Molly and Stacey have to pay for a school dare
It was Sandra’s fault what happened that morning. She had bet Molly and Stacey that they would not spend the morning in the old house. It was supposed to be empty, had been for years. According to the local rumours it was haunted or had been the scene of a gruesome murder. No one was really sure, but there never seemed to be any life in the house. All the two friends had to do was skip school for the morning. Stay in the house, and take photos on their mobile phones to prove it. Then meet Sandra at lunch and show her the photos.
Getting in had been easy, there was a open window at the back. It became obvious from the moment they entered that the house was not empty. The furniture was all new, it looked like it had only recently been brought in. Molly should have taken them both out of the house then. But Stacey had been too interested in having the morning off school. Against Molly's better judgement she allowed herself to be persuaded. At school all they had to look forwards to was a morning of maths.
The pair spent the first hour wandering around the house. They took food and drink out of the fridge. They bounced on the beds, taking pictures with their phones. Back down stairs they took off their black blazers. Sat on the sofa they flicked through the TV channels to find the music channels. They laid back in the large sofa their legs up on the tables. It was then that the front door suddenly opened and three men burst into the room.
Molly and Stacey jumped to their feet as the men came in. The men halted for a second then dived towards them. Before the girls could react they were caught, each held by one of the men
“What are you doing in my house? The other man said to them.
“We thought it was empty.” Molly said, trying to explain.
“It was a bet.” Stacey added.
“We're sorry, we didn't mean to hurt anything.” Molly said.
“Sorry ain't enough.” The man said, “I think I should phone your school.”
“Fuck that phone the police.” The man holding Stacey said.
“No please don't.” Both girls said at the same time. They both knew how much trouble they would be in for simply skipping school. If the police was involved they would be expelled for sure. “We'll do anything.” Stacey said, “clean up, anything.”
“Anything, really.” The first man said. Molly was the older of the two girls at fifteen, and more experienced. So she picked up on the tone in the man's voice. Something that Stacey did not. She was a year younger and had less experience with men.
“Yes anything.” She said quickly. The two men holding them released them. Molly turned to glance over her shoulder. The guy behind her was flicking his gaze up and down her figure. She instantly knew what they would want, what the two girls would have to do to avoid the police. When she looked at it from their perspective she could understand the interest. They had two teenage girls alone in their house. Two good looking teenage girls at that. Molly was the shorter of the two by a couple of inches, in spite of being the older. Her flame red hair was tied up in two pony tails. She had a thin figure with small breasts and long legs. Stacey might be taller but it was obvious in her face that she was younger than Molly. She had long blonde hair and a figure Molly was sometimes jealous of. With full breasts and a nice round butt. Both were in their school uniform, a white blouse with a grey and black check pleated skirt.
Of course the three guys were not ugly, which would help. The man in front of them looked the older of the three. He had dark hair that was cut very short. His face was nice to look at, now it was not scowling at them. With grey eyes and largish nose and mouth. The man behind Molly was possibly the youngest of the three. He had a wild mop of blonde hair over a handsome face with bright blue eyes. His small T-shirt showed a nice chest. The final guy had short, styled black hair and deep black eyes. His face seemed to smoulder as he looked at Stacey.
“Ok then, if you’ll do anything for us take off your shirts. We want to see what we’re getting first don’t we guys.” The older man said.
“Hell yeah,” the black haired guy said from behind Stacey.
“What, no I meant cleaning up and such. I never said anything like that.” Stacey said in a shocked voice.
“You should have been more specific then. You said anything and this is what we want.” The older man told her. Molly gave a soft sigh to herself then began to undo her tie. Stacey turned to look at her in surprise as Molly began undoing her shirt.
“What are you doing?” Stacey asked.
“Look, it’s like this.” Molly began, “either way we’re going to get fucked. We can either not do what they want and they’ll call the police. In which case our whole lives will be fucked up. How do you think you’re parents are going to act when they have to collect you from the police station. Or we do what these guys want, and let them fuck us. We avoid the police and you never know we might have a good time as well. Unless of course you’re still insisting you’re a virgin, and it wasn’t you I saw fucking Billy Simpson out back at Sandra’s party the other week.” Stacey stared at her for a second, her face a wild mix of emotions. Then she gave a small shrug and reached up to remove her tie. The two guys behind them gave whoops of joy when they realised the two girls were playing along. Molly soon had her shirt off, Stacey was just undoing her last button when she stopped.
