Rape, or pure pleasure?


Hey there fellow sex story readers. I’ve come here not only because I want to write a filthy sex story, but also because I want to express some fantasies which I would never be able to tell my friends. I know that I’m an average 18 year old boy with needs, and that it’s normal to fantasize about girls in my environment but I think you know that I can’t just tell these fantasies to people around me without them thinking that I’m a pervert. Also, I do not have a name (yet) in this story. Anyway, if my English is bad, then sorry, I’m actually Dutch so my English is not really that great. Here is my story:


I woke up on a warm summer day. I was so wet, with a smell that I can’t explain. It wasn’t necessarily a bad smell, but it didn’t smell too good either. It was the smell of my own sweat, the smell of a 18 year old horny boy who was still a virgin, and wanted to change that.

Now, let’s recall: I’m a 18 year old Dutch guy. I was actually born in Egypt, but my parents had to immigrate to Holland when I was 4 because my dad was going to jail if we didn’t get the hell out of Egypt. I got circumcised almost immediately after birth. Contrary to popular belief, I masturbate a lot more often than uncircumcised people. At the younger ages (from 4 to 10) I thought girls were absolutely stupid. I acted like a retard around them, which made it really hard for them to get to know me. At the age of 11 I saw my first real porn movie which was on a school computer. I was fascinated. It looked like the guy was really rough to the women, but she still liked it. From that age on, porn grabbed my attention. I didn’t really jerk off jet, but I would stroke myself during showers. Then one day when I was 14, I kept stroking myself until some weird white-silverish fluid came out of the hole in front of my penis and it felt great. From that day on, I was hooked to masturbation. In holidays I’d masturbate at least 3 times a day, and on normal school days at least twice.

When I became 18 I started smoking weed. Not a lot, maybe once each month. I did this because I felt miserable most of the time. My parents acted like assholes all the time, and my friends acted like racist pricks. Of course weed is legal in Holland, so getting it was no problem at all. I also started smoking cigarettes but I only did that at parties.

Anyway, now that you have a little bit of background information about me, let’s get to the real story.

I was sitting in philosophy class and I looked around a bit. The girls looked amazing. Most of them wore thing, revealing clothes because of the heat. I was having a hard time controlling my little friend down south. He was jumping to attention every time I looked at a girl’s breasts. Now, there is this girl in my class which I find extremely attractive and for the sake of her privacy, let’s call her Danielle. This girl “Danielle” was just gorgeous. She was white but had a nice smooth tan because of the burning sun and she had a nice B-cup and a beautiful round ass. She has the face of an angel with the dark, mid-length hair of a demon. On the ends of her black hair, she had painted it gold-yellow. She was about 5’6”. She was wearing a black tank top and a light brown mini skirt. This was the girl I had been dreaming of humping since I was 13. Having heard some stories from her friends, I knew that the girl’s parents didn’t like seeing her with black guys, so I was really disappointed that I actually had 0 chance.

Anyway, I went back to staring at her breasts when suddenly she turned around and looked me right in the face. I was still looking at her breasts when she had turned around, and when I looked at her face, an expression of shock was clearly visible. Then suddenly I heard a loud *BANG*. The teacher was looking at me and he didn’t look too happy.

“Well, well, Mister Carter. What do we have here?” said my teacher, while grinning.

“Oh, I’m sorry Sir, it’s just that I’m a bit tired and…” I replied, but before I could finish my sentence, he hit the chalkboard hard with his hand making another loud *BANG*.

“Mister Carter, would you please explain to us why you were looking at Miss Janssen instead of this board right here?” he said angrily, his grin turning into an angry disappointed look.
At this point, the whole class was laughing out loud. Even my friend near me poked me with his elbow and shouted “PERV!”.

I was embarrassed like never before. I sat through the rest of class trying to pay attention, but I couldn’t. I was thinking of how she would tell the whole school about what I did, and I would be the loser prick forever.

And it happened. Multiple times, during the half hour break, mostly girls would come up to me, cup their breasts and say: “Hey, you want this? You’ll never get it!” and they would run away giggling. Even guys would come up to me, slap me in my face, laugh at me, and then walk away. I was embarrassed like hell.

But then, suddenly, all those worries turned into anger. Isn’t it completely natural what I did? Isn’t that what all guys do at this age? I mean, I bet all the guys weren’t paying attention but staring at the chicks in class…. Why would I be the victim of this? It was at this point when I made a big decision: I would give this Danielle bitch what she deserves. ” Your parents don’t like you hanging out with black guys huh? Well I’ll show ‘m”. My mind was made up.

