I play poker with a new friend
I met Angel through a friend but only got to see her three or four times before I was invited to a cabin with her and a mutual friend.  The cabin belonged to Angel's family, John and Katie wanted to go up to get away from the city and Angel offered to let them come up with her for the weekend.  I was invited so John and Katie wouldn't feel like they were leaving Angel out when they wanted to do things "just the two of them."
Friday night, we all got to the cabin about seven o'clock.  I rode with John and Katie because I couldn't make it in my truck without four wheel drive.  
The cabin was nice, it had only one bedroom. The loft that acted as a second bedroom offered only a little privacy.  Angel offered to fix us a quick dinner, John and Katie decided they would go for a walk while dinner was prepared, I took the opportunity to get my bags out of the truck and get a little settled in.  Angel was going to let John and Katie use the bedroom while her and I stayed in the loft on the two twin beds up there.  I got my bags up into the loft and then went back downstairs to start a fire.  I got the fire going and set up so we all could play cards after dinner. After about forty five minutes I heard John yelling from outside.

"Casper! Could you help me out here. I think Katie broke her ankle"

I ran out to see John half carrying Katie up the hill. We got her inside and got out the first aid kit. John was an EMT so he knew how to immobilize her ankle so they could safely get her too the hospital.

It wasn't long before they were on their way.

"Well that puts a damper on our plans for the weekend," Angel said "I guess it's just the two of us tonight." We sat down and got to know each other over dinner and a few drinks. Afterwards we decided to go ahead and play cards even though we were down two players.

We decided to play poker since the plan was to play hearts and for that you need four people.

We played a few hands using pennies as chips. We had found about forty cents in pennies so out wasn't long until she was out of chips.

"How about we have some more fun and when ever someone looses all their chips they can trade clothes for half the chips. But once you trade you can't get it back" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This beautiful woman was actually offering to play strip poker with me. She had the most amazing twenty four year old body. Perfect legs, full chest, tight abs, smooth skin, topped off by a beautiful head of long blonde hair. I looked at what she was wearing, she had on a knee length kaki skirt, dark blue blouse, stockings, and short healed shoes (she worked as a receptionist at a law office.) I had on jeans, t-shirt, socks and boots. I figure if I count her bra and panties then she would have one thing more to trade for chips but I was already one up since she was offering to start her trading now.

"Ok" I agreed "we will play until one of us has nothing left to trade"

"Sounds fair to me. Here are my shoes, give me my chips and I believe it's your turn to deal."

The next few hands were a little closer but in the end I took all her chips again.

"You want my blouse or stockings?" That was a hard choice if I choose blouse then she has no shirt and I can easily enjoy the view but the stockings she would have to pull up her skirt and I could get a good look. In the end I decided I would take her shirt so I could enjoy the curves of her body longer. She slowly undid her blouse exposing her black lace bra. Her stomach was firm and breasts full.

The next two sets I lost where I took both my shoes and socks. I quickly found out why she offered her top the floor was cold but I wasn't too worried I may have gotten distracted and lost two whole sets but we were still both only down two things and I planned on making her loose the rest.

The next set was a long one with us going back and fourth with who was in the lead but finally I won out and excitedly watched as her skirt was lowered to the floor. She had on a thong that matched her bra and thigh high stockings, the kind that doesn't need a garter. I tried to see through the lace to tell if there was any hair but if she is a true blonde then I'm sure I wouldn't be able to tell.

She sat back down and I started the next hand. I was doing well I got her to bet everything she had, I had a full house and still had five coins left. She only had three things left and I was about to cut it down to two. Somehow she laid down four jacks, quickly giving her the upper hand and leaving me with only five chips to bet with. She upped the ante forcing me to match her or fold I had a pair of queens not a bad hand but not exactly something I wanted to bet everything on. I decided I would let it ride the worst that could happen is I lose my shirt not a big deal. She had two pair and so I was shirtless. I wasn't liking this close battle I should have her naked by now.

I took off my shirt and prepared to win this game I was going to have her naked before this game was over. She delt the cards, I don't know if it was the drinks or just poor luck I lost every hand in the set. My jeans went into the pile leaving me just my boxer briefs from nudity.

I thought long and hard before betting for the next set of hands I and finally won, my loosing streak was over her stockings were mine. Slowly she rolled them down her sexy legs. My cock was getting hard with this sex goddess half exposed in front of me. The next hand was it, one of us was going to be showing something vital after this set, and I had broken my loosing streak.

Two aces with a king high that's a good start so I upped the ante. She matched me. I took two cards she took one. Alright I got a third ace great start with nothing wild it was a good hand. I raised again. She saw my bet and went all in. it was the first hand of the set and it would be the last. We both were all in I called and laid down my three aces king high. She laid down three jacks then a ten finally with much delay laid down the last card. She had a full boat. I had lost. I can't believe I lost. This beautiful woman in front of me and I wasn't going to get to see her. I stared in disbelief.

"I believe those boxers are mine. Hand them over."

I dropped my shorts, my cock half hard from thoughts of seeing her.

"Well I guess you won."

"Not yet we both still have things to bet." I looked at her confused, "well I have clothes still and if you loose I get you as a nude slave for the weekend. You did say we play until we have nothing left to bet."

This was great I could still get her nude if I play my cards right.

"Ok deal your bra and panties are MINE." The cards were dealt and I had nothing she raised me three, I folded i was not going to waste the chance I had on an empty hand. Next hand once again I got nothing and she raised so again I folded. This was making me nervous. Next hand I was delt a flush. Not bad I can work with that. I raised three, didn't want to scare her into folding. She saw my raise and raised two more. She took two cards I took none she raised me again. I was down a few chips from having to fold earlier so it wasn't long till I was all in. I confidently laid down my flush. Slowly she laid down card by card four threes. I couldn't believe it I lost. For the first time I realized what I had bet. I was her nude slave the rest of the weekend and to make things worse I still hadn't gotten to see her nude. Although her bra and thong set was amazingly sexy I really wanted to see more.