“One rule though. “ She said to the guys. “I’m not getting pregnant so you can’t cum in me ok.” Molly turned to look at her.
“Well you should be on the pill like me. That way they could cum in you, like they can in me.” She told her, getting another glare off Stacey.
“Not with my doctor I can’t, he’ll blab straight to mom.”
“I’ll take you down to the local clinic, they’ll give you a prescription for it. After a long lecture about keeping safe.” Molly told her, Stacey nodded.
“Ok, we won’t cum inside blondie then. We’ll just all cum inside your cunt red.” The older guy said, Molly looked at him.
“My name is Molly, not red.” She snapped.
“Sorry, Molly. And her name is.” He pointed to Stacey.
“I’m Stacey,” Stacey told him.
“Pleased to meet you Stacey, my name is Bill. That is Nick,” he said pointing to the blonde guy. “And he is Adrian.” He pointed to the Black haired guy. The two men nodded as they were introduced. The girls nodded back. As they did Molly reached down to begin undoing her skirt. Nick gently, but firmly, grabbed her wrist.
“No keep the skirts on. I like the idea of fucking you in your school skirt.”
“Sounds like a good idea.” Adrian agreed, Molly shrugged and left her skirt on.
“Do you want us to take off our underwear” She asked.
“Of course that makes it easier to fuck you.” Adrian said with a straight face. Molly smiled in reply and quickly removed her bra and panties Stacey followed suit, until they were stood naked apart from their skirts. The men behind them made appreciative noises at the sight. The fact that they were obviously liking what they saw gave Stacey a thrill. Then she felt Adrian step up to behind her. His hands slid round her waist. Pulling her back into him. Softly he kissed her neck, Stacey melted into the kiss. As he pressed his lips against her neck, he moved his hands round to her stomach. Then slid them slowly up her body. Pressing herself back into him she could feel his hard on as it pushed against her. Then he ran his hands up to her breasts. Cupping them softly and squeezing them. His fingers kneaded at her breasts with assured movements. They probed the flesh of her breasts.
He slowly turned her around and kissed her hard on the lips. She felt his tongue pushing at her lips. Quickly she opened them. He pushed his tongue inside to softly twirl it around hers. His fingers continued their probing of her breasts. He ran his thumbs over her nipples. Stacey could not keep in the soft hiss of pleasure. She felt his smile as he ran his thumb over her nipples again. She tried not to react, but there was no way she could. She hissed again into his mouth. He broke from the kiss the lower his mouth down to kiss her neck. Then her shoulder, then the base of her neck. She shivered in anticipation as his mouth moved lower. Then he took one breast into his mouth. Sucking hard on it, drawing out her nipple. She felt her nipples become hard as rock. He licked his tongue over her nipple, which made her hiss again.
He moved from one breast to the other. Sucking hard on it, again drawing it into his mouth. Licking his tongue over her nipple. He ran his hands down to her waist and began to guide her round. He led her towards the sofa. When she reached it he carefully lowered her down. Glancing over she saw Molly was already laid on the sofa. Once Stacey was safely on the sofa Adrian began to run his hands over her body. Sliding them up her side, over her shoulders then back down to her breasts. Cupping them and squeezing them firmly. Rubbing her hard nipples between his finger and thumb. Stacey moaned softly at the shiver of pleasure his fingers were causing in her.
He ran his one hand down from her stomach. Down to her skirt, Stacey felt his hand run down her leg until he reach the hem of her skirt. He slowly ran his hand back up her leg under her skirt. Pushing it up her leg. Stacey swallowed hard as his fingers headed up her leg. When he reached her hips he softly pushed her skirt up. Exposing her pussy to his gaze. She felt the heat as his gaze focused between her legs. His fingers slid between her thighs. Running down the outside of her pussy. As he pulled his fingers back up he pushed them into her lips. Stacey let out her breath in a sharp gasp, a breath she had not known she was holding. He ran his fingers up and down her pussy. Rubbing them against her flesh. As he did he continued to knead at her breast with his other hand. Rubbing his fingers over her nipples. The combination of his fingers on her breast and pussy sent ripples of heat through her. Stacey moaned softly, rocking softly on the sofa. She gasped as he flicked the tip of his finger against her clit. Then he ran his fingers back down. Before pushing two fingers into her.