I knew that she worked in her father’s fishing store after closing time because I heard her say so to her friends a few months ago. She would clean up and re-arrange everything that wasn’t arranged the right way. She lived in a really small village and after closing time – which was 8 pm – no one would come near the store.

After the end of the day, still filled with anger and still being slapped by guys and humiliated by girls, I decided that I should really do it. She walked home because her home was barely a mile away from school, but I always rode the bicycle to school because my home was like 2 miles away. So I left my bicycle at school and followed her. A few times she would turn her head around but I was too far away to be seen… Or at least I thought so. Suddenly it jumped to my mind that I would need something to break open the door with. I mean, no one would leave the door of a store open after closing time, right? But it was too late for that. I kept on walking behind her and after 15 minutes she reached the store. It was still only 5 pm so I decided to go home since I now knew where the store was.

When I reached home, my mom asked me where I was all day long. I looked at the clock and apparently it was 6 pm already. I told her that I had some unfinished business at school, and she left me alone. At approximately 7:30 pm I told my mom that I had to go to a friend because we had a project we wanted to work on. I got my bicycle and rode to the fishing store.

When I arrived there I looked at my watch. It was 7:45. I must have been really fast. I just threw my bike on the ground and waited for about 30 minutes. I was so nervous that the time flew by like it was 30 seconds. Most of the lights went off and I saw Danielle walking to the back of the store. This was the moment that I should act on; this was the only chance I’d get. The streets were empty, and the nearest house was about 100 feet away. I ran to the door and tried to open it. Surprisingly it opened. She had forgotten to close the door! This was my lucky day.

I kicked the door open and ran inside. I saw her turn around.

“What the….? The store is cl….” She tried to say, but before she could finish her sentence, I had already reached her and put my hand on her mouth. She tried to struggle but I was too strong for her. She bit my hand, and pushed her nails in my back. The soft fabric of my t-shirt absorbed most of her nails but she still poked a hole through it and hit my flesh. My hand and back hurt like hell but I was so angry, I didn’t care about the pain. I slapped her hard across the face and she dropped to the ground.

“Telling stories about me huh, bitch?” I said as I slapped her again, harder this time.

Tears started streaming down her face, and I heard her sob. I was so angry, but at that moment I got a little bit confused. She was a fucking whore and she needed to be punished, but she looked so innocent. Still, my anger won the battle against my humanity and I slapped her again. This time, even in the dim light, I could clearly see her cheek starting to become red. I picked her up by her arm and dragged her to the wall. Then I lifted her a little and smacked her against the wall. I thought I heard some bones crack but I didn’t care, I was strong now and she was weak, the little slut. I grabbed her thin, black tank top and ripped it off her body. She pulled her arms in front of her bra, but I wouldn’t let her. I slapped her hard across the face. She dropped down. She was now sobbing loudly, with tears streaming down her face.

“What are you crying about bitch?” I asked her. “Don’t you enjoy being punished, the slut you are?”

“Please, why are you doing this?” She said in between her sobs. “I didn’t do anything!”.

“How do you mean, you didn’t do anything? You told the whole school that I was looking at you! Why would you do that?” I said, but without waiting for an answer, I pinned her face to the ground and started stroking her leg.

“How do you like that, bitch?” I said, still stroking her leg.

Strangely enough, she didn’t say anything. She was still sobbing but I think she knew that this was a hopeless situation.

I roughly pulled down her mini skirt and removed it. She was now only wearing a bra and her panties. I rubbed her pussy hard through her panties. She was wet. Her body started betraying her already. I could tell she was craving for it, but her mind still didn’t want to give in.

“Please, stop, I’ll do anything” she said.

“ Shut up bitch!” I replied, before sticking my finger in her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties. She moaned again, this time harder. I had only stuck my finger in, like 5 millimeters, but I couldn’t go further because of her panties. I removed my hand and let go of her. She thought I was finished, so she tried to stand up. Well, let me tell you, I was absolutely not finished. I stood up quickly and put my foot on her ass. Then I pushed down, which caused her to collapse on the ground again, this time completely flat. I reached for her panties and slowly slid them down her legs. She had stopped crying, and she wasn’t making any noise. I could still see that she was breathing but I wondered if she was still conscious. I quickly removed the panties and went to her face. I looked at her, but she looked away from me.

“So that’s how we’re going to play it, huh, slut? You little whore, you fucking bitch!” I said, annoyed by the fact that she tried to hide her face from me. I roughly grabbed both her arms and lifted her up on her feet. She was shaking on her legs but she stood still.

