Hey there. Since my first story was rated pretty high, this is going to be the second story that I put on here. In this story it’s not going to be from my point of view, but from one of my friends. For his privacy let’s call him Mike. He’s been having some fantasies lately and he wanted me to write them down for him. This story is by far not as crazy as the first one I wrote. Also, you have to know that I’m actually Dutch which makes it harder for me to be grammatically correct in English so please don’t go too harsh on me if you have a constructive or a negative comment. As I said, this is from HIS point of view, not mine! There is also one really important thing that you have to know:

THIS THING HAS A BIG NON-SEXUAL INTRO BEFORE THE ACTUAL SEX PART, so if you don’t like long, long, intros, please don’t read this or just skip to the sex part. Also, if you people like this, I’m going to write a second part which involves a lot more sex ;)

Have fun reading ^_^!


Waking up the day after

I woke up with a killer headache. Last night was a complete blur. For ten minutes I lay still before turning my head to the right.

Two empty bottles of wine? What the…?

I felt my dick jump to attention a little, so I looked down. A vaguely familiar blonde girl was rubbing my crotch through my underwear in her sleep. What the hell happened last night, and why does my dick feel like it’s been run over by an angry mob? And then it hit me: the night with the two beautiful babes!

Waking up the day of the event

*Knock knock*

No reply.


“Ugh… Who is it?” I said in a weak voice as I opened my eyes.

“It’s almost 8 o’clock already honey! If you don’t hurry up you’ll be late!” mom replied, as I heard her walk away.
I was awake in a split second. My mom woke me up at 7:45! I live more than 9 miles away from school, and I mostly go by bicycle, how can she wake me up at fucking 7:45?! I had to be in school at 8:30!

I was lying on my belly, so I flipped over but before I stood up I looked at my underwear. I always slept with only my boxers on, and like many of my horny days, a part of my 7” dick was sticking out of the top of my underwear. I stood up and stretched a little. My boner was starting to subside already. I walked over to my closet and opened the doors. No comb… I needed to comb my hair before going to school... I searched my desk but no success; there was only homework, homework, homework and a porn magazine. I looked under my bed, again with no success. I speed-searched my whole room but I couldn’t find my comb.

Now I know I shouldn’t overreact about losing my comb, but I don’t have the average guy’s hair. My hair reaches my back, and if I don’t comb that hair for at least 2 minutes in the morning, it’s going to look like a bird’s nest when I reach school. Finally, after looking for like 5 minutes, I found it on top of my closet. Of course, that was where I left it yesterday morning!

I quickly grabbed it, combed my hair for half a minute and threw it on my bed. I ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I spit in the sink, wiped my mouth and took a leak. I ran back into my room and put on my clothes as quickly as I could. I jammed random books into my bag; mathematics, science, biology, English, economy. I ran downstairs, almost crashing into my dad who was going upstairs and looked on the kitchen table; toast, fruit, bacon, eggs, cereal. I didn’t have time to eat, so I grabbed a piece of bacon and an apple.

I ran outside, only to find my bicycle covered in snow and ice. Now that’s fucking great. It was in the middle of winter, around -5 degrees Celsius and my mean of transport was covered in snow. Panic struck me; the roads were half-covered in ice, and since my dad is an extremely aggressive driver, I didn’t want to ask him to drive me to school because it would possibly result in me being killed in a car accident. But then again, if I would appear late at school, the school principle would give me detention which would cause my mom to bury me alive. I decided to ask my dad to drive me to school anyway, since he’s free from work today.

“DAD! Could you please drive me to school, I don’t want to be late!

“It’s not my fault that you’re always dreaming about that girl till late in the morning…. Eh, what’s her name again? Kyla? Kyra? Yeah that’s it, Kyra. Stop dreaming about her and just ask her out for God’s sake! You’re a handsome young man, and girls would show interest in you if you just had a little bit of confidence. If you’d just ask her out, you could wake up a little earlier!” he replied.

