A mother and three much good pussy
Jim’s girls, chapter 1

I was about to undertake my ten-year goal. I had received a master’s degree in sociology, and a PHD in psychology, just before my 24th birthday. All my training, and experiments, would be needed this time.
On one of my field trips, during my college years, I studied Hitler’s brain-washing techniques, in Stuttgart, Germany. When I returned to the States, I began trying the procedure out, on unsuspecting prostitutes. It worked. My success encouraged me to delve into other methods, developed by various military organizations around the world, including our very own U.S. Army, and some dark cult practices.

At first, my objective was easy pussy. It was so easy, in fact, I decided to broaden the spectrum, curious to see how far I could get a person to go, even if it would ordinarily be against their will. In very little time, I was able to even get them to kill another whore, just by suggesting she no longer needed to be alive.

Amy, who was only fifteen when I picked her up, stayed with me thru two years and a set of twins. When the boys were born, I simply dropped them off at a fire station, told Amy not to worry about them, and went on with my life. When she got sick, during her second pregnancy, I told her to walk to the back pasture, dig a hole, and shoot herself.
The scariest moment was when I handed her the loaded .38. She never hesitated. Her hands were raw, from the shovel handle, and I think she even may have miscarried, from the blood running down her legs. I got one last blow job, then she took the pistol and blew the top of her head off.

That was barely over a year ago. Since then, nine more graves filled. I brought a twenty-two year old black man, with bulging muscles and a fat nine inch cock, to do the back fill. All the girls dug their own holes. I had let Bill fuck each of them, from time to time, but only with my permission.
With eight-foot game fence around my 960 acre ranch, nobody had access, nor had a clue, as to what was going on at Black Creek Ranch, Arizona.

Then one day, I did it, I kidnapped a woman and her three daughters, age sixteen, thirteen, and ten. There, again, it was easy.

Jim, a mechanic at the local auto dealer, repaired lawnmowers at his home, which was only about ¾ mile from my lake house, just outside of Flagstaff. Most of the neighbors were weekenders, so nobody was around, when I dropped by to pay Jim for a tune-up on my mower. He wasn’t home, but Tina, his wife, and Terri, his oldest daughter, were pushing lawnmowers in the front yard. When I got out of my van, Tina stopped mowing, and walked towards me. The sweat made her t-shirt cling to a fine set of big tits.

I fumbled for my wallet, then went to the other side of my van, where the sliding door was. Like a puppy, she followed me. Terri couldn’t see me throw a quick punch into her mother’s breast bone, right between her tits. I stuffed her into the side door, and shackled her. Everything was already set up, I had used the same method, several times.
Duct tape took care of her mouth, and I stepped to the back of the van and started waving, frantically, at Terri. When she saw me, she killed her mower, and I yelled that something was wrong with her mom. She ran over to me…same well placed hit, another set of shackles in use.
As I closed the door and started back to the driver’s side, two more girls came running around the end of the house, the younger one chasing the older. They saw me, came trotting up and asked what I needed.

“Brought something for your dad, can you girls help me with it?”
They willingly followed me to the other side, and gasped when they saw Tina And Terri inside. These girls were much smaller, so I grabbed their arms, told them to get inside, or I would kill their mom.
Two more sets of shackles in use.
The drive out to the ranch was filled with crying females. I just turned the Neil Diamond music up louder, smiled, and drove.

Starting with the ten year-old, Tess, I took them into my house, one at a time, fitting them with steel, bolt-on collars, and chains, long enough to reach the bathroom. Thirteen year-old Tracy was next. She was the prettiest of them all, but all of them were fine looking.
Terri, then Tina were last. After getting them all situated, I called Bill. He walked into the house, naked, as always. That was one of my rules, everybody was naked at all times. The only exception, was when I left for town, to go to work, at my psychiatric practice.

Bill stripped them all, while I took pictures. Tina’s pussy mound was fully covered with hair, as red as that on her head. Terri, at sixteen, had blond, fine, hair which gave the appearance of being nearly bald. Tess actually was still bald, but Tracy had sparse, dark hair, beginning to cover the area closest to her cunt.

