A young girl finds love.
A note for the reader. All the characters in this fictional story, that were involved in any sexual act, were carefully screened. Their identifications were thoroughly checked and authenticated. Not one is under the age of twenty one. If you are looking for a story involving underage fictional characters, you will not find them here. Occasionally a younger child is mentioned as a reference to allow the reader to understand a certain viewpoint. Rest assured any children that may have been mentioned were placed on a separate page until the sex scenes were over so their young minds wouldn’t be corrupted. The story was then pasted together after the children had gone to their fictitious homes.

The author is of the age that he sees all persons between the ages of four and thirty as boys and girls. The ones under age four are of course babies. The author does not distinguish the ages of the boys and girls other than the fact that all are above the legal age of twenty one and some are older than others. Thus many of the characters are referred to as boys and or girls. Sometimes the author might refer to them as little or young. That’s a force of habit. My forty year old son is still my little boy, even though he doesn’t think so.

To get the maximum enjoyment from the story, it is suggested that the reader read Part One first.


Ring ring ring-------- “What the fuck is that God damned phone doing ringing now for. Christ its only seven in the morning.” Ring rin------I picked up the phone as I sat on the edge of the bed. “What do you want? And be quick about it. I was asleep.” I yawned heavily trying to get the sleep out of my eyes as I waited for a response from the asshole who just woke me up.

“Matt. Its me. Your darling older sister Cherise. I need a favor. Peg is sick and can’t go to school. Would you be a doll and keep her for me. Its only until four. Then I’ll pick her up. I’ll even drop her off on my way to work. Please! Pretty please with sugar on it?”

The last thing I need right now is to be babysitting a sick young dynamo. Peg is Cherise’s youngest. There are two more, both girls. Dana two years older than Peg and Linda Lou the oldest by two years. They’re not bad kids, but I just don’t have the time or patience for them though I really should spend a little more time with them. They are after all my nieces and they love me to death, though I can’t fathom why.

Cherise is five years older than me. There was just the two of us coming up. She always took care of me as I grew up. I think she used to pretend I was her little boy. That was okay with me as I thought the world of her and would do anything for her. Mom and Dad were killed in a plane crash last year, so we’re all that’s left.

When I was twenty, I made some crazy investments. They shot through the roof. Now I am independently wealthy and don’t work. I wanted to share that wealth with Cherise, but her being so level headed pointed out if I did, I would no longer be in a position where I didn’t have to work. Now I don’t work and big sis has to. I know its hard on a woman to raise three kids on her own. That bastard Keith ran off just after Peggy was born. I do help her financially from time to time, but only when I can talk her into taking it.

“Yeah. Bring her on over. I think I’ve got some stuff here to give her a good breakfast.” I heard a sigh of relief from the other end. “Thanks Matt. Don’t worry about fixing her breakfast. I doubt she’s up to eating anything. I’ll see you in about twenty minutes. Bye sweetie.” I hung up the phone and headed in for a shower.

The warm water felt so good running down my body. My penis was talking to me as I hadn’t had a winning date in months, so I had to tend to my urges myself at least until I get lucky. I am not like those Casanova dudes that attract chicks like a magnet. Don’t get me wrong, I am not ugly by any means. I am five ten and weigh 180. I have an athletic build, but I don’t work out. Funny, I never did get any hair on my legs or my chest. Only a little whiff of light hair under my arm pits. I am just not a hairy guy. Cherise tells me it makes me look really sexy. I don’t know. She seems to be the only one who thinks so.

The chicks all look. I don’t have any problem getting dates, its just my technique sucks. Cherise has offered playfully, of course, to show me the right techniques. I know she was just playing, because she’s always been like that. It is difficult to play along being the naïve brother that gets all embarrassed when big sis comes on to him, because Cherise is a true ‘hottie’ in every sense of the word. I don’t think of her as a sex object, but being a normal horny guy, her body and those legs she has still gets my dick hard anytime I see them. With the way big sis dresses, that’s when ever she shows up.