It really bothered me when he talked about girls that way with me. It was true, I had a little crush on a girl called Kyra and my dad knew it because my little brother told him. Actually he was right. I don’t know if I’m handsome but I’m an average, not so ugly, 18 year old. I’m 5’8” and I’m pretty thin except for the little bit of fat covering my abs. I do have glasses but they actually look pretty cool on me. I play soccer a few times a week, which keeps me from becoming fat. The only thing that separates me from the “popular” kids at school, was my longer than average hair, and my taste for music.
I mostly listen to classic rock and heavy metal but I don’t mind listening Eminem or Beyonce. I’m the kind of guy who is interested in every kind of music, except that’s not how the popular kids saw it. They all saw me as the metal-head freak of class.

I looked at my dad with anger clearly visible in my eyes. I kept staring at him like that for about four seconds before he gave in: “Fine! I’ll take you to school, just let me finish my breakfast.”

“Dad, it’s freaking 8:15, school starts at 8:30! I’m going to be late for sure!” I replied, panic striking me harder this time.

“Ok, ok, whatever, get outside then.” He said as he stuffed his mouth with two pieces of bacon.

I grabbed his car keys before he could, and ran outside. I unlocked the car door and fell down on the passenger seat.

Our whole school will have a one-week holiday starting from tomorrow because there are some adjustments going to be made to the school building, and the people there need space. So luckily, tonight, I can sleep till how late I want.

Dad came outside 30 seconds later and sat behind the steering wheel. He started the car and off we were.

Fifteen minutes later we arrived. I thanked my dad and jumped out of the car. Big mistake; I slipped and fell on my ass. I heard my dad laugh while he drove away.

I stood up, and literally with pain in my ass I ran to the school door. I dashed into the school building and looked at the big clock which was hanging on the wall of the school hall. It was 8:34; I was screwed! But then I remembered; I had biology! My biology teacher is around the age of 55 but he always understands teenagers and he never minds us coming to class a little late. I sighed in relief as I walked up the stairs to the classroom. I reached it and opened the door.

“Hey, I’m sorry, I woke up a little….” But before finishing my sentence my teacher interrupted me:

“Mike, don’t worry, just sit down.”

I sat down next to one of my friends, Simon, in the back of the classroom.

“Hey Mike, jacking off took a little longer?” He joked.

“Yeah it took me 40 minutes to finish, jackass. Now what did I miss?” I whispered while taking out my books.

“Don’t take out your books, it’s Mr. Jones’s birthday, we’re going to watch a movie.”

Mr. Jones is the biology teacher. I dropped my bag on the ground and crossed my arms. Mr. Jones switched the lights off. Five minutes later we were watching “The Hangover”. It’s a pretty funny movie. Four friends go to Vegas and have the time of their lives until one of them disappears.

We had two straight hours of biology so we could easily finish the movie. After finishing, everyone wished Mr. Jones a happy birthday and we went to the next class; science, my biggest nightmare. It was a real pain in the ass to sit there and listen to some old dude talking about why atoms are made out of protons, electrons and neutrons.

We walked into the classroom, but before Simon and I could take the two seats in the back of class like we always do, Kyra and her friend Denise beat us to it.

The two girls looked great as usual. Kyra was a beauty. She isn’t the kind of hot girl that has huge tits and a big booty. She was a thin, fit girl with a little longer than mid length blonde hair that she mostly wore in a ponytail. She always wore tight clothes that gave away the shape of her body perfectly. She had a nice hourglass figure and even though her tits weren’t huge (a small B-cup), they fit her really nice. I guess she’s about 5’3”. She once told me that she woke up every morning at 5 AM to run 15 to 30 minutes to keep in shape. You could definitely see that she was in perfect shape.

Now Denise was completely different. She was a bit taller than Kyra, at an approximate 5”4’. She was a little on the chubby side but she had a nice D-cup which fit her really nice. She had a big round ass that stuck out a little, but that only made her hotter. With mid length jet black hair, she was one of the hottest girls in class, maybe even in the whole school. Both Kyra and Denise were 17 year old.

“What are you looking at?” Kyra asked me when she caught me staring at Denise.

“Wha… What? Sorry I was uhm... I….”

“Mike, take a seat before you get on my nerves!” The teacher interrupted me.

“Yes sir!” I replied.

I sat down and the science teacher started talking about atoms and molecules. I didn’t know what he was saying after that because I wasn’t paying attention at all. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Can I please borrow your calculator? I forgot mine… Please?” I heard Kyra say.

