Puerto Rican girl overpowers a sweet blonde

Daisy was having trouble getting through her night at the club.

She was a stripper and although she was expected to be upbeat, she could not get over the fact that her boyfriend Juan had slept with a blonde woman that she hadn't even ever met.

Daisy's friends told her what had happened and she couldn't believe it. It definitely did not help that Juan was the manager and that now she might even lose some of the perks that she had gotten as a dancer here.

Where did Juan meet her? This was not even a part of town where one would expect to find white girls, particularly a blue-eyed blonde.

To make matters even more humiliating for Daisy, she discovered that the blonde woman was 35, almost twice as old as Daisy.

What is it about blondes that men go crazy for, wondered Daisy.

Daisy was finishing her set and gathering her dollar bills from the stage when one of the girls called her over.

The other girl whispered something in her ear and the two made their way hastily to the dressing room.

"That's her", Lexus said breathily to Daisy as Daisy's chest heaved up and down both from the emotion of the news and from the fact that she had just gotten offstage.

Daisy looked from the dressing room to the small linen draped table just off the main stage and saw her.

Her name was Lesley and she was clearly here to see Juan.

Daisy saw Juan looking a bit awkward as Lesley waved to him. Juan came over and suggested that Lesley finish her drink and be on her way. He knew what Daisy was capable of doing to Lesley.

Lesley waved him off dismissively and Juan withdrew to the safety of his office.

Daisy stared at Lesley for a long time.

Lesley was standing now. In her short blue dress, she was a knock out. She was talking to one of the other girls.

Lesley was not tall but she had long shapely legs and was not wearing nylons, as this was a warm night. Lesley's legs were not pink, as Daisy might have expected white girls' legs to be but rather a very light orange. They were beautiful, even to Daisy

Lesley was not thin but definitely not at all overweight. She looked sultry in her outfit.

Daisy found a mirror along the wall and compared her own body to Lesley's.

They both had nice long legs but Daisy's were thinner. They both had relatively small breasts but very prominent and responsive nipples, especially now in the air-conditioned room.

They both had great asses that both thought were too large but that men would die for.

Daisy was wearing a black teddy that was still a bit damp from sweat from her last time on stage.

Daisy's legs looked muscular but in a feminine way. Her garment nicely showed them off.

Daisy used those legs now to walk over to Lesley.

Standing next to her, Daisy was shocked that Lesley was not tall. Lesley was maybe 5'4", almost exactly as tall as Daisy.

As she walked closer, Lesley took notice of Daisy's angry face.

Daisy stopped abruptly within inches of Lesley. The room stopped to stare at the two women as silence overtook the room.

The DJ had just finished a song and was lost in this moment of tension and did not put on another.

The room was deadly silent now and the crowd could see the front of Lesley's beautiful legs juxtaposed against the backs of Daisy's equally sexy legs.

Lesley looked bewildered, "Can I help you?" is all that Lesley said but said it in a condescending way that Daisy was accustomed to hearing from white people.

"WE have something in common." Daisy said through clenched teeth.

"Pardon?", Lesley said with a roll of her eyes.

"You know Juan, you know him very well."

Lesley knew what this was about now and knew she was in trouble.

"Oh, you must be Daisy." Lesley said it with a smile that had gotten her out of trouble in the past.

"Shut up and get out of here, bitch. Gringas get their asses beat in here."

Lesley's smile vanished and was replaced by anger.

"I will finish my drink and my business here.(then unwisely added)If you had been more of a woman, he wouldn't have ever come to my bed."

The crowd could see the muscles tensing in the back of Daisy's legs.

Then Daisy pounced.

Lesley screamed as the Puerto Rican girl grabbed a handful of Lesley's long blonde hair.

Lesley's head flew back as Daisy twisted and then bent her over the small table. Lesley struggled to get away but Daisy was determined to lock Lesley in place.

Bent over in this way, Daisy spread Lesley's long legs with her own.

Daisy's brown legs and Lesley's white legs looked beautiful together in contrast.

Lesley tried to reach Daisy from behind but she was in too awkward a position. Her hands merely clawed at the air.

Daisy's attention turned now to Lesley's legs.

They were beautiful and Daisy knew that Juan's hands had been all over them. Daisy lifted up the back of Lesley's short skirt and tore at Lesley's panties until they fell off, revealing Lesley's beautiful ass to the crowd.

Daisy began to feel up and down Lesley's thigh and ass cheeks.

Lesley was crying "NO" but Lesley's whimpering voice just drove Daisy on as the squeak of a chew toy will drive a dog on.

"Juan and I share everything and that includes you now, Gringa!"

Lesley gasped, realizing what was happening and that there was nothing she could do.

"I think I will call you Legsley." Daisy stated, as she continued to work the soft flesh on the back of Lesley's legs and ass.

Finally, Daisy's right leg pushed Lesley's right leg up from behind and Daisy was able to sink her fingers deep into Lesley's snatch.

Daisy removed her fingers and tasted them, then she grabbed Lesley's pretty face, forcing Lesley to smell and taste them as well.

Daisy pressed the side of her face to Lesley's face, their hair intermingled black to blonde.

Daisy whispered into Lesley's ear. "I am going to take you now Legsley."

Juan was coming out now to end this but Daisy swung Lesley around so that Lesley faced Juan and the crowd. Lesley's legs were completely unsteady as Daisy held Lesley up like a trophy.

