My sons friend Jamie

My son has a girl friend named Jamie ,she’s beautiful young lady. They went to same
schools from 1st grade to high school. She started coming over to our house when she
was about 10. I watched her blossum into a beautiful woman. She’s always going
through fads. Coloring her hair , makeup, clothing styles, when she turned 18 got her first
tattoo. Then a small pierced diamond stud through her nose. She is now 28 divorced , has
a baby girl, living with a real dick for a boy friend. But it seemed she was always picking
men who abused her. I think it was because she came from a broken home and lived with
her mom. Her mom let her run wild do as she pleased.

Jamie would call us every so often and ask if it was ok to stop by. She and my son were
still close. They shared everything they had no secrets from each other. We liked Jamie
she would treat us with respect. We were like a second family hidden from everyone. Her
place to go if she needed support or to just get away. We never judged her. When she
went through gettin tattoos , she showed them off to us. Even some I probably should not
have seen. A small heart right above her slit and a small star next to her right nipple.

Then came piercings, ears 5 on each ear, both eye brows,lip ring, tounge stud ,nipple
rings first, now bars and clit. I was shown every one and allowed to touch them if I
wanted. I never did touch any but I wanted to, oh how I wanted to. Jamie had come over
a couple of times when my wife and son were gone. We sat and talked about everything. I
enjoyed her personaly and having an attractive girl show interest in you is a morale

I mean Jamie is 5’5” tall 120 lbs. C+ tits, perfect ass. Shoulder lenght blond hair
natural color. Today it’s black with a couple of red streaks. Wearing ,a pair of light blue
shorty shorts and a tshirt. Dark red lipstick ,blue eye shadow, her perfume was

I was wondering why she was here. It had been a month since we had seen her.
funny thing is she knew I’d be home alone. Wife at work and son in college.
We sat and discussed common things,weather, news. I could tell she was nervous. Is
there something wrong I ask. Jamie looks at me and says can I tell you anything and
you’ll keep it a secret. Sure I say you’ve told me stuff before and I’ve kept it to my self.
Yea I know but this is diffrent. I promise never to tell anyone anything you tell me not to.

OK here goes. Would you fuck me? I was flabbergasted I was caught completely off
guard. Before you say anything let me talk. I have always had this big crush no you.
You’ve been like a dad to me , a friend , a confidant. I always could depend on you for
anything. Moral support ,under the table cash when I ran short. You were just there for
me. I want to show you how much you mean to me. I know you probaly find this offer
disgusting and want nothing to do with it. I couldn’t wait any longer been planning to do
this for 5 years now. I just hope it doesn’t ruin our friend ship. Then she just looks me
right in the eye and says “Well will you fuck me”.

I’m still stunned by the offer. I say “I ‘m shocked and gratifyed and pleased all in one
big ball”. I’m shocked because your a beautiful young lady and can have any man she
wants. I’m gratified by your, I would never have guess you had feelings for me. Pleased is
not the right word, cuming in my pants is more like it.

She laughs and says I guess that means your willing? Hell yes I say. She reaches out and
takes my hand, follow me she says. She leads me to my bedroom I’m to busy starting at
her ass watching the cheeks undulated , I can smell her perfume. She takes me over to tha
bed turns me facing her. Stares into my eyes and kisses me, running her stud on the celing
of my mouth. Then rolls it around my tounge it felt weird and sensual at the same time.
At the same time she is working the buckle of belt and button on my pants. Zip and slide
my pants off.

