I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
This is a story about a boy getting a littler boy to suck on him and eventually getting him to let him do him, down in his backyard " FORT." So, if that bothers you, please go read another story because I can't change what happened.

Here it is......

When another boy from my 7th grade class named Jimmy, started getting me to suck on his little dick [ yes, he had a boner ] up in the dark balcony at the saturday kiddie movies. I had no idea how far he wanted to go with me but I soon found out, after he started taking me out into the " FORT " that he had dug and made, out in his backyard.

No, I didn't like boys, still don't, for that matter. But I also didn't have any friends and Jimmy was beig my friend, as long as I would do whatever he wanted me to and I guess out of lonlyness, I was willing.

Actually I felt safer doing it, out in his " Fort " better because everytime he got me to do it [ and it was alot of times ] at the movie theater, I was always afraid that someone would come up there and see what he was getting me to do to him and think that it was my idea and not his.

In the beginning, it was all his idea but as time went on [ and it lasted all the way through the 7th and 8th grades ] I would find myself looking forward to it, as I'd lay in my bed at night, playing with my little boner.

It was when he couldn't go to the saturday movie, that he came up with the idea of having me come over to his house and play " War " out in his backyard. Where he would capture me and take me down into his [ Fort ] and torture me, trying to get the secret information out of me. Out of all the times we played it, he never once let me capture him and torture him, I wonder why?

He had a little wooden chair, sitting over in the corner, that he used to tie me to or make me kneeldown by, so he could question me. Believe it or not, I was so naive, that I didn't have the slightest clue, as to why he was taking me down there, the first time. I thought that we were actually playing [ War ] like he had invited me over to do. Even when he was tying me to the little chair, I still didn't understand what he was getting ready to do to me.

As soon as he had me tied, he started undoing his pants and pulled his little dick out. Letting it hang out of his pants, took ahold of my head and made me look at it.

I don't know why his having dark pubic hair on and around it already, was turning me on but it was. I still had peach fuzz and for some reason, that gave him some kind of strange power over me. Pubic hair on girl's did the same thing to me later, so it wasn't just his little dick doing it to me, it was his dick and the hair that was around it and on his little balls.

As soon as he heard the little whimpers coming out of me and saw me starting to squirm on the little wooden chair, he knew that I was " Ready " and let go of my head, raised it up to me and watched as I came to get it.

I knew that it wasn't right to be a boy and to be sucking on another boy's dick [ whatever that means ]. But it wasn't not right enough to make it wrong in my mind, so I did it.

Why is it, that if you have a dick, that it's only ok to lick a pussy and not a dick? Or if you have a pussy between your legs, that it's ok to suck a dick but not lick a pussy? Why does what you have down there have anything whatsoever to do, with what your taste buds like?

I'm sorry but that does [ REALLY ] bother me.

As soon as he had it in my mouth, he took ahold of my head and started getting a little boner. I don't know why I call his little because it was about 4 1/2 inches and mine was only 3 inches. It's still a little less than 4 inches and that's fully hard. Something that's embarrassed me again and again with different girl friends and other boys and even older blackmen, when they started getting to me, years later.

Once again, the smell and taste of pee on it, was turning me on more and more and I started circling the little head, with my warm soft tongue. And then holding it out for him and letting him squirt his 3 or 4 drops of boy cum onto it. Making me " EAT IT " before he'd let go of me.

He had taken me down there 6 or 7 times, before he wanted more and started pulling my pants down and playing with my little butt, before getting me to suck on him.

He would stand behind me after I had sucked on it and push his little boner inbetween my legs, right under my little ball sac. I didn't see anything wrong with it, so I let him do it. Sometimes he'd squirt there and sometimes he wouldn't. Little did I know, that he was getting me " Ready."

The times that he would squirt me under there, I'd feel really weird as I'd go home and sit on the white toilet, wiping the wetness from under my little balls and even from across my little asshole, where it had worked its way back too. Knowing that it was the cum of a boy and not just a liquid.

It didn't take him long after he started getting me to let him do that, before he started putting it between my little butt cheeks and working it back and forth in there too. Every now and then, the tip of it would touch my little asshole and I'd let out a little whimper and he'd pull it back, only to do it again, seconds later.

It was the third time that he had me down there and was doing that to me, that he went ahead and pushed his little boner up into me, covering my mouth, so no one would hear the scream that came out of me. As I screamed into his hand, as he felt me bucking and jerking on it, trying to get away from it but he wouldn't let me. Standing on my tip toes, only to have him pull me back down on it.

I kept trying to get alway, as my little asshole went into spasm but he had one arm around me covering my mouth and the other one around me, holding me to him, with it around my waist, with his hand going up to my chest.. I couldn't move, as he bent me over and fucked me faster and faster, with his little boner.

All at once he got real still and let out a long low moan and at the same time, I felt his little boner jerking up inside of me once, twice, three times, squirting his boy cum up into me.

When he finally let me go, I couldn't even look at him, I was so embarrassed and ashamed, of what he had just done to me.

That was probably the most embarrassing week of my life, everyday I'd go to school and he'd be sitting there in class with me. Giving me that " We've got a secret " look and you better let me do it again or I'll tell everyone, what you let me do to you.

I spent the whole week being embarrassed and wondering what he thought about me because I had let him do something like that to me.

It hadn't hurt me, his little boner wasn't that big. The only real pain had been the shock of it, when he first pushed it up into me and made my little asshole go into spasm around it. And when he squiirted his boy cum up into me, I got the warmest feeling up in there, I don't know why.

The whole week I was embarrassed, everytime I saw him and when saturday came, I had the weirdest feeling inside and then it happened.

The phone rang and when I picked it up, I heard his voice on the other end and he was asking me if I wanted to come over again and play " WAR." Before I could answer yes or no he added, " LIKE THE LAST TIME " and I felt my knees buckle and I felt weak as I heard myself whimpering, " Uh huh " and was so embarrassed, because now he knew that I had liked it too and now he could have me like that too, anytime he wanted me.

I had the weirdest feeling, as I hung up the phone and started walking over to his house.

I knew that he was going to want to fuck me, as soon as I got there. And I knew that I wanted him to again and that's what was messing me up, was I " A BOY OR A GIRL NOW?" Now that he gotten me to " TAKE IT UP THE ASS " and had turned me on, to being " FUCKED BACK THERE."
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