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“ Dougie , you know when we were little tykes, waiting for Christmas morning, how excited we became, how we had trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep and how early we were up in the morning, well I felt just like that. My mind was full of what , heck what did we used to call them ‘notions ’ or something like that. Finally I managed to doze off into what I thought was a deep sleep, only to find myself wide awake about 1 AM , laying in a large wet spot in my bed. I decided that I needed something to take the edge off, I could not stay in my wet bed that was for sure, I got up trying not to make any noise what so ever as I checked on everyone to make sure they were sleeping and slipped downstairs. I looked out the dining room window to see just how dark, or for that matter how light it was. The was a full moon, it’s beams lighting the outside like a shadowy day . Making up my mind I walked quietly through the porch carefully closing the doors behind me , I did not want to lock myself out by mistake.”

“ Dougie, I doubt I could even begin to explain how excited I was, as I placed myself on the top step leading down to the backyard. Holding my breath, looking back, then out into the yard I lifted my night jacket up over my head and off , tossing it down on to the ground. Naked now outside, I could still feel myself shaking a bit. Perhaps it was just the chill of the night’s air, but I was sure it my body’s reaction to my thoughts. I then boldly walked across the yard to where Sprite was tied to his dog house. I worried that he would start barking when he saw me coming, but perhaps he remembered last time when I was naked like that out in the yard, as he only whimpered in a very soft tone, he did not even pull at his leash , he just sat waiting for me to come up beside him.
I leant over to untie him, allowing him to take a few swipes at my hanging tits with his rough tongue , sending even more chills through my naked teenaged body. ”

“ Dougie I know you will find this hard to believe, perhaps hard to swallow, but I was out of my element that night, I was not concerned at all with modesty, exposure, or of being caught up in my own game. I moved Sprite into the center of the back yard into the streaming white light of the full moon. Crouching down beside him I rolled him on his back and began stroking his belly. Once I had him calmed down a bit, I realized that I was more horny then horny. I moved my tits close to his mouth and begged him to lick, to bring out my nipples to make them pointed and hard. I tentatively reached for his sheaf rubbing it gently, stroking his magnificent cock. I was rewarded with its appearance, slowly at first then with increased quickness it extended from its furry covering. . As I caressed it gingerly, I was able to feel the little ridges caused by the bluish veins that I had seen before. Leaning over I extended my tongue, bringing it to flick at the tapered end. I held it fast as I licked the underside, feeling , tasting, its texture. I became bolder, opening my mouth, engulfing a bit of the entire tip, closing my lips and pulling it back out. I repeated this action several times, taking more and more of it into my mouth, swirling my tongue as I pleasured both myself and Sprite.”

“ There was no stopping, no going back on things, Sprite’s cock was almost fully extended, long and hard, pulsating in my grip. I looked down at him, his head leaning to the side, his own tongue hanging from his mouth, he was drooling great quantities of saliva. I moved turning to squat over his lower body steadying myself as best I could. I reached under and between my legs, seeking his cock, and directing it upwards toward my now swollen pussy lips. Once aligned , I sunk myself down in one swift motion taking his male apparatus completely into my tight teenage cunt, my descent stopping only when I felt his furry sheaf touch my pussy lips. Dougie, I then began to fuck the dog, Sprite was not doing the work this time, it was me who was in charge, it was me who was controlling things, it was me who was seeking satisfaction. Sprite had become only a tool to be used to my benefit. I was squatted there in our brightly lit back yard humping away at my pet dog. I continued with not a care in the world, I could have had an audience, it would not have stopped me, there was nothing that was going to stop me from attaining complete satisfaction. I kept working Sprite until I felt his knot push at the entrance to my love tunnel, I slowed down a bit, but pushed harder, each push seemed to allow my pussy lips, and the walls of my cunt to expand, to take a bit more of his knot. Each push accepted a bit more and a bit more until the whole knot had been swallowed up into my channel.”

“ I continued to ride Sprite, I could feel his long cock flexing inside me, then I felt it Dougie, just like being hit with the water from a hose, Sprite shot his spunk far inside my cunt, shooting it right up to my womb, I am sure in fact it felt like he had hit my throat.
I came like I had never cum so far in my short life, my orgasm ripped through my entire body, I felt the sensations from the top of my head to the end of my toes, it was just wonderful. As I felt myself collapsing, I eased my body sideways so that I would not crush my poor magnificent Sprite . We remained stuck together for how long I do not remember, but the feeling that night of being full of doggie cock, I will never forget.”

“ I slipped into a well satisfied slumber, waking only as the dawn’s first light flowed though the trees into the back yard. Sprite of course had a hand in bringing me around, well perhaps it would be better to say tongue as that was what he was doing to me. He was licking at me with his beautiful rough pink tongue. Knowing that he wanted more, yet knowing that I had along day ahead of me, I debated on letting him take me once again. Since you and father were away I knew that mother would not be getting up too early, so there would have certainly been time enough. The better of me got to thinking perhaps I had better not risk running late , I certainly did not want to mess up the plans I had for Joyce. Reluctantly I tried to explain, imagine Dougie, I tried to explain to Sprite that I could not let him have his way with me then. I told him I would indeed make it up to him later on, but for now it could not happen. The poor dog, all he knew was instinct, instinct told him that when I was naked with him he could mount me, and here I was trying to reason with him.”

