My son’s friend Jamie

We took a short break and got a drink. I watched Jamie walking naked in front of me .
Her ass swayed back and forth. I still could not believe this 30 year old woman was
interested in 58 year old me. She was beautiful ,Blond ,36 C+ tits, just gorgeious.

What do you have to drink thats cold. Pop and beer at the moment. What do you want?
Get me a beer I need one. still can’t believe this is happening. You’ll get use to it ,I
know I was scared aking you. I somehow knew you had a thing for me though. A thing
that’s a good way to discribe it. It’s ok I’ve had a thing for you since 6th grade. I enjoyed
showing you my body , I always hoped you’d make the first move.

Remember when you were seventeen, you came to use our pool. You brought a pink
near nothiing bikini. Yea I remember that one. I’d only wear it here for you. I got so hard
most of the time seeing you in that I had to go inside. If I didn’t I think my cock would
have riped through my shorts to get out. I knew it did that to you and my laying spred
legged on the chase lounger didn’t help. Yea I could see the wet spot on your suit from
you wet pussy.

I only stopped wearing it because your wife ask me to stop wearing it. I think she was
jelous, Your right you were turning into a threat to her happy home. I love my wife don’t
get me wrong. But after 35 years it’s the same old thing. She doesn’t like to give head and
her ass is not to play with. Hummm, I like both , Hell I like it all anytime any place
anyway. You name it I’ll do it. Me too I say I don’t care what kind of sex it is I’ll try
anything. Anything she says , yea I say at least I think I’m willing. Good I have a I dea
next time we get together.

Right now thought I need some fucking and sucking, she says. Follow me, she
proceedes to go outside to the pool. I follow like a puppy. She dives into the pool come
on in it’s great. I dive in it’s cool. Then I slide up next to her and she kisses me wraps her
legs around my waist. My cock is nearly at full erection. I feel the head touching her slit.
I take her to the edge of the pool and pin her to it. I move my hips around till the head is
at her pussy entrance. I shove it in god she has tightened up . It feels like I’m going to rip
the head trying to get it in. She is kissing my neck and chest. I shove in more and she
bites my neck ,Careful no marks I say. Sorry I couldn’t help it. I begin to
fuck her against the side of the pool. Her tits crushed to my chest. I finaly get it all in
and start stroking deep long strokes. Humph she grunts each time I slid in. In no time I
feel my balls tingle, I’m going to cumm I say. She pulls away and says not yet I ‘m not
ready. The sensation goes away, Ready for more? She queries I shake my head yes.

She slips under water and begins t suck my cock. I reach down and squeeze her tits and
pinch the nipples. She comes up for air and goes back to sucking my dick. Then I feel
her hands on my balls squeezing and pulling. Then I feel her fingers running up and down
the crack of my ass. She stops and sticks a finger in twisting as she does. She stops and
comes up for air again. Come On! and grabs me by the cock and pulls toward the pool
steps. We need a bed again she says. We stop long enough to towel off. I enjoyed drying
her back and ass. She in turn dried my back and ass. Finishing she kisses my ass cheek
and up my back. Ready for some fun? I ’m always ready I say and I was. She leads me to
the bed and says lay down. I’ll be right back. leaves and comes back with vasoline. Hold
still she takes a glob and rubbs it all over my cock. Then she spreads her ass cheeks and
puts a glob on her rectum. Then proceeds to mount me , taking my cock in one hand and
aims it toward her ass. This is going to hurt but I like pain , I hope you do too. It’s going
to hurt us both. With that she pushed her asshole upon my cock. I feel the head popin
she was right it hurts like hell. FUCK YES she screams. Then begins to work it deeper
and deeper into her ass. Halfway in she shutters and cums. Fuck yes fuck yes she keep
saying. I think she came three times just getting it all in.

She starts rotating her ass ,it’s unbelieveably tight. She begins to fuck her self in the
ass. sliding almost off all the way, then back in. She riding me cowgirl style. I raise up
rolling her over onto her back never pulling all the way out. On top I start fucking her ass
as fast as I can. Then I shoot my load into her bowels. She also cums and collapes in my
arms. Fucking hell yes , she says. Have you had enough yet? I hold my still hard cock in
one hand and say what do you think? I go clean up some and when I come back she says
we have time for maybe one more. How would you like it. Please suck me to finish I
plead. My pleasure she says. How would you like it done? Lay on the bed your head over
the edge. She does so. I step over to her and her head is between my legs. I dip the head
into her awaiting mouth. She immediately runs her stud around the head. I get rock hard
and start to shovel my cock in and out of her mouth. I feel the back of her throat no gag
she opens up and I slide all the way in. I pull out so she can breath ,no woman has ever
done that before , I say. That’s the biggest I’ve ever done too. her voice a little raspy, but
it’s great. She let me fuck her throat till I was ready to shoot. I pulled back and filled her
mouth with cum. It ran out the corners as she tried to swallow it all. When I was spent
she licked me clean. She got up off the bed and stepped over to me and says anytime any
place. Then Kissed me slipping her cum covered tounge into my mouth. I could taste it
but it wasn’t bad at all.

I knew it was time to quit or we would get caught. Reluctantly I got dressed and watched
as she did. Next time I’ll bring some toys. Ever play with toys? Yea some a long time
ago , we had a few. But she got pissed one day and trashed them all. I have a collection
she says and I’ll decide what to bring next time.

She kisses me one more time and gives my crotch a squeeze. I can hardly wait she says.
Then goes leaving me with whirl of memories and fantisies to come.

Part 3 coming soon
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