Fun on the Couch
Horny Niece Lets Uncle Help (N1)

By billy69boy

My sister-in-law and her two young daughters came to visit us for a week in the summer. They live out of state, and we only get to see them a few times a year. With each new visit, I am amazed to see how much the girls have grown and developed. They were now ages 12 and 14, and they couldn’t hide their emerging beauty even if they tried, which they didn’t.

After running around the farm all day in skimpy little shorts and even smaller belly shirts, they finally tumbled into the house well after dark, all dirty and sweaty. Their mother sent them to the showers, and they emerged squeaky clean, with freshly shampooed hair, and nightshirts that fell to their knees.

It was movie time, so I made up a big batch of popcorn for everyone. After a lively discussion about which movies to watch, it was agreed that my wife and her sister would watch their chick flick upstairs in the den, while my two nieces opted for a thriller with some hunky leading man. Being the thoughtful host that I am, I elected to sit with the girls and watch their movie with them.

We took our places in the living room and settled in. Mary, the 12 year old, curled up on the love seat, leaving the main couch for her sister Beth and me. We both sat up formally and properly at first, munching on popcorn, and staring at the TV screen. I could hardly contain myself, as lusty thoughts of naked little ladies danced in my head. Neither girl bothered much with modesty, and I was treated to many flashes of young legs, and an occasional panty shot.

Despite the heat of the summer day, it got a little chilly in the living room at night, and both girls grabbed for blankets to put over their bare legs. As the movie droned on, Mary slid down on the love seat, and was soon fast asleep. Beth also lay down, placing her head on a pillow at the far end of the couch, away from me. I was a little disappointed in the position she chose, but in reality, I didn’t really think she would have turned the opposite way, and put her head on my lap, although my fantasy mind would have approved wholeheartedly.

I held my upright position on the couch, and watched Beth as she wiggled herself into a comfortable spot, lying on her side, encased in her blanket. Her beautiful tight ass was within arm’s length, and I had a hard time pretending otherwise. As we continued to watch the movie, I could detect Beth’s subtle movements under her blanket. Her hands appeared to have settled between her folded up legs. I heard her let out an occasional soft sigh, although I doubt she knew I could hear her. I was completely in tune with her slightest movements, and my acute vigilance was rewarded when she lifted her top leg ever so slightly, and slipped her hand between her thighs. Of course, I sat completely still, not letting on that I could feel Beth’s every hand motion, and the slightest bounce of the couch.

I couldn’t believe my luck when Beth brazenly raised her one bent knee up towards the ceiling, giving her probing fingers complete access to her heated crotch. Even though she was protected by the blanket, it was obvious to me that she was working her pussy rather vigorously with her probing fingers.

I had some difficulty hiding my raging hard-on, and I reveled in the idea that my sexy little niece was frigging herself right next to me on the couch. Either she thought the blanket rendered her invisible to me, or she just chose to ignore my presence completely, as teenagers usually did to adults.

As my hard dick took over my brain, I became emboldened, and rested my hand ever so delicately on her hip. She must not have realized it at first, because she continued with the task at hand. I let my hand drift down to her ass, and I just held it there, feeling the light tremors of her finger action under the blanket. Again, she just ignored my now obvious touch, and I thought I was home free. I was wrong. All at once, Beth jumped up from the couch, threw off her blanket, and headed for the bathroom down the hall, saying nothing.

I could feel myself panicking as I sat alone on the couch, not moving a muscle. I could just picture the nightmare scenario that was sure to follow: niece tells her mom that I’m sick and perverted, mom tells my wife, and all hell breaks loose. I berated myself for attempting to inject my influence on Beth’s masturbation session, and I braced myself for the consequences of her full disclosure that was sure to follow.

Beth emerged from the bathroom, and surprisingly laid right back down in her former position, drawing the blanket back over her luscious curves. I almost shot my load right then and there, when she stunned me by reaching her arm out from under the blanket, taking my hand, and placing it on her hip. Her arm retreated back to the safety of her blanket world, and her hand immediately slipped between her slightly open legs.

I couldn’t believe what had just taken place, and I tried to convince myself that I was just fantasizing. It couldn’t be real, could it? Beth spoke not a word, and she still acted like I wasn’t even there, as she went about quietly pleasuring herself. I decided that I had to play the scene out, because I just had to know if she was inviting me to join in the festivities. It was risky, I know, but I let my hand slide down behind her round ass. This time she squirmed around a little, and I figured I was busted once again. What kind of stupid fool would try again right after berating myself after my first attempt? Then, something absolutely remarkable happened. While Beth went about getting comfortable, she reached behind her body, lifted the blanket up and let it drop back into place. My hand was now under her blanket, and I could feel the soft cotton of her nightshirt.

I could barely catch my breath, and I felt the strong urge to whip my cock out and pump it furiously. Instead, I sat completely still, feeling Beth pressing her ass harder against my hand. The message was unmistakably clear to me now, and I began to move my hand some, touching her ass gently, and responding to her unspoken response from under the blanket. I slipped my fingertips under her nightshirt, and I almost jumped out of my skin when I realized that she was no longer wearing panties! She must have taken them off while she was in the bathroom. I made a mental note to track them down later, and hoped I could sniff her sweet nectar that collected on the crotch of her panties.