“ I could not do much more, I regrettably took him back to the dog house and tied him firmly, I could not afford having him get loose . One thing I needed was a good piss, so I returned to the center of the yard, squatted and let go with all my force, sending out a steaming hot stream of yellow liquid , followed by gobs and gobs of a thick whitish grey liquid , which could only be the remnants of Sprite’s spunk. Knowing that no one would be up, yet , I fixed water and food for Sprite taking it back out to him. I let him lick once again at my tits, then questioned whether or not to get down on all fours, it was still early , but then I shook myself, there were more important things planned . I picked up my night jacket and sauntered into the house bare ass naked, heading for the shower. I needed to be sparkling clean for my plans, and it was now 5 :30 in the morning”.

“ I dressed quickly, in my white sleeveless blouse, complimented it with a short wrap around plaid skirt, and sandals. I threw a bra and a pair of panties into my bag of tricks
and took off to Jennifer’s. I had left a note for mother telling her I would be gone for most of the day, I was meeting Joyce and we were going to do some girly things. Taking Prince the Dalmatian from Jen’s place, I walked quickly wanting to get within sight of Joyce’s house hopefully before she came out, I wanted to see just how she would react to stepping out dressed as I had requested. I was pleasantly surprised to see her come out of the house as if nothing was askew, as though dressed as she was , was something natural for her. I let her stand in the sun’s early light as I examined her exquisite stature. You know Dougie , I still do not understand why you dropped her, she was a very very pretty blonde girl, tall, well formed and best of all willing to do some nasty stuff. Even at that time , I was hoping that she might become my sister-in-law. I figured if she were part of the family I would have access to her a lot of the time I fantasized often thinking of all the dirty like tricky I could have her do. It was bad news for me when you decided to drop her and marry someone else, it was just not the same at all.”

“ I waited until the last second before advancing to her position , greeting her as slave. I asked if she was ready to proceed. When she replied in the affirmative, her voice crackled just a bit as she spit out the “Yes Mistress” . I asked if her father had left for work yet, to which she replied in the negative, bringing a big smile to my face. The front steps of her house had a good size cement landing, perfect for what I wanted, so I commanded her to assume – The Position -. It was funny to watch her facial expression change whenever I told her to do some thing that she was not quite prepared for. She knew that I was going to be taking her places that she would normally not go, she knew that she would be humiliated on many of those occasions, but I do not think she was really prepared for all that I was going to ask of her. I could see the fear in her eyes, the beautiful deep blue turned pale, her eyes lids flicking quickly as she tried to digest the order she had just been given.”

“ It was of course one thing to step out of the house dressed as she was, but it was a complete other thing, to have been told that she was to get naked , lay herself on her back and spread her legs wide apart, pulling her ankles towards her head. What made it more delightful this time was that she was expected to do it there right on her front steps, risking being caught in that position when her father came out of the house to walk to the bus. Joyce did not act immediately, there was just enough hesitation on her part, that I told her the longer she took to assume the position, the longer I would required her to remain in that position. I guess she figured that even if I wanted her father to find her like that, I would not risk it that morning, and if she was quick about it, she would be out of the way if and when her father did step out on his way to work”.

“ Joyce stripped off her clothes, baring her magnificent teenaged body, except for the collar, laid down and assumed the position. It was easy to see that she had become aroused, the beaming sunlight reflected off the droplets of liquid covering her clean shaven pussy. Being the nasty person that I was, I reached out and drew my finger through the folds of her smooth pussy . bringing the accumulation of liquid to my mouth. Once I had savored the offering, I pulled on Prince’s leash, bringing him up on the platform and directed his muzzle between Joyce’s out spread pussy. He wasted not one second getting his long broad tongue out to lap at the liquid that had settled in the crevice of her lips. I watched as her body jerked each time contact was made. I let Prince continue, until I heard a muffled groan escape from Joyce, then I pulled Prince off, leaving her hanging. I waited a minute perhaps, then let Prince get back at licking, time was of the essence, while I would have liked to have had her father walk out on us, it would certainly not be to my advantage that morning. I allowed Prince to get Joyce going again this time she let loose with an – “Oh my gawd !!” - , letting go of her legs and pushing her cunt up to meet Prince’s tongue. I pulled Prince away immediately and tied him to the railing. Looking at Joyce laying there naked, humping at dry air, I asked her if she wanted to continue, if she wanted to show her father just how wanton a bitch she was. I asked her what she thought her father would do if he saw her like that, being taken by a dog right there on the front stoop. ”

“ I watched for a moment or two longer, watched her squirming, trying to no doubt think things through, it must have been difficult as she continued to moan as though she was expecting to reach an orgasm, some thing I did not what to happen . I broke her trance telling her it was time to get dressed, handing her back the vest she had just taken off. I had her stand still once she had buttoned the vest, I was enthralled to see the look she was presenting. Her face flushed with perspiration, the black collar with the silver name tag – Joyce – vibrating as she swallowed , her chest heaving, her tits pushing out against the material of the vest itself . Joyce was exquisite in her state of anxiety. I held up her skirt inspecting the length, knowing full well that it was not near short enough, but I allowed her to put it back on. ”

