A parcel delivery leads to a lot more
Of course this is a total fantasy. The characters are fictitious and are not meant to represent any person, living or dead.

I rang the doorbell and waited. Not that I expected any answer. This was the third time I had tried to deliver to the house. If no one answered this time then their goods were heading back to the depot. They had been given plenty of chance, hell I even left them my phone number to get back in touch and arrange a time. But so far nothing. So, I was slightly surprised when the door opened. However it was a pleasant surprise.
The girl at the door was cute. She looked to be in her early teens, thirteen maybe fourteen. She was wearing the uniform of the local girls school. A light green blouse with a short black skirt and flesh coloured tights. She looked at me for a moment then shouted for her dad. Before asking me in to the hall. I did not mind as it gave me a little more time to check her out. She had a pretty face. It was slightly round with a cute button nose and full lips. Her eyes were bright blue. Her face was almost haloed by her blonde hair. Which was tied up behind her head. I could see that see had a small, but nice looking pair of breasts. Her blouse hugged their shape nicely. The short skirt came halfway down her thighs. Revealing a shapely pair of legs. I quickly had an image of them wrapped around my waist.
As he father appeared I reluctantly took my gaze off her to hand him the parcel. As he took it I flicked my gaze back to her. She had moved to one side, watching me. Her father put the parcel down and turned to sign for it. Again I dragged my gaze away from her. As he signed he looked at me with a strange expression. I did my best not to glace over at his daughter. Even though I could feel her gaze on me. He signed my PDA then glanced at his daughter.
“You can look if you want, I don’t mind. And I can tell Laura doesn’t either.” He said to me.
“What, I don’t know what you mean.” I said, acting as shocked as I could. Which was not hard, he had shocked me.
“I saw you checking her out while you was waiting for me. You looked very interested when I was not around.” He said, I shook my head.
“No, I wasn’t doing anything of the sort.” He gently pushed the door closed. I suddenly felt very nervous and very trapped.
“You don’t have to lie you know. Because I could tell exactly what you were thinking. You were wondering how it would feel to fuck my little whore of a daughter weren’t you.” My mouth went dry as I shook my head. I glanced at the door, could I open it before he attacked me. “Oh come on, you can’t tell me you’re not interested. God if I was you I’d be interested.” I kept my gaze on him as I shuffled my feet slightly. Getting ready to dive for the door. Hoping I could get out before he stopped me. He gave a soft sigh and glanced back to his daughter. “Well Laura looks like you’re going to have to show him what he might miss out on. That’s assuming your as horny as you normally are after school.” He said, I refused to take the bait. Keeping my eyes on him all the time. Which is why I was caught by surprise when Laura suddenly kissed me.
Before I could stop myself I kissed her back. Felling her lips part to my tongue as I probed in her mouth. Quickly I controlled myself, pulling away before I did anything else. I expected to find her dad in the process of punching me in the face. Instead he had stepped back and was watching. Laura reached up to pull my face down to hers again. Kissing me hard, pressing her lips against mine. I kept my gaze on her father, who was not doing anything to stop her.
I began to realise that he had no intention of stopping me when Laura began to undo my trousers. Slowly I relaxed, starting to let myself enjoy the offered experience. Laura quickly undid my jean and slid her hand into my boxers. I could not keep from gasping as I felt her fingers wrap around my cock. It had been half hard from watching her. The instant her fingers touched me I went totally hard. As she kissed me she gently ran her hand along my cock. I forgot all about my worries about her father at that point. Instead my body reacted to her actions. I kissed her hard, again probing her mouth with my tongue. She slid her fingers up and down me as we kissed. Before pushing my boxers down and releasing my cock.
Breaking away from the kiss she sank to her knees in front of me. As I watched she lent forwards and licked her tongue over my cock. Then slipped her lips over it, sucking me into her mouth. I gave a hiss of pleasure as I felt her mouth sink down over me. She lowered her lips down me, taking almost all of me into her mouth. For a second she held me in her mouth. Before sliding her mouth back up me, sucking firmly as she did. I hissed again at the feeling. Laura smiled up at me, her blue eyes glinting.
She began to give me a hot blow job. Sliding her lips right down my cock. Sucking on me as she did. Her motion was slow at first, but it began to increase. Building up to a steady tempo. Her mouth sliding along me. Sucking me deep into her. I felt her tongue licking around me. She knew exactly what she was doing, exactly how to give a guy a great blow job. I had no idea where she had got her experience from. The look on her father’s face hinted at the source. He was obviously getting turned on watching his daughter sucking me off.