I was in free-feel mode by now, and I explored her bare ass, running my hand around and around her silky skin. I heard her sigh heavily, as she reached back and deliberately guided my hand between her steamy thighs, slightly opening her legs to give me some room to maneuver. I wasted no time, and my fingers found her love box, hot and juicy. I massaged her pussy lips, and rolled my index finger over her young clit, and I thought she might hit the ceiling, she jumped so high.

Her breathing increased, as did mine. Fingering her was such a rush, I wasn’t sure if I would live long enough to finish her off. Just then, she grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand from between her legs. I was certain this brief party was over, and my fears returned with a vengeance. Beth rolled over on her back, making sure my hand was again hidden beneath her blanket. As she guided my fingers back to her quivering pussy, she said nothing, and continued to stare at the TV screen.

She spread her knees wide and the blanket was transformed into a little tent of sorts. Without making eye contact with her, I went about exploring her most private parts with my eager fingers. I rubbed her slick pussy lips, and they opened wide, inviting a more in-depth probe. My hand lingered awhile outside her now pleading vagina, and I played with her sensitive clit, delighting in watching her body squirm and raise up to meet my very deliberate teasing fingers.

With the deft touch of micro surgeon, I slipped my middle finger deep into her anxious love canal, and worked her inviting hole for all it was worth. It didn’t take long for her to reach her first orgasm, and she made no attempt to hide it from me, as her body lurched back and forth on the couch, and her vaginal muscles clenched and unclenched around my intruding finger. I didn’t think I could get any more aroused than I was, until Beth pulled the blanket down and slid her nightshirt up to her neck, exposing her developing titties and erect nipples, and began feeling herself up with both hands, right in plain view.

As her twitching body began to calm down from the first wave of ecstasy, I took the opportunity to add another finger to her gushy pussy, and resumed finger fucking her deeper and more forcefully, and she groaned quietly, her head jerking to and fro on the pillow. She pulled her knees back tightly against her chest, presenting her writhing pussy to me shamelessly, seeming to dare me to finger her even more heatedly. Of course, I complied, being the loving uncle that I am. I couldn’t believe the erotic scene I was witnessing. My beautiful niece was kneading her fresh tits with authority, as my fingers jammed her pussy to the hilt, stroking faster and deeper with each thrust. In no time, her body was heaving again in orgasmic utopia, her entire body thrashing about uncontrollably.

I finally backed off some, and sat back to watch the end of her sexy show. When she regained her composure, I was surprised that she quickly sat up, leaned her head against my shoulder, and covered us both up with her blanket. I didn’t know how much a 14 year old knew about sex, but she seemed to understand that my cock was about to explode any second. As Beth cuddled up next to me, she reached her hand over and plucked my stiff cock right out of my pajamas, and began stroking my shaft ever so gently. I slid my body down the couch and opened my legs wide to better receive her bold advances. I lay vulnerable in front of her, as she squeezed a few drops of precum from my cock, and rubbed it around my purple helmet. Then, she almost made me pass out.

In one quick motion, she yanked the blanket back, leaned over, and put her lips around the head of my cock, licking underneath with her soft tongue. She licked my entire shaft, moving her tongue up and down like she’d been doing it all her life. Then, she got up on her knees, braced her hands on either side of her body, and gulped my entire cock deep into her throat. I looked down, and watched as her head bobbed up and down on my grateful love piston. She choked and gagged a little, but maintained her composure as she concentrated on completing her mission. Being the kind and understanding uncle that I was, I rewarded her hard work by proceeding to spew hot gushes of man juice into her mouth. She struggled to swallow my first load, but she recovered enough to accept my second, then third, and then fourth loads right down her throat. I had never cum so much in my life, and I was truly impressed that she managed to swallow every last drop of my love juice.
After we both began to relax, catching our collective breath, she finally made eye contact with me. She looked into my eyes, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and smiled the biggest smile she ever gave me, her eyes twinkling with pride. I weakly returned her smile, still recovering from the incredible scene that I had the utmost pleasure of participating in. With that, Beth jumped up off the couch, and padded off to the bathroom once again. I just sat there, trying to figure out how I just got so lucky. Beth came out of the bathroom, composed and uninterested, as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened. She kissed me chastely on the forehead, and bid me a goodnight. I watched her as she ascended the stairs to the guest room, wiggling her cute ass for me.

I’ll always hold the memory of our first sexcapade near and dear to my heart. To this day, just the thought of her raw display of sensuality can evoke a major hard-on in seconds. I picture her sweet lips engulfing my nasty cock, while I substitute my experienced hand to achieve relief. If it wasn’t for finding her cum soaked panties behind the waste basket in the bathroom, I might have convinced myself that it was all a figment of my imagination. But one long inhale of the crotch of her panties brought me back to glorious reality.

Author’s note: All of my stories, and all the characters, are fictional, and are not meant to resemble any real persons. No underage people have been harmed or otherwise exploited in the creation of any of my fantasy stories.

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