Stacey gave a sharp hiss as his fingers pushed into her. He pushed them firmly inside her. Sliding them as far into her as he could. She heard Molly hissing and glanced over. Nick was fingering Molly in the same way Adrian was doing to Stacey. The two men glanced towards each other.
“Nice and tight cunt. Just as I hoped.” Adrian said.
“Yes, wet and ready.” Nick replied. Both men began to undo their jeans at the same instant, as if some unheard signal had passed between them. As Adrian pushed his jeans down Stacey felt her eyes go wide as she saw the size of his cock. He was huge, thick and long. So much bigger than Billy Simpson. Who had been the only guy she had been with. Though the party Molly had seen her at had been the third time they had fucked. Not that they were going out, they only did anything at parties. But he was small compared to Adrian. Surely there was no way he could fit it in her. A shiver of fear ran along her spine. Would it hurt when he fucked her, would he stop if it did.
As she watched he sank down between her legs. Sliding his cock along her. Stacey gasped as she felt just how hard he was. He rubbed the tip of his cock along her pussy. Gently pushing her open. Stacey gasped again as she felt him pushing against her. Slowly sliding into her. Her pussy stretched around him, felt as if it was never going to be wide enough for him. Then he was in her, sliding forwards up her. Stacey gave a moan at how hard his cock felt inside her. Looking down she realised that he was not all in. Only about halfway. It already felt as if he was filling her. As she watched with wide eyes, he pushed forwards. Sliding his cock further into her. He seemed to fill her more and more as he slipped deeper into her. Until finally he was totally buried in her body. It felt as if his cock was pushed right up into her chest. Stacey gasped for breath as he began to slid in and out of her. Slowly fucking her, with deep long thrusts. Pushing his cock up into her pussy.
His thrusts grew faster, harder. Stacey felt his cock sliding in and out. She gasped hard at the sensation. Ripples of pleasure running along her spine. It still felt like he totally filled her. But all fear was gone now. There was no pain, only pleasure. He hooked his hands under her legs, lifting them up. Began to fuck her hard, ramming into her. Stacey cried out, loud moans of pleasure. As she felt him thrusting deeply into her. To her side she could hear Molly’s cried of pleasure. Glancing over she saw Nick pounding into her friend. Adrian slammed into her extra hard, drawing her attention back to him.
Molly had not scared by how big Nick was. She had been with a guy before who loved using dildos on her. One of which had been quite big. So she knew she could take Nick into her. What she had not been expecting was just how hard he would fuck her. The guy with the dildo had never been able to go that hard. Nick had quickly begun to pound her pussy with his cock. Molly felt jolts of pleasure shooting up her body from each hard thrust. She gasped, moaned, cried out in pleasure. Feeling his cock thrusting hard into her. Stretching her pussy wide, and sending waves of pleasure through her.
His hands were wrapped around her hips. Pulling her into him with each thrust. Molly responded, pushing against him. Matching him thrusts for thrust. Nick must have realised what she was doing. Because he reached up to grab her breasts. Kneading them hard with his hands as he fucked her. Molly moaned loudly, sounds pulled from deep in her chest. Nick matched her with his own moans. His eyes bored into her face as he pounded her hard. Repeatedly slamming his cock into her. How he could keep going at that pace she had no idea. But did not mind as it felt so good.
She clung to the sofa cushions, her moans turning into loud cried of passion. His cock continued to ram into her, hard, fast. Pushing as deep into her pussy as it could. Sending jolts of pleasure up her. He was grunting hard with each thrust. Molly could sense just how much effort he was putting into fucking her. She pushed back harder, rocking herself up into his thrusts. Meeting him, taking him deep in her. A squeal to her side made her glance over quickly. Adrian had Stacey almost lifted off the sofa he was fucking her so hard. Molly smiled at the squeals of passion her friend was making. Knowing she was enjoying it as much as Molly.
Adrian had pulled Stacey’s legs up. Arching her back and resting her head on the sofa. His cock was pushing along the roof of her pussy. Sending extra wave of pleasure through her with each thrust. She was clawing at the back of the sofa, arching upwards with the pleasure he was giving her. His thrusts were deep, hard. Pushing his cock into her. Burying it to the hilt inside her pussy. Stacey squealed with each thrust. Sounds of passion and pleasure.
