I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
I'm not even going to tell you how young we were because half of you would really get mad at me or maybe even both of us. Let's just say it this way, we had done the " I'll kiss yours, if you'll kiss mine " thing at least 4 years before this happened. Here it is...

We were home alone one day and she was standing at the sink, doing the dishes. I was sitting at the table watching her. Looking at her cute little ass and pretty long hair. She was wearing a pair of little shorts, so I could see all of her sun tanned legs and how they went up and joinned at her pretty ass and that's all I could think about, " How she had let me kiss her there " so many years ago. But then we were so young and now she was old enough to release her sweet juices and I wanted to taste them. So bad.........And that's when I heard it.

I was whispering [ I guess that I was afraid that I was going to upset her or sokmething ] " Pull your shorts down, I want to kiss it again." And the next thing I knew, she had done it and turned around facing me.

I was stunned to say the least because it had all happened, so fast. But the next thing I knew, I was kneeling down in front of her, right there on the kitchen floor, staring right at it, even though it was still covered by her pink panties.

Neither of us were saying a word. It was like she was daring me to do it or whatever. As I reached out and slowly, very slowly, peeled her panties down. Doing it slowly because [ Yes, now I was afraid ] but I couldn't let her know that, as it slowly came into view.

I couldn't believe how pretty it had become. And how neat and clean it looked, now that she had peach fuzz on it and it was almost in a perfect triangle, surrounding her little openings. Like the little fine hairs were leading you to and telling you, " This is my sweet spot " come taste it and I wanted to, so bad...

The fear of what she would think of me, if I licked her down there, was unreal. Not just kissed it, like we had done so many years before but licked it , made love to it, with my warm soft tongue. What would she think of me? Would she get mad at me and never talk to me again or had some other boy already licked her down there or some other girl?

I held her shorts and panties, as she stepped out of them. And then watched as she spread her feet apart and then slowly spread her little knees, showing it to me, trying to get me to [ Do it ] but I was still to afraid and somehow she knew it and didn't hurry me.

I kept looking at how pretty it was and little did I know, that I was slowly leaning towards it, watching it getting closer and closer, until I finally slid my tongue out and touched it. Pulling it back and tasting it, tasting the faint pee smell that was on it.

As soon as she felt my warm tongue touch it, she let out a little moan, tellig me that she liked it, so I licked on it again, seeing if she'd moan again and she did.

I could feel her little hips grinding, ever so slightly and it turned me on that much more, seeing that she liked it, really liked it, as I licked on her pretty pussy, faster and faster.
That's all I needed to tell me that she was going to let me do it and I slid my warm wet tongue all the way up, separating her little lips, tasting what was inside of them and this time it was me that moaned, as she took ahold of the back of my head, with her little hands and whispered, " Lick it " and I did.

I was so afraid that someone would come home and catch us but the " Need " to taste her was driving me on and I don't think that I could have stopped now, even if I had wanted to, which I didn't. As I worked the tip of my tongue up into her and she let out the strangest little moan and her whole body started to quiver and I felt something running down onto my tongue and she started saying, " I'm sorry, I'm sorry " over and over again and that's when I knew that she had peed. The strange part of it was, that I had liked it and think that I even wanted her to pee more but I was to embarrassed to ask her. And she was embarrassed enough already.

I went into the bathroom and pretended to wash my mouth out but I didn't really but she never knew that, as I came out and she went in and closed the door.

It would be almost another month, before we could get together again.
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