My Japanese wife does more than nurse my crippled father
My wife, Akiko, is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She has a pretty face with cute dimples and a smile that will melt your heart.

Her breasts are 34C Cup... waist 23 inches and hips 35 inches.

She exercises every morning, without fail, for one hour.

Her routine includes Yoga, 50 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 50 joy kicks, and 50 pelvic tilts.

She also runs every other day, exactly 3 miles; the distance between our house the Kameole Beach on the island Maui in Hawaii. Needless to say, she has a firm body… especially ass, stomach and tits.

We have lived on Maui since we married in Japan in 1995, when she was 20; which makes her 36 years old.

My name is Bill. I’m 56, and yes she is 20 years younger.

Our sex life is super. She had been with two other men before we met and married.

She confided in me that she had sex several times with both men… one was Japanese and the other French.

On our fourth date,

I discovered her true lust for sex and the fact that she is very good at giving blowjobs and fucking.

Her vaginal muscles are very well developed, allowing her to squeeze my penis repeatedly with remarkable pressure.

She has actually brought me to an orgasm on many occasions without me moving while inside her.

Over our 16 years of marriage, she has never refused my request for sex and more than 60% of the time initiates our lovemaking sessions.

My father, who is 78, recently had an automobile accident.

Both his legs were severely broken and although the doctors claim that with therapy he may walk one day… right now he is limited to a wheelchair. We invited him to move in with us after the accident… my mother passed away in 1985.

So, he moved here from California and has lived in our home for the last 6 months.

He spends most of the time in bed, since it is so difficult for him to move about, even to take a shower or use the toilet.

We have set up an adjustable bed in his room, so that he can sit up to look at the beautiful view out his window. Prior to the accident,

Dad was in excellent physical condition, having participated in many senior 10-mile runs, as well as being a very skilled tennis player.

Despite his age, he looks more like 58 instead of 78. In fact, when Akiko first met him, she thought he was my older brother.

Since he has arrived,Akiko has taken it upon herself to care for my Dad.

She brings him meals, changes his bedpan, and makes his bed.

Although my Father has always been a very independent person, he never refuses Akiko’s nurse-like duties.

Being Japanese, Akiko displays deep respect for her elders and goes out of her way to make sure Dad is comfortable and gets whatever he needs.

Last night, she told me about an incident that took place between her and my Father.

Akiko is extremely honest and shares everything with me, even her most private thoughts.

When I first heard her description of what had occurred, I felt like kicking Dad out of the house and sending him to a senior home on another island or even back to California.

However, Akiko calmed me down and convinced me that I should not be angry with my Dad.

She told me that I should be happy that he is still strong and healthy.

It all happened yesterday, when she took him his lunch.

I was playing golf with a business client, so they were in the house alone.

Dad complemented my wife on her fine body and pretty face.

She thanked him for his kind compliment; but told him that she was just an average housewife.

Dad then told her how much he appreciated her daily dedication to his welfare.

He went on to say how lonely he has been since my mother died.

In fact, he said that he missed looking at Mom’s naked body when they took showers or had sex.

Akiko took hold of his had to comfort him, as he recalled such intimate memories.

Then he asked her to do him a favor.

She said that she would do anything for him.

The old bastard asked her to take off her clothes, so that he could see a woman’s nude body again.

It had been so long and he might never see a beautiful woman like my wife before he died. Tears dropped from my naïve wife’s eyes.

She admitted that she knew it was wrong, but she felt so sorry for Dad and wanted to fulfill his wish.

So she stood up and slowly took off her bright yellow, cotton tee shirt.

She never wears a bra, since her breasts are so firm and she doesn’t like the tightness around her chest.

Dad was overwhelmed at her perfectly formed tits, long hard nipples and firm flat tummy.

She allowed him several minutes to enjoy her upper body.

When he lowered his eyes to her hips, she took that as a sign that he wanted her to continue… no words were spoken.

Unfastening the side zipper on her jeans, she calmly pulled them down to her ankles and stepped out.

She had on nothing more than a black t-back thong.

He asked her to turn around, which she did; moving at a snails pace, so that he could see all that he wished to see.

When completing a full turn, she inserted her thumbs in the band of the thong and took it off.

Dad was being honest when he told her that she had the most beautiful body that he had ever seen.

Next, he asked if he could touch her skin.

Without hesitation, Akiko moved closer and allowed his hands to wander over her breasts, waist, hips, thighs and moist pussy.

He began flicking her clitoris, causing her to sigh.

She told him that she shouldn’t let him touch her there; but he ignored her words and stuck his middle finger deep inside her wet cunt.

He was surprised, when her powerful vagina started squeezing his finger.

He had never experienced anything like it.

Akiko's passionate lust for sex began to overtake her common sense.

Dad asked her to sit on his face, so he could taste her precious muff.

As he reclined the adjustable bed, she straddled his head.

While squirming and rotating her hips, he licked, sucked and penetrated her vagina with his skillful tongue.

Within a few minutes, he had her on the verge of a huge orgasm.

She warned him that she was about to cum, but he didn’t stop.

In fact, he increased the pace.

Akiko exploded into his mouth and squirted volley after volley of her sweet juice all over his lips and chin.

He drank every drop that he could capture into his mouth; telling her that her cum tasted like raspberries.

Her mind was spinning.

She could no longer separate right from wrong.

She just wanted to bask in the wonderful pleasure of raw sex.

When she began to recover, she noticed that Dad had pulled back the sheet, exposing his 8-inch cock.

It was the largest penis she had ever seen.

Akiko stared at it with disbelieve.

I’m about 6 inches and rather slender.

Dad is not only longer, but much thicker.

She described how the head was very large and seeping pre-cum.

Dad asked her if she was just going to look at it or do something about it.

He reminded her that she had volunteered to be his caretaker.

Acting as if this was now another one of her nursing duties, she grabbed his dong with her petite hand and began stroking it up and down.

Then she moved closer until her tongue made contact.

As if in a trance, she began giving him one of her royal BJs, which I have become addicted to over the last 16 years.

She told him that it was okay to cum in her mouth, since she had done so in his.

Dad wasn’t about to lose this opportunity.

His large hands reached around her tiny waist and lifted her in the air until her soaking cunt aligned with the large, bulbous head of his cock.

He lowered her slowly onto it, until her weight took over.

She climaxed again, as his hard shaft hit the point where my dick usually ends.

Akiko started sliding to and fro, then rotating in a sensual motion that would make the most experienced Porn Director shoot his wad.

After a few minutes, he was all the way in, stretching her tiny cunt wider than she had ever been stretched before.

Akiko started having a series of massive orgasms, causing her to scream with pleasure.

It is a good thing we live on an acre of land or our neighbors would have surely thought she was being raped.

It was then, while she was vibrating in bliss, that Dad shot gobs of built up semen into her sopping cunt.

She collapsed on top of him.

They embraced for several minutes until the tingle gradually faded.

My wife kissed Dad on the lips, then jumped off the bed, got dressed and went about housekeeping for the rest of the day, as if noting had happened.

After listening to her story, my penis was standing erect and rock hard.

When I began talking about moving Dad to a senior home, Akiko smiled and started stroking my seeping shaft.

She remarked that her story must have made me very excited.

After bringing me off with her excellent oral technique and swallowing every drop of sperm that I had to offer, she suggested that things should remain the way they were.

We agreed that if Dad requested, she would offer her foxy body, mouth and cunt to satisfy his manly needs.

I don’t really like the idea that much; but in exchange, Akiko has agreed to let me fuck her virgin ass… my final frontier.


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