She knew that he could not keep this up for much longer, not without cumming. She wondered if he would remember not to cum in her. Part of her did not mind if he did not remember, as long as he kept fucking her hard. His thrusts were harder now, pounding into her. She cried out in pleasure, squealing as he thrust hard into her. He pushed up inside her and stopped, his cock buried fully inside her.
“I’ve got to stop girl.” He said pulling back. Stacey made a soft whimper of protest. “If I don’t I’m going to cum. And you don’t want to get pregnant do you.” For a wild second Stacey considered telling him she did not care. Just so he would keep fucking her. Then she came up with a better idea.
“Does swallowing count.” She asked him.
“What?” He said.
“You can cum in my mouth, I don’t mind. Just not in my pussy.” Adrian looked down at her with a lustful expression.
“Cumming in you mouth would definitely count.” He told he as he rammed back into her hard.
Molly smiled to herself as she heard the short conversation. She had guessed that Stacey’s innocent act at school was just that, an act. Her admitting that she liked to swallow was confirmation of that. As was her willingness to give Adrian an excuse to keep fucking her. No innocent girl would have done that.
Nick’s sharp grunts drew Molly’s thoughts back to him. His thrusts were harder, wilder. She gasped at the power of them. Sensing how close he was to cumming. Relishing the idea, Molly had quickly learnt how much she loved feeling a guy cumming in her. She pushed up into his thrusts. Squeezing her thigh muscles to make herself even tighter around him. Gasping hard at how it made his cock feel harder inside her.
“Oh, my, god, fuck.” Nick cried out, each word punctuated by a rough thrust into her. As he ended he slammed hard inside her and emptied himself into her. Molly grunted at the hard thrust then gave a soft moan of pleasure as she felt him cumming. Her body rippled with pleasure at the feel of his cum pumping into her pussy. He sank down onto her as he came. Pinning her under him, gasping hard for breath.
“Christ that felt good.” He whispered to her.
“It felt good for me too.” She said back.
Stacey did not even realise Nick had cum in Molly. She was enjoying Adrian’s hard cock too much. As he rammed it in to her hard. Pounding her young pussy deeply. His face was red with the effort he was putting into fucking her. His fingers digging into her hips as he pulled her back into him. Slamming his legs into hers hard. Ramming his cock up into her pussy. Stacey gasped, and squealed loudly at the feel of his thrusts. The pleasure he was causing in her. If he lost control and came in her she would not have minded. Just for this pleasure his cock was giving her. Suddenly he released her legs, gasping hard.
“God, going to cum.” He gasped, pulling her down. Stacey slipped off the sofa, between his legs. She opened her mouth and felt him pushing his cock into her. Sucking hard on him she moved her mouth along him. He tasted strange and it took her a moment to realise she was tasting herself on him. She actually tasted nice, sort of sweet. Then she felt his cock throbbing in her mouth. She sucked hard on him, knowing what was coming. With a deep moan he came, pumping his cum into her mouth. Stacey let him cum, taking it into her. Swallowing the thick, sticky cum down her throat. He pumped into her again, emptying himself in her mouth. Before pulling back and looking down at her. She looked up at him, smiling as she licked the last drops of his cum off her lips.
“Um, that was so good.” She told him.
“As were you Stacey.” He told her. She beamed a smile up at him. He moved away, so she could climb back up onto the sofa. Molly sat up next to her looking over at her. Her face was flushed from the fucking Nick had given her.
“I knew you weren’t as innocent as you said.” Molly told her, “you enjoyed that too much.” Stacey shrugged.
“Yeah, but it’s a good way to get guys. They seem to love that innocent act.” Molly laughed in reply.
“Ok girls my turn.” Bill said, drawing their attention to him. He was sat on the double sofa. Rubbing his hand up and down his cock. “What I want to know is which one of you is going to ride my cock, with her ass.”
“You what.” Both girls said together.
“I want one of you to ride my cock with your ass.”
“No way, that’s not happening.” Stacey said.
“And I thought you said you’d do anything to avoid the police.”
“You’re pushing that too far.” Stacey replied, Bill smiled.
“I’ll do it.” Molly said quickly, getting a glare from Stacey.
“What, why.” She demanded.
