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The first thing he heard was the soft hum of static in his ear from the ear buds he forgot to take out before he fell asleep. His eyes were groggy, his body stiff, and his mouth tasted of dry air. Covered in a thin sheen of sweat from the warmth of the blanket, Rowan Kobayashi turned his body over to the side and sighed. Pulling his cell out from underneath his pillow he sighed again as he saw the time—just shy of being four o’clock in the morning. His parents would be gone, that would be a plus. But living in the backcountry of a small town in Florida meant there wasn’t anything he could do.

He snatched the ear buds from his head and rolled over against the wall. It was the morning after his birthday; Rowan had just turned fourteen. The day before was absolutely exhausting. A three hour trip to the beach with nine other kids from his high school, nearly four hours baking in the sun, a trip to a place called Z43 where he danced for three hours hidden away in the back corning of the Teens’ Club Z43, and an hour alone with Jenny Cash. Not to mention another three hours home.

He remembered that hour with Jenny. He had snuck away from the other kids at the club and entered through a utility closet to be alone. Jenny was his crush from school. She had brown, twisting hair. A very lean body, and was a year older than he was. Nothing extreme happened between them, they mostly talked. But toward the end something minute did happen that surprised him. With fifteen minutes to spare, Jenny leaned in and kissed him on the lips. She snaked her hand to Rowan’s, pulled in toward her body, and slipped it up between her legs into her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties.

Rowan fingered her until she came. To him, it was a lucky shot.

Now, lying still in his bed, Rowan tossed and turned for a few minutes. The covers were pulled over his head engulfing him in darkness. But through the thick fabric, he could see the soft hue of light coming from his television. and, confusing him a bit, as he trained his ears on the sounds around him he heard a faint groan and moan from a man and a woman.

He cursed to himself; Maddox—his best friend—must have found his stash of porn his parents reluctantly bought him.

Rowan was the youngest boy in his freshmen class at school. Though the school year had only started two weeks before his birthday, he was also one of the most popular. With a famous Japanese male-model-father and a French painter mother from Paris, he was also the school’s only half-Caucasian, half-Asian boy around. He stood five and a half feet tall, had a finely muscular body, a small patch of pubes just above his dick and a full head of black hair falling to his shoulders. The rest of his body, excluding his legs, was hair-free. His skin the color of pale toffee. And, judging by the tent in his boxers from his thoughts of Jenny, he had a cock that was about the same length as his height in inches.

No pressure.

Other than his “touch” of Jenny at the club, Rowan was a virgin. When he wasn’t at school, or hanging out with Maddox around town, Rowan stayed locked away inside his bedroom with the laptop in his hands. His parents tried to stop his young eyes from peering into the world of adult entertainment, but they failed. He can remember a few days before his birthday telling his parents, “It doesn’t matter what you do, how you do it, when you do it. I like it, I’m going to find a way to watch it.” They wanted him to be safe from computer viruses so they bought him a stack of DVDs for his birthday—without happiness.

Rowan sighed again and pushed the covers away from his body. He peered around his room, but it was too dark to see in some places and the television nearly blinded him eyes in the other direction.

But in the screen of the TV he could see a girl thrown over the arm of a couch getting fucked hardcore in the ass. She kept screaming, the guy behind her kept slapping and moaning after her.

His dick twitched.

He got up to go turn the TV off so he could try and go back to sleep. In front of the television was a thick leather recliner in which he knew Maddox liked to sleep. When Rowan reached the TV, he turned around to look at his friend.

Maddox was white. He was about six months older than Rowan, a few inches taller, with thick curly hair on his head. Curled awkwardly in the chair, he too wore nothing but boxers. Then Rowan chuckled. Pulled slightly below his waist, his boxers exposed blond pubes and at least an inch of his dick pointing upward toward his stomach. A hand was buried away into the depths of his boxers.

Rowan quickly ran back to grab his phone, turned on the camera’s flash, and snapped a picture. He then sent it to Maddox’s phone. He laughed silently and walked back to his bed. Then, his eyes spotted a rubber band. He pondered on what he wanted to do for a few minutes, but then decided to do it anyway. It was a spur of the moment decision that would change his life forever.

