Expect the unexpected


Not much of an intro this time, this story was written in a few hours so no big deal. This was requested by a Dutch friend of mine and he wanted it to happen from his point of view. His name wasn’t Farrell but his Dutch name wasn’t appropriate for an English story.

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“Searchiiiiiiing, SEEK AND DESTROY!” I sang with the music on full blast. God I loved Metallica, it had been my favorite band since I was 13 and I’m 18 now.

“Farrell, turn down the damn volume! I’m having a heart attack right here!” My dad barked up the stairs.

Fuck, it was the best part of the song. I turned the volume button counter-clockwise until the music was playing at a level of sanity.

“THANK YOU!” Dad ironically shouted from downstairs.

“YOU’RE WELCOME!” I whined back on purpose.

I hated the fact that I couldn’t turn up the volume and head bang. With my shoulder-length, dark brown hair waving around me I felt like a real metal-head, which I actually was. I enjoyed listening to Metallica, AC/DC and many other rock/metal bands but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what people liked about Beyonce and Ke$ha so much. All their song were the same anyway.

I went downstairs and had a snack. My mom was cooking and she told me that dinner would be ready within an hour but I didn’t really feel like eating. I was hungry but my stomach hurt way too much for me to care about my bodily needs.

“I think I’ll skip dinner, I don’t feel so good.”

I went upstairs again, turning the small TV on as I stepped into the room. I watched the news, some cartoons and half of CSI Miami but I got tired and since it was around 11 pm I decided I should go to sleep. School tomorrow was going to suck since I needed to wake up at 6:30, be there at 8 and sit on my ass for 7 fucking hours until 5 PM which after I had judo practice at 6. I was home at 7:30 and the rest of the day was practically ruined by the fact that my little sister had three of her best and most annoying friends over; God I hate Fridays.

I fell asleep practically two minutes after those thoughts because of the boring effect they had on me.

I woke up a few minutes later though… or did I? There were bright lights coming from the wall but I wasn’t at home anymore; everything around me was white except for one thing: A small dot in the far, far distance. Since everything was white, this dot was the only thing I focused on. I waited for a few seconds and the dot seemed to come closer. I waited for what seemed like an eternity before the dot showed what it really was; a human form. That human form was about a thousand foot away from me but my vision organs were like eagle eyes. I could follow every step of the human form and when it reached the distance of a hundred feet I saw that it was a woman.

This woman was completely naked but the weird thing was that she wasn’t really a woman; she didn’t have eyes, ears, a mouth, a nose, hair nor did she really have shaped tits. She was about six feet tall.
I was kind of scared by the sudden appearance of this “alien” female so I tried imagining a girl from my class. Strangely enough it worked. The six foot body shrunk to the average size of the 17 year old girl I had dreamed up. I measured an approximate 5’6” with dark blonde mid-length hair, a cute face and a pair of beautiful 32C breasts. This girl was called Vivian. She was one of the hottest girls in class. She was also one of the more popular girl because her mom let her organize parties whenever she wanted. Her nipples were erect and her tits bounced up and down as she walked towards me. Twenty feet left, ten feet left, she reached me. The first thing I noticed was that she looked exactly like the Vivian I knew from school; the hair was the same length, the freckles on her neck and even her ass was the same perfect size. But this Vivian was completely nude.

She stood at the end of my feet and climbed onto the soft bed. She moved over to my dick and grabbed it. My dick grew to its full 8 inches when her soft hands touched it and she started jacking me off slowly. Suddenly she spoke:

“Hi, I’m Vivian. I’m made for you Farrell, and I’m here to please you in any way you want. Give me orders and I’ll execute them. You make me happy by letting me please you, so I beg of you let me be your slave.”

She moved her pussy above my dick and lowered her ass slowly. She rubbed her nipples and her pussy landed on the head of my dick. As she moved her ass in a way so that I was spooning her with my cock, she rubbed her tits and squeezed her nipples. My rock hard dick was throbbing and needed her quickly.


“What the fuck?!” I yelled out when my face was hit by a flying object. I opened my eyes and I was back in my room. My little sister stood in front of me, giggling about my reacting to the slap she had given me.

“GET THE FUCK OUT YOU WHORE!” I was angry as hell; my little ugly-piece-of-shit-sister just woke me up from the most erotic and exciting dream I had ever experienced by slapping me in the face.

She was startled by my reaction and ran away. I heard her giggle a little behind the door so I took my old digital watch and threw it against the door. The watch made a cracking sound as it hit the door, and flew apart in five pieces.