“ I stood back to inspect the effect of her dress, taking my time, I lifted the front, then had her turn so I could lift the back, as the same time I grabbed a hold on the round of the bottom of her cheeks and squeezed causing her to cry out in surprise. I left her there and went to get the very short wrap around skirt that I had brought just for this occasion. Making Joyce turn once again, I placed her so that she was just off to the side of the front door, if her father opened and started out the first thing he would see would be the full view his lovely teenaged daughter. I told her that her skirt was too long , that it would not function properly, not at all in the way I required . I told her to take it off, at this order Joyce turned red as a beet, she knew as well as I did that time was running out, her father would be opening the door any moment , taking off on his way to work. If she had no skirt on, no covering protecting her shaved pussy, he would get quite an eye full.”

“ I took the skirt from her threw it down towards my bag and moved in front of her. I slipped a hand down between her legs, feeling a great deal of moisture, I eased my finger into her cunt and wiggled it around causing her to squeeze her thighs, to moan out loud and to almost bend herself into a cramp. Quickly I pulled my hand way and slipped it up on to her right tit, rubbing her leakage all over her nipple, causing it to pop up hard. I then pressed my lips to hers seeking a warm sensual kiss, letting my tongue slip between her lips to flick at hers. I had her going, she was cooking, hot to trot, ready for anything I was sure. At that moment I probably could have pulled anything off, I could have undone her vest and slipped it from her shoulders, baring her completely. I could have had her standing her arms stretched out in a forward position ready to receive her father as he stepped out on the stoop. I am certain Joyce would have assumed any pose, no matter what I suggested, she was pumped and primed, all I had to do was get the trigger pulled.”

“ Suddenly I heard the click of the door handle, so I placed the much shorter skirt in her hands, whispered that she better get it hooked quickly , then I moved to the far side of the stoop, waiting to see what transpired. Poor Joyce, she was fit to be tied, as she fought to get the skirt hooked together before the door opened completely, she was still flushed red, there was no doubt about that, she could not hide, she was stuck, she was obliged to greet her father as he stepped on to the stoop. He struggled a bit, it looked to me like he had missed his step, or perhaps stepped on his own foot. He was certainly surprised to see his teenaged daughter standing there red faced and flustered apparently fiddling with her
skimpy clothing. Catching himself I am sure, he attempted to make small talk as he absorbed the scene before him, before wishing his daughter a good day and making his way down the steps and out onto the city sidewalk. While Joyce continued to fiddle with her skirt, I watched her father as he walked away, I saw him look back several times before he was too far to do so. I have always wondered what went through his mind that morning , whether he had every brought the incident up with Joyce afterwards. It might have been fun to find out what he might have asked . ”

“ Now that my morning fun had begun, I clipped the leash to Joyce’s collar, put her skirt in my bag, took hold of Prince’s leash and led them both towards the village , to that one little coffee-shop where I knew John would be anxiously waiting. The smile on John’s face when he saw us arriving, was some thing else. When we got closer and he recognized that I was with the girl he had been able to photograph naked in the park last time . His broad smile was what you could call – a Kodak moment - . I made the introductions, using Joyce’s proper name, but telling John that she was more used to being addressed a slave, or slut slave when we discussed the events such as we had planned. I told John he was free to address Joyce either way as along as it pleased him. John suggested that we get some breakfast , handing me twenty bucks. I told Joyce to tie Prince off to the side, telling her to make sure she bent at the knees, attaching the leash as low as possible to the ground , she was to be facing away from our table as she accomplished this task.”

“ I watched John as he watched Joyce, it was hilarious to see his expression when he saw her bending, her short skirt riding high half way over her bottom, exposing a good deal of the treasures she held between her legs. I suggested to John that we send Joyce first to get a refill for his coffee hoping he would agree, for I had something else to show him. When Joyce came back with his refill, I motioned for her to stand at his side so that she could place his cup properly on the table. In that position Joyce provided John with a direct view in through the side of her vest, a view that allowed him to see she was not wearing a bra either . John now knew that she was nude under her covering , all that remained was to let him see that I was in a similarly dressed. I am certain that he could guess that I did not have a bra on, the thinness of my blouse and the hardness of my nipples made that evident. I stood, wondering how I could innocently let him see beneath my skirt, when the idea came to bend over a neighboring table pretending to reach for some thing. That is exactly what I did , obtaining a long low whistle from John, he now knew that his girls were prepared for the day’s events.”

“ I made a big deal of making our way into and out of the little coffee shop, attracting the attention of an audience , not that there were many patrons outside, but the few men who where there were treated a good show. We were after all two giddy teenaged girls, seemingly oblivious to any improprieties that might be exposed. I would think we made a few men jealous of John when we came back to sit with him, each plating a kiss on his cheek. John took a few final slips of his coffee, telling us he had spoken with the owners much earlier, had shown them some of the photos he had already taken, and suggested to them that he would like to take a few more in order to put together the best of the lot for their portfolio . He then gulped the rest of his coffee grabbed his camera and moved to the perimeter of the outside terrace leaving us to enjoy our breakfast.”