“Because we did say anything, and it won’t be the first time I’ve had my ass fucked.” Stacey’s eyes went wide in shock. Molly smiled at her. “I’m even less innocent than you are Stacey. You’d be shocked at what I’ve done.” Molly told her before pushing herself up off the sofa. She walked over to him and reached down. Rubbing her fingers along his cock. She had notice the soft sheen from across the room. Her fingers confirmed that he had put lubricant on. At least he had done that. She stood up and removed her skirt. Then looked down at him.
“Do you want me to face you.” She asked, he shook his head.
“I want to see my cock in your ass.” Molly shrugged, not surprised. She swung her leg over him. Lowering herself down she reached under to hold his cock. Moving it until he was pressed against her ass. She pushed down on to him.
“You might have to push up into me. It’s been a while since I did this.” She told him. He nodded then pushed upwards. Molly grunting as she felt his cock opening her ass. Biting her lip to avoid gasping at the sharp feel of him entering her. He pushed hard up, thrusting himself fully inside her. She took a deep breath in. Holding herself still to get used to the feel of him in her ass. Then she began to slide up and down him. Slowly at first, but increasing the speed as she got used to the feel. As always it felt strange. A weird mix of pleasure and slight discomfort. But she knew that the discomfort would go away. He reached up to cup her breasts. Pulling her back as she rode him. Molly gasped softly as she felt him pushing up into her. Matching his thrusts to her move me. Pushing his cock into her until it was buried to the hilt. As his thrusts grew faster and her movement on him matched her gasps grew louder. She lent back against him, resting her head on the sofa. Feeling his breath against her neck.
She opened her eyes suddenly when she felt someone fingering her pussy. Looking up she saw Adrian standing in front of her.
“It seems a shame to waste such a hot pussy. Especially when it’s on display like that.” He said moving down in front of her. Molly was not sure what he meant at first. Not until Bill spoke up.
“Go on then, fuck her pussy as well.” He told Adrian.
“God you’re going to do what.” Molly gasped as it dawned on her what they intended.
“I’m going to fuck your little pussy for you.” Adrian told her as he positioned his cock against her body. Before Molly could react he thrust up into her.
“FUCK.” She cried as she felt Bill thrust into her at the same time. Two hard cocks filling her ass and pussy. Her brain could not process the massive overload of sensations. As the two men began to fuck her she became overwhelmed. Squeals, moans, gasps, cries of passion escaped from her lips. The feel of their hard cocks pushing into her was too much. But she could not gather her thoughts enough to speak. Only able to make wild animal sounds in response to their repeated thrusts into her. Adrian pounding into her pussy. Which now felt too small for his thick cock. Bill thrusting hard into her ass. Stretching it wide, pushing deep into her. She could not fight, did not want to. She just let her body go, riding the repeated waves of sensation flowing up from between her legs.
Stacey watched in shock as Molly first started to ride Bill with her ass. Then let Adrian start to fuck her pussy. From the cries of pleasure Molly was making her red headed friend was enjoying it. Stacey made a mental note to ask Molly about her past. She guessed there was more than any one at school knew. Nick moved to sit beside her. Running his fingers along her leg. Stacey turned to face him. He cupped her face, kissing her on the lips. Not a soft kiss, but a hard passionate one. It stole Stacey’s breath away. He firmly moved her off the sofa, to the floor. Laying her down on her back. He undid her skirt, flicking it open. Before running his hands over her naked body. Cupping her breasts firmly, then sliding his hands down over her legs. Gently he parted them, sliding his fingers up the insides of her thighs. He moved between her legs. Stacey felt his cock rubbing against the skin of her thigh. So felt so hard and so hot. Then he was pressed against her pussy. He looked down at her, catching her eyes with his gaze. Before thrusting hard into her. Stacey gasped as she felt his cock pushing up inside her. He was so hard in her pussy. Thrusting in until she felt his body pressing against hers. She knew he was fully inside her. Filling her pussy with his long, hard cock.
He began to fuck her hard. Thrusting in and out with rapid movements. Each time ramming his cock totally into her. Stacey moaned loudly with each thrust. She lifted her legs up, wrapping them around him. He rammed in to her, fucking her totally. His gaze focused on her face. Watching her reaction as he pounded her body. Stacey cried out in passion at the feel of her pussy stretching around him. Moaning, mewing, squealing at the powerful thrusts into her. Waves of pleasure sweeping through her body.