My cock is hard as a rock sticking out against the restraing material. jamie slides her
thumbs under the band and slip them off too. My 8” cock pops out into her face. OH my
fuck yes this is going to be good. She kisses the head and steps back and starts taking off
clothes. First the tshirt and her big pierced tits appear. God I want to suck those nipples.
She kicks off her shoes ,unbuttons her shorts slide them down those perfrect legs. She
wearing a pair of light blue silky panties. I’ll let you unwrap the rest when your ready. I
stand ther almost drooling. She steps back up to me ,I can feel her nipples touching my
chest. She kisses me I take her in my arms and kiss her back. I am completely gone my
lust has taken over. I turn us and push her on to the bed. She smiles and spreads her legs
, I can just see the clit ring through the tuft of blond hair. Jamies says let me teach you
how to use these flicking her nipple bars. I lean over and suck one into my mouth, the bar
seem like it’s in the way to me. Take you tounge and flick it she says. I flick my tounge
over the bar several times. Each time I feel her shutter with pleasure. She pulls my hand
to her pussy ,rub my ring she says. I rub the ring with my finger tip. She starts to moan,
yes thats it.

Then she pushes me on my back and climbs on top. She slides up my chest bringing
her pussy to within a couple of inches from my face. See something you like? Pussy the
breakfast of champions. She leans forward and allows me to lick her lips and almost
touch the ring. You’ve got to earn the prize she says. I lick for all I’m worth ,touchign the
ring occasonly. Then she pulls back and turns around. She then sit on my face. My
tounge and nose are right in her slit. I proceed to lick and rub my whole face in her cunt.
At the same time I feel her take the head of my cock into her mouth. Then I feel the stud
in her tounge rubbing around the head. I never felt anything like it.

In this position I can play with her tit bars, twisting and pinching them. Jamie runs her
tounge the lenght of my cock and then starts sucking my balls. Still stroking me with one
hand. I reach around and start playing with her brown eye. She wiggles her ass when she
feels my finger running around her anus. I slide my finger into her cunt and pull some
fluid to the brown spot. After circleing it a few times I push in a finger to the first
knuckle. Jamie shoves back and I get in to the second knuckle. I’m getting close to
cuming and I wanted the first load in her cunt. I push her over pulling cock out of her
mouth, On her back I turn and get between her legs. Take my cock in hand and take aim
at her pussy. I drop forward the head and lenght lay right in line. She looks at me and says
Do me baby do me good. I raise my hips find her opening and direct the head in. She’s
very tight I’m afraid of tearing her . Then Jamie raises her hips and I get about 3 inches
in. She then wraps her legs around my back and says go for it. I proceed to work my cock
in a little at a time savorying the feel and sensation of her tight cunt. Then I realize I’ve
hit bottom. I still have an inch to go or more. My god I’ve never been streched out like
this before. Except when having April that was five years a go. That hurt like hell but
this is heaven. She tries to move to meet my strokes. I begin to fuck her ,she groans with
each stroke. Faster she says I go faster, slower I go slower, She even had me pull out all
but about 2” and made me stroke it in and out quickly. It must have been her G spot
becuase she started wiggling her ass and Kissing me hard. Then she says slam it all the
way in. I do just that I feel my cock hit the back side of her pelvis. She lets out a shrilled

She tried to roll me over But I was happy being in control. Please let me on top you
won’t be sorry. I roll off her. My cock making a sucking noise as it comes out. I lay back
my meat pole sticking into the air. Jamie climbs on top and reaches down takes me and
slides about half into her. Her eyes roll bac into her head and she alomst collapes on me.
You ok I ask? Fuck yes I’m ok , Hell I;m in heaven she laughs. She then begins to slide
on my pole. She leans in kisses me and then sticks one tit then the other into my mouth.
She pulls up and kisses me hard sticking her tounge as deep as possibe into my mouth
and throat. Then I feel her cunt spazum and squeese me like a velvet fist working my
cock. I can’t take it any longer and shoot a load deep into her cunt. My god that was
great she says. I have never orgazumed like that before.

Me either I had to say. Jamies is one of if not the best fuck I ever had. How often do
you think we can get away with doing this she says. Once or twice a day I say. That
would be heaven but maybe two or three times a week is possible she says. I laugh and
say I’m game anytime you want. What time is it? I say about 11 am. How long before
anyone gets home? We have about 4 hrs I guess. Good I’m just getting started.

See part 2

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