“ Still making a big deal of our affair, exaggerated animation was the theme. I continually touched Joyce’s body, letting my hands, my finger rub over her bare arm, down the sides of her body passing innocently over her chest playing `pichenotte` with her nipples as I did. We had ordered dishes that were accompanied with strawberries, which I seductively fed to Joyce. It was very fortunate that it was a week day, for those patrons who had stopped off for breakfast, could not stay that long so eventually the crowd thinned out which allowed me to take further advantage of Joyce. I proceeded to feed her another strawberry, then let my hand move down the front of her vest, stopping momentarily to undo the two buttons holding it together hoping that she would not notice immediately. I returned to my routine of rubbing her arms, squeezing her hands , stoking her fingers in my attempt to keep her mind focused on these sensations. I knew John was clicking away, and was most likely becoming impatient so I leaned over towards Joyce. I reached out , turning her face towards me and brought my mouth to hers. In this half twisted position it was easy for me to slip my left hand in between the open material and fix it on to a bare tit. Needless to say Joyce reacted to this touch, but as I was holding her head firmly with my right arm, there was little she could do.”

“ Circling her right tit with the palm of my hand, I managed to extract several soft moans from Joyce. I then changed the position of my hand a bit lifting my thumb up straight, so it caught the edge of the material of her vest. I then rotated my hand in a larger circle, pulling the material away from her body, allowing me to expose her complete right tit for the photos John was taking. Seeing that she had not realized I had moved the material off her firm young breast, I broke my kiss and whisper to her to turn a bit in her chair and open her legs wide. I looked towards John trusting that he was going to approve of my action, when I noticed an elderly gentleman sitting at one of the far tables, looking directly at us. As soon as Joyce had moved and spread her legs, he lifted his coffee cup in our direction surely acknowledging the improved view he was being afforded. Now that we had an audience, I pulled my hand off Joyce’s right tit and slid it back towards me pulling this time at the other side of her vest, opening her chest completely, exposing both of her lovely teenaged breasts.”

“ Once again I leaned into her and fixed my mouth to hers slipping my tongue in as far as I could, and flicking it back and forth across her own, now responding membrane. With my hand working both tits, enticing her little nipples to push out long and hard, my kissing took on a more aggressive form. I had Joyce squirming in her chair, moaning and groaning at an increased pace so I figured it was time to up the ante just a bit. I again broke contact between our lips, suggesting that she might want to raise her skirt, and play with her own pussy. I looked over to see our voyeur, he had set his coffee cup on the table and was just staring at us , you could almost see the lust in his eyes. I guess really he could not believe his eyes, here he was being afforded a scene of two young girls, one playing havoc with the other, one almost completely naked, her tits hanging out in plain view, her legs spread with and her hands busy working her treasured little cunt.”

“ Upon hearing Joyce’s rasp sounding gasp for breath that she was so close to cumming, I commanded her to stop immediately, to remove her hands from between her legs , sit up straight and re-button her vest. I vaguely remember her pouting, asking me to let her finish, to be kind, to be considerate, after all she was going to do all my bidding with out question. I had other plans however and letting her get off then was not one of them. I was about to suggest that Joyce undertake another trick, when John came up to us. While expressing his delight at the photo scenes we were providing him, he told me that the pictures of the interior of the shop that he had taken me had come out a bit weak in detail. He went on to explain that he had purchased some kind of lens, that would correct the flare or glare or something of the glass, he was wondering if I would allow him some retakes. I expressed my concern that if things went like they did last time , I doubted that we could use the same excuse, if the staff became curious as to just exactly what type of poses I would be making. ”.

“ While we discussed the possibilities, I noticed that our voyeur friend had gone and gotten himself another coffee, come back out on to the sidewalk terrace and seated himself a bit closer to our table, while at the same time keeping a prudent distance between us. I then got one of those flash ideas, you know , Dougie , those ideas that just seem to be the right ones at the right time. Well that sort of settled the discussion, I told John that it might be best if he talked to the staffers letting them know just how special this photo secession might be and perhaps it would be best if they stayed in the background or something along those lines so that our concern of being caught might be lessened. Taking our hands, John pulled us into the shop, setting us up with two large coffees, and making a big fuss of placing us at the front window countertop. He then went to talk to the staff, whispering to me as he exited the shop that it looked like every thing was in order, and that we should be alright with what we had in mind to do.”

“ I told Joyce to sit with her bare ass on the stood, to arrange the slit of her skirt so that it came to between her legs , and leave the material of skirt to fall down in back. I sat as close to her as possible, trying to appear as what we really were, two giddy high school girls having an animated conversation. I then instructed her to do as I was doing, spreading my legs wide open in the direction of our outside cameraman John. I watched as he fiddled with his photographic apparatus , then gave us a thumbs up, trusting that meant his focus was in order. I told Joyce to undo her vest, but not open it, and I did the same thing with my blouse. I had Joyce lean forward, placing her elbows on the counter top, thus allowing her vest to fall away exposing her tits to the camera’s eye . I reached out with my left arm and placed it on her shoulders, which of course caused my own blouse to open exposing my chest. I could see John bobbing up and down with his camera, trying I imagined to get the best vantage point from which to click away at us. I also noticed our senior voyeur, he had repositioned his seat to watch and enjoy no doubt the show we were providing.”