I looked at the clock hanging in my room and discovered that it was already 7 AM. I jumped out of bed and quickly sprinted downstairs. While I was still in my PJ’s I grabbed an apple and a hardboiled egg which after I ran up the stairs again. My dick was already hard, and with the thought of a nude Vivian printed in my brains, it was almost impossible to let my cock go limp.

I changed, brushed my teeth and packed my bag within twenty minutes, then bolted out of the front door to grab my bicycle. After I had found it buried somewhere in a pile of garbage, I stepped on the pedal and rode away as fast as possible.

I cycled the life out of my body as I reached school ten minutes early. It was an 8 mile ride but I made it! I went inside and immediately felt the need to pee; I had forgotten to go to the toilet at home.

I ran into the bathroom and opened one of the WC doors to encounter a baffling sight; it was Vivian who was sitting on toilet. She had her hand stuck in her jeans, through the top of her pants while squeezing her nipples above her shirt. She looked at me, and slowly stopped fingering herself.

“Oh, oh God!” I exclaimed, “The door… the door wasn’t closed and I thought… I just needed to pee okay? Please don’t scream or anything!”

She removed her masturbating hand slowly and as she pulled it out of her pants, a thin rope of pussy juice was connected from the top of her jeans to her middle finger. I immediately had a raging hard-on. She stood up and – without any hesitation – put her wet middle finger on my belt.

“Hmm, you know Farrell, people LIKE me but, if this incident would be discovered by the rest of the school, it could be very bad for my reputation. And you know how I like my reputation, right?” She dragged her finger down my crotch area and she could clearly feel my raging hard-on. She left a wet line on my jeans.

She started walking towards the exit of the bathroom and before she had said she said: “One more thing though, I’m throwing a party tonight since its Friday, and I would like you to come. It starts at 9 PM and it’ll go on until no one can party no more! Be there, okay?” I followed her perfect, bouncing ass out of the bathroom with my eyes until she had disappeared out of sight.

I couldn’t be more confused. Did I just catch a hot chick masturbating in the guys’ bathroom and did that same chick ask me to come to one of her parties? My raging hard-on started subsiding though but the thoughts about Vivian kept resetting it to full hardness every time.

I decided to just go to class, and see what would happen for the rest of the day.

Well, nothing interesting happened actually. I got sent out of chemistry class for not paying attention though, but I didn’t care because my thoughts were focused on tonight’s party.

When the school day was over I rushed home, grabbed my judo clothes and bolted out of the door. Judo practice was lame, since all I got to touch were other guys who were trying to throw me on the ground. I just let them choke me, so I didn’t have to spend any energy.

When judo class was over I went home and up to my room immediately. I went online on Skype but no one I wanted to see was online. I shut down my computer and lay down on my bed as I pressed the play button on my ghetto blaster. AC/DC’s thunderstruck was now blasting through the speakers and as I flipped through a 2003 playboy magazine I sang along: “THUNDERSTRUCK! THUNDERSTRUCK!”

No one seemed to complain and as time passed by slowly, I started getting more and more excited. Would anything happen tonight? Vivian wasn’t particularly known for having sex with random guys. It kind of surprised me because with her status and hot body, every guy in school was praying for a piece of her.

At 8:30 I decided to wait another half hour before walking towards her home; that way I wouldn’t be the creepy guy that shows up on time because he needs attention.

At 9:08 I couldn’t wait anymore and I walked downstairs. I told my parents that I’d be at a party, and I wouldn’t come back until tomorrow afternoon. They were OK with it since they didn’t care about curfews or late homecomings, as long as they knew what I was doing.

I walked a mile or two to Vivian’s house, and when I reached it, music was blasting through the open windows and you could see lights flashing from the inside.

I walked to the front door but it was closed. I knocked and ringed the bell but no one answered. I decided to use the back door and that one was open.

I entered and nobody even noticed me. I walked in when suddenly I heard Janice’s voice:

“Hey guys ‘n girls are you ready to partayyyyy?” She shouted through a microphone.

“YEAAAAAAAAAH!” Was the enthusiastic reply of the crowd.

“Okay, have fuuuun!” She cheerfully said.

Janice was another girl in my class and she was at least as hot as Vivian but instead of the hot body that Vivian had, Janice’s face was the main attraction of her body; she had beautiful blue eyes, a perfect nose and small, kissable lips that would make a straight girl go bi. Her long, blonde hair made her become irresistible for the normal guy’s eyes. On the other hand, her body was great too; she had beautiful 32B breasts and a nice, tight ass. I stared after Vivian and Janice as they disappeared together in a room that appeared to be the kitchen.