I wanted to take a look at her nice body, so I grabbed my calculator and turned around to give it to her. I handed her the calculator, and then tried to stare at her cleavage unnoticeably. Her small B-cup still did it for me and I got a certain reaction from my little friend. Apparently I looked a little too long because she reached for her T-shirt above her breasts and pulled it up a little. I quickly turned around and heard her giggle. Then she whispered something into Denise’s ear which made her giggle too. Damn, I got busted. Luckily they didn’t make a big deal out of it because seconds later they stopped giggling and I didn’t hear anything coming from their direction.

Today looked like it took ages to finish and when the last class – which as English – was over, I walked out of the classroom in relief. As I was walking towards the exit of my school Simon was walking in front of me, talking to Kyra and Denise when they all suddenly burst out in laughing. I was kind of curious what they were talking about.
“Hey guys, what are you talking about?” I asked.

“We were just talking about how you were staring at Kyra’s twins!” Denise replied, giggling while Kyra had a big grin on her face.

I was shocked. What the hell? Was Simon actually talking to them about it?! But I pretended that I didn’t care.

“Hell no, I wasn’t staring at her twins! She barely has a B-cup, why would I want to see that?”

Apparently that was not the answer that satisfied Kyra because she got angry:

“Shut up you pervert! You were staring at my tits, you just don’t want to confess! I bet you’d look at them every moment you could!

I started to get frustrated.

“Hah, yeah you wish I would, you would like that kind of attention, bitch…” I replied.

Before she replied, Simon came sliding into the conversation. The bastard just couldn’t pick a worse moment to bully me like he always did:

“Hey, are you going to fight? Because I want to see Mike getting beat by a girl. Besides Mike, you told me yourself weeks ago that you would love to have a threesome with Denise and Kyra.”

Frustration made place for a huge sensation of embarrassment. At first Kyra and Denise gave me a weird “what the f” look and then burst out laughing. I was so embarrassed. I turned around and walked to the opposite direction. I took a diverted route to the exit which caused me to climb up and down more stairs than necessary but I had to avoid Kyra and Denise at any cost. Luckily I didn’t see them anymore.

I called my dad to come and pick me up. I was lucky that I went by car because it was starting to rain and the road looked extra slippery. My dad came and drove me straight home.

At home I Immediately went upstairs to my computer. I tried to fire up the thing but it didn’t start. I tried removing whatever I could but nothing worked. After ten minutes of trying I remembered; the thing hasn’t been working for over 3 months. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t even remember regular day stuff.

I went downstairs and took my little brother’s laptop. I lay down on the couch and looked at the clock. It was 5 o’clock. I was wondering, where’s my dad gone and where’s my little brother?
My dad was just here and my little brother should have been at home two hours ago. Then I got a text:

“Hey Son, we’re staying with your aunt today, we were just going to visit her but since it’s snowing outside like it’s the North Pole, I think it wouldn’t be too wise of us to try to return home from five miles away in this weather.”

I looked out of the windows; at least 12 inches of snow and still stacking. It actually looked like there was a storm coming.

I sighed and sat back down on the couch. I had absolutely nothing to do for tonight so I just started the radio and fired up the laptop.

Ten minutes later, the classic rock songs of AC/DC were bursting through the loud speakers which we had installed near the TV. I switched off the lights, took my laptop and went on MSN, my favorite instant messaging program. There weren’t a lot of people online so I just set my status to “away” and started a shooter game. I tried to play but since I was playing with a touchpad, it was really hard to control the aim of the character. I just closed the game and I was about to go get some snacks when I got a text.

“Mike, can we please come to your place. We were at our judo tournament and when we called my dad to come to drive us home he said the car couldn’t drive in such weather, it’s almost snowing right now! Please reply quickly! Xx Kyra.”

“Xx Kyra” I repeated in my mind. Didn’t she make fun of me at school? I could just let her die in the cold snow. Besides who was “we”? I didn’t want some unknown dude, probably her boyfriend staying here at my home. I looked outside and I was amazed. There was at least 15 inches of snow and there were flashes of scary, blinding thunder. If I would let Kyra stand there with whoever she was with, she would be buried alive or fried by lightning. This is ridiculous, how could I even hesitate?