My hands slowly slid down gripping my rock hard dick. I was stroking gently when it occurred to me sis would be here shortly and I couldn’t go to the door naked. I started giving him a good work out and happily shot my wad into the drain. What a relief.

That felt good. A fresh pull over t-shirt, gym shorts with bikini briefs underneath, and no sexual build up. All just in time too. The door bell rang as I stepped out of the bedroom. I answered the door. “Hi Matt.” Cherise gave me a healthy kiss on the lips. Get your mind out of the gutter. Ever since I can remember she has always done that.

Admittedly it’s a pretty sensual kiss, but she has never done anything to me I would call sexual although I did shoot off a couple of dozen times or so when she was washing my thing during the baths she gave me when I was twelve. She had always given me my baths, it was just I never shot off until then. I remember she giggled when I did, but just cleaned me up like normal and didn’t turn it into a big deal. She quit bathing me when I turned thirteen. Said that since I was getting hair around it, I was old enough to bathe myself.

I really miss the feeling of closeness with her at bath time, especially since she got in the tub with me in the nude. It wasn’t a sex thing, I mean Cherise was a pleasure to look at being so pretty. Her tits were gorgeous. Yes, I stayed hard the whole time. I did entertain thoughts of wanting her, but it was more of a love thing than sex. Actually I wanted to marry my sister, but I didn’t think of her in the sex way, even though deep down, I wanted to fuck her something awful. She thought I was her baby and I liked cuddling up close to her.

Peg would normally run up and hug me, but Cherise was carrying her in her arms. The crazy thing was the way Peg was hanging on to Cherise, it caused the front of Cherise‘s skirt to ride up between her and Peg, exposing the entire front of her crotch. I certainly wasn‘t going to complain about that. My problem is the view caused an instant hard on. I hope neither Cherise nor Peg notice.

“Here, sis. Let me put her in the bed.” I took Peg to the bedroom laying her gently on the bed. She was wearing what I call a short pajama dress that only comes down halfway to her knees when I see her standing up in it. It slid up revealing the top of her bright red bikini panties. I pulled the material down covering the view I had of the outline of her little snatch. It was actually pulling the panties into her hole. I covered her with the blanket and kissed her gently on her cheek as she rolled over on her side.

The poor thing was really sick. She was sweating and lethargic. All she wanted to do was sleep. I patted her on the head, gave her one more peck on her cheek and turned to walk out. “Uncle Matt. I’m thirsty.” I went to the bathroom, filled a glass with some water and carried it to her. I had to raise her up by her back and hold the glass to her lips. She drank her fill and collapsed back into the pillow. “Thanks Uncle Matt.” I closed the door gently and went back to Cherise.

“Matt, the doctor said she may run a fever for two or three days. If it gets above a hundred and one you need to sponge her down with cold water to get the temperature down so it doesn’t harm her. Don‘t forget to undress her when you do. You can‘t sponge her properly with clothes on.” I stammered. “Cherise, I can’t be running a wet rag all over a naked little girl.” Cherise laughed at my dilemma. “Oh Matt quit being such a baby. Peg’s modesty is secondary to her health. When she’s feeling a little better, she’ll need a bath. I don’t want her in the tub by herself, so you’ll have to bathe her. Aside from being quite grody, she’s kind of funky smelling too, especially down there. Wash her good all over.”

This was too much. “Sis, I can’t give Peg a bath. A full grown man has no business touching a young girl’s body.” Cherise shifted her feet. “I am depending on you Matt. Take good care of my little girl. You can do this. Just pretend she’s yours. And don’t forget to wash her private areas really good. I don’t want her to get an infection. She may protest vehemently, but do it anyway. You’ll find it easier to do if you get in the tub with her. Relax, you can wear your bikini under pants if you’re worried about Peg seeing your thing. I’ve seen it enough and I don’t think seeing it for the little while you are bathing her will do her any harm. I’ve gotta get to work.” Cherise cupped my cheeks in her hand pulling me close as she gave me a long drawn out kiss good bye.