I walked around a little, trying to find some beer, but since Vivian’s parents were rich, the house was huge and I couldn’t find any liquor except for Vodka. I liked Vodka, but I wanted to stay sober so I could remember if something interesting happened. I searched for another two minutes before I decided to give up and just ask Vivian. I walked to the kitchen door and tried to open it; no luck. I knocked on the door hard, but nobody answered. I knew they were in there and even though the music was blasting at full volume, I was pretty sure my knocking was noticeable for people who were in there.

I knocked again, harder this time. It almost looked like I was the incredible hulk, trying to break down the thing. This time I was successful; someone had opened the door.

The door was opened a notch and I saw Janice’s face poke through: “Hey we’re kind of busy here so… could you please come back later?”

“I was just wondering where the beer is.” I replied.

“I don’t know.” She hissed back, “Now get lost”.

I wanted to turn around but I decided to try and figure out what was happening behind that door. I gathered up all my courage and as I pushed the door open with force I said: “I’ll just grab a beer from the fridge.”

I entered and a mental bat hit me in the face; Janice, who was hiding her body behind the door, was naked except for the strap-on dildo she was wearing. I looked at her body, then on her face to see the shocked expression clearly visible. I then looked at Vivian; she was leaning her upper body, face down, on the table, while the butt of a dildo was visible, just outside her asshole. Pussy juices were flowing out of her cunt ass she was slowly rocking herself to orgasm. She then looked at me and started speaking: “You really won’t stop catching me doing naughty stuff, do you?”

“Uh… what the hell is going on here?” I asked.

Janice replied before Vivian could speak: “You have no business in here, get the hell outside!”

Without further hesitation I pulled out my phone, pointed the camera lens at Janice’s nude body and took a shot; perfect. Her nude body was visible on my screen as was the strap-on dildo which was sticking out of her crotch area.

Before Janice could even open up her mouth, Vivian said the thing that I had wanted to hear all my life from this girl: “Just let him join, I’ve wanted him to fuck me for a long time anyway.”

I didn’t hesitate for a second because I knew Janice always listened to Vivian. I put my cell phone back in my pocket and grabbed Janice by her arm. I then pulled her towards me, and without waiting for her approval, I kissed her hard and grabbed her left breast. She hesitated for a second which after she returned the favor by pushing her tongue into my mouth and lifting her leg up against my leg.

Vivian stood up and walked towards me. She unbuttoned my jeans, dragged my zipper down and removed my pants. As my raging hard-on was bulging through my boxers, Vivian grabbed my dick through them and started stroking it for a few seconds.

As I got increasingly horny, I let go of Janice’s breast and put my hand in the underwear that supported the strap-on. I felt another end of the dildo which was inside of Janice’s pussy so I grabbed it and pulled it down.

Janice moaned into my mouth as the shorter end of the dildo slid out of her cunt. I dragged the item down until it let loose of her ass cheeks which after I just let it fall. She stepped out of the strap-on and put my hand on her pussy. Immediately I jammed my middle finger up there and fingered her. She moaned in ecstasy as I finger fucked her tight cunt.

Vivian on the other hand was now licking my bulging cock through my underwear. Her tongue left wet trails on my boxers and after she had soaked my crotch area in her saliva, she undid my underwear. She looked at my cock: “Damn, it’s huge! Compared to that thing, those dildos are nothing.”

She put the head of my dick in her mouth and sucked on it. I groaned a little in Janice’s mouth before releasing her and focusing on my own pleasure.

Vivian was swallowing my cock inch after inch, and after a few more seconds she had my whole 8 inches in her mouth. She gagged a little but kept it in. She started sucking it and I nearly came on the spot. I held back though, so I could enjoy it longer.

Vivian stopped sucking me after a minute, and before I could complain she grabbed my dick and guided me to the kitchen table. She told Janice to get up on the table. Vivian got on her knees and continued to suck me off while Janice lay on her back on the kitchen table. She shook her ass and I understood what she wanted.

I dove right into Janice’s pussy and ate her out good; I licked, sucked, bit, and tongue-fucked her hot cunt. It tasted great, and I went a little lower to get a good taste of her asshole. I flicked my tongue across a few times, but although it didn’t taste bad, it wasn’t as interesting as her pussy.

While I reaching climax, I dove back into Janice’s pussy, ravaging it by jamming my tongue into her fast. I sped up each second and after a while I was literally darting my tongue in and out like a hissing snake. She moaned in ecstasy and bucked her hips as she came while I too went over the edge.

