string.

Holding the thin fabric in place she offered her left hip. When Dad pulled the string she let the panties fall to the floor. He quickly moved his hand to her cunt and started fingering her clit. “Papa, you promised no sex!” “No my dear, not with me. Do you feel horny?” “Yes, I do. Especially because of what you’re doing.” Dad softly spoke, “Do you like looking at Paul’s thick, hard cock?” “She turned to see that Paul was now totally nude, sitting on the large sofa, pumping his swollen shaft. “Yes, you know how much I like your big thing and his is even bigger.” “Akiko, will you do me a favor?” “Papa, you know I will do anything for you!” “Baby, I want you to fuck Paul. I want to watch his big shaft stretch your tiny pussy and make you cum over and over again”. “But, Daddy, Bill only gave me permission to have sex with you. It wouldn’t be right to allow another man inside me.” Dad knew how to push her buttons, “I’m your father. Whatever you do with me is under my protection. It will always be our secret. Just think how great it will feel to have Paul’s long fat cock inside and bringing you to one orgasm after another.” “Oh God Papa, you are so bad. You know how horny I get when I see your big cock. You know that once I’ve been drinking too much and you have your finger in my slit, I can’t resist. Oh Bill, please forgive me!” Akiko stood up and walked to Paul. She knelt on the floor, between his legs and gripped his monster dong with her petite hand. Looking him in the eyes, she began to stroke it with her right hand, while her left played with his balls, “Paul, do you want to fuck me?” “Yes, little flower, I want to make you experience unimaginable pleasure.” “Then do me Paul. Papa has given me to you for the next hour. Take me, use me; let me satisfy your every sexual need.” With that she opened her mouth and sucked the tip of his throbbing knob. Her tongue danced around the top of his shaft. Occasionally, her bright almond eyes smiled at him, as she blew cool air across his red-hot cock-flesh. Pre-cum filled the slit atop his dark pink head. Akiko slurped it up, as if she was eating Chinese noodles. Paul was in a state of euphoria, while Dad sat in his wheel chair jacking off. In the next room the recorders were storing every second of the triple X-rated action.

Akiko’s tongue slid up and down his rigid dick, and from time to time rotated around the bulging tip. Next, she sucked his balls into her mouth, “Paul, do you like how I play with your big cock?” “Yes, yes… you are an expert. I have never had any woman make me feel like this.” His words empowered her to lick faster and suck harder. She tried to swallow the entire thing, but could only get it in halfway before she began to choke. Paul switched positions and rammed is wide tongue into her burning snatch. It takes only two minutes of his aggressive oral assault before she filled his face with her thick tasty nectar. Her screams surely attracted attention in the front of the store; but she didn’t care. Her lust was on fire and she wanted more.

Paul lifted her light body over his raging cock and shoved the head into her well-lubricated hole. She squealed again from another orgasm. Dad was now rapidly pounding his penis, watching his sexy daughter-in-law fuck his friend with uninhibited passion. “Fuck me Paul… fuck me with your big cock. Cum inside me. Fill me with your sperm… make me your slut. Papa look at him stuff my cunt… is this what you wanted?” Dad yells, “Yes baby, you’re doing exactly what I wanted… even more than I imagined.” “Oh yes, papa you’ve taught me how to enjoy big cocks. I’m your naughty little girl.” Akiko took control of the action, “Paul stop moving!” As the old bull obeyed her command, my once shy wife pushed her hungry little cunt all the way down, until Paul was in her… all the way. Every inch of her vagina was stretched further than it had ever been stretched before. She could feel the veins in his large cock. Using her natural talent, the strong muscles in her vaginal walls began to squeeze tight and then release. Dad could see the undulations in her firm tummy and knew exactly what his friend was feeling. She had done this to him twice before and sensation was truly indescribably fantastic. Paul was lost for words, as his cock experienced a sexual phenomenon that few men have ever known. His orgasm began to build; while his balls tingled with anticipation. Then it happened. He groaned with pleasure, as gobs of semen exploded in Akiko’s pussy. It quickly gushed out the sealed ring between his cock and her vaginal lips. He could feel the hot cream flowing over his balls and inner thighs. Akiko’s body vibrated with uncontrolled lust. Dad shot his wad high in the air… then again and again. The room was filled with the odor of fresh cum.  

When Akiko returned to our house with my Father, I could sense, by her manner, that she had engaged in another fuck session. After going to bed that night, I noticed that she didn’t cuddle close to me like normal or try to seduce me into one of our normal love making routines. So, I moved close to her, wrapping my arms around her perfect body. I felt her perky breasts and squeezed her long, hard nipples, “You know how much I love you, Aki, don’t you!” She looked into my eyes, with a guilty expression on her face, “And I love you too… with all my heart!” “Aki, I found a video recording in the closet of my Dad’s room. He has installed four remote cameras and recorded you, him and Paul”. She began to cry as her heart ponded against my chest, “I’m so sorry, Bill, please forgive me. I had no idea I was being taped. I’m afraid your Father has turned me into a sex-hungry slut. I can’t resist his big cock and now I feel the same with Paul’s big hard thing. I must confess, I not only sucked Paul the other day, I also fucked him today after your Dad begged me to. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t stop myself. I have an uncontrollable craving for big cocks. Please forgive me.” I held her close and ran my fingers through her soft, black hair, “Of course I forgive you; but now we need to find out if there are any more tapes at Paul’s store. Where did you fuck him?” Suddenly Akiko felt anger toward her father-in-law and Paul for taking advantage of her vulnerability. She concentrated on what she had seen in Paul’s office, earlier that day. “We did it in his office in the back of the store. There were three doors. One was a toilet and one went to the alley behind the building. I assume the third was a closet or storage room.” “Good girl. He probably has the recorders in that room. Do you think you can meet with him again tomorrow… this time without Dad? I will wait outside that back door in the alley. When he leaves the room to attend to an emergency in the front of the store, you can let me in. I’ll take care of the video system.” Akiko felt fear running through her body, “But what if he doesn’t leave the office?” “Don’t worry, sweetheart, I will arrange an emergency that will insure us enough time to execute our plan!” Akiko was still afraid, “What if he comes back before you finish?” “Well, this is the tough part of the plan. We don’t want him to know that you or I was involved in erasing his tapes of you, if there are any. You will have to stay there until he gets back. Let him fuck you. Then leave and come back home. I will be waiting for you here.” Akiko had tears in her eyes, “You mean that you’re okay with me having sex with him again… even though I fucked him behind your back?” “My Dear Aki, it is obvious that you love having sex with men who have big cocks. I can’t satisfy that craving in you; but I can protect you against men like my Dad and Paul. From now on, “I’ll arrange your extra curricular activities and make sure they remain private.” Akiko could not believe that her husband was willing to accept her transgressions and continue to allow her to satisfy her sexual addiction.

The next day, their plan was completed without a hitch. I arranged for my friend to start an loud argument with one of the salesmen at Paul’s store. The argument escalated to the point that my friend demanded to see the owner. Akiko then let me in the back door and I was able to download the videos on the VCRs and erase several copies stored in a draw. To my surprise, I also found recordings of several other unsuspecting women from Maui. When Paul returned, Akiko knelt in front of him and sucked his cock until he shot his load down her throat. She didn’t want to fuck him again, so she made an excuse that she had to meet her husband for lunch. Since then, she has never had sex with Paul or my Dad. She told them that the guilt of cheating on her husband was overbearing. However, from time to time, we fly over to Oahu Island where I arrange a date for her through a special escort service. I always make sure the guy has a big cock.
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