Chapter 1

She had lost track of time. The basement room where she lived was dark, and she had no idea when it was day or night, or how long she had been there. She hadn't seen him in a long time. Occasionally she would wake to food and water being left there for her. She passed the time by doing exercises to keep her body fit for the day he would come back and use her body again. The welts had all healed and her skin looked almost as smooth as it had when she came here to be his slave. He had left her some basic toiletries, so that she could wash up a little and brush her hair. It had taken her forever to free the long locks of the knots that had been there. The longer time progressed, the longer she worried that she had done something to displease her master. Her stomach turned at the thought that he no longer wanted her.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. It was nearly killing him to leave her alone. He wanted her to heal completely, though. He had big plans for their next outing, and he knew that if he went into her, he wouldn't be able to control his insatiable lust and he would fuck her holes repeatedly, and she would end up wearing his marks all over her body. He watched the videos of their earlier sessions together and would masturbate repeatedly, but it would do no good. He visited a couple of former lovers, but they didn't fully satisfy him. It had been three weeks since he had visited his beautiful slave, and the wait was killing him. He had given her time to heal, but that time he had also put to use to arrange what he had planned for her.

He had been monitoring online sites and emailing with an assortment of men and women who were interested in using and abusing his slave for a weekend. He had selected a big city that was about an eight hour drive from his place. He had contacted an old friend of his who had a house there, who would be out of town and would allow his old friend use of the place for the night. It was in a quiet area that would be perfect for the event. His friend had let him know that the bar would be stocked and to just clean up the place when he was done. Once the locations was secured, he set out to sort through the emails of those who were genuine and those who didn't know how to conduct themselves in this kind of activity. It took a lot of discretion, as well as some restraint, not to mention a dark side that could carry out things to the extreme that he desired for his little slave. He would begin by sending some of the milder pics of his slut in action to see the responses, her being tied up, her taking it in the ass, and taking a load of cum on her face. If they were interested in something more extreme, he would send some pictures of her in clamps that pulled her nipples as far as the chain would allow them, pictures of her reddened ass after he had paddled her, and things of that like. After that, he asked the people that he was corresponding with what they wanted to see. Many wanted to see videos of the slut. A lot of them had questions about how extreme she would take it, about how far he would let them go with his slave. When he knew he had serious candidates, he'd send them the video of the night he invited his friends over to all of them take a go at her. They had done a lot to her that night. They'd all fucked all of her holes many times, had bound her tits and tortured them severely, had slapped her everywhere they could, pulled her hair, choked her, spit on her, called her every disgusting name in the book, and ended the night by pissing all over her. The enthusiasm of the responses that he got let him know that it would be an incredible night for him and for his fuck toy. He made arrangements and emailed all of them with the location and the date.

A couple of days before the event he knew he had to get her ready for the trip. He'd have to take her shopping for clothes, he'd destroyed all of her other clothes, she didn't need them with him, but on the road, she'd need something to wear, as well as stopping for gas and supplies for the road. He knew that even though it was an eight hour car ride, they'd be making a bunch of stops along the way. He had given up hope that he'd wait until the event to fuck her. He was going to do a lot of fucking her along the trip, but he'd restrain his dark desires until the others were present.

She was laying on the bed, but not sleeping when she finally saw him walk into her room in the basement. She was so happy to see him, but she could not tell if he was happy with her or angry with her. He was naked and hard, so she thought it was a good sign. He walked over to the bed and she sat up so that when he approached her, she had her mouth open and ready to take his cock. Without a word, he pushed it deep into her waiting mouth, quickly moving with long, hard thrusts. She gagged, but clasped her hands tightly behind her back to avoid the reflex to push back. Her saliva was quickly spilling out of her mouth, coating his balls as they slapped against her chin. She wanted to look up at him, but dared not. She expected him to wrap his hands in her hair and pull it tight as he got closer to orgasm, but he didn't touch her. Shortly thereafter, he shot his load in her mouth, and she happily swallowed every drop, continuing to suck on his cock after he had cum.

"Get on your hands and knees, you fucking animal." He yelled at her so loudly that she nearly jumped out of her skin. He was disciplined and it took all of it not to take a whip to her smooth ass. He pushed his cock into the entrance of her pussy, and held still. "Ride my cock, slut. Fuck against it like the bitch in heat that you are." He was pleased that she immediately started grinding against his dick, bucking wildly. He felt hot how and wet that she was. Her pussy juices started gushing as she rode him harder and wilder. He could see her quivering and knew that she wanted to cum, but there was no way he was going to allow her to do that. He pulled his cock from her pussy and pushed the head of it against her rectum. She was still tight, but he thought that by after the weekend, it would be a different story. "Move your ass, whore. Ride my cock, and I should not have to remind you that you are not allowed to speak, just grunt and by no means are you allowed to cum."

She moved slower, allowing her ass to grow accustomed to his cock, but a quick slap to her ass, and she was moving faster. She moved her ass against him, taking it deep into her bowels. She grunted as she kept pushing back, riding him and grinding against him. After several minutes, she felt him shoot a warm load of cum deep inside of her ass.

"Stand at attention, slut," he ordered. "Listen up, and listen good. We are going on a trip. You don't need to know where, you just need to do as you are told. There will be others there that will give you orders. Obey them as you would obey me. Now, come with me, we've got to get ready to go." He took her upstairs and had her shower. shaving her legs and her pussy completely, giving her one of his shirts and a pair of sweat pants. They drowned her, but they would be adequate until he bought her new clothes for the occasion. He supplied her with her make up bad and added, "You know how I like you to do your make up, and your hair."

