He stepped back and looked at his slut, who had started out the day looking so perfect and beautiful, but was now a complete train wreck. What little makeup she had on was smeared all over her face, her hair was wet and matted with cum and piss and grime. She was covered in disgusting slime and she smelled as bad as the bathroom itself. He pulled his phone back out and took several pictures of her. He knew that there was a hose out back by the air and trash cans. "Crawl and your hands and knees like the filthy animal you are. Go over to that patch of grass by where the rest of the trash is located." He slapped her ass hard to emphasize his order. He went and got the car, pulling it around to park by where she had now reached, Since he'd planned ahead, he had soap, shampoo and towels in the car to allow her to clean herself up. He got out of the car and saw that she was waiting for him on all fours. He got the leash from the car and attached it to her dog collar, "Before we clean you up, sniff around the grass until you find a good place to piss, you fucking bitch. I want to see you do it just like any other four legged bitch does."

She did need to pee, but she felt so awkward doing it like this. She crawled on her hands and knees, sniffing the ground like he told her to. He held the leash, just like he was walking a dog. She crawled in a little circle and then squatted a little and emptied her bladder. She was facing away from him, but she could hear him laughing as he watched her. When she finished, he tugged on the leash, guiding her back to where he had told her to go. He removed her leash and went and grabbed a nearby water hose. He turned the water on her full force, hitting her straight in the face. She made gagging sounds and then began to turn her head from side to side, up and down, letting the cold water spray the mess from her. She used the soap and the shampoo that he had given her and washed herself, making sure that she cleaned all the cum from her pussy and her ass, and washing the piss out of her hair. The water was freezing, and so her efforts were done quickly, to maximize her time and get cleaned as quickly as she could. She was trying to adjust the leather skirt, to wash it off as best as she could, and straighenting her mesh top, getting all the grime off of her clothes as much as possible. Within a few minutes, she had herself pretty well cleaned up, and knew that she had done it properly when he handed her a towel to dry herself off, and a brush to comb her hair out. She was beginning to understand what was ahead for her on this trip, and she knew that she would do a better job the next time that they stopped for gas.

He pulled her to her feet and helped her dry off. She looked like a drowned rat, so pitiful. He was already enjoying this trip more than he thought he would. As she stood in front of him, he inspected her. He decided to leave the nipple clamps off of her as he loaded her back into the car. With as long as he'd had them on, leaving them off for a while would just cause her nipples to ache and throb, which was exactly what he wanted. He handed her an extra large tee shirt, to cover her top, for at least a while. When she was seated, he gave her his cell phone, with the video loaded up of what had just happened in the bathroom. "Watch this, you nasty slut. Take a good look at what a pathetic whore you are. Relive all of those men using your body in disgusting ways, and don't try to tell me that you didn't LOVE EVERY FUCKING MINUTE OF IT!"

She watched the small screen, and right before her eyes, she began to see the events unfold. She knew what had happened, but it was different to see it like this. Through her humiliation, she was aroused to watch herself be fucked and used. Her master was right, she did love every minute of what had happened, and she knew that he was turned on by watching her be reduced to being pissed on and fucked on the dirty bathroom floor.

He started the car, trying to focus on the road, when he'd actually prefer to watch the same thing that she was watching. He was so turned on, and he knew that this was only the tip of the iceberg. He said nothing as he drove, stealing glances at his cum slut as she watched the video over and over again. They drove like that for a couple of hours, until he decided to stop and get gas again. He pulled into the truck stop, parking by one of the gas pumps. They didn't need gas, they had plenty, but he wanted to see her degraded again, so he decided to top off the tank, so he could use her as a whore again. "Okay, cunt, go and earn us some gas money. You will take whatever the offer is, even if it's a dollar. You can keep the shirt on for now, but when you come back, it had better be gone, so everyone here can see your tits."