Molly felt like she was almost floating. The two men fucking her were holding her up with their bodies. Ramming into her hard, stretching her pussy and ass with their cocks. Matching thrusts that sent electric jolts of passion up her spine straight to her brain. Her whole being focused on the heat between her legs.
After a minute she began to notice a difference between the two men. Adrian was fucking her harder, his thrusts more intense. Bill, while he was thrusting deeply into her, was more controlled. It felt as if he was savouring the feel of fucking her. Adrian was rushing to cum in her. Bill was simply enjoying how her ass felt around him. Molly knew instinctively which one would cum first. She was not surprised when Adrian began to grunt hard as he thrust into her. Seconds later she felt him cumming inside her. Emptying his cum into her body. She gasped softly at the sensation.
As soon as Adrian pulled out of her she felt Bill shifting under her. He wrapped his arms around her waist. Lifting her up and turning her round. Until she was lent forwards over the sofa with her hands resting on the back of it. He lent forwards as he pushed his cock back into her ass.
“I’m going to fuck you hard now Molly. Really going to ram into you ass.” He whispered to her softly.
“God yes,” Molly said so turned on that she really wanted him to do it. He straightened up behind her, wrapped his fingers around her hips. Then he began to pound into her hard. Thrusting his cock up into her ass. “Fuck, oh fuck.” Molly gasped as she felt him start to fuck her ass. His cock thrusting rapidly into her. Pounding up inside her. She gripped the back of the sofa hard. Gasping and moaning with each thrust into her. As he fucked her ass deeply.
Stacey hardly even heard Molly’s moans as they increased. She was too caught up in the sensations Nick was causing in her. His hard cock sliding in and out of her. As he thrust hard into her pussy. She gasped, squealed and cried out at the pleasure he was causing her. He was pawing now at one breast. Digging his fingers into it hard. Ramming himself deeply into her. She could hear the ragged edge to his breathing. Sensed just how close to the edge he was.
“Oh god girl I’m getting close.” He hissed to her.
“”Don’t cum in me please.” Stacey gasped to him.
“I don’t want to cum in you. I want to cum on your face.” He told her. Stacey looked up at him in shock.
“On my face.” He nodded.
“I’ve wanted to see what your pretty face looks like covered in my cum since I first saw you.” He told her, his voice thick with lust. The want in his words seemed to find a home in her stomach. Increasing the heat inside her body. She smiled up at him.
“If that’s what you want to do, go for it.” She told him. Then squealed loudly as he began to ram even harder into her. Pounding his cock inside her. Just as if her words had triggered some undiscovered strength. He slammed his cock into her, harder, harder. Pounding it deep into her pussy. Sending massive blasts of feeling up her body. She cried out, clawing at the carpet over her head. Arching her body upwards as his thrusts brought her closer and closer to shattering. He took one breast in his mouth. Sucking hard on it. That tipped her over into a shattering orgasm.
“OH fuck, fuck me yes.” She squealed as her body exploded into wild passion. Only his hands on her hips stopped her bucking him off. He continued to pound into her, grunting hard as he did. Thrusting deeply into her, adding to her pleasure. Stacey squealed loudly, a wild stream of noise. “Fuck, oh yes, god, fuck me, yes, yes.” Sentences with out form or meaning, apart from showing her pleasure. Just as her orgasm faded she felt him thrusting wildly into her. Without warning he pulled out of her. Moving quickly to straddle her chest.
“God Stacey I’m cumming.” He gasped to her. She lifted her face up to look at him. Just as he came. Stacey gave a startled gasp as his cum splashed on her face. Landing on her cheek and splashing over one eye. She felt it hit her forehead and hair. Then some splashing into her still open mouth. Through her one eye she saw him aiming at her mouth. Felt the last few drops of cum pumping into her. She put out her tongue to catch them. Licking the head of his cock clean when he had finished cumming. He looked down at her, his eyes showing his lust for her. Reaching back he thrust two fingers hard into her pussy. At the same time rubbing his thumb over her clit. Stacey squealed loudly at the sharp sensations. He thrust hard into her. Pushing his fingers deeply into her. Rubbing rapidly against her clit. Stacey gasped, cried out as, with in seconds, he brought her to a second orgasm.
