Brother, sister and wife discover hidden rage and lust
In The Triangle

Another wedding!

The ceremony was over and the reception was in full swing. The bride and groom had largely finished all of their ceremonial duties and the guests were left to their inevitable drunken antics.

Lindsay was moving through the crowd like the natural hostess that she was.

She truly made the effort to not overshadow the bride, but in her too short white mini skirt, she was not succeeding in this.

Blonde and leggy, her body was attracting more attention than she or anyone else really wanted.

Her long blond hair was thick and healthy and fell over the back of her dress like a large golden accessory.

Her complexion was a very light orange. It was often described as peaches and cream and contrasted sharply with her dress. The contrast brought even more attention to her beautiful body than it would have received otherwise.

Her legs were full and womanly, not girlish. She would have been described as voluptuous had her breasts been larger. But a small B was fine for most of the men who were beginning to hound her for the last dances.

It was only within the last hour that the polite and proper dances began to be less proper and Lindsay felt hands all over her as the beat of the music pounded in her head.

Her sister in law, Donna, had been watching this too and had no sympathy for her blonde sister in law. Feeling that she was bringing this on herself by her dress, Donna simply dismissed the pawing as a justice of sorts.

In watching Donna and Lindsay together, one always had the sense that a much deeper darker anger from Donna toward Lindsay was always just below the surface.

Always being slightly jealous of Lindsay, watching this felt good to Donna. Donna was wearing something equally provocative but she was not getting quite the same attention.

In spite of the fact that Donna was beautiful herself, she always felt somewhat inferior to blondes. Brunette and somewhat swarthy, her Brazilian olive complexion contrasted sharply with Lindsay's.

Lindsay's brother John was watching his sister with increasing horror as the groping was becoming increasingly flagrant.

At 38, he saw his sister at 34 as still being his little sister. Yet now he was also seeing Lindsay as an object of desire and was also fighting a rising sense of desire in himself.

Watching one man dancing with her and slowly moving his fingers down her back to the bottom of her tiny dress and onto the soft skin of her creamy white ass was too much for him.

An unfamiliar mixture of desire, protectiveness and jealousy had gotten inside of him and he instinctively went over to his sister to protect her.

In doing so, he had effectively abandoned his wife, with whom he had been dancing.

The look on Donna's face spoke volumes and he knew that he would pay for this later.

He looked back at Donna's thin beautiful legs and then at his sister's long lush legs.

He liked the very different shapes and guiltily juxtaposed them.

John approached the man dancing with his sister and simply but firmly asked if she could cut in.

At first it appeared that the man would not oblige, but the look on Jay's face made it clear that this was not a request but rather an order.

The man left in something of a huff. John and Lindsay were not paying much attention.

Lindsay was extremely grateful for the intrusion. John was lost in the music and the movements of his increasingly sexy sister.

The band was playing a long slow song now. John carefully choreographed his movements to his sister's.

Lindsay's arm was reeled out and reeled in as John brought his sister in toward him and then spun away.

At each full extension, Lindsay's legs held her body at a firm 45-degree angle from her brother's full 90.

Connecting only at their wrists and shoes, the brother and sister looked like a couple.

When fully reeled in, John and Lindsay's cheeks touched and he could feel her breath on his face and she could feel his breath on her lips, which were now slightly parted.

Something was rising in both of them and both pushed the waves of warm thoughts away as soon as they arrived.

As the song reached it's end, and Lindsay and John saw the eyes of the guests all over them, John decided to make a grand final gesture and lifted Lindsay off of her feet.

Carrying her in this way, he felt how delicious the back of her rich pale thighs felt in his palms and fingers.

His skin sank into hers and he became aware of how different her body felt compared to his wife's

Hard bodied and without a trace of body fat, it seemed, Donna was sexy in her own way but this feeling with his sister was unusual and more welcome than he wished it would be,

Looking at her knees above his hands, he noticed that his sisters were larger and smoother and more feminine than his wife's. When standing, Lindsay's knees made her gorgeous legs into perfect lines.

