My beautiful Japanese wife is cleverly seduced in fucking another senior citizen.
In my first installment, “Akiko and My Dad[”, I revealed the true story of how my father seduced my naïve Japanese wife into having sex with him.

Being a very honest and open person, she told me what had happened in very specific detail.

My first reaction was to send my crippled father to a senior home; but Akiko, reminded me that he was so old and handicapped; and, since we were his only living family, we needed to continue to care for him.

Somehow, I agreed to allow her to provide intimate TLC services in return for anal sex; something she had denied me over our 16 years of marriage. For the last month,

Akiko fucked my Dad almost daily, as well as sucked his cock, swallowed his cum and allowed him to lick her pussy to climax.

In fact, after offering up her tight ass to me in return for continuing her sexual relationship with Dad, she has even let him ream her perky rosebud.

Last week, his friend Paul, who is also in his late 70s, came to visit my father.

He brought along several large boxes.

Akiko was out shopping and I was busy preparing a sales presentation, so I didn’t find out what was in the boxes until later.

Paul owns a large electronics store on the island of Maui, where we live.

He is an expert when it comes to video equipment.

The boxes contained some very sophisticated video recording devices.

To be precise, he set up four miniature cameras that gave a clear view of dad’s adjustable hospital style bed from the front, back and both sides.

The cameras were wireless, so they were easy to hide from detection.

A remote switch next to my Dad’s bed activated four recorders, which were hidden in the closet.

The next day, I left the house for an appointment, while Akiko was out for her morning run.

Little did we know that Dad had invited Paul over to the house for a little lunchtime entertainment!

After returning from her run, Akiko showered, cleaned house and prepared lunch for Dad.

When she entered his room, she was very surprised to see Paul sitting on the large sofa near my Father’s bed.

She politely offered to make Paul some lunch; but he begged off, saying that he had eaten a late breakfast and wasn’t hungry.

While eating his meal, Dad chatted with Paul and my beautiful wife.

When he finished his lunch Akiko picked up the tray and told Dad that she would leave him and Paul alone to enjoy their conversation.

My father surprised her with, “Akiko, I was telling Paul about the Tender Loving Care that you give me each day after lunch.

He doesn’t believe me.

You have to help me save face and show him what you do for me… please!"

My wife was shocked at Dad’s request, “Papa, that is a private matter between you and me. I don’t think it is very nice of you to talk about family matters with others.”

Paul laughed, “I knew it, you old bastard. You’re full of shit. She isn’t fucking you or doing any of the other wild things you’ve been bragging about!”

Dad jumped in, “See, Baby, he doesn’t believe me. Please don’t let him call me a liar. He won’t tell anyone. We are good buddies and this will remain top secret, I swear."

Paul supported him, “Don’t worry young lady, if what your father-in-law says is true, I will never tell another soul. I promise!”.

Confused and sincerely concerned about Dad’s reputation with his best friend, she reluctantly conceded, “Okay, but please don’t tell Bill.

He agreed to let me give you some TLC; but, I’m sure he didn’t expect an audience”.

Both men crossed there hearts and swore not to divulge anything to her husband.

With the assurance of secrecy, Akiko put down the tray and began to slowly pull off her tee shirt.

Dad turned on some erotic stripper music that he had downloaded onto his iPod.

My charming wife giggled, “Papa, you are so naughty!”

Paul could not believe that this gorgeous woman was actually going to take off her clothes right there in front of him.

Suddenly, her exquisite 34-C Cup breasts appeared. She threw her shirt onto the floor. Her long nipples were erect and very inviting. She began to move her body to the sultry beat of the music that filled the room via Dad’s iPod Speaker System. She began to enjoy the thrill of stripping for someone other than my father. Taking her time, she teased the men by sexily swaying her hips. Then her hand slid over her tits and rubbed her firm tummy. Turning around, she shook her jean-covered ass … simulating being fucked doggy style.

The mood became even more intense, when she started unzipping her Levis.

Leisurely, she pulled the zipper down inch by inch. Finally, she pushed the jeans down to her ankles, without bending her well-shaped, muscular legs.

Stepping out of the pants, she turned again and bent over, showing the perfectly rounded contours of her butt… only covered by the thin, black strip of her T-Back Thong.

The shaking and rotating motion of her fine ass, motivated Dad and Paul to pull out their cocks and start stroking. When she finally rose up and turned back to face her enthralled audience, she saw the two long, hard shafts staring at her. She felt a quiver in her pussy when she realized that Paul’s penis was about a inch longer (9 inches) and thicker than Dad’s.

Continuing to dance around the room, in sync with the sensual melody, she lost any inhibitions she had when her strip tease first started.

Turning her back to the men again, she hooked her thumps into the elastic band, which tightly hugged her 21-inch waist and pushed down. In no hurry, she stopped several times to move her hips and sway with the music.