Peg, being delirious like she is, Cherise had instructed me in the use of a rectal thermometer. She didn’t want to take the chance Peg might bite an oral one. Its time to take her temperature and I suddenly realized what Cherise had stuck me with. Cherise insisted I remove Peg’s under pants to insert the thermometer. She said I might perforate her colon if I couldn’t see what I was doing. Now comes the question. How do I go about this? I mean, its no trick taking underpants off a girl, but this one is my trusting little niece.

I have to do it in a way she will understand. Suddenly it dawned on me all I have to do is explain to her what I am doing and why, then I can just go ahead and do it. “Peg. Peg Honey. Its time for me to take your temperature.” Peg opened her mouth to accept the thermometer. I couldn’t help giggling, though it didn’t help my problem. “Sorry Sugar Britches. We can’t use that end. I am going to have to take it from the other side at the bottom. I have to remove your under pants so I can see what I am doing. We don’t want to hurt you with the thermometer.”

“No Uncle Matt. If you do that, you’ll see my wee wee. Besides only babies have their temperatures taken there. Please don’t take it in my butt.” This is going to be even harder than I thought. What’s she going to say when its bath time? Holey shit, what have I gotten myself into? Peg looked at me so innocently through those beautiful blue eyes of hers. Her normally well brushed short blond hair barely extending past her ears all matted up. She never did like to let it get long. Said it gets in her eyes. I have to admit she really looks cute with it short like that.

“Peggy. I don’t have any choice. I have to. Now lay still while I slide your panties off.” Peg may be young, but she isn’t stupid. She knows when she has lost an argument even though this isn’t actually an argument. I gently put my fingers under the waistband of her panties. Hooking them and pulling down. Peg reluctantly raised her butt up a few inches to make it easier. I couldn’t help but notice two things. One, Peggy is plenty grody. She has dirt all over her legs. Two, what the fuck is that smell? It reminds me of steamed shrimp. Only these seemed to have been sitting out for a while. Cherise was right, she’s pretty funky too.

Peg was right about something also. I can definitely see her wee wee. It looks pretty much like I expected it to. Bald as a baby’s ass. Hell, it wasn’t all that far away from a baby’s ass now that I think about it. A sweet little slit with a tiny hole in it and all jambed right between these smooth shapely tanned legs. As I slid her panties past her knees and removed one foot at a time, her legs innocently separated giving me a straight eye shot right into her wee hole. I couldn’t help noticing it was all pink and precious looking. I must admit, she’s pretty enough that it doesn’t really hurt my feelings to admire her beauty. I had never noticed it before, but her body was well formed. It was like I was looking at a beautiful young woman only in miniature and of course lacking a few things.

I folded her panties and laid them neatly on the other pillow. I breathed in a sigh of relief. At least I managed to get her panties off without too much resistance. Unfortunately, she is very embarrassed about the situation. It is obvious as she is blood red. To my surprise she isn’t trying to cover herself. Oh yeah, that’s right. I already told her I had to see what I was doing. I guess she knows not to block my view.

Well, here goes nothing. “Peggy. I need for you to roll onto your stomach so I can get to you.” If looks could kill, I’d have been dead by now. Still, she said nothing. Peg just lay there for several minutes. I didn’t press her. I figured she’d cooperate as soon as she has time to adjust to the idea. Suddenly I hear the covers rustle and just as quickly I am staring at the back of one of the prettiest little cracks and the smoothest ass I have ever seen.

I looked at her butt hole as I thought about the instructions Cherise left me. She told me to be sure to lubricate it so it slides in without irritating Peg’s ass. What should I use to lubricate her? I glance to the table next to the bed. I have a tube of K-Y I use to keep myself slick so I don’t get sore when I beat off at night. That will be perfect. I put a gob on my fingertip. “Spread your legs a bit for me honey pot.” Her legs gradually spread apart. I put my finger down there and wiggled it around her asshole to get plenty of K-Y on her before shoving it in. Peg jumped in surprise. “Hey, what are you doing. That ain’t no thermometer.”