In his arms, her legs were bent at the knees, her calves floating downward to the floor

His eye naturally drifted to her long thighs ending at her knees now tightly together in his arms

Her thighs made a long smooth triangle, the base ending at the edge of her short dress.

She did not realize that she had laid her head on his collarbone and that her hair was cascading down his black tuxedo jacket like molten gold shining in the last rays of the setting sun.

In this moment, their lips were perhaps two inches from each other. They could feel the heat of each other's faces.

It was only the barely concealed looks and sound of a disapproving crowd that alerted them to their place in public.

Donna, slack jawed left the party immediately.

John let his sister down as gently as he could as he rushed after his wife.

Lindsay was left on her own to face the staring crowd and she also left almost immediately.

John and Donna's room was immediately adjacent to Lindsay's. It was the type of arrangement in which two doors separated the rooms. If opened at the same time one could allow free entry between the two rooms.

Lindsay and Donna, in a more congenial mood earlier in the day had both doors open as they exchanged accessories and advice about the reception. .

John had now entered the room and tried to comfort his wife who, as was her habit was sleeping naked on the bed.

One touch of her tensed back told John to back off.

In the next room he could hear Lindsay's shower and then the squeak of the water being turned off as Lindsay finished.

John did not want to turn on the TV and was left alone in the too silent silence of the dark room.

It was only this silence that allowed him to hear his sister crying.

His nurturing instinct was calling on him to do something.

Donna was now asleep and he moved quietly toward the door to listen more closely.

Opening it, he was surprised to find that Lindsay had forgotten to close hers.

The sound of the tears was very clear now as he carefully put one foot into his sister's room.

Her room was completely dark except for a sliver of light coming from her bathroom.

He attempted to close her door silently but an unoiled hinge alerted Lindsay to his presence.

"Who's there?!"

In the awkward position of trying not to wake his wife but trying to assure his sister that he was not an intruder, John stepped farther into the room.

Lindsay came out of the bathroom shaking and wearing only a white terry cloth robe that just covered from the top of her breasts to the very top of her legs.

As she recognized her brother, the fear let go but her body was still shaking.

She looked vulnerable and a menagerie of emotions entered John.

Neither said a word, but Lindsay did not let her eyes drift from his for an instant.

She knew what he was thinking and she needed him now.

"You decide big brother" she seemed to be saying. She said it with the face of the little girl that he had known.

He tentatively put out one had and touched the top of her arm and shoulder.

She instinctively raised her shoulder in a coy way that she had learned was very provocative to men.

In his indecision, he pulled her in for a hug. He felt that was safe.

In pulling away though their faces met each other and he was once again faced with making the next decision.

Her head turned up to his. Her pretty face looking lost and vulnerable was too much to resist and their mouths slowly moved together.

Dry and tentative kisses became wet and more intense as he felt and heard her first moans that he knew were leading to so much more. Her tongue rasped gently against his.

Lifting her again he looked at her beautiful long legs that now appeared even longer in the shorter towel.

He laid her on the bed and stepped back to reassess the situation,

She lay on her back. Her right leg was straight and her left nervously alternately rose and fell in response to his indecision

Full, lush and open were the only thoughts that he had now.

He gently opened her towel and looked at her long white body bathed in the slight light from the bathroom.

Her breasts were rising and falling in response to her now heavy breathing. Her pink nipples looked as if they were rising to meet him.

Too much!

Her big blue eyes were once again searching his.

He was naked now as well not even having remembered removing his clothes.

He laid on top of her his hands exploring every part of this body previously forbidden to him.

She writhed beneath him and he felt himself growing. He slid over her womanhood.

She began to resist a bit now pushing at his chest with the flat of her palms.

He felt himself growing wetter as he explored the luscious fold of his sister's vulva against his shaft.

Like a hot dog in a bun, it slithered along her vulva, the tip occasionally slipping just a bit inside.

This was the point of no return and he knew that he could not ever go back as her body was too overwhelmingly beautiful to resist.

He pulled back one more time to fully appreciate the beautiful woman he was about to enter.