The crying and wailing was making my cock hard, so I told them all to shut up. The next one to make a sound, was going to get it shoved down their throat. Tina messed up. She said, “No, please let us go. Don’t hurt my girls, please. I’ll do anything you want.”
I walked over to her, hit her in the same place, on her breast bone, and she went to her knees, gasping for breath. Since her mouth was open, my cock went straight in. “Bite me and I’ll kill your girls, right in front of your eyes, now SUCK!”

I could tell right away this woman was one fine cocksucker. Jim must have been well satisfied with her skills. It took her a few minutes to catch her breath, and suck, too, but she did it.
After swallowing my load, I told Bill to empty his nuts down her throat, too. The girls witnessed their first, and second, blow jobs. I would rape all of them, and they would each give me a head job, before the brain-washing would start, in a few days.

I left Bill to see to their cleaning up, and feeding them. He had been with me for eight months, never questioning my directions. He always had a stiff dick, but never asked to use it. What a fucking idiot.
I drove my Mustang back to the lake, stopping by to pay Jim, again. He had a couple of friends with him, and a deputy from the local sheriff’s office. As I handed him the twenty, I asked what was going on.

“Tina and all the girls are gone, Don. I can’t imagine where they went, or why. I talked to Terri earlier, she said everyone was home from school, and she and her mom were mowing the yard. I just don’t know what happened.”
I reminded him, that he had my phone number, and was welcome to call me anytime. I told the deputy, if there was any way I could help, to give me a call, then gave him my card.

By the time I got to my house, two minutes away, I was jacking off and laughing my fucking head off. Nobody had a clue, and would never know.
Two days later, after a meeting with Jim in my office, where I showed him some pictures, he stepped out onto the interstate, in front of a truck, which was hauling a bulldozer. The image of his wife sucking a monster black cock, was just too much. Post-hypnotic suggestion is so easy……

Jim’s girls, chapter 2

Everyone had just finished eating when I got to the ranch on Friday evening. Bill had caught some trout in the stream, in the hills just above the house. The collars were chafing the necks on the girls, so I loosened them, one at a time, to rub some udder cream on the raw places.

Tess, the youngest, was the last one, so I decided to start her sex education. When I told her to get down on her knees, she started whining, but did as she was told.
“NO!” Tina screamed, “NO, DON’T! She’s just a baby! Please, I’ll do it, just leave her alone!”
Bill knew I had instructions for him, so he walked to Tina, and waited.
“Fuck her asshole, bill,” I ordered, “no lube, either. Just cram enough fingers in her to open her up, then fuck her Goddamn brains out.”

Bill was not gentle, either. First one finger, then two, then three, forcing Tina’s sphincter a little wider each time, but not waiting for the pain to subside before advancing. Tina’s screams caused all the girls to start in, including little Tess.
I reached down, caught a handful of hair, and jerked her head back, until she was looking up at me. “Guess what?” I asked, “I’ve decided to wait on teaching you about blow jobs. Get to your bed, and get on your hands and knees, you’re going to get your first fucking. I’ll go easy, if your mother and sisters will shut the fuck up. Now, tell them, or I will hurt you as bad as Bill is hurting your mother.”

It made my cock harder to see the naked little ten year-old pleading with the others. Finally, Terri and Tracy quieted down, but still cried, watching the pain Tina was in, and the grinning Bill, slamming his hammer in and out of her bleeding asshole.

Tess cooperated fully, even parting her tiny pussy lips for me. I licked her cunt first, just because I love to eat pussy. After she was feeling fairly comfortable with the stimulation, I put a finger in her vagina, curling it down to her g-spot. That got her to moving a little. She winced at the insertion of my middle finger, but the muscles were beginning to expand, as they were made to do.

The K-Y jelly made the finger fuck easier, so I started jamming harder, and deeper. The cherry popped, but she knew better than to cry out. I thought Tess was going to bolt from the bed, but I grabbed her waist, positioned my cock, and started in. After about a dozen thrusts, I was in, all the way to my balls. I fucked her slowly, letting her get used to the feel. She was so tight, it felt like I was in an asshole.