“ John made motions, which I understood to mean move it along , and that is just what I did . I slipped my right hand onto Joyce’s right tit and began to play with her nipple, rubbing my finger tips over , round and round, getting it to push out long and hard. Once she started breathing harder, I stopped, again extracting a long low moan , of almost desperation from her. I got John’s attention signaling him to allow me a minute or two, then I moved off my stool, and got behind Joyce, hoping that I was blocking most of all of the view of her from those staffers in the shop. I kept hoping that they were going to abide by John’s suggestion and remain in the back ground, I did not want them coming forward for the next few minutes as I had a plan. Carefully I maneuvered myself as close to Joyce as I needed, then I whispered for her to undo her skirt and pull it off her lap, baring herself completely, to John’s view as she sat there her legs spread wide .”

“ Pressing myself into her holding her skirt from falling to the floor, I had her move her arms to her sides, following which, I slipped her vest from her shoulders, letting it bunch up between us. I watched as both John and our voyeur friend looked on in great surprise for sure, most likely not believing what was transpiring before them. Then to place the cherry on the toping, I told Joyce to bring her arms up , place her hands behind her neck and push her elbows back. I counted to ten, not too slowly however, but allowing sufficient time to see John snap off a few shots for sure. Quickly, not wanting to push my luck, I had Joyce lower her arms while I slipped her vest back on, then I reached around , pulling the edges of her skirt back over her lower body. I took this occasion to pass my hand down between her legs and take a swipe at her very very wet cunt , then told her to close her legs. I could feel the tremors running through her hot little body, as I hugged her tight.”

“ Not wanting to try pushing our luck any further, I felt satisfied that I had provided John with some excellent photo opportunities, not really knowing if he had managed to take them, I eased Joyce down off the stool and guided her out the door. John met us almost overly excited, telling us just how great that had been, but thought perhaps we might have over extended ourselves a bit. Asking me pick up our things, he went back into the shop
I supposed to see just where things stood. I looked over to see our elderly voyeur sitting there , it looked like his eyes had glazed over, he was still gawking, his mouth hanging open just a little bit. I felt kind a sorry for the old geezer , letting my mind run with things as usual, I told Joyce to untie Prince, but make sure she bent at her hips with her backside facing the poor old man , then bring me the leash. Buy this time John had arrived back explaining that apparently every thing had gone well, without any problem at all, they did not mention anything out of the ordinary and were very pleased that he was back taking more pictures which they looked for ward to viewing.”

“ I tugged John’s sweater a bit, and nodded towards the old man, telling him that maybe a couple of shots might be considered before we left . I then order Joyce to undo her vest buttons once again, and to turn her skirt back so that the slit was in the front. Then to her disgust I told her to go over to the old man , and give him a couple of kisses on the cheeks. I added that I wanted her to stand to his side, so that John could get a couple of good detailed photos. Before I let go of her hand so she could move I further instructed her to take the man’s hand , and slip it between her legs, letting him get a really good feel of her young wet sex. I told John he had better be prepared for what was going to happen, either the old man was going to have a heart attack or even better he was going to get something he most likely had not had in a long time.”

“ John’s camera was whirling away as Joyce bent to kiss the poor old man, her full bare chest heaving just at his eye level. You could see his eyes open wide with surprise, his face turned a deep flush of red and his mouth opened completely. A second later, he grabbed upward placing a hand on Joyce’s lovely tit, while we watched Joyce jerking, her body back and forth, no doubt having placed his hand on her smooth bare pussy. It was not long before Joyce bent forward, we could see her struggling to hold herself together, her body movement looked out of control. Our friendly voyeur, lifted his head a bit , allowing himself the opportunity of sucking on a young tit, Joyce was being taken down that long road for sure. As suddenly as she had stated vibrating, she stopped placed both hands on the poor old man’s shoulders and crushed her half naked body down onto his.”

“ I allowed them a few minutes to enjoy the afterglow, then I moved in beside them , taking Joyce off the poor old guy, thanking him for his decision not to spoil our morning’ s fun and games , I asked if he felt that he had been well rewarded by Joyce’s actions. Dougie let me tell you I had one hell of a time, trying to separate the two of them and hold Prince back, he had caught the scent of Joyce and was doing every thing he could to break my hold on him so he could get his snout up between her legs. Finally I managed to get Joyce standing straight, made her button up and turn her skirt slip back to its proper place. Then the three of us , accompanied by Prince, then took off down the main street heading towards that little park that John had me in last time . Once I was back in control of things, I let Prince enjoy the walk, allowing him enough loose on his leash that he could push his muzzle up under Joyce’s skirt, causing her to emit little cries of joy or delight, for that is what it sounded like. There was not too much pedestrian traffic on the street, to cause any problem. I did however have to rain Prince in twice that I can recall, once as a mother and her young family was passing by and the other when the local police car passed us. Dougie ( Carole continued laughing out loud) , could you imaging the children seeing Prince sniffing up under Joyce’s skirt, then asking their mother why the doggie had his head under that girl’s skirt, and why was he wagging his tail so fast .”