Without further thinking I texted her back: “Ok, come quickly, you know my address, right?” I pressed send.

“Message not sent, you have insufficient credit for sending this message.” My phone replied.

Fuck, what now? Wait, I know where the judo tournaments are held! Without hesitation I grabbed my coat, the house keys and ran out the front door before slamming it shut. There was snow almost up to my crotch. The flashes of lightning and the sound of thunder got worse every minute and there was still snow falling, more than I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t run, so I walked as fast as I could. The judo tournaments were held in a place about 6 streets from here.

When I reached there, I didn’t see anyone at first. I kept looking around when I saw I vaguely saw two human forms. I walked up to them and I immediately saw Kyra. She was leaning against a tree and she didn’t have a coat on but only the t-shirt and pants she was wearing at school. She also had a bag in her hand which (I suspected) she stored her judo outfit in. There was another person hugging her and when I got closer I saw that it was Denise. I now remembered that both of them did judo.
When I was about 4 feet away they still didn’t notice me so I shouted at them:

“Hey is everything ok?”

Denise looked at me and replied: “No, Kyra doesn’t have anything heavy on! We’re freezing and we can’t see anything out here.”

I got even closer and saw that Kyra was sobbing. I didn’t blame her. I couldn’t see squat, the lightning and thunder now sounded brutal and since Kyra is a little shorter than me, she was covered in snow up to her hips.

“Kyra, can you walk? I asked her.

“I don’t think so, it’s so cold and I can’t even keep myself standing.” She replied, sobbing.

“Then I’ll have to carry you, are you ok with that?” I replied. She slowly nodded so I grabbed my coat and gave it to her. Then I lifted her up in my arms. She was really light, so I had no problem carrying her. The problem was that with the snow now coming up to my crotch, I could barely walk.

I told Denise to hold my shoulder so that she wouldn’t get lost and we slowly walked. Fifteen minutes later we reached my home and I put Kyra on the ground. She couldn’t stand up on her feet and collapsed, almost disappearing in the snow. Luckily Denise caught her and when I had opened the door, we ran into my house, shoving a lot of snow with us into the place.

I told Denise and Kyra to enter the living room and I miraculously was able to close the door, even with all the snow in the way.

I entered the living room and checked on Kyra if she was okay.

“I’m fine thanks.” She replied weakly.

“Great. Do you girls want some hot coco, coffee, tea or maybe something else?” I asked.

“Oh, some hot coco would be great!” Denise replied.

“I guess the same for you then?” I asked Kyra.

She nodded weakly. I went into the kitchen and let some water boil. I thought that it might be a good idea to change clothes, turn up the heater for the girls and get them some blankets while the water was boiling.

I went up the stairs into my room and changed into dry jeans and a sweater. I then went into my parents’ room and grabbed two blankets.
I went down the stairs and walked into the living. Denise and Kyra were lying close to each other on the couch hugging. They had their eyes closed and they just looked adorable, like two kittens when they’re asleep. I put the two blankets on top of each other and put them on the two girls. Denise opened her eyes and smiled at me. She then closed them and hugged Kyra even tighter.

“Don’t choke the girl.” I said, winking.

A big smile appeared on Denise’s face.

“Thanks for everything Mike” She said in a weak voice.

Kyra was already asleep and Denise was too exhausted so I didn’t think they’d need the coco anymore. I went into the kitchen and spilled the almost-boiling water into the sink. I didn’t know what to do next. Two beautiful girls were sleeping on MY couch and I didn’t know what to do. I knew nothing was going to happen, so I just sat next to Denise while she and Kyra were lying against each other and closed my eyes. Ten seconds later I fell asleep.

What seemed like two minutes later I opened my eyes only to find that I had actually slept for two hours straight. I felt great. That power nap had given me a boost of strength.

I wanted to stand up but I felt some extra weight on my arm. I looked to the left to discover that Denise was hugging my arm tightly. I slowly tried removing her from my arm but she hugged it even tighter and started murmuring a little. She had a big cleavage and I became horny instantly. Her tits were squeezed together like double-flavored pudding. Suddenly she jerked, and her tight, cleavage-showing t-shirt, slipped from her right breast. I saw her whole right breast including her nipple. She wasn't even wearing a bra. Now I know that most teenagers have seen a lot of tits but that’s only on the screen. I was actually looking at a beautiful breast of one of the girls that I dreamt of screwing! I wanted to touch it so badly but I knew it was wrong.