At last, the thong was on the floor. The horny seniors could clearly see her shaven cunt. Her hands reached around and spread the cheeks of her ass, to expose the wet inner walls of her tiny, tight vagina. Paul began pumping his flesh rod even faster.

“Papa, are you ready for dessert?”, said Akiko; as she straddled his head facing the foot of the bed.

Dad’s tongue wasted no time attacking her vulnerable clit, causing her to moan with pleasure, “Yes, Papa, do me. Do your naughty daughter.

She loves your talented tongue. Do me, Papa. Do your nasty Akiko… Yesssssss!”

Dad joined in with what had now become part of their daily 'dirty talk' ritual; which Akiko had grown to love, “Oh yes, my sweet daughter, I’m going make you cum many times today, and then I’m going to fuck your strong magical cunt and shoot my semen deep inside.

Baby, your sexy mouth and tongue has me on the verge of a huge orgasm, let me do it inside you hot box”.

Without hesitation, Akiko scooted down his body and positioned her soaking wet gash above his long thick throbbing cock. He didn’t have enough strength to lift his pelvis off the bed, to thrust into her; but that was unnecessary, as my lust-filled wife slid her insatiable cunt down his burning shaft.

Paul continued masturbating, while watching the live porn performance taking place just a few feet from where he sat on the sofa.

“Papa, I’m so close. Daddy, I’m cumming!” Akiko screamed with pleasure, “Oh my God…. Ohhhhhh!” Her brain could no longer process English, so she converted to her native language, “Iku, Iku… Uuume Mekyakukya ni shite!”

Dad grabbed her hands, so she could stabilize her vibrating body. She began to jerk, shoving her soaking twat, as far down on Dad’s big dick as possible. After a minute of pure bliss, she collapsed onto Dad’s chest, hugging his head and kissing his cheek, lips, eyes and whispering in his ear, “I love you Daddy. I love your big hard cock. I love the way you make me feel and make me cum!”

As her massive climax began to fade, she realized that my Father was still hard and had not filled her stretched pussy with his thick cream. “Sorry, Papa, you haven’t finished yet.

What can I do to make you cum?” Dad smiled, “Suck this and make it spurt semen down your throat.” Opening her eyes, Akiko saw Paul’s enormous knob inches away from her lips. “Yes… I’ll do; but please don’t tell Bill. He will never forgive me." With that said, she licked the large pink head, running her tongue through its pre-cum filled slit.

Paul’s dick twitched with excitement, as her lips sensually slid up and down his inflamed shaft. She even assertively licked his bulging balls.

As Dad watched her go to work on his friend’s monster cock, he felt Akiko’s super tight twat squeezing his inflated member, She started to vary her movements between a hard squeeze and a long slow pump. Her intuitive rhythm had both men in ecstasy.

Prior to this heavenly blowjob, Paul had been masturbating vigorously for ten minutes. Feeling Akiko’s talented lips and tongue massage his sensitive shaft ignited a super orgasm that was quickly working itself toward eruption. Dad was also on the edge of blasting his spunk into my wife’s pretty pussy.

Paul groaned, “I’m almost there!”. Dad followed with “ It’s about spurt, Baby. Here it comes!” Akiko joined them; as they all, simultaneously, exploded. The bedroom echoed with yells and screams of unbridled gratification, “Yesss! Oh God, it’s feels so great!, Do me, you beautiful big-cocked bulls… Dooooo Meeeee!”

Akiko swallowed as fast as she could; but despite her best efforts, large drops of white semen oozed from her mouth; sliding down her chin and dripping onto the bed sheets.

She could feel some of Dad’s wad seeping out of the tight seal of her pulsating cunt.

Her juices mixed with his. All three of them shook in uncontrollable elation. It took a full three minutes before Akiko could gather enough strength to slide off the bed, pick up her clothes and walk to our bathroom to clean off.

As soon as she left, Paul opened the closet and rewound the four recorders that had captured the entire event on video, from different angles. He downloaded everything onto a single memory stick that he would use to edit the videos into a porn special. He and Dad planned to sell this video and hopefully many more on their website to perverts and porno collectors all over the world.

Meanwhile, my sweet, unsuspecting wife had just added another bull to her herd.


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Don't get me wrong, but you seem to be getting the short end of this stick, literally. Akiko gets your hung dad regularly fucking her Japanese pussy and you occasionally get her ass, which she didn't share with you until she was searching for a way to continue fucking your dad and needed a way to buy you off. In fact my bet is your dad probably fucked her up the butt before you; after she got his big sausage in the booty she could easily handle you. Sounds like everybody is coming out ahead on this deal but you, unless you like fucking sloppy seconds. Your story is hot but your situation is not one I would want to be in, unless I was your little wife, or your dad, or his buddy. If you're happy, more power to you; but I would not be content unless I was nailing at least one of Akiko's friends or relatives myself.

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you sad fuck. Your wife likes your dads old cock more then yours.
Your the pussy.

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Dont get me wronge i will some1 even my own fucking dad i dont share women but ur story is gud anyways

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