I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
This is a continuation of the old man getting to the young boy next door. So, if that turns you off, please go read another story.

Here it is.......

It was almost 3 weeks later, that the phone rang and the older man next door, wanted me to come over again.

I hadn't seen him out in his yard since the last time that he had me over there and to be honest, I was glad because of what he had gotten me to do with him, after he showed me the book of dirty pictures and some of them were of me and our boy dog. Yes, that's right, you read that right. He had pictures of me playing with our boy dog's boner, sucking on it and letting him mount me out in our backyard and I'm a boy, a 12 year old boy and not a girl. The first time the dog got it up into me, it was an accident but everytime after that and there were many times, it was because I had liked how his skinny boner had felt, moving back and forth up inside of me. So I let him do me, every chance we got.

The old man had taken pictures of me with him, thru knot holes in the fence, I guess. Anyway he had them, so from then on, I was at his mercy and he knew it and took advantage of it. By calling me to come over, every time he would see my parents drive away, leaving me home alone and he knew it. They wouldn't even be to the corner yet and our phone would ring. In the beginning I didn't even want to pick it up but after he had done me, really done me afew times, I used to look forward to the phone call and I think he knew it.

The first 4 or 5 times that he had me over there, it would always start out the same. He'd call me and give me cookies and milk and get me to sit down on the couch, while he would go into the bedroom and get his dirty picture book and bring it out and let me look at it. Yes, even though I was only 12 years old, almost 13, the pictures did turn me on and I'd feel my little boner starting to come up, just from looking at them and not even playing with myself.

The whole time that I would be looking at them, he'd have taken his dick out and played with it until he had a boner, holding it and telling me to, " Come and get it " and I'd hear myself whimpering " Nooo " but the next thing I knew he would have me bending down over it, smelling the pee on the end of it and be so ashamed, as he'd watch me being drawn to the smell on it, getting me to suck on it, like a baby sucks on a nipple. The faint smell of pee on them, always draws me to them, I don't know why.

Once again the dark hair that he had around it and on his swollen balls, was turning me on in some strange kind of way, I guess because I still had peach fuzz around mine and on my little balls. And I wanted to be old enough to have hair down there.

It was always the same, he'd get me over there and coax me into sucking on it for him, to keep him from telling on me but this time [ the 4th or 5th ] time that he had me over there, he wanted more. And I was shocked or whatever, when he told me to pull my pants down and get onto the floor, on my hands and knees.

I don't remember what I thought as I pulled my pants and underwear down and got down on the floor in front of him. I was so naive, that I didn't know that older men liked to fuck girls and boys up the ass, especially if they were little and I was.

I felt him fumbling all around my little asshole and then I felt him put the end of his skinny dick against it and try and push it in and I screamed, " Nooo " but he pushed it up into me anyway. Making my little asshole go into spasm, as he pulled it back out and then pushed it back in. Causing me to scream " Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, agggggghhhhhhhhhhh aggggggggghhhh " as he worked it up into me, fucking me on his livingroom floor, on my hands and knees, just like our boy dog had done me so many times before, out in our backyard.

Only this time instead of it being hairy paws and legs pulling me back on it, it was an older man's hands, pulling me back on it, with his big hands on my little boy hips. He didn't care that there was a little dick and balls, hanging down below the little hole he was fucking. All he cared about was fucking it, with his long skinny boner. Even though it was only 5 1/2 or 6 inches long, it was still longer than our boy dogs was and everytime he'd go in to far with it, a little grunt or groan would come out of me and that would turn him on even more and he ram it up into me even harder.

He was mumbling and telling me how much I liked that dick and I wanted to tell him " Nooo " but I couldn't. Because the more he moved his boner back and forth in me, the more my little asshole got turned on and eventually it was closing down around it and squeezing on it and I was moaning, ' Uh huh, uh huh " over and over again, as I felt the boy cum oozing out of the end of my little boner and going down onto the floor and that's when he pulled me all the way back on it and it squirted once, twice, three times up into my little asshole. Filling me with his man cum. Making me moan, everytime it would jerk up inside of me again, stretching my little asshole and rectum ever so slightly, letting me know that it was " Still there ".

As soon as he was finished squirting me, I wanted to get up and go home but he wouldn't let me. He held me down there, with his cock still up inside of me, until it went down and his limp dick, slid out of my little asshole and it started throbbing, as I pulled my pants and underwear up and ran out the front door.

I had a real hard time, trying to understand why I had let a grown man fuck me and to be honest I never did. I had no problem whatsoever on letting my dog do me. I guess because I wasn't worried about what the dog thought about me, for letting him do that to me. Where I did worry about what a man thought of me because I had let him stick his dick up my ass and I was a boy and not supposed to like it but I did, " REALLY DID."

I had been playing with my little asshole, since I was 4 years old. So when they, the old man and our boy dog got to me, I was " Ready " and somehow they knew it.

He would get to me again and again, many times over the next few years, until he finally moved away, taking his picture book with him, along with my pictures with our dog, still in there with them.
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