I continued to lubricate her by moving my finger all around inside her. Dummy me, all I had to do was wet the thermometer. Now I have my finger reaming all around inside my niece’s ass and she wants to know why. “Its okay Peg. I’m just lubricating you so the thermometer will go in easily without it hurting.” Peg looked up at me like this was a little much to swallow, but she trusts me and said, “Okay Uncle Matt.” Then almost as an after thought I hear, “Uncle Matt. That feels good. I like it. Make sure you lubricate me real good”

Next thing I knew she was wiggling her hips and bucking up against my finger. Now it was my turn to turn beet red. Here I am with my finger firmly up my baby niece’s butt and she wants me to do it some more. I look down in horror. My dick is hard and sticking right out at the front of my shorts. I don’t believe this, I am getting off on finger fucking sweet Peggy’s ass. I must be a pervert disguised as an uncle. I slid my finger back out. Rewet it with more K-Y and slid it back in. She is cramming her ass eagerly into my finger. “UUUmmmnnnn. That feels so good Uncle Matt.” That did it, I pulled my finger back out and reached for the thermometer. I am so ashamed of myself.

“What’s the matter Uncle Matt? You stopped. I want you to do it some more.” I looked sheepishly at my young niece with that gorgeous hole staring me straight in the face. “I was just lubing your butt to get the thermometer in. Your Mom wouldn’t like it if she knew I was finger fucking you in the ass.” Peg was unperturbed. “Oh, is that what you call it? If you do it some more, I’ll forget to mention it to Mom. I don’t see any reason for her to know you were ‘finger fucking‘ me in my ass. Do you?” She looked to the side so I could see her face covered in a mischievous grin.

I slid the thermometer slowly and carefully up her ass. When I thought it was in deep enough, I patted her on the back of the head. “Just lay still while I check your temperature.” Peg remained quiet and didn’t move as instructed. After five minutes I pulled the thermometer out and nearly flipped out. She was hitting 103.2 degrees. I cleaned the thermometer off and put it away. I told Peggy she could lay on her back now.


I went to the kitchen to get a pan of ice water and a wash rag. When I got back, Peg had gone into a fever delirium. I quickly pulled her pajama dress over her head and off of her. I folded it and placed it on top of her under pants. I wet the rag, wrung it out and dabbed it across her forehead. I rewet it and rubbed cold water on her legs. Soon I was pretty much just pushing mud around on her legs. I made the decision I needed to clean her up a little. I washed her legs. Got the grime off of her face and then decided I couldn’t put up with her rough pussy smell any longer and washed that up a little too, but the wash rag was only going to go so far up into that tiny hole.

A bath later on will fix that. I got a fresh pan of water and a clean wash rag. I was really worried about her high fever, but admittedly it was a blast rubbing her beautiful body all over with that rag. I was tempted to feel her smooth looking skin with my fingers. I especially wanted to tweak her perky little nipples. They were sitting up pretty hard from the cold water. I had to calm myself quickly just to avoid the temptation.

After thirty minutes of cold water, I rolled her onto her belly and took her temperature. Good. Only 100.1 degrees. I rolled her onto her back so she would be comfortable. Then left her, nude, and uncovered for the time being until I was convinced her temperature wouldn’t go back up. I went to the living room to watch TV with the intention of checking on Peggy every half hour or so.

Half an hour later I reentered the bedroom to check in on her. She was bundled up tight under the covers. I wanted to let her sleep, but it was time to take her temperature again. I shook her shoulder gently. “Peg. Its time to take your temperature again.” She looked up at me with those baby blue eyes and immediately flipped over onto her belly. I swiped a dab of K-Y across the tip of the rectal thermometer and proceeded to slip it into her rear. Peg squirmed forward closing her legs so I couldn’t get it in.