“ When we arrived at the park, I asked John how he wanted things to unfold, I wondered if he as going to take a new set of photos or simply try and follow the original photos he took of me , blending in the more raunchy ones I was going to make Joyce pose for. I asked innocently, knowing full well what I might be getting myself into, if since he had two subjects, was he thinking of something else altogether. Dougie, to this day I can remember the look on John’s face, it lit up like yours did every Christmas, when you opened a package to reveal something that you really wanted. At that moment I figured I was into things big time, perhaps ending up in positions I would be unable to control, nor was quite ready to share with any one , Prince was after all a much larger dog than Sprite.”

“ Everything was silent for a few minutes, the only thing I remember hearing was the birds chirping, I cannot recall hearing even an automobiles passing, nor any other normal neighbourhood sounds. John replied that it might be more prudent if we focused more on what he needed to finish his project, rather than delve into some thing that he would really like to do, however if he saw that time would allow him some leeway he might like some more pictures of the both of us. I am sure I let out a deep sigh, perhaps one more of regret than relief, but then I do not think I knew exactly what I wanted, as I was just so excited, being able to use of Joyce once more. With that said John asked if we could get some pictures of Joyce on the monkey bars, stating that we might at first leave her clothing on and work from there. ”

“ I instructed Joyce to get under the bars , jump up and grab hold . She was a bit longer in the legs than I was ,so the space between her feet and the sand was not quite the six or so inches it had been with me. I had her kick her sandals off so they would not bother us when we began, this also would allow her to drag her toes in the sand if she set them straight like a ballerina dancing on her toes. I adjusted her skirt once more turning the slit in front, then I undid the buttons of her vest leaving it hanging . Once I was satisfied , Joyce was told not to loose her grip for any reason what so every or I would punished her severally. I then released Prince from his leash, and watched as he made his way straight for Joyce, sticking his muzzle right between her legs. John was busy moving around the scene laid out before us taking his snaps almost as though he was the camera itself. Prince found out quickly that there was nothing preventing him from access to Joyce’s nicely shaven cunt, the material of her skirt just separated as he bobbed his head up and down . Joyce was squirming , twisting her body either in an attempt to get Prince away from her cunt, or then I thought more likely she was trying to arrange it so that he had better access to her cunt, for that is more what her sounds we telling me.”

“ John broke my concentration asking if I could get Prince to stand , as he wanted things to develop a bit further, so I called out an order to Prince. At first it did not appear that he understood , or perhaps was unwilling to stop what he was doing, but finally he reacted to my command to stand. He reached his forepaws up , placing them on Joyce’s shoulders for support, bringing the full length of his furry body up against hers. Being the smart pouch that he was , when he saw that his movement caused Joyce’s vest to open up and expose her lovely firm young tits, he wasted no time in licking at them. Prince was becoming more and more excited his long tapered dick extended from its protective sheath. His cock appeared to be a much deeper red than my Sprite’s, the dark veins looked almost black, they appeared to be raised on the surface with more definition.
It looked like a crude drilling tool of some sort.”

“ The more Prince pushed at Joyce the more they rocked back and forth, the closer Prince pressed against her. Unfortunately the skirt was now preventing John and I from seeing exactly what was happening, but from the sound of Joyce and the look in her eyes, Prince’s cock had certainly either slipped between her luscious thighs or had indeed slipped into her exquisite love tunnel. John spoke again telling me that the situation was not providing the effects that were needed, asking me to try and fix it. Realizing that we were here to get some good photos and not just allow Joyce to get her goodies , I took poor Prince by the collar and separated them, noting that he had indeed sprayed Joyce with precum, as it was dripping all over. I did my best to calm him as I secured him off to the side. I then attacked the problem at hand. ”

“ I told Joyce it was now time to reverse her position and to hang upside down from the bars. In this position with her long lower body held up at knee level, her upper torso fell to the same level that I had found myself. This time however we had a dog who was taller in stature that my Sprite, so I knew things would be much more exciting once we got under way . John was indeed going to be able to get some wonderful photos. When Joyce dropped her torso down, her vest slipped off on to the ground, her skirt fell down over her tummy uncovering her sex completely. Once again I released Prince , being free he began to lick all over Joyce’s face, his long broad pink tongue lapping every where. I allowed him a few minutes then once again commanded him to stand, bringing things together fairly well I must say. Prince quickly understood that he was being offered access to her cunt with was sitting there just at the right level for licking, and that is exacting what he did. It was clearly evident that he was slipping it between the folds of her soft pussy lips, no doubt pushing into her hole. Standing in this position brought the tip of his fine dark red cock to the lips of Joyce’s mouth , if fact given the difference in the height of Prince and Sprite, Joyce would only have to open her mouth, not stretch her head like I had to do. ”