I was glad that the fire had warmed things up so I wasn't cold.

"Come here slave! I want that thing hard while you do the dishes." I walked up to her she cupped my balls in her hand and softly kissed my cock. She caressed my cock with her lips and tongue working it till it was full size. She looked it over saying "nice I like it" then one last lick from my balls balls to head "Ok, get over there and wash the dishes."

She watched me do the dishes for a while then about half way through she walked up behind me and reached around to stroke my cock. I could feel the lace of her bra against my back. She ran her fingers all over my body returning often to brush over or stroke my throbbing cock. She left me wanting more and went to up to the loft for a few minutes then returned with a book stopping only long enough to make sure my cock stayed hard.

I finished the dishes, my cock still throbbing from the teasing I had been getting all night.

"Okay come over here again," once again she took my balls in her hand. Her lips slowly opened as she took my hard manhood into her mouth. She sucked and rubbed my balls. My cock felt about to burst. "the fire needs more wood there is some on the front porch get it and fuel the fire. If I were you I would be quick about it. It's getting cold out there I would hate to see this nice toy of mine get any smaller. And incase you forgot or weren't sure. You get no clothes at all the whole weekend."

I opened the door and ran to the wood. It was very cold outside and I didn't want to be there any longer than necessary. I got the wood and a few extra logs (as many as I could carry) I wanted as few trips as I could. I heard a camera and saw the flash, she was taking pictures.
Angel watched as I put another log on the fire. Using her phone to snap pictures every so often. "come over here and rub my legs. Start at my feet" I nelt in front of her and started rubbing her feet. I looked up at her, another flash, I could finally get a close look between her legs. I could see no pubic hair. " I want you kissing my legs as you rub them. I caressed her silky smooth legs enjoying the view between her legs. As I kissed her inner thighs she opened her legs just slightly. "you may touch my panties but don't move them, as long as you do everything I tell you to then I won't put anything else on. But if you even pause to think about it first then I might just get dressed and leave you with nothing." I rubbed and kissed working up her legs, finally I kissed her mound. I could smell the sweetness of her pussy but I didn't dare even slide a finger under her thong, I didn't want to take a chance and have her get dressed. I kissed and licked her
through her panties that were getting wetter from both the inside and out. Her legs were wide by now. She moved her hips forward and pulled my head in deeper smothering me between her legs. I could hardly breath before she finally allowed me to come up for air.

"Stand up!" I stood before her my cock excited to do more. "turn around and put your hands behind your head. I did as instructed she went behind me leaving me standing there before returning with some rope and proceeded to tie my hands behind my head.

She tied my wrists leaving one end long and then tied that around my waist forcing my hands to stay behind me. She then dropped the other end and rapped it around my balls. The bonds weren't tight but they were impossible to get free from. I stood with my hard cock before me helpless to do anything. Angel then placed a blindfold on my face.  I felt her hands wander my body. She stopped touching me for a short time before pushing something at my face, I could smell her pussy strong it must be her thong.  She blindfolded me before taking them off. Finally her panties are off and I can't even see  "On your knees, boy" she ordered. I struggled to get to my knees without falling on my face. I was guided forward my face pressed into her body. I opened my mouth and found her exposed nipple. She was completely nude and not allowing me to see only taste her. I gingerly kissed her breast softly sucking her hardening nipples she would rub her body
against mine i could feel her full nakedness against me. She made a point to let my cock touch her smooth wet pussy. I was aching for her to let me enter that sweet cave and burry my cock in its sweet embrace.

Slowly she arched backwards moving my kisses slowly down her belly. I tasted and felt her with my tongue her skin feeling like silk against my face. At last I was at her pussy. She was all the way on her back and I was bent over my face between her legs. I probed around and found no hair anywhere. Finally after extensive searching I slid my tongue between her moist lips. She tasted as wonderful as she looked. My tongue passed over her pussy repeatedly going deeper and opening her more each time. I had lost track of how many times I heard the camera on her phone click. I knew she had pictures of me from every angle and doing everything. I ignored the sounds of the camera a enjoyed the sweet taste of her pussy.  She would push her hips up and give me deeper access into her.  All of a sudden she pulled my face hard into her and started rubbing my face hard on her pussy.  i licked as fast as i could and shoved my tongue as deep as I could not
able to breath I spent my efforts pleasing this goddess that lay before me.  finally she released her death grip on my head and I could breath again. 
She helped me back to my feet.  I felt her lips around my cock once again.  She worked me till I was throbbing for release, she undid the ropes around my cock and waist (I waited for the blindfold to be removed but she never did).  I was walked a short way and my hands were pulled as far as they could go over my head and secured there.  
"What next?" I started to ask,
"Quiet, I want you quiet unless I ask you something".  I shut my mouth as she tied something to each of my legs.  My legs were pulled apart, so far apart my feet came off the ground.  I felt headphones get placed on my head and music started loud enough that I could hear nothing else. 

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2011-08-02 13:38:57
this story wasn't that good, i didn't get wet

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2011-06-23 20:15:35
there is a part 2 and part 3, I am currently working on part 4. I apologize for the delay in publishing work has been hectic cutting down on my writing opportunities.
I would like to thank everyone for your feedback and ratings.

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2011-06-22 21:33:03
Dude do a part 2, this story is incredibly erotic.


2011-06-08 07:27:51
Thanks for your input.
My thoughts on tasting as good as she looked......
Anytime you have your face buried between a girls legs you can't see what she looks like at that moment yet you still know how she looks. That was what I was referring to.
I will try and be more aware of how things might be understood.

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