As I pumped in and out of the little girl, I began to feel her responding. At first, she just quit crying and began to pant. Then a small moan came from deep in her throat. I slowed my pace, to keep from cumming to quick, and soon, she began to push back, against my thrusts. After ten minutes or so, the pressure in my nuts was about to erupt.
Just as cum started spurting from my own cock, I could tell Tess was cumming, too. She never spoke a word, but the mewling sounds, along with the slamming, backward thrusts, told me she was having her first orgasm.

I pulled out, let Tess slide down, onto her stomach, then laid down beside her. “Now that’s a good little girl, Tess,” I rubbed her small back, all the way down to, and including, her ass, “see how well things go when I get some cooperation? There’s no reason for anyone to get hurt. You, your mother, and your sisters belong to me, now. I need you to help me talk to them, and convince them to do what I say.
“I’m not going to make Bill fuck you, not for a long time. You’re a good girl, and we’re going to get along fine together.” She was so relaxed, she didn’t have a clue that I was hypnotizing her.

When Tess left the bedroom, she was a very happy girl, even though she was so sore she could hardly walk.
Bill had just finished fucking Tina, who was still crying, hysterically.

Tess bent down, hugged her mother, and whispered in Tina’s ear, “Just do what Don wants, mom, it’s not so bad. Just do what he says, and don’t argue. We’ll all be okay.”
“Oh, my God,” Tina moaned, looking at me, “What have you done to my baby?”

Jim’s Girls, chapter 3

I re-arranged my schedule where I’d only have to be in my office for two days a week. The highest paying clients were all I retained, and I dropped the pro bono work I had been doing for the county. However, I was a little hesitant to quit that, though, it had been a good source, for easy sex partners. Young girls, with unstable minds were always easy.

Bill met me at the door when I drove up to the ranch. “It’s da woman, boss. She been tryin’ ta git me ta tunn her loose. She sayed she’d fuck me ennytime ah wants it. But ah ain’t done it, boss, ah ain’t.”
I told him to get some rest, and I’d call him in a few hours.

Tina tried to deny trying to get Bill to turn her loose. I undressed, in front of all the females, and told Tina to suck me hard. When she started to object, I swung my right fist, directly into her left eye. Spinning around, she hit her head on a door facing, knocking her out.
When she came around, I had her stretched out, neck chain straining, and legs tied apart, nearly in a ‘split’ position. Her ass was on two thick pillows, raising her cunt about eight inches off the floor. There was no doubt she was in pain, but I had a point to make, in front of the girls.

“Now…Tina.” I started, “crying….complaining….begging.” I was slapping her crotch, hard, in between each word, making her hurt more, each time. “those things I don’t like, but I do understand. After all, I am a psychiatrist. But don’t, I mean do not lie to me.”
By this time, her cunt was bright red. It had been slapped about twenty five times, and her outer lips were swollen. I positioned my cock at her entrance and shoved, hard. The dry fuck was causing pain at first, but nature took over. Her juices began to lubricate, and I realized how tight she was.
“You kegel regularly, don’t you?” I asked her, “That’s the only way, I know of, how a woman, who has given birth three times, could keep her pussy so tight. How often, and how much, do you kegel?”
She told me, between tears and snubs, that she performed the muscle exercises three times a day, about one hundred fifty contractions, each time.

I told her she would start teaching her daughters how to kegel, as soon as I finished fucking her. Throughout the conversation, my cock was pumping harder, and harder. This bitch was exciting me more than I had ever been, with any of the others. Her feelings were not reciprocal, though. She just laid there, and let me fuck. I really didn’t give a shit, though. Although many women had enjoyed sex with me, my objective has always been my own pleasure.

After dumping my load, I left Tina lying, tied, for another hour. When I finally let her up, she could hardly move, with her legs, pussy, and neck in pain. “Get cleaned up,” I told her, “you’ve got work to do. After the girls’ lesson, I want you to do some other things. And, Tina….do your own kegeling, too.”