“What are you doing. I haven’t been lubricated yet. You might hurt me with that thing.” I looked at her with one of my exasperated looks. “I thought I already told you your Mom wouldn’t be too keen on me sticking my finger up your ass.” Peg wiggled her butt at me as she replied, “Yeah. She sure wouldn’t. Now I ask you. Did you do it the first time because you needed to lubricate me to keep from hurting me with that skinny smooth thermometer or did you do it because you are a pervert and wanted to play with my hole? If the answer is you needed to lube me then do so now so you don’t hurt me. If you are a pervert and get off on niece butts, then do me now so you can get off again.”

I stood there dumbfounded. I know I didn’t just hear those words come out of the mouth of youngster. There is no way I can stand here and finger fuck my little niece in her ass. Whether she wants me to or not. I thought some more and realized she had me over a barrel. Either answer quoted out to the same result. There is simply no reason not to finger her. “Okay You win. How well do you want to be lubed?”

She rolled back over and sat up on the bed. “That depends on whether you are going to be enjoying it or not.” Now I know I am in trouble. “Well, you are cute and I did enjoy looking. If I said I didn’t like the way you felt on my finger, I’d be lying. Yes, I’ll be enjoying it the whole time.” Before I knew what was happening, Peg was spread eagle on her belly with her butt sticking up at me. You couldn’t get her legs farther apart with a come-along.

The tube of K-Y nearly jumped off the table into my hand. I put a big gob on my finger and spread it all around her hole. When I slid my finger in, Peggy purred like a kitten. “Oh Uncle Matt. That feels heavenly. Put some more on your finger and do me longer.” I obliged her. I could feel her sphincter grab at my finger on the back stroke and suck it back in on the down stroke. She was eating it up. I kept fingering her ass. Shortly my knuckles on the fingers that weren’t in her ass were bumping gently against her small pussy. I kept wetting her up and fingering her some more for almost thirty minutes.

All of a sudden she belts out, “Oh shit. I gotta pee real bad.” She tried to get up, but I held her in place. “Don’t worry about it. Try to hold it. When you can’t stand it any longer let it rip. I won’t get mad if you wet the bed.” Peggy started moaning and suddenly her little body stiffened. She was bucking against my finger and began to squeal in ecstasy. I knew she was having an orgasm. When she was gasping for air after it was over she looked up at me and said, “Awesome. I thought I was getting ready to pee all over the place and just like that my wee wee seemed to explode. I’ve never felt anything like that in my life. Thank you Uncle Matt. I promise Mom will never know.” I shoved the thermometer up her ass. She sat still for me and five minutes later, her temperature checked out normal.


“Since you are feeling so much better, I believe a bath is in order for you. Now hop to it.” Peggy sat on the edge of the bed. “Nope. I ain’t taking one. You gotta give me one. Mom said you would. I didn‘t want you to when she told me about it, but now I do.” I know Cherise told me to bathe her, but that was when she was on her death bed. She isn’t sick now. “You are too old for a grown man to be washing you in certain areas. Now go take your bath.” When she stood up, her hands went straight to her hips. She looked so cute standing there in the nude. Not caring that I could see it all.

It was obvious she was ready to take a stand. I wanted to see how she was going to finagle me into this one. “Oh yeah. Am I too old for a grown man to finger fuck me in the ass? Besides, you have to run my bath water anyway so I don’t scald myself with the hot water. Since I am already naked and you’ve already seen it all, what difference does it make if you bathe me too?”

Logic like that is hard to argue with. “Meet me in the bathroom young lady and I’ll give you a scrubbing you won’t soon forget.” She giggled and scurried off to the bathroom. I took off my gym shorts and sat on the edge of the bed in my bikini’s waiting for my hard on to subside.

When I got in the bathroom, Peggy was sitting on the toilet with the top down eagerly awaiting her bath. She was a little taken aback at the sight of me in my under pants, but quickly adapted to the idea. I added bubble bath and filled the tub. Even a devout bachelor such as myself knows bubble bath and little girl are synonymous. I had Peggy slip in a toe to test the water. She went quickly into the tub. I followed, seating myself directly in front of her. I reached out with the wash rag soaping up her slender back.