“Holy shit.” I whispered, a little too loud.

“Uhh, ooh, uhm don’t… don’t do that… not in there, please don't put it in there I beg you…. mmmmhm.” She muttered in her sleep.

I freaked out. She was having some kind of a sex rape dream while one of her tits was actually hanging out. But what if she woke up near me, to find her breast had fallen out of her incredibly tight t-shirt while I was pressed against her on a couch? She would immediately think that it was me and she would most definitely call the police and file in a complaint for molestation! I grabbed the side of her t-shirt and tried to lift it over her breast. It didn’t work, the t-shirt was too tight and her breast was too big. How did that D-cup thing get out of that tight shirt anyway? I tried pulling on the shirt again but this time I did it too hard. She instantly woke up and looked at me, then to the bulge on my pants and then to her right breast.

Can you picture it? You’re a hot chick and some pervert is having a hard on while his hand is massaging your breast when you’re asleep…. How would you react?

“Oh my god! You fucking pervert!” She cried out, and then ran away.

Kyra woke up because of the sudden cry of Denise and asked:

“What’s wrong with Denise?”

“I… I touched her breast… I didn’t want to but her boob accidently slipped out of her shirt” I replied.

“Oh my god, don’t worry, it has happened more than once when we fall asleep on a couch without our PJ’s on.”

“Then why did she run away like that? I replied.

“Mike, you should know that Denise is really shy about showing her nude body.” Kyra said in a worried voice.

“But she has a great body! You both have a great body!” I blurted out uncontrollably.

A smile appeared on her face. “I have to check on her Mike, I’ll be right back.”

I sat there wondering what would happen this night. I just made clear to both girls that I’m a complete pervert. I waited a few minutes before Denise and Kyra came back into the living room. Denise clearly had been crying. Her eyes were red and her make-up was completely messed up all over her face. They both looked at me and Kyra whispered something in Denise’s ear.

Denise looked at me and a smile appeared on her face: “I’m sorry that I called you a pervert, I was just embarrassed!”

“What? No! You don’t have to apologize” I replied. “It wasn’t your fault!”

She looked at me and it looked as if she was going to cry again but before I could speak she fell into my arms and hugged me. I hugged her back and we stayed like that for like twenty seconds. Kyra was just standing there, smiling and happy.

“I think we all need a shower, I mean I’m all sweaty and sticky. I feel dirty. Can we please use your shower?” Kyra asked.

“Sure, go ahead, I think I’ll take a shower after you girls are finished. I’ll give you some towels in a second, follow me to the bathroom.”

We walked upstairs and I showed them the bathroom. Denise got into the bathroom and closed the door. Before I went to get them some towels, I noticed that Kyra had a little eyeliner on the tip of her upper lip.

“Hey, why do you have eyeliner on the tip of your lip Kyra?” I asked.

“What, oh I… uhm I….” She quickly tried to wipe it away, but she wiped the wrong side of her face.

“Ok Mike, you have to promise to keep this a secret but me and Denise…… we’re lesbians together….” She said, blushing.

I was baffled. My cock was rock hard within three seconds. My fantasies were true? I’ve been fantasizing so many times about these two girls making out and having sex, but they’re actually lesbians?

“Well, we aren’t actually lesbians, we’re bi!” She quickly said.

I just stared at her, and as she kept blushing, she turned around and walked into the bathroom. Denise was already nude and she was startled, but then Kyra kissed her gently on the lips: “Denise, I’m sorry… I told him.”

“But…. Why… O my god he’s going to tell the whole school!” She shouted.

“No, Mike isn’t that kind of guy, right Mike? Mike?” Kyra replied while again kissing Denise on her lips.

That perfect ass. Those big round tits. I was baffled. I was actually looking at one of my fantasy girls while she was nude, and she didn’t think it’s a crime!

“Mike??!” Kyra said again, this time a little louder.