After eating dinner, I locked Tina’s chain onto the cable, which led to Bill’s cabin. I woke Bill up, and told him he could fuck Tina whenever he wanted. Then I told her, she better keep her cunt tight. Tight enough that she felt like a virgin, when I fucked her. With the size of Bill’s cock, Tina had her work cut out for her.

To the best of my knowledge, Tina never lied to me again. I decided to try another experiment, I had heard about. I gave all the girls a strong sleeping pill, based on their age and weight, each night.
When Terri, the sixteen year-old, started her period, I fucked her while she was unconscious. She wasn’t a virgin.

Plan B.

At thirteen, Tracy, the gorgeous girl with hard tits, had just started having periods. She was small, but what the fuck? I was going to try it, anyway. Her cycle started two days after Terri’s.
I had garter belts, to hold the sanitary napkins, to keep from messing up my terrazza floors.
I alternated fucking Tina and Tess, the tight mother and her ten year-old daughter. I fucked Terri, once, but had never sunk my dick into Tracy.

“Terri, who’s been fucking you?” I asked the surprised girl. She didn’t know about my turn, so I continued, “Nipples only get that big when they’ve been sucked. Pussy lips only get that puffy, when some kid’s hard dick has been pounding it. Remember, now, don’t lie to me.”

“My boyfriend, Danny,” she said quietly, “…..and my daddy. He caught us one evening, then he told me to do him, too. He made Danny watch. He said, ’If you’re gonna do it, you need to do it right.’
“Then he bent me over the couch, and did me from behind. When he was through, Danny was hard again, so daddy made him do me again, the same way. I like it better on my back, though. Danny’s probably done me twenty times, and daddy….maybe eight or ten times. I love Danny, but daddy feels better inside me.”

Tina was coming back, into the house. Bill must have fucked her brains out, because she could barely walk.
I told her about her husband, and the incest. She tried to run to Terri, but hit the end of the chain, jerking her off her feet. When she progressed to her hands and knees, I mounted her asshole. As easy as it went in, I knew Bill had used it, too.

About ten-thirty, I checked on the sleeping girls, shaking them to see if the meds were working at full capacity. When I got to Tracy, I pulled her Kotex off, slicked up my dick, and eased it into the limp teenager. It only took a few short strokes to get to her hymen, then I pushed hard. Her cherry was a tough one, but she only winced when it popped. It was going to be interesting, in the morning, to see if she could tell, that she’d been violated. When she complained to Tina, her mother chalked it up to cramps. “It’s worse on some girls, than it is on others, honey. The older you get, you’ll handle them better, or they won’t be as bad. It’s just part of becoming a woman.”
‘So is getting fucked’, I thought.

Little Tess was getting into sex, with a passion. Every day, she would ask me to pick her, and would masturbate if I were fucking Terri or her mother.
The ten-ager, as she called herself, even asked about Bill doing it with her. I knew his cock would tear her, so I wouldn’t permit it.
“Bill fucks your mom, and only your mom,” I told her, “Don’t ask again.” She never did.

“Can I ask you something?” Tess asked, “Why haven’t you fucked Tracy? You fuck mom and me, and now Terri, but not Tracy. Why?”
“On your hands and knees, you little bitch,” I ordered. I grabbed the KY, slapped some on her tiny ass, and started forcing my way past her sphincter. She was whining, but no screaming or complaining passed between her teeth. She took all my cock, and even began moving in rhythm with me, before I shot my load of cum, deep into her little guts.

When I finished, I told Tess that I had a special experiment in store for Tracy, “But don’t ever ask me again, why I do..or don’t do, something, you understand?” I slapped her tiny ass hard, and she fell away. As she fell, she said, “Yes, sir.”

Jim’s Girls, chapter 4

I had purchased my computer and video equipment from my brother, Leo. I knew there would never be a problem there, since I learned much of my perverted tendencies from him.
Most of the equipment was already setup, and working, when he delivered the last of it.

Seeing my prizes, he stripped immediately and asked which one he could start with.
I told him I was still experimenting with Tracy, but he was welcome to any and all of the others.
Once again, Tina started to object. Leo slammed her backwards, against the wall, stunning her senses, momentarily. By the time she recuperated, he had her legs above his waist, and his cock in her, stroking hard and fast.

