I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
This is a story about a 14 year old boy, that takes on his neighbor's german shepard. So, if that turns you off, please go read another story. Here it is.......

I was 14 years old, the first time our neighbor's dog [ a german shepard ] came under the fence and into our yard, after he had been with a female dog, that was in heat and his huge cock, was still hanging down out of its hairy sheath. I'm embarrassed to admit, that I couldn't stop looking at it and was even more glad, that there wasn't anyone else, out in the backyard with me because I felt my little 4 inch boner coming up and felt strange, just from looking at his.

When he saw that I was out in the backyard, he came running over to me, with his long tongue hanging out and slobbering all over. I reached down and stroked his head and told him, " Good boy " and he had the wildest look in his eyes, as he looked up at me. " Was he still horny, Can dogs do it more than once? "

It was almost dark outside and I knew that nobody would be home, for at least an hour and I gave in to the " Urge " to touch it again. He had been in our yard before and let me touch it, so he didn't even growl , as I bentover and reached under his belly.

My hand landed right on top of it, where his big " Knot " was still swollen and I heard myself let out a little whimper, thinking of how much he must have hurt the female dog with it, by having it up inside of her, the whole time he was squirting her and even lomger, if he " Tied " with her.

I don't know why seeing 2 dogs " Tied " together, when they're doing it, has always turned me on since I was little but it has, really has and it seem's to turn me on even more, the older I get. I started wondering what it felt like to have it inside of you, when I was 9 or 10 years old, so by the time I was 14, I was " Ready " for it and maybe that's why he came under the fence this time, after doing her and still being horny.

Did he know? Was I putting out some kind of oder, like she must have been doing? How did he know that she was " Ready " and could be had?

Would he care, that there was a little dick and balls, hanging down under the little hole that he had his long doggie cock up inside of? Or would he just be lost up inside of there, enjoying the tightnest and warmth of it, as he moved his pink cock, back and forth in it?

Would his " Knot " go up inside of me too? Would he " Tie " with me and make me stay down there with him, until he was finished with me? Leaving his white doggie cum up inside of me, up inside of my warm rectum?

All of these questions and more were going through my mind, as I slowly got down on my hands and knees with him. Reaching under his belly and working his long wet dick, with my little hand. He just stood there, letting me jack it, humping my hand slowly at first but humping faster and faster, once he decided he liked it.

I'm embarrassed to admit, that the more I played with it, the more I was fighting the " Urge " to get down and suck on the end of it.

I kept looking at the pink tip of it and the longer I stroked it, the bigger it was getting and squirting his clear liquid onto the ground under him.

I don't even remember sticking my head under his belly, all I know is that one minute I was stroking it and the next thing I knew, I had my tongue out and he was squirting his clear fluid [ His precum ] onto it and I could taste the sweetness of it again and again, as I swallowed it.

I had gone this far and couldn't stop now, so I slipped my open mouth over the end of it and sucked on it gently, feeling it squirting me again and again, with his sweet precum, getting me " Ready " , so he could mount me.

He was moving all around, I guess because he had never been sucked before, only played with.

I could taste his pee on it and I'm embarrassed to admit that the taste of it, was turning me on even more.

I reached back and felt his hairy ball sac and was shocked at how big they were and how heavy they still were, even after he had just had the female dog, that had made the mistake of coming into his yard, not getting out of there, until he had mated with her and left his doggie seed up inside of her.

Finally the fear of someone coming home and catching me letting him do me, took over and I started undoing my levis and sliding them down, along with my underwear, showing him my little butt. Trying to get him to " Want it " but he didn't understand and I had to pull him up ontop of me and reach back and guide it towards my little asshole. Working it with my little hand, getting him to start humping at my little hand again. Only this time I could feel the pink pointed tip of it poking at me again and again, as it searched for my little asshole.

It was the 8-10 time that he poked at it, that he found it and drove the length of it, all the way up into me, making my little asshole go into spasm, as it wrapped around his skinny boner. Making me scream, as the " Knot " towards the base of it, forced my little asshole to open up wider and let it in, only to feel it closing back down around the base of it, knowing that all of it was up inside of me, just as he started humping me with it.

As soon as he knew that he was up inside of me, he started humping me faster and faster, making it swell-up even more, so I couldn't get away and I couldn't, he had " Tied " me.

I could feel his little boner moving back and forth in me and feel his " Knot " stretching me, just inside of my little asshole. Stretching my little rectum, as it moved back and forth in me but only for about an inch or maybe a little longer.

I could feel his boner getting bigger and bigger in me and once again the fear of getting caught was ruinning it and I tried to crawl away from him but I couldn't. His " Knot " was hung-up inside of me and everytime I moved, I drug him with me, the whole time he continued to hump me, never missing a beat.

He wasn't making a sound, as he humped me faster and faster. All you could hear, were the little grunts and growns coming out of me, everytime the pointed tip of it would hit the end of my rectum and hurt me but that didn't stop him and it didn't make me want him to quit either.

The longer he fucked me, the better it felt, as my little asshole went numb, from his skinny boner sliding back and forth in it, so much. The only pain was from my rectum being stretched but all of that changed, as he started squirting his warm doggie cum up into me. Pulling me back on it and holding me there, with his front legs and paws, wrapped around my little hips.

Everytime it squirted again, I let out a little moan and that seemed to turn him on again and he'd hump and squirt me more. This went on again and again and again, until he was almost done and that's when he stepped over me and we ended up locked butt to butt, out in my backyard.

He was " Tied " with me for almost 15 minutes, before his cock and " Knot " went down enough to let his now limp dick, slide out of me. Leaving its nasty seed, all the way up inside of me.

I watched as he went back under the fence, not caring that it was a little asshole, that he had just fucked or that there was a little dick and balls, hanging down below it.

My little asshole and rectum were still throbbing, as I pulled my underwear and pants up and ran into the bathroom and took a shower.

I felt totally ashamed of what had just happened out there but I also felt the boy cum oozing out of the end of my little dick as I stood there and felt strangely satisfied. Knowing that I would let him or another one do me again and I did.
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