Rowan snatched up the rubber band and headed back to his friend sleeping in the chair. In the dull light of the TV, he took a close look at what Maddox had to offer. In the ten years of being best friends, he had never once seen Maddox’s cock—which, he thought, was a pride in itself. But now he was intrigued. He gently pulled down the fabric of his friend’s boxers exposing a very limp three-and-a-half inch cock. The skin was much darker than surrounding skin, but not as dark as the tan on his hand. It was cut, with a pink head resting on top.

Rowan gently put the boxers back where they were with the head still showing. Maddox hadn’t even moved.

Taking a kneeling position in front of Maddox, Rowan looped the rubber band around his left hand’s forefinger and thumb, grabbed one side of the band and placed the other down in between the slit of the cock. He laughed quietly to himself, eased the pressure of the pull so the impact wasn’t too harsh, and let the band go.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” Almost instantly, Maddox flew from his rest and jumped in the air. He grabbed his dick, Rowan’s presence totally oblivious to him. He checked for bleeding, for some source of what could have caused such pain but only noticed a small red dot steadily growing. He noticed Rowan next, who stood in front of him shaking the rubber band in the air. “What did you do?”

“Ha, you should have seen your face! Best night of my life, I must say.”

Maddox rubbed the palm of his hand over his cock. “That hurt like hell, Rowan. Why the fuck would you do that?”

“Chill out,” Rowan crossed and headed back into bed. “Why are you staying up later than me watching my porn?”

“I was bored, horny, I didn’t get any play with Jenny Cash last night either.”

Rowan’s eyes grew wide. “Who the fuck told you about that?”

Maddox laughed, “Was obvious when I saw you two leaving that closet. If your mother wasn’t hanging around the entrance eyeing me down, I would have followed. Could have had like a threesome or something.” Maddox started making pumping movements with his hips while pushing on the inside of his cheek with his tongue.

“Bullshit!” Rowan, unwillingly, was smiling. The idea of a threesome was, he had to admit, pretty hot. But not when it was with Jenny.

No, Jenny was his.

He could feel her pussy in his hand at that moment, but was pulled from his reverie by Maddox’s voice. “You smell like shit. You need to take a shower or something. Seriously.”

“And you don’t?”

Maddox smelled his armpits, rubbed his hands between his legs and sniffed his fingers. “Nope.” He laughed.

Rowan looked disgusted. “Alright,” he said. “I think a shower will be good anyway. You should put some ice on that dick.”

“Heading that way, bro.”

Twenty minutes later, Rowan stepped out of the shower. Fully naked, he walked to the mirror and peered into his reflection. A boy similar to him stared back, and he was slightly freaked out about the way he looked. Sure, he didn’t feel any different since his birthday, but still. He looked different.

“As if touching Jenny aged me,” he whispered and smirked. Having not taken any changing clothes to the bath room, he found it convenient for him to just walk back to his room naked. His parents were gone and with any luck Maddox would be sleeping.

Tiptoeing to the bedroom door standing ajar, he placed his ear to it and listened. Different moaning sounded—this time two guys and a girl. But louder than that was what sounded like genuine snores from his friend. He eased the door open and walked to his bed.

Rowan had one of those twin beds with the drawers built underneath the mattress. He pulled the first open with his hand and dug around for some boxers. He didn’t have time to realize that Maddox was charging him from behind.

“Oomph!” Rowan’s body clashed into his covers, the boxers flying from his hand as Maddox fell on top of him. “What the hell, get off me!”

“You hit my dick with the rubber band, Rowan. It’s payback time!” He eased up from his friend just enough to push him aside where he climbed on his chest. “I just didn’t know you would be naked! Added bonus, bro.”

“Get the fuck off me, Maddox. I’m not kidding.”

“Oh yeah?” An evil grin much like Rowan’s earlier lit up Maddox’s face. “Not ‘till you kiss my dick and make it all better.”

“Fuck that shit,” Rowan replied, his hands grabbing his friend’s arms and shoving.

Maddox wouldn’t budge. Instead he loosened his arm from Rowan’s grip and stuck it down in his boxers. It was flaccid and still the same size as before when his hand emerged with his penis. “Kiss my dick, you prick.”


“Alright,” he said and shoved his head into his friend’s closed lips. Rowan squirmed and tried to push his friend away until something happened.

This time, Maddox’s dick twitched.