I massaged her ass with one hand as I moved my other to her breasts. She was still wearing her bra so I massaged her breasts above her bra. I slowly caressed her beautiful breasts as she kept moaning, then I grabbed her nipple through the bra. I then pinched her nipple playfully. I kept playing with her nipple but I wanted more. I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to taste her. I tried to remove her bra but with little experience I had, I got frustrated fast. I looked around and saw a big pair of scissors. I grabbed them and cut the straps. Her bra fell on the ground and she immediately put her hands on her breasts. I turned her around and slapped her, causing her to almost fall again to the ground, but I caught her. Unwillingly she removed her hands and I started caressing and licking her breasts. They were beautiful, soft and yet so firm.

Her nipples were extremely erect. I played with her beautiful breasts for a little longer before I decided that I wanted to taste her pussy juice. I got on my knees and slowly licked her wet cunt. As I kept licking her pussy, she sighed. She sighed harder every second and eventually she was moaning in ecstasy. I then started licking her harder and suddenly I jammed my tongue into her lovely cunt. She let out a sound that was something in-between a moan and a sigh but she didn’t complain. Instead, she lifted one of her legs put it on my shoulder. I didn’t complain. From this point on, it wasn’t rape, it was plain sex.

After 5 minutes of licking her and randomly jamming my tongue into her pussy, she started moaning and moaning like crazy, and suddenly she grabbed my face and pushed it into her pussy. If I was still angry, I would have stood up and smacked her, but I wasn’t angry anymore. Somehow I wanted her to treat me like I just treated her, it turned me on to the extreme. I kept licking her and she moaned harder and harder. Eventually she came. She squirted all over my face for 10 seconds straight, and then she collapsed. I caught her and gently put her on the ground.
“I’ve never come so hard” she said while still sighing.

“So, you don’t mind what just happened?” I asked.

“Yes I do, and you’re in big trouble! I’m going to call the police and you’ll go to jail” she replied. But that answer wasn’t good enough for me. I took her face in my hands and gently kissed her on the lips. I pulled back, looked her in the eyes and said:

“Danielle, we both know you enjoyed it, and that you want more, don’t you?”

“NO! I didn’t enjoy it!” she said, “I hate you, and you’re going to be in huge trouble. Tomorrow, I’ll have the police come and pick you up. They’ll know what to do with perverts with you!”

The anger started boiling up again and I couldn’t handle it anymore. With one hand, I grabbed her face and jammed my tongue into her mouth. At first she didn’t do anything but after a few seconds she decided to give in, and she slipped her tongue into my mouth. With my free hand I grabbed my pants and undid them. I backed my face away from hers, stood up, slid my pants and underwear down and took my erect little friend in my hand. I’m not that big, I think maybe 6 inches. But it’s definitely enough to satisfy this horny bitch. She looked at it in awe. She didn’t say anything, but she didn’t do anything either, so I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to my dick. Willingly she took my hard dick in her mouth and started sucking on it. It was the best thing I had ever felt. She sucked and licked on it. It felt like she had years of experience. Although it felt really good, I didn’t want to come just yet. I removed my cock from her mouth and asked her:

“So, the little slut can suck some dick? How many guys have you sucked and how many fucked you?”

“I haven’t ever sucked a guy off and I’m still a virgin! But I’ve watched porn movies and tried things out on my dildo…” she replied.

I was amazed. “How many years have you been practicing on a dildo?”

“Almost 4 years, since I was 14…. do you think I’m good?” she replied.

“Do I think you’re good? I think you suck like a goddess!” and with that said, a bright smile appeared on her face.

She tried to grab my dick, but I moved away. I told her to stand up.

She stood up, and when she did I told her to turn around and bend over. This must have startled her because immediately she said:

“Oh no please! I don’t want to lose my virginity yet! “ she said a little louder than necessary.

I grabbed her face and kissed her gently. Then I pulled away and said:

“Please, Danielle, I know I started out really aggressive, but I was angry, really angry. I promise I’ll be gentle, okay?”

I saw that she was still a little hesitant but I didn’t give her a chance. I turned her around, and before giving her the chance to do or say anything, I put the head of my cock to her pussy lips. She moaned but didn’t say anything. I took this as my cue to enter and pushed. I entered an inch of my dick, then pulled back. I entered again, this time 2 inches. This time I kept pushing till I felt the resistance of her hymen. I was shocked.

“Danielle, you’ve had a dildo for 4 years but you never broke your hymen with it?”

“No” she replied “I was always way too scared to try, I was afraid it would hurt a lot!”