Her eyes were almost clouded over, as Leo sank his shaft to the hilt with each thrust. I’m not sure if she was dreaming about Jim, or what, but she was definitely enjoying the intercourse.
Leo recognized it, too, and began alternating, between sucking her big tits, and kissing her luscious lips.
The moans, gasps and whimpers turned into outbursts of pleading, “Oh, God…Oh No…Oh, Oh, …Yesssss, Fuck meeeee, Yessss”

The three girls watched, wide eyed, as their mother had a series of four or five massive orgasms, screaming louder with each one.
I noticed Tess rubbing her own clit, panting as she masturbated. Terri and Tracy only watched, open mouthed. Open mouthed? Open mouthed…Hmmm… “You two get on your knees,” I directed them, “It’s time you learned to suck a cock.”
They quickly dropped to the floor, and opened up, without protest. I started with Terri, for about two minutes, then switched to Tracy. I was able to keep from cumming long enough to switch several times, but Terri finally got the load of sperm, swallowing as instructed.

Leo let Tina down to the floor, easily. She was still in a state of semi-awareness, but grabbed his dick, kissed, licked and sucked it. Somehow, she managed to get in the words, “Thank you, sweetheart, I really needed that.”

Leo could hardly believe what I’d been able to accomplish without using the brain-washing techniques, yet. “Which ones have you fucked already?” he asked.

I took him into the other room, and explained that I had fucked them all, but Tracy didn’t know that she’d been laid every night, for more than a week, sometimes more than once. “When she finished her period,” I told him, “I started using a condom, so she wouldn’t have leakage, afterward. She’s loose enough, now, that I can stay in her as long as I want, and as often as I want. Tonight, we’ll both give her a good fucking, then tomorrow, I’ll screw her in front of the others. We’ll see how she handles it.”

Leo had a round in Tess’ ass, then I told them all to get some rest, “I have a big surprise for you. In the morning, Tracy is finally going to get fucked, by me and Leo, both…and all of you will watch.” Tracy began to tear up, but I put my hand on her pretty little pussy, inserted a finger and told her, “Don’t worry, sweetheart, it won’t hurt anymore than this does, no matter what your mom and sisters have told you. Who knows, you might even enjoy it, most thirteen year-old girls do.”

We finished setting up the electronics, as well as the monitoring station, in my home office. The females had separate rooms, each with a wide screen television. Porn movies would be played at all times.
Flickering lights, with quick, flashing images… words, like ‘Don, Daddy, Fuck, Suck, Ass, Cunt, etc, created subliminal messages. For three days, they would not be allowed to sleep. A chamber pot was placed in each room, so they could piss or shit, as needed.
From the control room, Leo and I would take turns. When one of the girls acted too sleepy, we would send a blast to the volume, or a slight electrical shock to their collar, to wake them up.
Bill would take small amounts of food to them, the training would work better if they were hungry. We were almost ready.

The next morning, Bill fed the harem a light breakfast. He moved Tracy’s bed into the common area, which could be accessed from all the bedrooms. He took Tracy to the bed, laid her down, then removed her constraining collar. She never moved.
The other three were escorted from their rooms, and ordered to stand still and watch. I had put a small amount of KY jelly on the tip of my cock. When I positioned myself between her legs, the crying girl asked, softly, “Please don’t hurt me, Don.”

I smiled down at her, leaned in to her hard little nipples, and started sucking gently. Soon, the crying stopped and was replaced by sniffing and snubbing. As I sucked, the head of my hard prick was easing it’s way into the lips of her honey pot, which seemed to be accepting it with no problem.
After it was half way in, my cock seemed to get fatter, harder, and longer. This gorgeous little teenager excited me, more than raping her mother did. I had already fucked Tracy a dozen times, but she was an inanimate object, at the time.
She was fully aware of what was happening to her now, and there was no objection.