“Do you want me to turn around to make my back easier to reach?” She looked so sweet sitting there with those perky little nipples glaring at me. I couldn’t see her pussy for the bubbles, but I still had visions in my mind of what it looks like. It was a real chore to ignore the urge to stick a finger in it. “No, Darling. We’ll be finished with the back in a few minutes and then we’ll work on the front.” I reached out bravely or should I say stupidly and tweaked her left nipple between my fingers.

“Oooooooooo. That felt good. Do it again." I reached out this time circling her nipple slowly without actually touching it. This created low cooing noises from my sweet niece. I decided what the fuck and leaned forward licking first the one and then the other as a test to see what she’d do. To my surprise she put her hands on the back of my head pulling my lips close to her chest. I sucked on those luscious titties for a half hour. Peggy just moaned and groaned in pleasure.

Suddenly she pulled loose from my lips and got on all fours. “Finger fuck me in the ass again Uncle Matt. I don’t know what you call it, but I want you to make it happen again. I want to get that good feeling.” I didn’t have the K-Y with me so I spit on my finger. I slipped my finger slowly and gently up inside her hole. It felt every bit as good in the tub as it had in the bed. I pulled my finger back and forth making sure I lightly caressed her pussy the same as before.

Temptation was driving at me again. As I looked at her pretty face, I couldn't stand it any more. I leaned in close sliding my tongue deep into her ear as my lips engulfed it in a loving suck. I twirled my tongue all around inside Peg's ear. "Oh wow. Uncle Matt. That feels so good. I like it when you lick me like that." After ten minutes, I heard the squeals start up again. She had a tremendous orgasm. When she settled back in the tub, she looked down pointing between my legs. “Wow. What’s that. Its gotta hurt with that big knot on it. What ever did you hit it on in here to injure yourself like that?”

I looked down to see what she was referring to. My dick was as hard as a rock and sticking straight out at my bikinis. My thoughts were even though I was as horny as a guy can get, I have already gone way too far with my young niece and it was time to draw the line. “That’s my wee wee. It isn’t hurt, so you don’t have to worry about that. Its just that I am excited from looking at you. Guys get like that around beautiful girls.” Peg sat there digesting what I just said. “You really think I am a beautiful girl Uncle Matt?”

It certainly wasn’t going to hurt anything for her to feel beautiful. “You sure are Sweety.” Peggy dove into my arms. “I love you Uncle Matt.” She kissed me on the lips trying to imitate what she had seen her Mom do to me, but to be honest she didn’t have a clue. “I love you too Baby.” She sat there looking at my hard on which only proved to make it that much harder. “Wow, can I see your wee wee.” That was it. “No. You cannot see it.” I said it with an authority which made her decide not to press it. “Your Mom will be here in a few minutes to get you. Let me finish washing you quickly so we can get dressed.”


When we were sitting safely in the living room, Peggy got off the couch and pounced up into my lap hugging me tightly and laid her head on my shoulder. “I really do love you Uncle Matt.” It made me feel so good inside hearing that. “I love you too. Now go sit on the couch so your Mom doesn’t see us. Peggy laughed. “Mom wont care if you hug me and hold me.” I held her close. The door bell rang. “Come on in Cherise the door is open. Cherise walked in. Taking one look at us in the recliner, she said, “Well, I see the two of you got along just fine. Is my Sweety Pie feeling better?”

Peggy heaved a dreamy sigh. “Oh yes. I feel like a million bucks. Uncle Matt and I are lovers.” I choked on my tongue. Cherise put me at ease again quickly. “Well Darling I am really glad you love your Uncle Matt. Maybe when you are a little older you can convince him to marry you. In the mean time, why don’t you go wait in the car with your sisters while I thank Uncle Matt for putting up with you.”

