An unholy act in religion class

That Monday I got back to school pretty happy for obvious reasons. Most of that had gone away by third period because I got assigned a ton of homework. The rest of the day was just ok until I got to my last class, which was religion.

In religion I sat next to this smoking hot girl named Nicole. She was kind of a shy Caucasian girl. She was tall and skinny but had the most perfectly shaped large round ass. You would never think of it looking at her from the front but it was there and it was beautiful.

She had been a little flirtatious with me the whole year laughing at some not so funny jokes and had been putting her hand on my leg a lot. In that class she forgot her book so she slid right over to me. She looked super sexy in a low-cut red shirt that covered her small but perky tit’s. She was also wearing booty shorts that perfectly accented her ass.

I decided to take things to the next level then. I asked her if wanted to play are you nervous and she said yes. So I started on her lower leg saying are you nervous and she kept saying no. It got to the point where I was right below her tight teen snatch and asked her once again are you nervous and she stared deep into my eyes and said no.

So I started rubbing her snatch and she started moaning. It was mostly quiet, but she let out a big one that she passed off as a yawn. After that I stopped and she told me to meet her in the bathroom in 5 minutes so I said “ok.”

I walked in to the bathroom across the hallway to find her stripped down to her matching set of red bra and thong. She turned around and I almost fainted when I saw that ass.

She said “ You ready for this big boy?”
To which I responded by going over to her and sucking her tittys like there was no tomorrow. She took her bra off but I did the honors on the thong.
She then turned around and said “Well you going to fuck me?… Daddy?”

I whipped my cock out lined right up and went inside of her. She was already super slick, yet she was so tight. It took a couple minutes to get going but I could tell she knew what she was doing.

She started bouncing backwards and forwards on my cock so fast I thought the friction would cause a fire. She wasn’t quiet either, saying “ Oh fuck yah fuck me like that Daddy fuck me good. After 20 amazing minutes she Screamed “OH SHIT FUCK ME IM CUMMING YESSSSSSS!!” I was ready to finish as well so I pulled out and nutted all over that sexy, round ass.

Right after she came, Her friend jasmine walked in wearing her soccer uniform. She had some of the biggest tits that the school had ever seen, at least double D. She was mixed black and white. She was totally in shape though and was skinny with a small firm ass.

She walked in watching me come on Nicole’s ass and said “Wow Liam your huge are you ready for round 2?”

To that I responded “Oh hell yah.”

She walked right over to me took off her shirt and bra and started deapthroating my cock and was really getting into it had to tell her to stop because I didn’t wanna come in her mouth.

She soon removed her tight soccer shorts and panties.

I lied on the ground while she got on top of me. She wasn’t as tight as Nicole was, but she was way wetter.

She started sliding up and down on my shaft in no time. She was quieter but still rode with tons of enthusiasm. She was about ten minutes in when she said “ OMYGOD IM GONNA CUM FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!!!.” Me about to finish I pulled out and came on the those sexy huge tits. She licked all of it up that she could.

After we cleaned off, and went back to class acting like nothing had happened.

DONT read past this i just needed 5000 characters.
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