There is no elaborate plot to this story, it is simply about wanting to fuck my best friend, you know ?that friend? (I?m sure everyone has one!) who we are totally platonic with on the surface but at the end of it all we?re the opposite sex and nature leaves us with such urging yet repressed feelings leaving them only to be acted out through the medium of literature. I hope you enjoy my story and all feedback is welcome.
I first met her in maths when we were both 14. I didn’t think much of her at the time, I always saw her as a bit snobby and stuck up, little did I know these early beginnings would sprout to what would become a wonderful friendship. She sat in front of me and this allowed me to get to know her through the long maths lessons, casual interactions at first, which grew into lengthily conversations. ‘Kate’ was her name.

Kate is a beautiful girl. She’s a smallish girl, around five foot four, with a dainty little body. She is very sporty, participating in dance, gymnastics and cheerleading, leaving her with a finely sculpted and toned physique. She has lovely blonde hair; descending just past her shoulders and a fine, white teeth. She has a fresh, almost childlike face, and a cute little button nose.

But her body is what really captivated me. She had wonderfully toned legs from all her sporting activities; leading up to (admittedly my most favourite of all her charms) her wonderfully round and pert little bottom. Her breasts were smallish, around a B cup, but were nice round handfuls and very perky. Her skin was soft and delicate. All in all, she was a very pretty young thing.

Anyway, our friendship blossomed and flourished. We found ourselves mixed in with the same group of friends and this allowed us more to talk more still and we really hit it off. At the time of us becoming friends she had just finished with a boy who she had been in a long relationship with and naturally she was distraught. I helped her as best I could, always offering her a shoulder to cry on and this bought us closer than ever before and sealed our friendship.

Three years on and we’re still as close as ever. However, in that time my lust had been growing for her. I wanted her, simple as that. At first I felt guilty at having these thoughts but they obsessed me. I found myself constantly admiring her, watching her shapely form in tight leggings or short dresses. I wanted to see the look on her face when she came, hear her pants as I made love to her, roll her nipples between my fingers, all these burning ambitions which I frustratingly could not act on. One night that all changed.

We were at a friend’s party, nothing amazing, just a house party with drinks and music, the usual but hey, a party’s a party! I was chatting and drinking with some friends when she daintily came over. “Hi James” She said happily. “Hey Kate” I responded, tapping her cute strawberry nose as I had done for a long time now, making her scrunch her face in the cutest way imaginable. We chatted happily for a while and sipped a few drinks while the party got into flow. She was wearing a short dress with some blue high heels, looking stunning. I couldn’t help but keep glancing down at her legs; they looked so smooth and sleek.

We stayed chatting on the sofa, steadily becoming more affected by the alcohol now coursing through us. We began chatting about old times, reminiscing over the funny things that had happened years ago. “Haha yeah I remember that!” she giggled, God how I’d love to make her giggle like that by lightly tickling and teasing her naked body! ‘No, focus’ I thought to myself. I reminded myself that we were just friends and that was it, sadly.

The party went on and eventually I left Kate to chat with some other friends. The party was a good night in the end as the house was very suburban and quite big with no parents around so everyone was talking the opportunity to get quite drunk and behave raucously. There were plenty of hot girls around too, wearing very short skirts and dresses. I always enjoyed drunken parties because there was always a good chance of the girls getting naked halfway through which would allow me to have a good look for later. I didn’t have to worry about Kate doing this however, I didn’t want to see boys leering over her like that, she was far too respectful and she showed herself respect as well, keeping her clothes on and just laughing at everyone else, joining in the with the fun, she was a great person.

Sadly the party did end around one in the morning and slowly everyone thanked their host and stumbled out of the front door. The night was quite cold, it was early winter and you could feel it beginning to settle in. Many leaves on the leaves on trees were already practically gone, creating a spooky walk home in a suburban neighbourhood where you were unlikely to pass anyone on your entire journey home. I turned to Kate. She was holding her arms across her chest, shivering. She looked so adorable, she never did like the gold and as she stood there now with her golden hair still looking perfect after a night of partying, a pearl white teeth chattering and her bare legs rubbing together in an effort to keep warm, I couldn’t help but want to scoop her up and wrap her in a blanket until she felt comforted again, and I knew what I’d do to her after she felt comforted as well…

I gave her my jacket in the end and I started walking her home, as I always had done, we didn’t even mention it these days it was such habit but she was always grateful when we got to her door. We said our goodbyes and set off, her heels clip-clopping down the street. She was slightly tipsy and she was being her usual soppy self when she’d had a bit to drink, telling me things like “aw you really are my best friend James” and “aw I really hope you meet someone nice James”. It was all very normal, not that I didn’t appreciate it, everyone loves a compliment right? The only thing that was different was that she was being more physical than usual, wrapping her hand around my waist and tapping me on the arm constantly. This wasn’t really like her. ‘Must be the drink’ I thought to myself.

We did eventually arrive at her house. It was a smallish place but a nice family home, semi-detached with a three bedrooms, hers being the smallish. As I went to say goodbye she turned asked me “Do you want to come in, my parents aren’t here this weekend and my brothers round his girlfriends so you wouldn’t be bothering anyone.”
I was quite cold at this point so I thought what the hell, I could do with warming up.