My darling niece flounced down out of my lap. She started for the door, turned back around and hugged me as she put another of her big sloppy kisses on my lips. I was surprised Cherise didn‘t say something to her for the amount of time she was kissing me, but then I realized it was no where near as long as when Cherise kisses me. “Can I come down and spend the weekend with you Uncle Matt?” I had to save face. This was getting too close for comfort. The way Peg was running her mouth, I was afraid Cherise might figure out something happened between me and her daughter. “Its okay by me if its okay with your Mom, but only if Dana and Linda Lou can stay too.”

I thought she might be upset having to share her new ‘lover’ with her sisters, but I was wrong. “Yay. How about it Mom. Can we?” Cherise smiled. “I guess so.” Peggy hugged her Mom tightly. She held her a lot longer than I’d ever seen her do it. “Bye Mom. I love you” Peg looked like she didn’t want to let go. Suddenly tears started flowing down her cheeks. She let go of her Mom and ran out to the car. “ Matt. I am glad to see the two of you got along so well. She wasn’t any trouble was she?”

“Not a bit. As a matter of fact, she was a lot of fun.” Boy that was an understatement for sure. “I am looking forward to having all three of them this weekend.” Yeah, if only I could really have all three of them. What am I thinking. They’re just kids.

Cherise smiled. “Good, I’ll drop them off Friday right after school and since there is no school this Monday, I’ll pick them up say eight PM Monday. How was bath time? Was it too hard on you? Did you have any difficulty convincing Peg to get in the tub with you? I guess that’s a silly question. If you got her under pants off to grease her ass up to put that thermometer in her butt, you couldn’t have had any problem getting her in the tub. What did you use. I usually use a little dab of K-Y. She likes that. Says it tickles when I pull my finger out.” Holey shit. Cherise not only believes I fingered her little girl in the ass, but she thinks it is a normal way to take her temperature.

“K-Y is the only way to go and yes. She certainly thinks it ‘tickles’. Trust me, she was a doll. No trouble at all.” Cherise waltzed over to me hugging me tightly as she kissed me ever so sweetly on my lips. Then she giggled as her hand went between my legs. She gave my hard on a healthy squeeze as she said, “She didn’t make you blow your wad did she?” I couldn’t breathe. I can’t believe she did that nor could I believe she asked what she did.

“Cherise, what in God’s name would make you say something like that?” Cherise dropped her head to my shoulder. She hugged me tight again and kissed me one more time. Then she broke out crying. I escorted her to the couch and sat beside her. I held her close. Cherise cried for awhile, then just as quickly stopped. She looked into my eyes as she said. “Matt. I have something to tell you. It isn’t good. You have to promise not to interrupt. Let me finish. It is very important to me.”

“Okay Cherise. You have the floor.” I sat back to listen. I had no idea what it was, but assumed from the way she had been talking about Peg that it had to be a lulu.

“Matt. I have cancer of the pancreas. The doctor says its advanced. I have less than a week.” I know I wasn’t supposed to interrupt, but I was devastated. “Oh God no. Not you. God can’t take you away from me.” I cried and cried. When I was able to get it back together at least enough to listen, Cherise stroked my face. “Matt. There are two issues we need to address. The first concerns me and you. The second concerns you and the girls.”

“First of all, I love you. Always have. Not like a brother. No. I am in love with you. I was fascinated with you since the day you were born. I used to pretend I was breast feeding you when ever Mom and Dad left you with me. You took to it like a duck does to water. I let you suck my titties for hours at a time. I stopped letting you do it when you turned seven. I figured that was still young enough that if I didn’t remind you about it, you’d forget. I guess I was right. At first it was big sister eat up with wanting to be Momma.”

“There were no sexual feelings in it at all. Later it evolved into a sex thing. I wanted to do it all with you, but I didn’t want to devastate you, so I held it to giving you your baths and kissing you like I do. I’m sorry, I guess I played with it a little too long while I was washing you. It didn’t seem to bother you all that much coming in my hand when I rubbed the soap on you. I stopped bathing you when you started turning into a man, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist you any longer if I saw you naked.”