“Oh, yeah, I’m sorry. It’s just that, Denise is nude in front of me. And you’re kissing her… It’s driving me insane!”

Kyra didn’t hesitate a second. She pulled me towards Denise and pushed my face towards her. We looked each other in the eyes for a second and embraced each other in a hug while we kissed. I grabbed her ass and started massaging it. She let go of me, giggled for a second and kissed me again.
I must be in heaven, I thought. I grabbed her ass and massaged squeezed it hard again before Kyra broke us up.

“Come on, let’s all get in the shower together, it looks like your friend needs some help Mike.” She said while looking at my crotch.

I didn’t need a second invitation. I pulled off my t-shirt and quickly dropped my pants. I walked over to Kyra and kissed her hard. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and quickly slid my hand under her t-shirt until I felt her bra. I felt underneath it and squeezed her breast. She slid her tongue into my mouth and her hand into my underwear and started stroking my hard cock. It was probably the biggest erection I’ve ever had. Suddenly she pushed me away.

“Come on Mike, we don´t have to rush into this! If you’re going to grope me, then you have to grope Denise as well, so off with the clothes and get into the shower!” She commanded as she pulled off her shirt and bra. Wow, what a fantastic pair of tits. Her perky little B¬-cup looked beautiful.
I walked into the shower and let the hot water run. A bit too hot… a bit too cold. Ah, perfect! I pulled Denise and Kyra in the shower with me and started kissing Denise again. As I was groping Denise in every place I could while our tongues were dancing around in our mouths, Kyra was standing behind me, massaging my dick with both her hands. She rubbed my back with her nude body which made me extremely horny. I stopped kissing Denise and bent down a little so I could take her nipple in my mouth. The hot water was running over their bodies, making them look like porn stars. It looked like Kyra couldn’t control herself because she was moaning:

“Oh god, you guys are so fucking hot, you make me want to cum so hard!” She said as she fingered herself.

I let go of Denise and diverted my attention to Kyra. I kissed her hard and slipped my tongue into her mouth. I grabbed one of her perky little breasts.

“Damn Kyra, you’re tits are beautiful, and yours are too Denise! You girls just drive me insane!” I blurted out.

I heard Denise behind me moaning as she took my hand and put it on her crotch. I started moving my hand a little around Denise’s pussy while still squeezing Kyra’s tits. I stopped kissing her and removed my hand from Denise’s crotch. Denise was obviously not pleased when I stopped caressing her pussy.

“Hey, do I have to do all the work myself?” She said in a naughty voice.

I smiled and put both my hands on Kyra’s tits. I caressed them and licked her erect nipples. I flicked my tongue around them and bit them a few times. Kyra was rubbing her pussy, and she was clearly horny as fuck. I removed one hand from one of her breasts and cupped her hot little cunt. She moaned in ecstasy as I slipped a finger in her tight snatch. Even if it was just a finger, I could feel that this girl was extremely tight. I moved around inside of her before pulling out my finger and turning to Denise.

I had started groping and sucking on Denise’s tits again, but as she started fingering herself, I wanted to get a taste of that nice pussy. I got down on my knees, which was kind of annoying because the bathroom floor was hard, and removed Denise’s hand. Then I rubbed one of my fingers around her pussy without yet touching it.

“You fucking bastard, stop teasing me and shove some fingers into me!”

I shoved one of my fingers into her and I heard her groan loudly. After an inch though, I felt her hymen.

“Still a virgin, huh?” I asked.

“Yeah, but I love it when Kyra touches me there, and I love it when you do too!” She replied.

I put my mouth on her pussy and started sucking on her clit. Kyra was behind me still fingering herself and I heard her reach climax.

“Hey baby, not so fast, Denise hasn’t even started yet!” I said to Kyra as I turned my head.

“But I’m so fucking horny!” She replied as she kept fingering herself.

I turned my head back around and kept licking and sucking Denise. I found her clit and flicked my tongue over it a few times. She was obviously enjoying it because she groaned and shoved my head into her pussy. I was now savaging her hot cunt by randomly licking, sucking and tongue fucking her.

