I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
This is a story about a huge blackman getting a young white boy to give him " Head " as he sits on a white toilet. So, if that bothers you, please go read another story because I can't change what happened.

Here it is.......

I was standing at the urinals, in a dingy bar, down in LA. one night, when I felt it.

You know, that feeling you get, when someone across the room is watching you. The only problem being, I was alone in the bathroom or so I thought.

Just as I was milking the last few drops of pee, from my little dick, I heard a noise behind me and looked back over my shoulder.

The door to the stall behind me had opened and sitting on the white toilet, with his pants pulled down, was one of the biggest blackmen, that I had ever seen.

He had his long black cock in his hand and was working it up and down slowly. Showing it to me, trying to get me to " Want it."

I tried to turn back around and stop looking at it but I couldn't. He was rolling his black foreskin back and forth across the big head, wetting it, with his shiny precum.

He knew when he saw that I couldn't stop looking at it, that he had me and he started whispering, " Come on baby, you know you want to " and I felt my whole face getting hot and knew that I was blushing and wanted to run but I couldn't. How did he know, why had he picked me?

Without even knowing it, I had turned completely around and was watching as he worked it.

When I realized that I was facing him, I also looked down and saw that me little white dick, was still hanging out and I reached down to start to put it away and he said, " No, leave it out, I like it " and I felt so stupid, standing there letting him look at it.

It was soft, so it was only about 2 inches long and even when it's fully hard, it's just under 4 inches, so I've always been ashamed of it. So standing there, letting him look at it wasn't easy for me but he didn't know that.

I could see the end of his big dick getting wetter and wetter and I heard him saying, ' You want it, don't you baby " and the next thing I knew, I could hear myself whimpering, " Uh huh, uh huh " and felt so embarrassed because he had gotten me to admit it.

I watched as he let go of it and it and said, " Come and get it baby, it's all yours."

I can't even describe the shame or embarrassment I felt, as he watched me being drawn to it , coming over in front of him and kneeling down to it.

The fear of somebody coming into the bathroom, was unreal but the " Need " to suck and taste it took over and the next thing I knew, I was bending down over it and touching the wet tip of it, with my warm tongue. Making him moan and say, " Oh yeah " as I took ahold of it and started licking softly on the big head. Tasting the pee on it, tasting his clear sweet precum. Hearing him moaning and saying, " Oh shit " as he watched me " Eating it."

Finally I lost it and slipped my open mouth over the big head, sucking on it gently, letting him slide it in slowly and he did.

He didn't care that I was a little white boy and not a girl, as he watched me sucking on it, working my warm soft lips up and down on it. Taking it deeper, each time I went back down on it. Sucking on it harder and harder, coaxing it, needing it to cum.

Circling the big head again and again, working my way to the little hole in the end of it, the little peehole. Spreading the big head and licking softly on the inside of his little peehole. Pulling back from it, as a little pee squirted out of it, landing on my tongue, making me taste it.

So embarrassed, as he watched me go back down on it and hearing him moaning and saying, " Oh baby, your a " Pee Freak " aren't you? I was to embarrassed to answer him but by the way I was whimpering and sucking on it he knew and started saying, " I'll pee for you baby, just keep sucking on it and I'll do it."

All at once he grabbed my head and started saying, " Here it comes, here it comes, here comes my pee " and I felt his warm pee starting to flow out of the end of his black dick. Filling my mouth again and again, forcing me to swallow, each time it did. Once again the only sounds coming from the bathroom, were the little gulp, gulp, gulping sounds that I was making as he sat on the white toilet, watching me drink it. Feeling it going down into my belly, stretching it, making me moan.

When he finally finished peeing, I started to get up but he pulled me back down to it and said, " No baby, your not through yet, your not leaving me this way." Something in him had changed and now he got agressive and pulled me back down on it and said real loud, " Suck it." And I did.

He was telling me to use my tongue more and I licked down one side, all the way to his black kinky pubic hair and back up the other. He was moaning and saying, " Your a white boy bitch aren't you baby?" " I'll bet you've even taken a dick, a black dick up your ass, haven't you?" As soon as he heard me whimpering, he knew that it was true and told me to " Pull my pants down " but I couldn't. I wanted too but I was to afraid of getting caught, even though he wasn't.

Since I wouldn't or couldn't let him fuck me he reached down into the toilet bowl and pulled his huge black balls out. Holding his cock aside, as he laid them on the rim of the white toilet seat and told me to, " Lick them." That was the first time that I finally understood that he was degrading me, as I looked at his black balls, just laying there, waiting for me to do it. When he saw that I was hesitating he said, " Come on baby, I gave you what you needed, now it's my turn, do me."

The shame that I felt, as a blackman got me to bend down and lick on his warm black balls, as they laid on the rim of a white toilet seat, was unreal.

All at once he pulled me up and moaned real loud, as his white cum erupted out of the end of his black dick and he pulled me back down on it, pushed it up into my mouth and made me " Eat it," While he sat on the white toilet and watched me, sucking and swallowing as fast as I could. And that's when I felt my little boner starting to jerk and felt my boy cum oozing out of the end of it and down onto the dirty bathroom floor.

The shame that I felt as I kept hearing myself whimpering and begging him to " Feed Me " and he did, was unreal. But the " Need " to "Eat it " had taken over and there was no way that I could stop now, even if I had wanted too and somehow he knew it. As he totally drainned his huge black balls, into my warm and sucking white mouth.

He was sitting there looking in total shock, I guess over what had just happened, as he watched me raise up and put my little dick away and left him sitting there on the white toilet.

I felt shame and embarrassed about what he had just gotten me to do to him but I also felt strangely satisfied, as once again I made my way home.
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