She took the bag and began to apply her make up, making sure that she put on dark lipstick and heavy eye make up. She flipped her long dark curly hair over and dried it, making it as full as possible. When she was finished, she found him waiting at the door for her, and she followed him out to the car. They drove the short distance to the trashy lingerie store. When he opened her car door for her, she followed him inside. She looked around the store to see all kinds of kinky outfits and sex toys. She noticed him talking to the guy at the register, and he motioned her over. She saw that there were an assortment of nipple clamps on the counter. She was shocked when he told her to take her top off, but knew that if she didn't immediately comply, he'd punish her. She pulled the shirt off over her head, lowering her eyes in shame. Her perky C's were at attention and she stood still as he put the first pair of clamps on her. She heard him talking to the clerk, asking his opinion. He tugged at the chain and then pulled them off, replacing them with another pair. He went through about five or six pairs before he decided on the ones that he wanted. She heard him ask the clerk if she could wear them as they kept shopping. The guy gave a nasty sounding laugh and said that he didn't mind at all. She followed him down the aisle as he grabbed a few outfits here and there. He handed them to her and motioned her towards the dressing room. "Don't bother closing the door," he told her. The tops that he had picked out for her were either mesh or see through and the skirts were all shorter than anything she'd ever worn before. She pulled the sweat pants off and began trying on the clothes. He made her walk out and turn around, and then bend over and touch the ground, ensuring that her ass and pussy would show. The guy at the counter came back and watched with him, offering his opinions. She was so embarrassed at the way the guy was leering at her. He suggested to her master that she needed some very high heels to make the outfits work. That it would make the skirts ride up a little so more of her sex would show when she would bend over. Her master agreed and asked the clerk if he would bring out some pairs of shoes to try on her. Her master had already settled on a black sheer top and a short, tight black leather skirt. She still had the nipple clamps on, and as she waited for the clerk to return, her master selected a dog collar to complete her outfit, fastening it around her neck. When the clerk came back, he had several boxes of shoes in his arms, and he motioned for her to sit on a bench as he knelt in front of her to try some shoes on her. She wanted to cry, the guy could clearly see her pussy exposed and the juices that were moistening her sex. He smiled and put the first pair on, suggesting that she walk down the aisle, and back. Her master added that she should bend over at the end of the aisle and touch the ground. She obeyed, but it was humiliating to model her nearly naked body in front of this strange man. Six pairs of shoes later and her master finally picked the ones he wanted. She followed the men to the counter and the cashier rang up the purchases, giving her master the total.

"How much of a discount would you give me if this slut here sucked your cock?" he asked the clerk. He knew that the guy wouldn't resist the offer, he'd had a hard on for his slave since the moment he saw her tits, and he thought that this would be a good start for the trip. He planned on having her pay for as much of the trip as possible with her body. He was going to trade her body for gas, for food and for anything else that was needed. "Well," the clerk responded, "I'd be happy to give you a fifty percent discount for a good blowjob, as long as she swallows." "How much of a discount if I watch the counter while you take her in the back and fuck her?" The clerk laughed as if he couldn't believe it, thinking that it was all just a game. "I'm serious. Take this slut in your back room, I can see it from here. Bend her over that desk and fuck her good and hard. Then would you let her walk out of here in that get up?" "Absolutely," said the clerk and nearly ran him over as he came around the side of the counter.

She was shocked by what her master just said. She was still trying to process that she just been whored out for some clothes. The clerk had grabbed her hand and was quickly dragging her to the back of the store. Before she knew it, she had been pushed onto a desk, with the clerk rubbing her cunt, spreading her pussy lips. Seconds later, she felt him push his cock inside of her. She turned her head to the side and she could see her master watching her. He was laughing as he watched her being fucked. The clerk was tall and thin, and his cock was the same, a long, thin prick that stabbed inside of her. She felt no pleasure at the man's clumsy fucking, he was inept and it only took a couple of minutes before she heard him grunt and felt him cum inside of her. His dick slid out of her and he had done his pants up, walking back to the front of the store without giving her another thought. She was mortified! She was too stunned to know what she should do, but before she could make any kind of decision, she heard her master's voice, "You are such a disgusting slut! Get on your hands and knees and crawl up here!" She did what he ordered, crawling slowly across the dirty floor, feeling the the clerk's slimy jizz running out of her snatch and down her legs. When she reached her master, he leaned down and as he was attaching a leash to her dog collar, hissed into her ear, "You just wait until later, you will pay for being such a dirty slut." With that, he stood up and began to walk out, pulling the chain until she felt it tugging at the collar attached to her neck. She obediently followed, crawling outside, hoping that no one was around to see her being treated like a dog, but there was a couple just exiting their car to go into the shop. The woman gave her a disgusting look at the man sneered at her before they whispered to one another as they entered. She could feel her skin turn bright red with embarrassment, but had no time to dwell on it. Her master had opened her car door and pulled her leash up hard, dragging her to her feet. He hiked her skirt up over her hips, exposing her completely below the waist. "I will not let you ruin the new clothes I picked out for you by letting you get spunk all over them." he explained to her, and he reached in the car and handed her a towel. "Sit on this until I find you somewhere you can clean yourself up. It's going to be a long car ride, slut and you had better learn fast how to clean up that disgusting cunt of yours, understand?" She nodded and whispered, "Yes, sir."

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Nine tailed beast specifically...

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Nine tailed beast specifically...

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Nine tailed beast specifically...

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(九喇嘛, Kurama), more commonly known as the Nine-Tails (九尾, Kyūbi), is a tailed beast


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