I could feel the tip of my dick touching her little cervix, which excited me even more. Within a dozen strokes, I was slamming her cunt, with all I had. My balls were hurting as they slapped hard, against her ass. Tracy began to push up, into my thrusts, accepting her fate, and her destiny as my woman.
Her orgasm shattered her. She was thrashing, crying, pleading ‘yes’, then ‘no’. She shuddered hard, then passed out, just as I began erupting into her. I spent so much cum, it literally squirted back, out of her vagina and onto my nuts. Tracy came to, as I was pulling my flaccid member from her tight hole.

“Wow,” she mumbled, “what was that?” Looking at Tina, she said, “You were wrong, mom, it didn’t hurt at all.” Her eyes came back to me, “It felt good, Don, really good. Really, really good. When can we do it again?”
I told her to just stay on the bed, then I told Bill to lick her clean. She had two more, smaller, orgasms while Bill did his job.
Leo made her cum one more time, when he fucked her doggy style, with his thumb in her ass.

Jim’s Girls, chapter 5

The process worked wonderfully, as expected. Leo had taken off work for a week, to help in the transformation of four desirable females. After the third day, they no longer remembered Jim, at all.
The only people they knew, in the whole world, was Leo, Bill, and of course, me…their daddy.

During those three days and nights, I discovered that Leo enjoyed butt fucking, both giving and receiving. When he asked if he could use Bill, I simply told Bill to do whatever Leo asked.
I sat beating my meat, while I watched the two of them. Leo was on his back, missionary style, Bill had Leo’s legs pulled up, over his shoulders, and was pumping his big black cock in and out of my brother’s asshole, like a piston in a smooth running engine.
“What the fuck?” I thought, “all the girls are doing fine right now… I’m in”.

I dabbed KY on my own shaft, kneeled behind Bill, and entered his anus. It was easy, so I guessed that Leo had already been in, ahead of me. Bill’s sphincter started grabbing, and pulling on my dick, every time I was on a back stroke. In less than five minutes, the three of us must have dumped enough cum to fill a coffee mug. It was a new, and rewarding, experience for me, but it wasn’t my preference. I was ready for more pussy.


“Daddy, Daddy!”, Dawn was the first to meet me at the van. She and her twin brother, David, had been born ten months after I brought Jim’s girls to the ranch. Her big, beautiful, brown eyes, red hair, and light chocolate complexion made her the prettiest of my offspring, yet. It was plain to see that Bill’s nuts had fertilized Tina’s eggs, but all the kids were mine.

Dawn was six, now, and was already using a dildo. Tina had taught her muscle control, to the extent that she could walk, holding a three pound barbell dangling from her vagina. I would be giving her the first fuck of her young life, this weekend.
After Tina had weaned, and potty trained David, I gave him to Leo, who has already been ass-holing the boy for over a year.

Six more girls had been born to my girls, and two boys, both of whom were donated to the Flagstaff Fire Dept. Tina had another daughter for me, two years ago. I kept the girl, but gave Tina to Leo a few months back.
Terri gave me two girls, Tracy had a girl, then a boy. Tess…sweet little Tess. She had a boy when she was thirteen, a girl when she was fourteen, then she died after delivering Ellie. I guess three kids in three years was just hard on her young, small body. I miss her a lot, but Ellie is a pretty girl, and when I start fucking her, I’ll tell her how much I liked her mother, even though she won’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

“May I suck you off, first, daddy?” Dawn was holding my hand, begging to be the first, to be in on any action, this week.
“You just hold on, young lady,” I told her, “you’re a fine little cocksucker, but tonight you’re going to sleep in my bed. I’m going to start teaching you how to fuck.”
“Yay!” she took off to tell the others, when Tracy walked up, kissed me and said, “Guess what, daddy, I missed my period. Maybe we’ll have another girl for you, won’t that be nice?”

I hugged the gorgeous nineteen year-old and told her it would be wonderful.
“But first, I have a surprise for you and your sisters.” I slid the side door, of the van, open, revealing two, terrified, eleven year-old, sixth graders, who I had already stripped naked.
“I want you to meet your two new sisters, Shelly and Belinda.” I quickly pulled my pants off, my cock sticking up, high and hard. “Now, how about you give these two an exibition on how to give the best blow job in Arizona?”

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