“God, god, cumming, oh my god.” Stacey gasped as she came for the second time in less than a minute. Her body bursting into wild flashes of pleasure that stole her breath. She gasped hard, suddenly unable to speak. The orgasm sweeping over her in repeated waves that left her stunned and shaken. Nick pulled his fingers out of her, climbing up off her. Stacey lay on the floor her legs too wobbly to risk moving just yet.
Molly was heading towards an orgasm as well. As Bill fucked her ass hard. Yet, even as he thrust in to her she felt he was still holding back. Still savouring the feel of fucking her. As if that was where the true aim of sex way. Not the final release, like Adrian and most guys. Instead he seemed to be acting as if the whole event was to be savoured. That thought was adding to Molly’s pleasure. Which had to be the reason she was getting so turned on. The previous three times she had let a guy fuck her ass she had not even come close to cumming. Now she was getting closer and closer. Each hard thrust sending jolts of pleasure up her body. Her legs and arms were locked in place, holding her up. His fingers dug into her hips as he rammed into her. Molly gasped hard, squealing with each thrust. She was on the edge now, ready to tip over. But it needed a little extra, something more. She could not do it. Her fingers were dug too tight into the sofa back.
“I’m so close, need you to help.” She gasped to him. For a couple of seconds she was not sure if he had heard, or cared. Then his one hand moved down under her. Reaching between her legs. His fingers rubbing over her clit, pressing hard against it and fingering it rapidly. It took less than a second for him to send her into her orgasm. She squealed loudly, digging her fingers further into the sofa. The orgasm blasted out from his fingers. Shooting along every nerve in her body. Making her jolt with the pleasure. She felt Bill grip her hips hard, holding on as she bucked with her orgasm. He continued to thrust into her as she rode the wave of pleasure.
As she came out of it he suddenly increased the power of his thrusts. Pounding her harder than before. Slamming his cock into her ass. Molly squealed sharply at the unexpected increase in power. Feeling her body being slammed by each thrust. The impacts shooting waves of feeling up her. He reached under her to grab her breasts. Pulling her up against him. Crushing her breasts into her chest. Thrusting up into her ass harder, and harder. Each thrust feeling like it was slammed right into the centre of her body. Molly squealed loudly with each thrust. Her voice high pitched, wild. He was grunting hard, his breath hot against her neck. His fingers pawing at her breasts. Roughly twisting her nipples.
Her second orgasm hit her without warning. Exploding up from the hard thrusts into her ass. Slamming into her brain, tearing away any ability for coherent thought.
“Oh fuck, fuck me harder, FUCK YES.” Molly screamed as his thrusts seemed to build in strength. His cock slamming up into her like a piston. Ramming deeply, each thrust so hard it almost tore at her body. The orgasm rolled along her. Running from her head down to her legs then back. Before it could even end his hard thrusts triggered another explosion in her. “OH FUCK, FUCK!” She screamed as the third orgasm burst.
“Shit Molly, yes.” She heard him cry behind her. He slammed up into her hard. His thrusts rough, deep. Pushing his cock as far into her as he possibly could. He held his cock buried totally inside her as he came. Molly squealing in pleasure as she felt his cum pumping into her. Adding to the wild pleasure of her orgasm. He remained inside her until he had totally emptied himself into her. Then slowly pulled out, gently releasing her. Molly’s legs could not hold her up and she sank down to the floor. Glancing over she saw Stacey, laid on the floor. Her face flushed, covered by cum. Gasping for breath as hard as Molly was. The two girls looked at each other, both having the same thought. It was Molly who asked it.
“Would you guys mind if we came to visit again. We promise not to climb through a window next time.” She asked, them three men looked at each other. It was Bill who answered.
“We would not mind at all girls.” Adrian and Nick both nodded in agreement, grinning widely at the idea.

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another please!!! awesome story/writer!!

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2013-11-22 18:51:53
Good story but please separate your paragraphs for easier reading.

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2011-11-02 00:04:12
That was fucking awesome! You totally rock. I love your stories.


2011-06-27 15:14:06
Nice set up and good story.

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2011-04-03 17:37:11
oh those lucky girls! When I was a young teen, I would LOVE to have known guys like this. Well, I did, kinda...............horny guys always will take a horny 12 year old, lol, but we had to be more careful.........their wives and my parents, ya know..........would LOVE to be one of these girls!

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