I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
This is a story about a boy dogsitting his friends male Rottweiler and wanting to be mounted by it. So, if that bothers you, please go read another story because I can't change, what happened.

Here it is.......

When my friend Bob, asked me to dogsit his Rottie for a week, I had no idea, what I was getting myself into.

No, I wasn't a virgin, to the dogs long skinny dick, our boy dog had seen to that, years earlier. But that was then, when I was a curious boy, doing boy things and this was now, when I had supposedly grown up or something like that.

When he brought his dog over, I couldn't believe how big and proud he looked standing there. I was to learn later, that it was his dick size, that he was so proud of and his ability to use it and to make the Bitch Dog that he was doing with it, totally surrender and give-in to it, until he was finished with her.

I'm embarrassed to admit, that I glanced down at his hairy sheath, trying to get an idea of how big it was. My friend saw me glance at it but didn't say a word. Maybe his dog was doing him to, you never know, do you?

He gave me his leash and brought his huge bag of dog food in, told me that his name was " King " and more or less left me standing there, holding his leash, as he got into his car and drove away.

I wanted to yell or scream at him and ask him what if the dog didn't like me but nothing came out and I just stood there and watched him driving away.

I had no plans whatsoever about having sex with his dog, when he had asked me to dogsit him. But when I saw how big he was, my mind went straight back to when our boy dog used to do me, out in our dark backyard, all the way through, the 7th and 8th grades.

Nooo, his wasn't the last dog's boner to be up inside of me but that was in the past and now the past was sitting right next to me and the tip of his little pink boner, was sticking out of it's hairy sheath. Like he knew... Like he knew, that he was going to have me, before the week was over.

He let me pet him on the head and along his back and when I slid my hand down along his side, towards his belly, he gave me the strangest look. Like someone had done that to him before and he knew, what was coming next.

I kept watching his eyes, for the least bit of anger, as I slid my hand down and under his belly, working it back and feeling for his hairy sheath. As soon as I touched it, he kind of stepped back and I thought that I had made him mad but when I looked, I saw that his dog boner had slid out even more. He was showing it to me, trying to get me to, " Want it " and I did. But he didn't know that yet or did he?

I reached for it and barey touched it, watching as it jerked up and bounced against his belly and then settled back down. Hanging out about 4 inches now and still not showing me his " Knot ", it was that big.

I curled my fingers around it and squeezed on it, ever so lightly. Watching the look in his eyes, and doing it again, when he didn't bite me.

I couldn't believe that I was jacking a dog again, it had been so long but it seemed like only yesterday.

It was so easy and once again I wondered if my friend Bob did it to him too.

As soon as I saw that he was going to let me do it, I closed my fingers around it tighter and slid my hand back and forth on it, until he started to hump it and I almost lost it. It had been sooo longgg.

By now it had come out far enough to show me his " Knot " and I knew if I kept playing with it, that he'd never be able to get all of it up into me, so I stopped.

I raised up and went into the bathroom and closed the door, leaving him standing there, with his long skinny dog boner, hanging down out of its hairy sheath.

I stayed in the bathroom as long as I could, getting undressed and waiting for his long boner to go back down.

When I finally came out of the bathroom, he was laying on the kitchen floor, with nothing but the pink tip of it showing.

What I did next surprised even me, as I got down on my hands and knees and crawled towards him, trying not to upset him.

He watched as I crawled over to him, bent down and submittied to him, by licking softly on the wet tip.

I could taste his pee on it and I could probably taste his precum but I didn't care because it tasted just like the other dogs that had had me, so many years before.

I wanted to suck on it sooo baddd but I didn't want him to be laying down when I did it. I needed him to be standing and letting me do it because that was more animal to me and would turn me on even more.

When I backed away from it, he gave me the strangest look but that didn't last long because he stood-up. Just like he knew what I was thinking.

My poor little asshole was opening and closing already, it was that horny for the feeling of a long dick in it but I couldn't let him do me yet because now I had a huge " URGE " to suck on it. Amd now I was lost because I knew that if I sucked it, like I really wanted to do, that it would swell-up so big, that he'd never be able to get it up into me. I wanted and needed to do both but I couldn't.

Finally I gave in to just sucking on it and I laid down on my back, on the kitchen floor.

He was just standing there, like he didn't know what I wanted and I called him over and somehow got him to stand over me, straddling me, with his head down towards my little dick or boner.

Yes, I had a boner, it was less than 4 inches long but it was still a boner. A boner that I was ashamed of because of how small it was.

I was looking right up at his long skinny boner and his full hairy ball sac, was right above my forehead and I'm embarrassed to admit, that that's the first thing that I rasied up and licked, his hairy ball sac.

I'm ashamed of the feelings that were going through me, as he let me lick and suck on them. I'm ashamed because the whole time I was licking and sucking on them, I was looking at his little black wrinkled asshole and wanting to lick on it too. But I was afraid to do it because if I got carried away and pushed my little tongue up into it, while I was licking on it. He might think that I was trying to do him back there and bite me. So I didn't do it.

After he let me lick and suck on his balls, I moved down along his hairy sheath and started licking the base of his boner, the part of it that;s behind his " Knot." The big swelling, that keeps him up inside of you, until he's finished squirting you.

Once again I could taste his pee and maybe even his precum, as I caressed the base of it, with my tiny warm tongue, feeling how big it was, wondering it I could " Take It."

His " Knot " was the size of a golf ball now but I knew that it would get even bigger, so I started licking and kissing on it, seeing how much bigger, it would really get.

His whole cock was swelling and I knew that it wasn't through yet, as I slid my warm soft tongue down along it, looking for the wet pointed tip. Finding it and teasing it, with my tiny tongue, coaxing it to squirt. Squirt his precum, thinking that he was getting me ready.

While he was squirting, I slipped my warm mouth over the tip of it. Some of it was pee and some of it was precum, I didn't care because I liked both, so I let him squirt it into my mouth, until he stopped. Drinking it, feeling it going down into my belly. Feeling somewhat satisfied, I don't know why. But it wasn't over yet, he knew it and so did I.

I gently moved him off of me and got back up onto my hands and knees. Sticking my head under his belly and slipping it over the pink swollen tip. Sucking on it, as he slid it in. Making me moan, as it felt it starting to move back and forth, along my warm soft tongue.

Humping me in my mouth, with his long skinny boner. I reached up and grabbed ahold of it, keeping it from going in to far and having his big " Knot " bumping against my lips. I know he wanted me to go all the way with it and I would have, if I could have gotten it all the way into my mouth, before it had gotten so big. I wanted to feel his " Knot " sliding along my tongue, knowing that he had " Knotted me " even if it was only in my mouth and made me " HIS ".

Even though I was a boy, I needed " IT " to and somehow he knew it, as he humped my mouth faster and faster.

When he started to " Yelp " I knew he was close and I closed my warm soft lips down around it and sucked on it as hard as I could. Making his dog cum gush out of the end of it, filling my mouth again and again. And just when I'd think he was finished, more of it would squirt out, landing on my warm soft tongue and once again, he'd feel and hear me " EATING IT " and know that I was " HIS ".

I sucked on it until there wasn't anymore and then and only then, did I let his boner slowly slide from my mouth and hang down under his belly.

Both of went to bed that night, knowing that it would happen again. Only the next time, there would be more.
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