“ Immediately I ordered my slut slave to take hold of Prince’s cock , gingerly bring it to her mouth, like it was the very first time she was doing this, and lick at it with her tongue. I watched as Joyce reached out for Prince’s bobbing dark red cock, getting it into to her two hands trying to hold it so that she could get her tongue touching it. I remember thinking back then that she was really trying to make it look like it was the first time she had taken hold of a dog’s cock . Unfortunately this delicateness did not last long, as Prince was making headway with her cunt causing her to jerk her body quite vigorously. I watched as Joyce pulled his throbbing cock to her mouth, and slipped it between her lips taking in a good length of it. She reached for his sheath and his balls stoking quickly, emitting very loud muffed moans Joyce worked Prince’s cock almost at the same speed that he was lapping at her cunt. It did not take long, Prince began jumping, jerking and humping at Joyce’s mouth. Suddenly his sheath swelled and his knot exited pushing hard up against Joyce’s mouth . It was a very surprised Joyce who tried to hold this large bulge at bay, trying to stop it from entering her mouth, and no doubt pushing the tip of his appendage half way down her throat and strangling her. Even though her head was upside down you could see her expression of concern, panic perhaps a better word as she struggled to keep control of Prince’s knot. ”

“ Finally having appeared to stop the advance of the knot, it was inevitable, Prince let loose with his load of hot cum, causing Joyce’s cheeks to bulge as the quantity of doggie goop filled her mouth, and forcing the overflow out in a stream that caught poor Prince, covering the lower portion of his furry body. I know that John got pictures that I doubt any one else had taken up until that time and perhaps even now . Dougie , I doubt anyone else has had a chance to reproduce such a scene , it was just awesome. Once Prince had come , I guess realizing that his knot was not held firm in a warm opening he dropped down on to his four legs, and began immediately licking Joyce’s face once more. When he was satisfied, he moved over to the grass and began to clean his own body, as though we were not there. ”

“ Joyce just let herself hang limp, her arms stretched down touching the now wet sand below. You could see the tell tale signs of her own leakage, it was running out between her swollen pussy lips, running down over her belly, it was seeping through the crack of her ass and running down her back, it glistened in the bright sun’s rays. John occupied himself taking close-ups of her leaking love juices seemingly in a world all to himself when suddenly Joyce cried as her legs slipped from the overhead bars allowing her whole body to come crashing down to the ground. I mean she did not just fall down, as her body was longer than mind she was able to touch the ground with her hands, then sort of allowed herself to slip off the bars and slither down on to the ground, it was however kind of sudden and unexpected, but by then I guess she had become exhausted from the workout Prince had put her through.”

“ John suggested a lunch break at that time , I do believe, telling me that he would go see what he could pick up at the BBQ , he suggested I get Joyce out of the sand and over to a more comfortable spot in the park. Fortunately I had come prepared with some wipe downs , a wash cloth and a few other hygienic items , not that there was much more than a drinking fountain at which to get water, and cold it was. By the time John got back, I had Joyce fairly well tidied up ,sleeping or at least dozing , curled up beside Prince, in the shade of a sycamore tree. Rousing our crew we feasted on John’s offering, even Prince appeared satisfied with what he had been given as chow , I know I thoroughly enjoyed eating , watching at the same time my lovely teenaged charge gulped down her food as she sat cross legged on the grass in her exposed naked state. ”

“ John having finished eating first, took up his camera once again and began clicking away, at nothing in particular it appeared, so I decided to add a bit of spice to things. I moved a bit closer to Joyce seating myself in a similar cross legged position, pulling my skirt up tight across my lap. John was then able to get some good what do you call them Dougie !, beaver shots, but really I know there was not much fur, as both our pussies were clean shaven so technically I do not know if they could be called beaver shots, in any case John had a good clean view of two young cunts. I leant into Joyce, whispering , telling her that her Mistress might like a little attention, after all her slave had been very well satisfied or it had appeared that way by Prince.”

“ Joyce at once understood, reaching over to stoke my bare arms, massaging my shoulders and rubbing at my neck. She planted kisses on my forehead, my cheeks, my lips, as she got into a kneeing position, presenting her little bottom to John’s camera. My slut-slave, continued the gentle touching of my body, undoing the buttons of my blouse slowly, one at a time, kissing the exposed skin as she pulled the material of the blouse apart. Once she had all the buttons undone, she slipped my blouse off my body tossing it to the side, baring my torso completely. My slut slave, directed her attention to my own teenaged tits, drawing her long fingers up and over, down and under, creating large , then small circles on my breasts, yet avoiding my hardening nipples. Joyce pushed me back making me support myself on my arms, then she used the tip of her tongue to flick at my nipples causing them to swell if you can believe it, in size. Slowly but surely my slut-slave, was getting the inside juices of her Mistress to churn. ”

“ Joyce of course noticing the change in my body language proceed to take things to the next level. She maneuvered her body over in front of mine, pulled my legs straight and straddled them. Again she pushed at my torso, pushing me down flat on my back, as she slivered her warm wet tongue down over my belly stopping to play with my belly button, forcing the tip into the little depression. . At the same time she slacked my skirt, opening it from my body exposing my treasures in the bright sunlight. Joyce then tugged it from under my bottom and sent it flying to land on the grass near my blouse, I was now as naked as she. I could hear the whirl of John’s camera as he circled us snapping at the scene that was developing before his eyes, two young nymphs engaged in sexual play oblivious to their surroundings.”