Laura’s movement on me increased as she built up the pressure. Sliding her mouth faster along me. Sucking firmly as her lips moved down my cock. She repeatedly licked her tongue around the head of my cock. Sending jolts of feeling through me. I fought for control, not sure what I was allowed to do. As if she sensed this she reached up and wrapped her one hand around my balls. Sucking hard on me she gently massaged my balls with her fingers. All of my control was blown away. I hissed sharply as her actions triggered my orgasm. As Laura felt me beginning to cum she lowered her mouth down me. Sliding down until my cock was almost totally in her mouth. Letting me cum directly down her throat. Her eyes went wide as I exploded in her mouth. I felt her swallowing as I emptied myself into her. She held my cock deep in her mouth until I had pumped all my cum down her throat. Only then did she pull back. Glancing up at me and licking her lips.
“Umm, very nice.” She said in a soft tone. I looked down at her in sheer amazement. She had just given me one of the best blow jobs I had ever had. I pulled her to her feet and kissed her hard. Crushing my lips to hers. She kissed me back with equal power. Slowly I pushed her back until we reached the wall behind her. Once she was resting against it I ran my hands up to her breast. Squeezing them firmly through her blouse. Kneading their firm flesh with my fingers. Then I ran one hand down to between her legs. Lifting her skirt and sliding it under her tights. I began to rub firmly at her cunt. I was slightly shocked at just how wet she already was. As soon as I push a finger into her I felt it become covered by her juices. Laura gave a soft gasp as I slid my finger deep into her. Pushing it in and out. As I fingered her I began to undo her blouse. Flicking each button open until the blouse was unfastened. I pushed it aside running my hand up under her bra to cup her naked breast. Her nipple felt like a bullet pressing into my palm. Glancing down I saw she had a front fastening bra. Again I was surprised, but did not mind.
I flicked open the bra, exposing her breasts. I gazed at them, taking in their appearance. Two firm round mounds of flesh. Pale colour apart from the nipples that were a darker colour, almost brown. Leaning down I eagerly took one breast into my mouth. I heard Laura’s soft hiss as I sucked on her breast. Felt her slightly arch her back to push her breast out towards me. As I sucked on it I pushed two fingers back into her cunt. She gasped, wrapping her arms around me. I sucked on her breast, licking my tongue over it. Sliding my two fingers deep into her. Feeling how tight she was around them, and how wet she was.
I moved to suck on her other breast. But wanted to taste her. Slowly I sank down in front of her. As I did I pulled her tights and panties down. Sliding them down until they were around her ankles. She stepped her one foot up out of them. Parting her legs as she did. I ran my hands back up her legs. Feeling how smooth her skin was. Until I reached her cunt. I gently parted her outer lips. Looking up into her for a second, seeing the soft pink folds of flesh. I took a moment to simply inhale her scent. Before I lent forwards to probe inside her with my tongue. I pushed my tongue deep into her. Licking at her, tasting her. Savouring the sweetness of her juices on my tongue.
Laura moaned softly as I licked at her. Reaching down to wrap her fingers in my hair. Taking that as a sign she was enjoying it I licked harder in her. Flicking my tongue along the walls of her cunt. Using my fingers to pull her open wider. Allowing me to probe deeper into her. Laura moaned deeply, she began to make soft gasps of pleasure.
“Oh yes, that feels so good.” She hissed.
“Is he licking you out good Laura.” He father asked.
“Yes, un oh god yes.” Laura replied as I probed as far into her cunt as my tongue would reach. I would have loved to stay there, licking inside her for ages. But she needed more. I felt her softly pulling at my hair. Urging me to move higher up. I knew what she wanted, and was happy to oblige. I ran my tongue up her lips until I reached her clit. Flicking the tip of my tongue over it I exposed the hard bud from under it’s hood. Laura’s sharp gasp of pleasure filled the room. Glancing up I saw her staring down at me. Her mouth half open, I could just see the tip of her tongue poking out. Her blue eyes were flashing with lust and passion. I focused my attention on her clit. Began to run my tongue over it, licking it hard.
“Oh fuck that’s so good. Oh yes.” Laura moaned as I licked at her. I felt her fingers pushing at my head. Pushing my face into her. I increased my speed. Rapidly flicking my tongue over her clit. Licking it all over. Laura’s moans grew harder, louder as I licked at her. “Yes, yes oh god don’t stop.” She moaned, her body rocking softly at the sensations I was causing. I reached up to cup her breasts. Squeezing them hard, pinching her nipples with my fingers. Her moans became soft cries of passion. High pitched sounds drawn from deep in her chest. I knew how close she was to her orgasm. An orgasm I was happy to give her. I ran one hand down to slide two fingers hard into her cunt. Pushing them up into her as I pressed my tongue against her clit. Licking it hard and fast. Pawing at her breast with my other hand.
“Oh fuck, god I’m…oh god yes.” She squealed sharply as I felt her body go ridged. Then she exploded into her orgasm. Gasping out hard, sharp cries of pleasure. I rammed my fingers up into her, licking at her clit to add to her pleasure. She cried out in passion. Her body jolting sharply as her orgasm ran through her. I licked at her until I felt her orgasm dying. Then I quickly stood up.