Maddox was always a very horny guy, and it didn’t take long before his cock flooded with heat and blood. His eyes widened and he pushed himself away from Rowan. “What the fuck,” he said aloud. “I’m…I’m not gay! This shouldn’t be happening!”

He stormed off.

Rowan, relieved to have his friend off of him, pushed himself up to his elbows. He found a dick staring up at the ceiling.

Maddox Spalding fell back against the refrigerator and slid to the floor. Never before in his life had he even had something like that happen to him. Any other time he would have played it off as a joke, but for fourteen and a half years old, he was starting to question his sexuality. At first, he noticed guys in the locker room at the beach house over the summer and at the town’s local pool (the water kind) hall. Then it was changing at school after gym class. The more guy skin he could see, the harder it was for him to turn away.

I can’t be like this, he thought to himself and put his head between his legs.

Maddox still had a boner when he sighed deeply and looked up. He never imagined Rowan being the one to turn him on. And maybe it was just the fact that putting his dick close to another guy’s mouth was like dreams he had at night; he wasn’t sure. In any instance, however, the thought bothered him. People would beat the shit out of him at school if he turned out to be gay.

I’m not gay…

I am not gay…

I am not fucking gay…!

“Maddox?” Rowan’s voice was suddenly heard from his side. “Bro, you okay?”

Maddox shook his head. “Nah, but I’ll be alright. I always am.”

Rowan sat down next to him. “What happened back there, it doesn’t have to leave this house. You know that right?”


“I mean it,” Rowan went on, his hand reaching across Maddox’s shoulders and gripping his left shoulder blade. “It never happened.”

“Never happened. Got it.” But he wasn’t sure if “never happened” was enough to make the night better. His mind was a tornado of thoughts. The more he thought about it, the more the idea of doing something when nobody could see intrigued him.

Then it happened. Just like that.

Maddox said very slowly, “Nothing happened.” Then bent his head forward and pressed his lips against Rowan’s.

Rowan held himself there for a moment only to break the kiss after a few seconds. “Whoa,” he said and threw his hands in the air. “What the hell?”

His friend scoffed and pushed himself up from the ground. “I’ll call my dad, have him come pick me up. I’m, uh, sorry. Really.”

Almost as if he were psychic, Rowan picked up on his friend’s vibe. Out of nowhere, on the spur of the moment, against all of his better judgments he lunged forward and pulled Maddox’s face to him. He kissed him slowly, holding his lips to his with a fierce intensity, pulling his tongue into his mouth by the force of teeth. The kiss was wild, yet gentle. After a few moments he pulled away and looked into Maddox’s eyes.

“Whoa.” Maddox stared wide-eyed, his hands falling against his sides. Then suddenly he was touching himself through his boxers as he looked at Rowan. Rowan did the same when his eyes flicked down for a moment seeing the head of a cock appear in the boxers’ slit.

“Are we gonna…?” Maddox licked his lip nonchalantly and stepped forward. He let go of his dick and ran a finger around the rim of Rowan’s boxers.

This is happening way too fast, Rowan thought to himself. His heart started to race, his hands suddenly became clammy, but he didn’t stop his friend from pushing his boxers to the floor. He leaned his face into Maddox’s shoulder, drew in a heavy breath of his scent, and exhaled against his flesh. Goose bumps grew along Maddox’s arms as his hand wrapped softly around his friend’s cock. It felt warm and hard in his hand, way different than his own cock. His dream was starting to come true, only it was never Rowan’s face he saw.

It was always someone else.

Maddox’s boxers fell against the floor next. Stroking his friend’s cock, he took a step forward guiding Rowan from his own undergarment. Using his free hand, he pulled Rowan’s face to his and started kissing. He pushed his friend back for a few feet until Rowan’s ass hit the edge of the dining table. Rowan leaned back and wrapped his hand around Maddox’s body. Maddox did the same and fell over his friend’s body. Their cocks touched for a moment then slid to the side of one another traveling up the other’s belly. Maddox held that position for a second before he started thrusting his hips. He could feel precum slipping onto both bellies.

He pulled his lips away from Rowan’s and rested them beside his ear. “We can stop.”


“I’ve been feeling this way for a while,” he said, continuing to thrust his hips, moaning after the sentence ended.


“Gay. Bisexual. Whatever. Never toward you, I didn’t feel that vibe from you, bro. Ever.”