She was driven completely insane and started moaning on the top of her lungs. There was big chance that the neighbors were hearing us but I didn’t care. I stopped eating Denise’s pussy and quickly turned her around. Before she could say anything I licked asshole and at the same time stuck my middling finger into her pussy. She also clearly enjoyed that because she started trembling on her legs.


I became increasingly horny and I wanted to taste Denise’s asshole some more. I jammed my tongue into her asshole and she screamed in pleasure. Kyra was behind me screaming at least as loud.

“OOOOH MY GOD YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO BE MY DEATH! O MY GOD I NEVER WANT TO STOP DOING THIS!” She screamed while she fingered herself at an incredible pace .

Both Kyra and Denise went over the edge at the same time; Kyra screamed “I’M CUMMING!!” while I felt Denise’s pussy muscles contract and her knees started shaking. “AAAAAAAAH!” She shouted out.

It was an amazing thing to see; Kyra collapsed backwards which caused her to smack against the wall with her back and then slowly slide down to the ground while Denise couldn’t keep herself standing anymore. I quickly stood up and held her so she wouldn’t fall down. I carefully helped her to the wall where Kyra was lying against and also put her against it. Both girls looked half-dead to me and I smiled as I wanted to turn off the water. Kyra however, stopped me: “No! Don’t stop the water, we might be done but you still aren’t!”

Still visibly tired, she crawled over to me and took my 7” hard cock into her hands. She started jerking me off. It was the best feeling I’ve ever had. Her hands were soft and it felt amazing. I let out a soft “ahhhhng”, which she saw as a compliment because she smiled. She kept jacking me off for thirty seconds and then put my dick to her lips. She opened her mouth and swallowed my cock.

“Whoa… Oh my god that feels so good, baby you feel so amazing” I sighed.

She murmured something but since my dick was in her mouth I couldn’t make up what she was saying. Now Denise stood up and even though she still looked weak, she looked at me while sucking on the tip of her finger: “Do you like seeing me nude and naughty, Mike? Do you? Do you want me to get off in front of you?”

I was overwhelmed by all these feelings. Kyra’s mouth felt so good and Denise’s body was begging to be fucked.

“Yes please Denise, get off in front of me, I love your body! You’ve got great tits and a great ass!” I said while groaning.

She started doing an erotic dance while still sucking her right hand middle finger and rubbing her pussy softly with her left hand. She walked to my left side and kissed my neck, my shoulders and even sucked my nipples. She kneeled down and cupped my balls. She massaged my balls and it made Kyra’s blowjob even better.

After less than 3 minutes of Kyra sucking me off and Denise massaging and licking my balls, I was sent over the edge. I spurted long jets of cum directly into Kyra’s throat. She tried to swallow but she gagged so she let go of my dick. Denise took over and quickly caught all the cum that came out of my dick. She kept it in her mouth, stood up, pulled Kyra up and tongue kissed her. They embraced and kissed as I was watching. My dick was starting to get soft but my body wanted more of the two girls. I just had orgasm of my life and I didn’t want to pass up this opportunity to fuck the two girls.

Kyra and Denise shared the cum and swallowed. It was fucking hot to see them kissing. After seeing them like that for a few minutes, my limp dick went rock hard again and Denise noticed;

“I think he needs more.” She told Kyra.

Kyra looked at me, pulled me to her by my dick and kissed me.

“Even if he didn’t want more, WE still do need more so this is going to be a long night whether you like it or not.” She said naughtily and clearly becoming more and more aroused every second.

“I think I can live with that.” I smiled. I wanted to kiss her again but then we heard a cell phone ringing.

“Oh no, that’s mom’s ringtone. Why would she call me right now?” She exclaimed.

She ran outside of the bathroom nude and still dripping wet. She grabbed her clothes and searched them. Finally she found her phone in the back pocket of her jeans. She pressed the answer-button and put the phone to her ear;

“Kyra honey, the storm stopped, we’re coming to pick you up, where are you?”

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2013-03-21 02:12:38
More more we want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2011-04-22 20:26:54
Very good, this takes me back to h.s. days, good flow and some humour too!

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2011-04-12 22:59:27
/agreed.... Excellent setup, great plot... and let wide open fora few sequels.


2011-03-07 15:32:11
@Comment below, hahahaha that actually made me laugh, I'll try and write one this week ;)

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