“I’ll be dead before the end of the week. Probably before the weekend, so you know I lied about picking the girls up Monday. They may never see me again. That’s why Peggy broke out crying. Friday is four days away. I am asking you to make a big sacrifice for me. I want to stay with you till Friday evening when the girls get here. My friend, Janice is in the car and she agreed to keep them for me until Friday. She’ll bring them here after school. Please if you’ve ever loved me, make love to me. Stay here and fuck my brains out till Friday. Let me know what it feels like to have you eat my pussy. Do this for me.”

This was a whole lot to swallow. The having sex part was no big deal. Well, it is a big deal, but not for the reason most people would expect. I have always wished I could have full blown sex with Cherise. Trouble is I was afraid to ask. I’d just as well make her day by telling her so. “God. Cherise. I never knew you felt this way. I have always wanted to be with you. I was in love with you too. I would be honored, no fuck it. I would love to fuck your brains out and while I’m at it, I’ll fill your mouth and butt up with my cum as many times as you like. I love you girl.” We meshed into a big hug. I was ready to fuck her right then and there, but she stopped me.

“Not yet Matt. I have to talk about the girls. When I am gone, I want you to have the girls. I’ve already made all the legal arrangements. All that’s left is for you to sign the papers. They need a good father figure and I want that to be you. Besides, if you don‘t take them, they‘ll probably be split up. I can‘t let that happen.” I hung my head in shame. “I can’t take the girls. I don’t trust what I might do to them if they are in this house all the time. When I greased up Peg’s butt today, I actually finger fucked her to an orgasm twice using her asshole. Yes, she wanted me to, but it was still my fault and I feel just awful about it.”

Cherise laughed. “That’s another part of this. Peggy has asked me many times why I kiss you like I do when I don’t ever kiss anybody else that way. As you are aware of by now since you finger fucked her in the butt, my Peggy is a very smart girl and very good with twisting things around so you trap yourself into doing what she wants you to. Well, she tricked me a little at a time into coming clean with her about how I feel about you.”

“She also realized I am dying. Then she talked me into coming clean and asking you to fulfill my life long dream. Peg didn’t want to leave me knowing I might not be here when she arrives, but she told me how eat up she feels inside not being in your arms and decided I must feel really awful. Amazing, the wisdom of a child. Then she talked me into letting her kind of seduce you."

"I knew she was successful by her saying the two of you are lovers. That was her go ahead signal to tell me you gave her that good feeling. That‘s what she calls it as I didn‘t want her to learn too much at once. Peg figured if she at least got you to bring her to orgasm, it would make my giving her to you sexually a little easier for you to swallow. So now you know, the two of you are free to be lovers. She is yours.”

“Her eventual intent is to do it all with you. Do it for her Matt. I have given her my blessing and now I am giving you mine. It is the least I can do by making my daughter happy. She really loves you and she says she will stay with you forever. One other thing. Dana and Linda Lou don’t have a clue. They don’t know I am dying. I figure they will have a hard enough time when it happens and there is no point in killing me twice in front of them. Peggy agreed. She says it would have been a lot easier on her if she didn’t know till the last. They most in particular don‘t know I gave Peg to you.”

“Linda Lou and Dana will love living with you when the time comes, but they don’t know they are going to yet. Be discrete with Peggy around the other two. They most certainly don‘t know you will be having sex with their sister. I want your word you will do your best to keep it that way. We don’t want to freak them out, do we? One other thing. I promised Peggy I wouldn‘t let you know she is trying to get you interested in having sex with her. Peggy didn’t want me to tell you I am giving her to you, so you have to take it slow and reluctantly give in to her wishes a little at the time. Its supposed to be our little secret.”

“Also, Peggy is only a little girl. I told her a few things to get her started and then told her she is on her own from there. She hasn’t got a clue, so be easy, gentle, and slow with her. Remember she wants you to be her husband. Now where were we.” Cherise’s lips meshed with mine as her hand went between my legs.

To be continued.........................

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