“That’s because I’m not…I don’t think.”

Maddox kissed Rowan on the neck. “You probably aren’t. We can stop.” He didn’t want to stop, not now, not when he’s begun exploring his sexual nature. He means, what if at the end of the day he realizes it’s not for him. He could reassure himself that he’s straight.

Rowan whispered, a soft groan escaping his lips as his hips starting thrusting back under the pressure of Maddox’s weight. “Do you want to? Be honest, bro.”

“No.” Maddox sighed.

“Never happened,” Rowan replied.

“Never happened.” Feeling Rowan’s cock sliding up his stomach now, he leaned into his friend and grabbed the edge of the table. He started pumping his dick into his friend’s stomach, the head slipping over Rowan’s bellybutton sending weird vibrations through his meat. He buried his face in his friend’s shoulder, started biting into his flesh in a sort of electrifying way.

Rowan had never before been given this kind of treatment. Yeah, fingering Jenny Cash was simply amazing, but this was different. This time it was his dick getting pleasured, this time he was actually fucking. Only, it wasn’t the way he had planned for it to come along. He wanted to be inside of Jenny, making her say the most sexiest things, making her come in ways he’s only seen in porn…

“I’m gonna do it,” Maddox said and pulled away. “I’m gonna suck your dick.”


“Yeah. Why not? We’ve come this far for nothing? I have to do it, Rowan…I have to see if I’m really gay.”

Rowan smirked and shook his head. “Um, yeah. Alright then.”

“Stand up on your feet.” Rowan did. Maddox knelt down in front of his friend, his cock starting to pulse from the boner he had. He shook his cock in his hands and stared down Rowan’s. Rowan twitched his cock; it bounced in the air and came down into Maddox’s hand. Maddox squeezed gently, sliding his hand down to the base of the shaft and back up the head. He noticed the way Rowan’s cock felt—not too long, and his middle finger just barely brushed against his thumb the further down he went. He could tell Rowan trimmed his pubic hair, but didn’t every other guy on the planet? He was sure.

He looked up at Rowan, his lips parted slightly, his breath slow and ragged as if he’d just ran a mile and then some. Rowan nodded slowly and closed his eyes. Then his head was covered in warm lips, thick saliva, and a tongue that hesitantly flicked around his gland. He nearly fell back, and moaned. Maddox took his time tasting the tip of Rowan’s cock, then began to slowly venture down the shaft until three inches was in his mouth. He tried to breathe, came up short of breath and suddenly had to pull away.

He coughed. “Take your time, Mad,” Rowan offered, then guided his friend back to his cock. The blowjob had only been for a split second it felt, and he was already literally begging for more. The way a tongue felt on him, the way the pleasant moisture of the mouth seemed to pleasure and tease his sense of sexual tension was far too little for him. He wanted more. Rowan suddenly thought, What if he asks me to suck him off… Though their making of love had only just begun, Rowan didn’t feel any sort of attraction to his friend in any sexual way. He wondered if Maddox cared to know.

But his thoughts were suddenly snatched from him when he felt his cock being consumed by his friend again. He looked down licking his lips.

Maddox had both eyes closed. One had gripped Rowan, his lips following down the shaft and back up again like both had regularly seen in porn. His other hand held tightly to his dick just below the head—the hold was starting to cause his head to turn a bright pink, nearly reddish color. Rowan couldn’t see, but Maddox felt with his thumb a thick ball of precum starting to ooze from his piss slit. Rowan watched with wide eyes as Maddox lifted his finger up toward his mouth and sucked in his precum. When the liquid disappeared, he focused his attention on Rowan again.

Letting go of his own tool, Maddox pulled his mouth away from Rowan’s dick after a few moments, gripped the base of his shaft, squeezed tightly to both the base and his balls and pulled his hand forward. Massaging Rowan’s balls, precum collected on the head and pulled away in a fine, clear line on Maddox’s tongue.

“How do I taste?”

“Delicious,” Maddox replied and took Rowan’s dick back into his mouth once more. This time, Rowan fell back against the table; the corner of it jutted into the crack of his ass. He jumped, his dick slid down into the back of Maddox’s throat. This time, Maddox choked and came up gasping for air. Rowan shrugged apologetically, but Maddox waved him off. He pushed his friend back into the table and took the dick back into his parted lips.