Her forehead was furrowed and it made her appear even sexier.

With one movement he thrust into her hard and she gasped, her eyes huge and girlish now.

He was pushing into the very center of her body and she lay splayed out beneath him.

She was shocked at his roughness and tried to throw him off.

In spite of her full resistance now, he was taking her as she struggled beneath him.

She was squealing, as it appeared to her that he was about to lift her off the bed suspended only on his organ. By some ironic instinct, she wrapped her legs around him.

He grabbed her hair and laid one hand hard on her breast as he violently kissed her. He pulled away and watched her head fall back as he went even more deeply into her and exploded into what seemed like a torrent.

His sister was lying helplessly beneath him, her chest rising and falling as she struggled to regain her breath.

Still hard, he did not even register the angry look on his wife's face as she had entered the room.

How long had she been here?

Some primal desire caused him to merely grab her and pull her into the bed immediately next to his sister.

Pushing the two beauties together between his legs, they both struggled to get away.

He pushed them together in a way that made escape impossible. Intertwining their long inner thighs and pressing their breasts together, they lay on their sides face to face as he straddled them both.

In this position, Lindsay's left thigh lay on top of Donna's right thigh.

Donna's face turned to rage as years of pent up anger unleashed itself.

Donna began to viciously slap Lindsay's face repeatedly.

Lindsay screamed and used both hands to protect her pretty face.

This left Donna free to begin mauling Lindsay's long left thigh.

Alternately slapping and clawing, Donna had Lindsay begging for mercy.

John was mesmerized and left the two women alone to sort it out.

The two women began to roll all over the bed. First Lindsay on top, then Donna then Lindsay then back and forth .It was an even contest. At one point it looked as if Lindsay would prevail as John saw Lindsay's beautiful white ass between Donna's beautiful brown thighs.

Donna began to cry causing Lindsay to let up on her grip of Donna's wrists. With one hand freed, Donna was able to turn the tables by grabbing at Lindsay's long blonde hair.

It seemed to take forever for Lindsay to finally fall and for Donna to mount her but when Donna had the advantage, she definitely took charge of Lindsay's beautiful full body.

Pinning Lindsay's wrists, Donna separated Lindsay's legs with her brown ass. Donna planted her brown nipples square on Lindsay's pink ones and began to gyrate her upper body so as to cause the brown and pink nipples to duel,

Lindsay's sensitive nipples couldn't bear this as she moaned in delicious high-pitched moans. She fought hard to buck off the beautiful brunette.

Donna then sank her fingers into Lindsay's snatch snarling "Can you still feel him in there?"

Lindsay's head swung from side to side as Donna dug in and finished the humiliation off with a good pull at Lindsay's blonde pubic hair.

Lindsay was helpless now as Donna rolled her all over the bed like a rag doll, kissing Lindsay violently, invading every orifice.

Lindsay's beautiful body looked ripe now with Donna's brown hands all over it.

Donna's legs were together as her ass looked perfect between Lindsay's inner thighs and Lindsay's womanhood

John could not take it any longer

Harder than ever, he managed to mount Donna from behind and thrust hard into her.

Donna gasped in a feminine way that made her body seem the more appealing for the moment.

Still his sister's beautiful defeated body called to him as well.

Leaving Donna and entering his sister felt wonderful again.

The two women lay with their cheeks together on the bed. He turned their heads slightly so that they could kiss as he now entered Donna.

He couldn't choose so he alternated between them. Both were very wet now and their kisses were tender.

They were both squealing now and the feminine sounds drove him on.

He loved the idea of his sister's juices mixing with his wife's.

They sounded so different yet so feminine as he entered them individually.

The smells filled the room and his entire consciousness!

When he finally came the second time, he felt everything releasing into Donna.

Donna was ashamed and Lindsay was crying.

Both beautiful pairs of bare breasts were heaving on the bed

What would happen now?



Perhaps he had gotten them both pregnant tonight.

Until the full reality set in, he was still lost in the desire for both of them.


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good story. not enough detail. in next story continue the fucking of wife and your sister and get them both pregnant.

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