She unlocked the door and we both stepped inside. She slipped off her heels and patted of towards the kitchen, whilst I stole some glances at her bum in that tight dress. The family dog then bounded up to me, recognising me by now, and I spent a few seconds bending down and saying hello to her, until following Kate down into the kitchen. She was sat on a chair at the table rubbing her toes. “Those hills are a nightmare to wear for more than five minutes!” she complained. “You want me to rub them for you”? I asked, pointing at her feet and gladly stepping up to any chance to get my hands on her soft flesh. “Oh no you don’t have to do that!” she replied. “No it’s not trouble, come on put your feet on my lap” I retorted whilst pulling a chair opposite her and pulling her legs up. “Thank you James, honestly I don’t deserve a friend like you” I looked up at her smiling, and we starred into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, but it seemed like an eternity. Eventually I broke our gaze, with a tingly feeling in my stomach, and turned to her feet.

We talked lightly over the next twenty minutes or so. We were both on a come down from the drink and so were both quite tired. I had fun playing with her feet, however. She had the cutest feet imaginable, small, only around a size five, with perfect little toes and pinkish soles. I was a very pleasurable experience, feeling her soft femininity as my hands rubbed up and down her soles and toes. She seemed to be enjoying it too, appearing relaxed and content.

Eventually she asked if I wanted a cup of tea to finish off the night before I headed back. I told her I’d love one and she jumped to her feet to make one. I couldn’t help but steel a glance at her firm thighs as her dress rolled up when she got out the chair though! I stood up as well. She had her back to me but turned around and walked right into me, sort of bouncing off of me in a small way. I starred down at her and she starred right back up at me. Her eyes quickly darted to my lips and back up to my eyes. In the end I don’t what it was that made me do it, was it the drink? The years of lusting after her? The sensuality of the moment? Whatever it was I know I certainly didn’t plan to do it, but I leaned in and kissed her, breaking every rule in the book about best friends and boundaries as I did so.

At first she didn’t respond. She rose her arms up, but didn’t do anything with them, just held them in the air with her hands either side of her head. Her lips didn’t kiss back at first, making me think I’d just made a huge mistake, but then she began responding. Her lips tentatively kissed back at mine. Her kisses from her little lips were so hot. Her hands found there way to my head and began stroking my hair and neck. I loved the feeling of her, her softness and warmth, her small fingers and lips, all these years of lusting after her were coming to climax tonight.

I too bought my hands up to her head and stroked her beautiful hair. I loved its texture, it was like running silk through my fingers. I began stroking her elegant neck and baby soft cheeks, all the while our tongues dancing against one another. We broke the kiss and I looked into her emerald eyes, unsure of what to say. Eventually she spoke first and it was just the words I had been dreaming of hearing for years as she said, “Let’s go upstairs”. My body began to fill from top to bottom with unbridled excitement and anticipation. I was going to actually have the chance to make love to this beautiful girl who I had lusted after for so long.

I had little more time to dwell on the situation as she grabbed my hand and quickly led me down the hall. I loved the sound of her bare feet pitta-patting along the laminated floor and until we reached the carpeted stairs and bounded up them, me behind her with that wonderful arse in my face. I was almost passing out just at the thought of finally getting to run my hands over her rump.

We reached the top of the stairs and hurriedly forced our way into her room. We kissed some more before I slowly pushed her back onto her bed. Her room was on the small side; a single bed on the right side of the door and a wardrobe, small TV, shelf and other bits and bobs.

I slowed down a little, wanting this to be special for both of us and so I could make the most of it. I lay on top of her, kissing her deeply. I began to kiss and suck or neck as I moved down her body. She lay back, resting her hands either side of head, letting me take control. I knew I had to get her dress off. I reached round her back, feeling for the zip and slowly pulled it down. She helped me pull it off over hear head, lifting her arms and buttocks as it slowly came off, revealing more and more of her naked flesh, sending my heartbeat into a frenzy.

It finally came off over her head and I dropped it to the floor. She looked marvellous, lying on the bed starring up at me in just a little black bra and a matching black thong. I took every detail of her in, down the little ghost bumps on her breasts, to the beads of sweat trickling down her belly. I began kissing her again, my time my hands able to roam around her body. I took my own top off and let our bodies get use to the feel of each other, rubbing together.

I wanted to go further. I reached around behind her back felt for the clasp on her bra. It didn’t take long and I felt the little click, which every man loves to hear, and prepared for my first site of her teenage boobs. I pulled the bra form her gently and dropped it a top her dress. Her breasts were absolutely amazing. They were the perfect handfuls, splayed out in all their glory, begging to be touched. Her nipples were pinkish and small but I could see they were hard. I wasted no time, quickly taking one of her nipples into my mouth and sucking it, swirling my tongue around it, making it harder still, whilst playing with the other. She stroked at my hair and moaned gently, nothing but “ooh” sounds escaping her lips.