I spurted my hot seed into Vivian’s mouth and Janice’s pussy juices flowed over my mouth. This caught me by accident and although I tried catching it all in my mouth, I just couldn’t. I swallowed the juices that I had caught and Vivian did the same with my cum.

When we were both finished, Vivian let go of my dick.

“Janice, get off of the table!” Vivian commanded her friend.

Janice was tired, but she did as she was told and she climbed off. Vivian took her place, and she also shook her hips. I moved my head towards her pussy to taste her hot cunt but she stopped my head with her hand: “Whatcha doin’ silly? Don’t do that, I want you in me right now!” She smiled.

My dick became instantly hard again from her invitation and I put the head to her cunt. She grabbed it and pulled; I took that as my cue and entered her with force. The 8 inches clearly surprised her:

“Oh, my, God! You feel huge inside of me!” She moaned as she rocked her ass, causing my dick to move inside of her. She kept moaning even before I started fucking her.

I slowly slid my dick out and rammed back in with force; she screamed on top of her lungs. I could clearly hear her above the music and I hoped no one would come and ruin this kitchen-party.

I pulled out again and rammed back in. I did this continuously faster and faster until I was hammering away at her tight cunt. Her stretched-out pussy was begging for more and as I increased my pace with every second, she started moaning harder.

Janice was beside me fingering herself and squeezing her tits. I looked at her, grabbed one of her nipples and pulled her towards me. She moaned and kissed me hard as I moved my hand to her pussy and cupped it. I jammed my middle finger into her cunt and finger-fucked her as I was screwing her girlfriend’s cunt. Vivian started rocking her hips as I fucked her while Janice grinded her pussy onto my hand.

They both came at the same time; Vivian screamed and Janice let out a loud sigh. I still hadn’t cum but the display of these two girls going nuts like that was a huge turn-on.

I let go of Janice’s cunt as she was coming and pushed my finger far up her ass. Her own pussy juices acted like a lubricant so my finger went in with ease. Janice let out an extra loud moan though and clamped her hands down onto my arm for support. Vivian came too and her pussy juices flooded over my throbbing cock. She went limp like a doll so I pulled out.

I waited a few seconds for the girls to recover before telling Vivian to get off of the table. She did as she was told and I pulled Janice up. She still had some energy left over so I bent her over the table and positioned my cock at her asshole.

“First time up there?” I asked her.

“Yeah, but you can push in as hard as you would like to!” She replied.

“You girls love to be fucked, don’t you?” I replied, pushing my cock hard against her tight little hole.

Her hole stretched out and she screamed on top of her lungs as my thick cock invaded her virgin asshole. Only the head was in her, so I pulled out and jammed back in. This time, a full 4 inches went in and Janice started shaking and breathing harder. I asked if she was ok;

“I’m fine, I’m fine. I just want to be fucked!” She replied, the pain almost causing her to cry.

She had asked for it though, so I didn’t hesitate. I pulled out one more time before jamming in, full force. She screamed like a banshee and shot her body to the front, trying to get rid of the invader; it didn’t work.

I was buried in her asshole balls deep with my 8 inch dick. I was impressed and extremely horny. I started slow-fucking her asshole, making her moan while making motions to try and meet my thrusts. After a minute we got the rhythm and we sped up. I hammered her ass, she moaned, groaned and screamed and Vivian had pushed the long end of the strap-on into her own asshole.

“Vivian, come and sit in front of my face, I’ll get you off!” Janice said to her friend.

Vivian quickly stood up and climbed onto the table which after she positioned her pussy in front of Janice’s mouth. Janice started licking Vivian roughly as I fucked her asshole. I sped up even more, and I was now a jackhammer, pounding away at the tight hole that was reserved for me.

I pounded and pounded for 2 minutes before I heard Janice shout: “I’m cumming!”

“Me too!” Vivian replied.

I didn’t need to say anything to show that I was reaching climax because I was groaning and I fucked Janice even harder; we all came at the same time. I groaned hard as I pumped the content of my ball sack into Janice’s asshole. Janice’s moans were muffled by Vivian’s pussy, while Vivian was screaming like crazy.

After we finished, the girls collapsed on the table as I fell to the floor. It was cold but I was way too tired to care. I closed my eyes but I heard Janice moan: “God, I wanna go again!”

So I replied: “Well, right now I’m spent, but if you’re available at any other time, I’ll be happy to fuck your tight little hole for you.”

We all fell asleep…


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