She took a deep breath and left the car. She had learned from their first stop and knew that she needed to collect money in advance. She thought that this time, she'd ask for as much as she could, then she wouldn't have to be used as much. However, much to her own surprise, she found that she enjoyed being used. As she'd watched the video her master took, she had become so turned on to watch the depths of degradation and humiliation that she had sunk to. She knew that she was a slut and a whore, and she knew that this was what she was destined to be. Her master would use her, and would allow others to use her body as a cum receptacle and a collection of holes to be used. She walked across the parking lot and found several eighteen wheelers parked side by side. She smiled and approached the first door, knocking on the metal. The guy looked down at her and flipped her off, calling her a bitch and telling her to fuck off. She got the same response at the second truck. The third truck she approached had a tough looking woman at the wheel. She had very short hair, and almost looked like a man. Approaching her seemed strange, but there was no reason that a woman might not want to use her body, although it seemed like a lost cause. When she knocked at the door, the woman rolled down the window and asked her what she wanted. "Please, maam. I need some gas money, and I am desperate for it. I'd be willing to do just about anything if I can get twenty or thirty dollars." The woman smiled a rather nasty smile at her and told her to go around to the side and get in the truck. She did as the woman told her to do, wondering what the woman would have her do to earn the money. The woman was already unbuckling her belt and unzipping her levis, pulling them down to around her ankles. The woman turned to the side and said, "Eat my pussy" motioning to the dark mass of curly pubic hair between her legs. "I need you to pay me first, please." "Hmmph," was the reply. "I'll give you thirty dollars, but you have to eat my cunt, until I cum at least twice, sliding those pretty little fingers of yours inside of my twat. I'll want to get warmed up by slapping you around a little, you'll be my bitch and although your dirty little cunt is probably disgusting because you've taken a bunch of cocks inside of it, I'm going to use it and you'll like it so much that you'll be screaming my name as you cum and then you'll suck my fingers clean. Agreed, slut?" She smiled at the woman and nodded her head in agreement. The woman reached down and pulled a couple of crumpled up bills out of her pants pocket. As the woman handed her the money, she slid the money in her shoe, so she wouldn't lose it, and then removed her tee shirt and slid her skirt up above her waist. She briefly thought that since getting the leather skirt, she had worn it up around her waist more than down as it should be worn. She smiled at the woman, hoping that this would be kind of fun, but her smile was gone quickly as the woman's hand slapped her hard across the face. She let out a little scream before the second slap came. The woman grabbed her by the hair and pulled her closer, continuing to slap her face. She could feel her face turning red, and felt the tears falling from her eyes as she whimpered as the woman brought her face closer to hers. When they were face to face, the woman kissed her roughly, shoving her tongue inside of her mouth. The hand that had been slapping her face moved to her tits, twisting her nipple as the hand holding her hair tightened. She kissed the woman back, slightly moaning. She was so turned on already, and the woman's touch was exciting her, that she found herself arching her body towards the gruff woman. The woman laughed and rudely shoved her away. "You are a nasty little slut. You enjoy being a dyke like me, don't you?" She wasn't sure what to say, but the woman didn't give her much time for a response. The older woman had turned in her seat and faced her. "My name's Jan, and if we were at my place, I'd fuck you with my strap on until you couldn't walk, but since we're here, I want you to spread your legs." She did as she was told, and Jan started slapping her again, concentrating on her tits this time, her hand coming down hard against her tits that were already so sore and tender that every slap felt like needles jabbing into her skin. Jan's other hand had moved to her pussy, and she roughly shoved three fingers inside of her, working a fourth one in as well. Her pussy was wet, but it still hurt like crazy to have Jan stretching out her pussy, getting that fourth finger inside of her. Jan's hand pushed in harder, pushing past her knuckles, working to get her entire fist inside. The pain was awful and she let out a little scream. Jan laughed and just pushed harder, her other hand moving to wrap tightly around her throat. She tried to pull the woman's hand away from her neck, but Jan was clearly stronger than she was, and her efforts just caused the woman to squeeze her neck harder as she pushed her other hand further into her pussy. She felt Jan's fingers moving inside of her, pushing against the walls of her pussy, stretching it out to accommodate more of her hand. She could feel her face turning red as she fought for air against Jan's choking her. She started flailing about, but it just made Jan go at her harder, squeezing her neck and finally getting to the point where she had gotten her hand inside. Curling her fingers into a fist, she roughly moved the fist in and out, pushing in deeper, getting in up to her wrist, before pulling it almost out, just to shove it back in. Jan released her neck, but started to slap her face again, calling her a slut, a whore, a fucking bitch. "Cum on my fist you dirty little cunt, come on, come on." With every word, she received another slap to her face, feeling the woman's fist ramming into her pussy. "Come on, you fucking slut... you like cocks in here, so fucking cum.... I'm paying you, whore.. do as I say, fucking show me how nasty you are, cum on me." She didn't really need the coaxing, she was already nearing an orgasm, and as Jan slapped her and rammed her fist inside of her pussy, which she felt flood with her juices. Her moans turned into screams. "Yes, Jan... yes, yes, oh Jan, ram that fist inside of me, make me cum, I'm your little bitch, use my cunt, oh yes, Jan, Jan, Jan!" Jan relaxed her fingers as she felt the juices drench her fingers. "God, you're nasty." she said as she removed her fingers from the pussy she had just used. Jan held up her fingers and motioned for them to be licked clean.

