I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
This is another story about the same old man, that coaxed a young boy into going down on him. So, if that bothers you, please go read another story because I can't change what happened.

Here it is.......

It was about a month later, that I was hitchhiking on a saturday, when the same old man [ 65-75 ] picked me up hitchhiking again. The one that had coaxed me into sucking on him, even though I was only 12 years old and I was a boy and not a girl.

The first time that he had picked me up, he had peed in my mouth, while he was getting me to suck on it. So, when he wanted me to do it again this time, I was afraid too.

As soon as I got into his car, he said, " Remember me " and I heard myself whisper, " Uh huh," as he drove down the street.

Once again he had a girly magazine on his lap, just like the last time, only this time instead of him reaching over and playing with me first. He just reached down and slid it off of his lap. Once again, showing me his old cock, nestled on his big balls, in his open pants.

He reached over and pulled my hand to it and held my hand on it, as he drove to the same street and parked in front of the open field again. Pulling me down to it, as soon as he was parked.

I could smell the pee on it again, only this time it was doing strange things to me and not making me want to get away from it.

This time is was drawing me down to it, something that I wouldn't understand, until years later. When I started to " Crave " the smell and taste of it. Coaxing men and women, to pee in my open mouth. Pretending that they were making me drink it, which really wasn't their idea, it was mine.

The smell of pee was stronger on it this time but I didn't care. It was still drawing me down to it and I felt so embarrassed, as he watched what was happening. Did he know? Was he drawn to the smell of pee to, is that why he sucked little boys? Because they didn't shake their dick's off, after they finished peeing and the pee left inside of their little dick's, would end up in their underwear and soak into the skin, on and around their little dick's and on their little balls?

I didn't even close my eyes this time, as I started licking on the top of it, trying to raise up and get a boner. I could smell the pee on it and in his pubic hair and even coming up from the front of his hairy ball sac and I lost it and started licking all over and that's when " IT " started to come up and get a boner.

I was shocked at the size of it because it was only a little bigger than mine and mine was 3 1/2 inches at the time. [ It's a little less than 4 inches now and that's fully hard ].

It was sticking up about 2 inches, out of his grey and sometimes white pubic hair and the next thing I heard, was me whispering, " Don't pee " as I slipping my open mouth down over the end of it. Feeling his pubic hair, tickling my little nose and mouth, as I started to suck on it and heard him let out a long low moan.

I'm embarrassed to admit, that the smell of pee on it and coming up from around it, made me lose it and I felt his warm soft ball sac, touching the side of my face, as I worked my warm mouth up and down on it, taking it deeper, each time I went down on it.

I could feel the little head of it, touching the back of my mouth, everytime it went in to far and I took ahold of it with my ittle hand, not letting him push it all the way in anymore. But he didn't even notice, he just kept pushing it up into my mouth, trying to make it squirt in me.

All at once his little boner started going away and I sucked on it harder, trying to make it come back but it never did.

I kept sucking on it, knowing what would probably happen and it did, as I felt his warm pee starting to come out of the end of it and I sucked and swallowed, until I had drank it all.

I had the weirdest feeling as I got out of his car and started walking home, feeling his warm pee sloshing around in my little belly but also feeling my boy cum oozing out of the end of my little dick and into my underwear.

I couldn't understand how a 70 year old man could make me cum, just by peeing in my mouth and getting me to swallow it.
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