For nearly fifteen minutes, Rowan’s dick slid in between lips. He had started to pump his hips, had started to sweat from trying to hold back the urge to cum. He wanted to so badly! But the more his hips make tightened, and the more ragged his breath came, Maddox tended to ease up on the blowjob.

Now, however, he was ready. He wanted to taste cum for the first time, wanted to feel if a jet of cream to his throat made any difference in his sexuality…

Wanted to make sure he was ready to pursue an actual relationship with a guy.

He pulled away from Rowan’s dick, opened his mouth wide, and started to jerk.

Rowan practically yelled, he’d never felt something so good in his life. A few years of porn obsession and masturbation hadn’t paid off like he thought they did. No, this was much…


MUCH better.

He sucked in a huge breath through his teeth, closed his eyes as tightly as possible, and gave a loud, “FUCKING, SHIT, AH!”

He came. Just like that. Maddox threw his head backward, the sudden impact of the sticky fluid catching on his tongues, his lips, even in his hair. He laughed, kept stroking Rowan’s dick. Rowan moaned for a few more seconds then bent forward. His hand clenched tightly around Maddox’s and forced it away. His cock was becoming too unbearably sensitive.

Maddox continued to laugh, licked his lips. He stood to his feet and bent forward. “Kiss me. Like you mean it. As if I’m Jenny Cash.”

And Rowan did.

Pierce Kobayashi shut the door to his car. He was a college freshmen and left to come home for the weekend. After his broken down car stalled him in Orlando for at least six hours, his feet finally met the pavement of his home’s driveway. He looked to the house and smiled. He just wanted to get his ass into bed and surprise his girlfriend of his arrival.

Yawning, Pierce locked his car and paced his way to the house. He noticed a light on in the kitchen and his parents’ car being gone. “They’re probably working,” he says to himself, his face fatigued. Shit, he then thinks to himself, Rowan’s birthday…Maddox is probably over. No doubt their fishing for an early morning snack.

He opens the door, which swings in silently. He lays his bag down by the door. He hears his brother say, “Maddox,” and heads for the kitchen.

Maddox had Rowan pinned to the ground. With his face in an attempt to be buried in the tile floor of the kitchen, his ass stuck straight in the air. Maddox wasn’t penetrating his ass, no. Instead, his cock—now fully lubed with both his precum and Rowan’s cum he scraped off his face—was being forced in between. Maddox had a fistful of hair in his hand and yanked Rowan’s hair up. He bent down and breathed, “I’m going to cum all over your back. Okay?”


“Never happened?”

Rowan smiled, “Okay, never happened. I won’t tell anyone at school, I swear.”

Maddox’s breathing slowed. He let go of Rowan’s head; Rowan’s face nearly came in painful contact with the floor. Maddox pulled away from Rowan’s body, spread Rowan’s ass apart, and landed the head of his cock on the sphincter.

He hadn’t planned on it, but he wanted Rowan’s ass to feel what his cum felt like.

He was determined to do it.

Pierce crossed his arms over his chest and cleared his throat. “What’s going on here?”

Maddox jumped, his cock slipping to the side of Rowan’s ass. He almost hit the floor. Rowan looked back, wide-eyed.

“Holy shit,” Maddox yelled, and stood up next to Rowan.

Rowan rolled over and smiled. He stood to his feet and stared down Pierce. “What the fuck are you doing here. Don’t you see us trying to film a movie?” A man with a video camera turned around and smiled, precum staining his khaki jeans.

“As two young high school boys fucking? Please, twin, like anyone’s going to believe that!” Pierce laughed. “Look at the fucking stubble on your chin!”

“We can edit that out,” the camera man added.

Maddox walked to Pierce and pulled Rowan’s twin into a hug. “Money’s good, you know what I’m saying. If you’d strip down and pretend with us, you’d leave with big bucks too!” He laughed harder than Pierce and walked back to Rowan. “Now if you don’t mind, I have a cum shot to do.” He stroked his hard dick as he walked away.

Pierce parked his ass into a chair at the table out of camera view, wiped his eyes and said, “Well let’s see it then.” His nineteen-year-old twin brother fell back to the floor with Maddox following behind. Under the table, he rubbed his jeans.

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