Being helpless made Lesley appear even more beautiful and sexy. With her lips parted and her big blue eyes pleading, Lesley looked almost angelic.

In front of Juan and the crowd, Daisy tore Lesley's top open. The buttons flew in all directions. Daisy then made short work of Lesley's bra. Lesley's breasts cascaded out. It was a beautiful milky white sight and the men locked the door; they wanted to see what would happen next.

Daisy cupped her hands roughly over Lesley's now exposed breasts and led the helpless blonde up onto the stage.

There, Daisy laid Lesley down on her back and quickly tore at the rest of Lesley's clothes. Finally, the beautiful blonde woman lay naked in a pile of blue rags beneath her tormentor who now straddled Lesley.

"You blonde girls are SO hot but you can't defend yourself for shit."

Daisy then opened the fabric covering her own vagina. She pulled the bottom of her teddy up exposing her own beautiful ass.

Daisy pulled Lesley's beautiful face up into her crotch, Lesley's blue eyes looked innocent against Daisy's black bush. Lesley's voice was muffled. Lesley's legs swung from side to side as she struggled to get away. Daisy turned back occasionally to look at Lesley's long body.

"Your eyes look innocent don't they Legsley but look at those legs and that ass. You are not innocent!"

Daisy then moved quickly to lay on top of Lesley. She pushed Lesley's legs apart with her strong hips and began kissing her deeply. Lesley was bucking beneath her to no avail.

In her one moment of successful self defense, Lesley managed to pull down Daisy's top, raking one of the brunette beauty's brown breasts.

Daisy took it in stride and quickly removed what was left of her own clothing.

"So you want to have fun huh, pretty girl?", Daisy stated over a prone Lesley as Daisy pinned Lesley's wrists and lay back on top of her.

Lesley's very erect pink nipples dueled with Daisy's very erect brown nipples as the two women's breasts sank into one another's.

Daisy's anger began to sink into undiluted desire for Lesley's blonde body as she began to kiss Lesley more passionately. All the while, Daisy felt all up and down Lesley's long white supple body.

Lesley tried to scream but the scream was lost in Daisy's open mouth. Lesley's voice only vibrated against Daisy's lips and it felt delicious. Lesley's breath on Daisy's face felt like heaven.

Daisy turned abruptly and slowly opened Lesley's legs. Lesley did not dare resist now. Preparing to do a scissors, Daisy very slowly opened her own legs and slid her snatch toward Lesley's.

Daisy grabbed Lesley's wrists and pulled Lesley's vagina toward her own. Daisy pushed hard into Lesley's womanhood again and again.

Lesley gasped at each push.

Then Daisy began to grind her vagina softly against Lesley's

The crowd heard the rustling of black bush on blond bush and the smacking of wet vulva. They were mesmerized by the entwined brown and white thighs.

Daisy raised herself so that she was sitting almost atop Lesley. Daisy held more firmly to Lesley's wrists to keep Lesley pinned. She skillfully began moving her vulva so that her clitoris made small slow circles over Lesley's vulva. With every circle, Lesley could feel Daisy's clitoris making a sliding contact with her own.

Daisy made certain that the contact was slow, firm and regular.

Daisy looked down at the beautiful body that she was now captaining as Lesley twisted beneath her.

Lesley's back began to arch a bit and in her twisting, Daisy delighted in watching Lesley's breasts quiver. Lesley's pink nipples were like rocks now

Lesley's breath became deeper and more rhythmic. Her head twisted from side to side now. Her face betrayed something that looked at first like pain.

Lesley began to moan in high feminine squeals as Daisy reacted in lower yet feminine moans.

Lesley felt a rush of moistness that made everything feel exactly right.

Against everything that she wanted to feel, Lesley was feeling a rush in her mid section as she slowly gave into an orgasm.

Feeling the vibrating vagina against her own, Daisy fell back and let herself go as well and the two women writhed together all over the stage.

Daisy so wished that she had a strap on dildo now but settled for simply caressing Lesley's beautiful long legs as they run up from Daisy's crotch past her stomach over her breasts to her face.

So full white and soft!

Daisy saw her own beautiful legs dark against Lesley's white body.

Lesley touched Daisy's thighs much more tentatively.

Daisy had humiliated Lesley.

Now Daisy stood up, towering over Lesley, her hands on her hips. She surveyed Lesley's beautiful naked body lying in the fetal position on the stage. Lesley's beautiful breasts were still heaving from the event.

This was the body that Juan had cheated on her with.

The anger returned.

Daisy descended upon Lesley again and kissed her violently. Daisy's hands roamed wildly all over Lesley's beautiful white body as if Daisy owned it. Lesley could only whimper now.

Lesley screamed as Daisy sunk her mouth onto Lesley's left breast and once again Daisy pushed her ass between Lesley's long sexy legs.

Daisy raised herself on one elbow and leaned into Lesley's face, her mouth perhaps one inch from Lesley's. Both women's breath intermingled in the space between.

Daisy lifted Lesley's head gently, forcing Lesley to rest on her elbows.

Lesley moaned helplessly. Her head fell back, her eyes wide, her lips parted, her blond hair between Daisy's fingers.

"I got what I wanted Legsley!"

Daisy then leaped up and dressed quickly.

She looked back one more time to see the beautiful body she had ravaged and then never looked back again as she went straight to her car and drove away from the club, forever.
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