She was surprised that she had enjoyed the lesbian fisting her. Her orgasm was pretty powerful and she gladly licked the juices from Jan's fingers, sucking on each finger, and licking her palm and hand. When Jan was satisfied that all of the juices were gone, she moved in the seat to expose her hairy pussy. She looked at the hairy pussy, seeing how different it was from her own. The black and gray hairs were long and covered the wet slit where she knew she would now need to lick. She lowered her head and with her hands, she gently spread the woman's pussy open, darting her tongue out to lick it from bottom to top. She swirled her tongue around Jan's clit, and lapped at the juices that were flowing from her pussy. Jan moaned, and so she lapped faster, pushing her tongue inside of the woman's cunt. She moved her tongue all around, tasting the woman's musky juices. She started to gently suck on the clit, sliding her finger into Jan's pussy. "Harder, slut. I don't want you to be gentle, I want you to eat me out and make me cum. Finger fuck me you little whore." She did as she was told, pushing another finger inside and then a third, moving them fast as she could, sucking on the woman's clit. Jan was moaning, bucking against her face. It wasn't too long before she felt the gush of juices. Jan grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled her tight against her hips, rubbing her cunt against her face, smearing it with her juices. She kept moving her fingers and licking like crazy. She couldn't believe how much she was enjoying this. She was getting paid for it, and she was being used as a whore, but she was loving this, she loved eating this woman's pussy out. Zealously, she kept licking, burying her face into Jan's hairy pussy, furiously moving her fingers to please the woman further. She removed her fingers, and Jan pulled her hair hard to let her know that she didn't like it, but she released her hair and started to moan when she had spread Jan's pussy lips open and pushed her nose against her clit, and shoved her tongue as far as she could up the woman's cunt, and moving her lips and mouth to eat and suck the woman's pussy. Jan must have enjoyed it because she very quickly started moaning, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, you're good, oh fuck you little whore, that's it... keep going, oh yeah, baby... fuck, fuck, fuck...move that tongue you fucking slut, oh yeah!" And with that Jan gushed all over her face, but she kept lapping at the woman's cunt until she released her. Jan quickly pulled her pants up and turned to her, "You are a hot little piece of ass, worth every penny. Now get the fuck out of my truck you dirty slut." Jan turned away from her and leaned back in the seat, closing her eyes. With a heavy sigh, she picked up her tee shirt, not bothering to put in back on and walked back towards the car where he was waiting for her.

He'd been watching her the whole time through binoculars, and oh, how he wished he could have seen more than what was viewable through the window of the butch woman's truck. He wasn't sure about everything that had happened, but when he saw his slave licking off the woman's hand, he knew that his little slave had gotten fisted, and he sure wished he had been able to capture that on video. He was certain that he'd have more than one video of her taking a fist up her cunt before the weekend was over with, but he figured that he could never have too much video to watch of his slave being used and fucked. He was surprised at his little slut as well, he knew that the old lesbian had lots of experience with women eating her out, but watching her reactions, his whore must already be a grade A pussy eater. He couldn't see what she had been doing, but she must have been good at it. He smiled as she bravely walked across the parking lot without her shirt on. His cock was so hard from watching, that regardless of how much money she had gotten, they were leaving the gas station. He wanted to fuck her again, and he didn't want to do it here, so it was a matter of waiting until they reached the house, and they were still an hour away.

She walked back to the car, topless, pretending not to notice the looks, stares that she was getting. She just focused on returning to her master, and hoping that he was pleased with what she had come back with. She stopped at the car door, removing the money from her shoe, and waiting for permission to get in the car. He opened the door from the inside for her and she climbed in the car, handing him the money. She had hoped that he would express some form of approval, but he said nothing to her, just took the money and drove away. She realized that he hadn't even put gas in the car, but she was feeling pretty good from that last experience, so the thought left her mind quickly. She felt apprehensive. She could sense that wherever they were going, they were getting close, and she had no idea of exactly would happen. She trusted her master, and she knew that he wouldn't allow anyone to seriously harm her, and she was really getting to enjoy having her body used. Whether it was the nervous energy, or all of the day's activities, she found herself drowsy and laid her head back and was asleep in no time. She didn't know how long she slept for, but when the car stopped, she jolted wide awake. They were parked in a garage, and her master had gotten out of the car and was now opening her car door. He didn't need to tell her to follow him, she knew that she should. She followed him into the house.

"On your knees, bitch." he barked as soon as they got in the door. He long thick cock was rock hard, and he didn't want to waste any time using the handiest part of her to get off, which at this point, was her mouth. He pulled his dick from his pants, and like a good slut, she already had her mouth open. He grabbed her hair and shoved his dick deep down her throat, causing her to make a gagging sound. It didn't slow him down or stop him at all, he started aggressively fucking her face. He'd been hard for so long, that it only took a couple of minutes before he pulled from her mouth to ejaculate on her face. He zipped up his pants and said, "The bathroom is up the stairs, you smelly skank," he motioned towards the stairs. "Go up and take a shower and wash all of that filth from your body. When I come up to inspect you, every inch of you should be clean and fuckable." He watched her walk up the stairs, her head hung low. He utilized the time that she was in the shower to get all of his camera and video equipment from the trunk of the car and set them up in the main rooms, to capture as much footage as he could. He knew that others would be bringing their own cameras and camcorders, and there was already an agreement in place for everyone to share their footage, and it excited him to know that there would be lots to watch from tonight's encounters. After he had set everything up, including stocking the bar and refrigerator, he went upstairs to do his inspection.

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