I was having the time of my life with her breasts. They were soft and firm and felt wonderful beneath my fingers. However, I left them for the time being and began to kiss and lick my way down her belly, planting kisses in her shallow belly button, before arriving at her little black thong. I kissed her inner thighs and stroked her sides and legs, building up the anticipation for her, before slowly peeling off her thong, down past her knees and up, over her ankles. I shoved it into my pocket, wanting a souvenir from tonight in case the events were never repeated.

I looked up at Kate in all her naked beauty. She lay their, unashamed, starring up at me, her perfect physique sprawled out, the girl I had lusted after for so long was now naked on the bed before me, just waiting for me to make love to her.

I wanted to do something before getting inside her though. I leaned down, face to face with her womanhood. She had a beautiful pussy, her delicate folds were oozing juices and I could smell the muskiness of her. I slowly began to kiss and lick her, at the edges at first, teasing her. I could tell it was getting to her as she wriggled and squirmed on the bed, frustrated at my slow technique. Finally, I slid my hands under her bum, feeling her delightfully soft, squeezable cheeks, which filled my palms nicely, and held her still. She wrapped her firm, sexy thighs around my face and I began to kiss and lick her, finding her clit with my tongue. Her body jolted and her breathing became harder and faster. Her hands grabbed at my hair, her legs wrapping themselves ever more tightly around my head. I had to hold her little body still at her bum and hips as she screamed through her first orgasm. I could hear her frenzied screams and moans as I lapped up her juices.

“That was amazing,” she panted, appearing exhausted. I knew how sensitive she must have been so I lightly stroked and kissed her naked body as she recovered, exploring all it’s exciting curves. After several minutes I kissed her on the lips and whispered into her ear “are you ready?” She smiled at me and kissed me. I quickly pulled off my remaining clothes and began kissing her again.

This time however, she took control. She climbed on top of me began to kiss me, her bum up in the air as she leaned down whilst straddling me. She wrapped her delicate little fingers around my cock and began to ease herself onto it. I watched, fascinated as it slowly disappeared inside her. I looked up at her face, her eyes half open, biting her bottom lip bracing herself for the pleasures to come.

Eventually, she had all of my manhood within her, her juices lubricating the process. She began to slowly bounce a top me, rubbing her breasts as she did so. She looked unbelievably sexy, naked and fondling her boobs, her perfect legs spread either side. I just wish I could see the view from behind. Her moans built up and I pulled her down to me, kissing her passionately. My hands stroked down her back, eventually reaching her cute little bottom. It was slick with a light coating of sweat and was perfect to squeeze and fondle during our lovemaking. Each cheek filled my hands perfectly and I gave her a little spank on her tight little bum, making her giggle into my ear between her frenzied moaning.

This continued for, well I don’t exactly know how long but it was the most pleasure I had experienced in my life. Nothing beast lying back and listening to a young girls sensual moans and cries of pleasure. A teak of nipple her, another pinch there, all these factors forced little shrieks and squeals out of Kate’s mouth and I was relishing all her sexy vocal effects almost as much as I loved the sight of her making love to me.

Soon, were both at boiling point by this time. Her sexy little moans were driving me wild, as was her gorgeous body. She was the one to come first, sitting straight up tilted her head back, her hands holding the back of her neck as her body was ruptured by her orgasm. She looked simply beautiful, her little boobs jiggling and shaking, her face contorted with pleasure, eyes tightly closed and mouth wide open. I didn’t take long before I came too, just a few seconds after she was finished; I quickly pulled out of her and jetted my load onto her belly whilst squeezing her arse cheeks for all I was worth. She rubbed it between her fingers as I went through the most intense orgasm of my life.

We collapsed on top of each other, exhausted. I gave her a quick kiss and said “that was brilliant, you were amazing Kate”. She looked into my eyes and said “I’ve thought about doing that for so long, just wasn’t sure if I would like it but they were the best fucking orgasms of my life!” I hugged her tightly again, relishing the feel of a her naked skin, before she hurriedly walked out the room to the bathroom. I swatted her arse as she darted out, making her cheek jiggle and she shot me back an ever so sexy, mock annoyance look, before disappearing out the door.

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2011-03-16 23:46:31
Damn, I wish that was me. But you're right, every guys has that one friend at some point in their life.

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2011-02-26 04:12:53
Your description of the girl is very simalar to the girl i sit behind in history

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2011-02-24 21:57:24

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2011-02-24 15:37:49
You are English and have a Socialist Education. So you are doing the Best you can and you are doing very well.

I liked the Story because there was sucess in the end, so often in these situations there is not.

Soctial and Peer Repression are powerful things. Also Class an Social Status let alone you bring Religion into it.

At least they got it done while they where still teenagers. i have seen this type of thing go on well into adulthood and they wind up with other people. Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.

I hope a little bit of that Cum found an Egg. Pulling Out in this case was okay but when that happens i usually say, just like using a Rubber it does not count.

There is room for a #2 and i would hope the friendship continues.

For Americans, Kids Drink a lot younger in Europe then in theU.S.

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2011-02-24 14:37:52
Yes a good story, should be a second part.

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