Licking her out had got me hard again, and I fully intended to take advantage of the opportunity I was been given. Even as her orgasm ended I was positioning my cock against her cunt. At the last moment before I entered her she sense what I was doing. Her eyes opening wide, with a look of wild lust. Then I thrust upwards, ramming my cock deep into her tight cunt.
“YES,” she cried as I entered her. Instantly clinging to me. I pulled out then thrust up again. Slamming hard into her. She moaned and lifted her legs up, wrapping them around my waist. I could not believe it as I acted out the thoughts I had had when I first saw her. Fucking her hard, with her legs wrapped around me.
“Yes baby, take his cock Laura.” Her father said from behind us.
“Oh yes, fuck me hard.” She gasped up into my face.
“Take it, take it all.” I hissed back as I rammed into her. Burying my cock inside her little cunt, right up to the hilt. She gasped, clinging tightly to me. I felt her body jolt as I slammed into her. I began to fuck her hard. Ramming in and out. Thrusting my cock totally into her. Laura squealed softly with each thrust. Her eyes shooting wide each time I entered her. My hands gripped her ass, pawing at her firm buttocks as I fucked her. The thought of what her ass would be like to fuck flashed across my mind. But I was not going to push my luck. It was enough to simply be fucking her tight cunt.
And what a tight cunt. It gripped my cock, warm and wet around me. I filled her totally, slamming as far into her as I could. It felt as if I was hitting the top of her cunt with each thrust. From the sharp cries of pleasure I guessed she was enjoying the feeling. Her body rocking up with each thrust. I felt her pushing back against me. Taking me as deep into her as she possible could.
“That’s it, fuck my little whore hard.” Her father urged as I continued to ram into her. Pinning her into the wall with each hard thrust. Piercing her cunt, opening it wide each time I entered her. Pawing at her ass as I fucked her. I realised I had begun to rub her asshole as I squeezed her buttocks. If she noticed she said nothing. Just urged me to keep fucking her.
“God yes, fuck me hard. Don’t stop please don’t stop.” She gasped to me.
“Take it, take my cock into your little cunt Laura.” I hissed back as I increased the power of my thrusts. Even though I knew it would push my control to it’s limit. The sharp increase in her moans was worth it. After only a few thrusts she was squealing softly. Her fingers clawing at my back. I gritting my teeth against the almost overwhelming urge to cum. Holding myself back until I felt her go. I was ramming into her as hard as I could. Roughly thrusting into her little cunt. Slamming my cock into her with all my strength. I knew how close she was, could feel it. I also knew how close I was. I needed her to cum now. I acted on instinct, she had not complained about my fingered her ass before. This time I push a finger into her, not deep but jut enough for her to feel it. It was the right move.
“Unn oh fuck yes I’m cumming oh yes.” She cried as I felt her explode into her orgasm. The feel of her cunt tighten around me took my control with it. I slammed into her with all my strength. Ramming my cock right up inside her. I could feel the head slam against the top of her cunt. Then I exploded inside her. Pumping my cum into her.
“God, yes.” I grunted sharply as I came. Laura gave a sharp squeal at the force of my thrust. Then moaned deeply as she felt me cumming.
“Oh god, cum in me yes.” She gasped breathlessly as her orgasm continued to sweep through her. I held myself buried as deep in her cunt as I could until I empted ever last drop of cum. Then slowly pulled out, lowering her legs down. I held her pinned to the wall until she was able to stand. Only then did I pull back. Moving away until I was stood in the middle of the hall. Laura remained against the wall. At some point while we were fucking her blouse had dropped away. Along with her bra. I could see her small breasts as they rose and fell with her deep breaths. Laura gave a soft murmur as I did. A regretful sound that we were finished. Quickly she grabbed my face and pulled me into a deep hard kiss.
“That was a fantastic fuck.” She whispered as she broke the kiss.
“Thank you, you were fantastic as well.” I told her.
“You were both amazing then.” Her father said. I jumped as I had totally forgotten about him. “I think my little whore of a daughter really enjoyed that. Didn’t you Laura.” Laura nodded hard. “Good, so you’re extra horny now aren’t you.”
“Oh yes daddy, very horny.”
“Would you like your new friend to come round again.”
“If he can yes daddy.” Laura’s voice was excited by the idea. Her father looked at me.
“If you want to you can. Next time little Laura here might like to have both of us taking her. What do you think my little whore, is that a good idea.” Laura’s face lit up and she nodded hard. “Right me and our friend can swap numbers. Then we can arrange a time for us to all have fun together.” I smiled, liking that idea. Already looking forwards to my next time with Laura.

If enough people are interested I will detail the story of what happened the next time.

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