“Okay, now listen to me, it’s going to hurt, but only for a few minutes, and after that it will feel better then when I ate you out” I said.

Without further talking, I pushed my dick into her hard, causing her hymen to break. She let out a short scream.

I waited for a minute, she didn’t speak. I waited for 2 minutes, and still she didn’t say anything. She just stood still. I got a little worried and asked:

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, you can go on now” she replied.

I slowly slide my dick out which caused her to moan a little. Then I slammed back into her. She let out a screaming moan. I kept sliding out slowly and jamming back into her.

“Oh my god you feel amazing” I said as I kept sliding out and jamming into her.

“Oooh my god, you feel so good inside of me, I want you to fuck me hard, PLEASE!”

Nobody had to tell me that twice. Immediately I slid out my dick and jammed into her with great speed and power. She was a screamer. She kept moaning and screaming: “FUCK ME, YEAH PLEASE HARDER OOOH YOU FEEL SOOO GOOD” and I kept the pace for 2 minutes. This being my first time, I was already about to come so I pulled out. She turned around and she almost seemed angry.


“Because I’m about to come and I don’t wanna make you pregnant!” I replied.

“I’m on the pill! SO KEEP FUCKING ME” and with that she turned around and I slammed back into her. I came 2 seconds later, and I swear I’ve never come so hard. Streams of cum were shooting out of my dick. She moaned and screamed: “My god you come in me! COME IN ME!” It almost sounded animalistic. But I am a guy with endurance. Although I felt a lot weaker after coming, my dick was still hard and I kept fucking her. Strangely enough, 5 minutes later I felt that I was about to cum again.
“Fuck, Danielle I’m COMING AGAIN!!”

“Oooh, me too! Please keep pumping me!!” she replied and with that I increased my pace and I became a jackhammer. I jammed her harder and faster every second. I thought my knees would blow up, but they didn’t. Ten seconds later I felt her pussy muscles contract, squeezing my dick hard. We went over the edge at the same time. She screamed like crazy, and for 10 seconds, I was shooting long jets of cum, even longer and stronger then the first time. She was screaming like a banshee, before she dropped to the ground, causing my still hard dick to jump out of her. Two seconds later I collapsed near her on the ground. I was spent.

We must have fallen asleep because suddenly my phone rang. I picked it up and it was the worried voice of my mom:

“Oh my god, where are you? Are you trying to drive me insane?” she said. I still wasn’t really that conscious so I replied:

“Mom, please, I’m tired, wake me up in 10 minutes…” and I pressed the hang-up button. I fell asleep and my mom didn’t call any more after that but about 30 minutes later, Danielle woke me up.

“Come on sleepyhead, it’s 11:30 pm already”

I replied: “Wha…? What? WHAT? My mom is going to kill me!”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, I called your mom back to tell her that we were studying and you fell asleep on our couch. She expects you to be back tomorrow morning.” She then looked me in the eyes and gave me a deep kiss. We were both tired, so she invited me to sleep with her in her bed since her parents were gone for the weekend. I accepted, and we went to her place. I woke up at 9 AM and when I looked, she was still asleep. I kissed her on the cheek and wanted to sneak out of the house but before I could, I heard her say:

“Oh by the way, why did you want to rape me?”

“Because you told the whole school that I was staring at you during philosophy!” I replied.

“But I didn’t do that!” she replied.

I felt an extreme sensation of guilt enter my mind. “THEN WHO THE FUCK DID IT?”

“I… I think it was Sheila and Katherine… I’m so sorry, I really like you and I’m not the kind of person to tell stuff like that to other people. I know you’re a guy, and that you get horny by looking at girls, it’s completely natural, it’s just that Sheila and Katherine are two bitches. They always like to make a fool out of everyone, including me...”

With that, I quickly went out of the house, thinking about that I actually raped someone innocent.

But before I reached home, before the feeling of extreme guilt took over my body, I got a text from Danielle: “Since us both don’t like Katherine and Sheila, how about we give ‘m a spanking tonight? ;)”.

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I like stories like that which starts like a rape but eventually turns to sensation..

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wtf do you mean its star wars????

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great story canty wait to read about them getting revenge on those girls also while i was reading this story i was watching tv and katt wiliiams came on and im sittin here tryin to jack it to a hot story and im tryin not to laugh at what he was saying try it sometime its a challenge and a half well yeah great story cant wait for part 2

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screaming like a banshee that is starwars right there

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i loved it my favorite part though to be honest is when it turns out hes raped the wrong woman LOL !!

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