I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
This is a story of a boy that's trying to be mounted, by his friends male rottweiler. So, if that bothers you, please go read another story because I can't change what happened.

Here it is.......

When I woke up, in the middle of the night, " King " my friend's male rottweiler was sleeping on the bed with me.

I still had his scent on me, as I went into the bathroom and took a shower. Remembering the size of his cock and how it tasted, I washed myself, paying special attention, to my little asshole. As I worked my soapy finger up into me, pretending that it was his dog boner and that he was humping me. The soap on my finger was burning and stinging me but I didn't care because my little asshole had felt cheated, when it didn't get what it had needed, when I was down on my hands and knees with him earlier, on the kitchen floor.

Still my finger wasn't enough and I slipped another one up in there with it, stretching it even wider, as I worked them in and out, faster and faster. Still they weren't enough and I worked the third finger up into my little asshole and lost it, as I closed my eyes and felt my boy cum, oozing out of the end of my little dick.

All at once I heard " King " barking at the bathroom door. And hearing his barks, brought me back to where I was and what I was doing and ruinned it for me, as I let my soapy fingers slip from my little stretched asshole. My little asshole was throbbing and burning, reminding me about what had just happened, as I opened the bathroom door, so he would stop barking.

As soon as I opened the door, he came into the bathroom with me and I once again caught myself looking down at his hairy sheath, hoping to see it but it was fully covered. Hiding back up inside, of his hairy sheath.

He sat there watching me dry off and the little pink tip of his dog dick, started to show itself, before I was finished.

Looking at his little pink dick, sticking up out it's hairy sheath did something to me again and the next thing I knew, I was getting back down on my hands and knees and crawling towards him, hoping that he'd let me suck it.

The fear that he might bite me was still there, as I bent down and started licking on it, only to have his pee squirt up at me and make me jerk back from it.

It squirted up twice and then it just sort of oozed out of the little hole and that's when I opened my mouth and slipped it down over the end of it and sucked gently, while he finished peeing.

I couldn't believe that I was letting a boy dog pee in my mouth but the saltiness of it told me that it was his pee and not his precum and I ended up swallowing it anyway. I didn't care, my " URGE " was making me suck it and I did.

I didn't want him to get a boner, not yet anyway, so I was just sucking on it and not using my tongue. Trying to keep him from getting to excited and it was working.

As soon as he quit peeing, I pulled up from it and coaxed him to stand-up, in front of me.

Once again, I slowly slipped my head under his belly and started licking softly at the little hole, in the end of his hairy sheath, coaxing it to come out and it did. Sliding out slowly, inch by inch, until if was all hanging out, including his " Knot."

I licked all the way back to his bulb or ball or knot, whichever you want to call it, caressing it, with my warm soft tongue.

I reached up and took ahold of his long skinny boner, jacking it 3 or 4 times, making it start to squirt its sweet precum. licking at the clear liquid, until it was all gone.

By then I knew that I could suck him, without him turning around and biting me. So I turned it towards my mouth and started licking on the pink pointed tip. Slipping my open mouth over the end of it and sucking on it gently, making it slide in.

This time he started humping, as soon as he felt me sucking on it and I held my hand around it, keeping his "Knot " from going all the way in.

I could feel it swelling in my mouth and I could also feel his knot swelling towards the base of it and I knew that if I kept sucking that he wouldn't be able to get it all up into me so I stopped sucking and pulled away from it, letting his long skinny boner, slip from my warm mouth.

What I did next embarrasses even me, as I crawled around behind him and started looking at his little black wrinkled asshole, so embarrassed at the " URGE " that I was having, the " URGE " to lick and suck on it.

The more I looked at " IT " the stronger the " URGE " to lick " IT " got and the next thing I knew, I was leaning forward and touching " IT," with my tiny tongue.

As soon as he felt my tongue on it, he started moving his paws all around and believe it or not, started more or less backing up to me. Mashing his little dark wrinkled asshole against my warm soft tongue. It was like he was daring me to do it. But I couldn't work it up into him because I was still afraid, that he might think that I was trying to do him back there and turn around an bite me.

I reached between his legs and felt his hairy ball sac. Finding them, I started working and pulling on them gently, with my little fingers. When he didn't get mad at me for playing with them, I worked my hand forward and slid it along his wet slippery dog cock , until I felt the tip and started rubbing on it gently, coaxing it to squirt more of his sweet precum and it did.

And that's when i lost it and wrapped my fingers around it and started jacking it, while he humped harder and harder, into my little hand.

I don't even remember working my little tongue up into him. All I know is that one minute I was licking and jacking his warm wet boner, and all of a sudden I heard him let out a little " Yelp " and I could feel his little asshole closing down around my little tongue, clasping on it,holding it up inside of him, so I couldn't get away.

His little asshole and warm rectum kept clutching it , so I knew that he liked it, in his own kind of way, so I kept doing it, as I jacked his boner off, faster and faster.

All at once he started " Yelping " and his white doggie cum erupted out of the end of his pointed cock, squirting the back of his front legs and squirting onto the white bathroom floor. Before it was over, he had squirted his precum, squirted his doggie cum and even squirted his pale yellow dog pee, onto the bathroom floor. Leaving it there for me to clean up, making me " HIS " whenever he was " Ready " to mount me.

As I made him leave the bathroom, so I could clean up the floor, I couldn't help noticing his huge ball sac and feel strange that it had drainned on the floor, as he went out the door.

Knowing that there would be a next time and there was.
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