“ Concentrating on pleasuring her Mistress, my slut slave, directed her full attention between my legs, slowly but definitely drilling her tongue far into the furrows of a now pulsating hot cunt. Joyce reached for my firm young tits , manipulating them with soft gently care, her long fingers enveloping them completely . I could feel her taking my harden nipple between a finger and thumb , rolling it applying constant pressure yet not pinching hard. I was rising to a crest, it felt like every thing inside my body was liquid, sloshing back and forth from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. It was almost heaven like, lying there in the sun, having my body worked by this experienced nymphet, it was as though we were all alone with no connection to the real world. Joyce kept working my body , bring me close, them letting me slide back just every so, only to be brought back to a higher crest.

How long she continued this roller coaster effect, I cannot tell you, I had lost all track of time, it could have been hours, it could have only been minutes, but the enjoyment I was experiencing was just wonderful. I was however brought out of my dream like stupor, screaming out in pain as I felt Joyce clamp onto me. It was almost as though she clamped her teeth on to my vibrating clit, sinking the tips of her fingers deeply into the smooth soft skin of my breast at the same time. I found myself in shock, in pain, confused . I opened my eyes wide, allowing a sharp scream issue forth, as I tried to escape the throes of her punishing onslaught . Dougie to my utmost surprise, as I adjusted my vision, all I saw was Prince’s head, his long vivid pink tongue, hanging from his mouth , dripping salvia , as he humped his body on Joyce’s back, who was fixed between us as we lay there on the park lawn. Somehow Prince had gotten loose , had taken advantage of Joyce’s position, her naked ass up in the air, her head lowered between my wide spread legs, as was enjoying himself royally.

“It felt like Prince was fucking right through Joyce , right up into my young excited cunt, I am certain I was grunting and groaning as vigorously as was Joyce, who was in fact on the receiving end of the rapid thrusts of his long hard doggie cock. I began failing my arms, kicking my legs, rotating my ass, in an attempt to get them off me, as I felt I was being suffocated. I tried pushing at Joyce’s head, in an attempt to break the contact of her lips of her tongue with my pulsating little cunt that was fast becoming raw. When I tried to push at her head, she released her strong hold on my tits, causing them to respond sharply with the force of blood running back into them, and seized my arms holding them fixed, while she continued to munch at my sore leaking pussy. Joyce continued to force her body into mine as Prince maintained his stamina, they both worked me until I blacked out.”

“ Dougie , how long it was before Prince decided he had had enough of Joyce I can’t tell you for the next thing I can remember was that I was leaning back up against a small tree, my arms limp at my sides, my legs spread straight out, wide in front of me. As I came out a of the clouds, or stupor , daze , or what ever you want to call it, my sight cleared and I was able to focus my vision much clearer. I could see John sitting on the park bench facing me, his camera working the scene such that it was. My first movements were pained, it seemed that every bone in my body ached, I tried rocking my bottom, in an attempt to bring my legs together, but my little cunt was so sore that I stopped all movement. My body had taken a beating for sure, while I was not covered in cum, I was covered in sweat, I could smell my body scent, I could smell the pungent aroma of my sex all being heated by the sun’s warm rays that were beaming down upon my naked body.”

“ As John saw my return to the living, he left his camera and came over from the bench, asking if I was ok, if I was going to be ok, suggesting that I just sit for a bit and let my system get back together. He continued on talking quietly, telling me just how awesome some of the snaps he had managed to take were going to look. John then pointed towards a more shaded part of the park, directing my attention to where I could make out Joyce, her lily white nakedness shining brightly laying curled up beside a larger darker form, which of course I realized immediately as Prince. I stained my eyes to get a better look, doing so only when I brought a hand to my forehand to shield then from the sun. What I saw clearly looked like the both bodies were moving, they were laying in a spooned position, Joyce’s body facing towards us, Prince fixed tightly against her. It certainly looked like Prince was still humping at her.”

“My curiosity got the better of me, I wanted to know for sure, I wanted to see for sure, so I grabbed hold of John and pulled my still sore body straight. Steadying myself, I took the opportunity to rub my own naked body against John, thrilled a bit to be thinking that I might turn him on, then I proceed towards the two forms to get a better look. Neither of them appeared to be bothered, by my approaching, Joyce had her eyes closed, she was playing with her own tits, rubbing and pulling at her nipples. She was making soft whispered moaning sounds as she humped her ass back into Prince. I could see his body as it lay on his side, pressed firmly against her white skin. He was busy, occupied humping methodically , yet not with the same quickness, that he had earlier. Joyce had her legs placed in such a manner that I could not get a good look at her bald pussy, nor her wonderful pink lips, but I was able to imagine Prince’s long ruffled red veined
cock pushing in and out provided her with continuous sensual pleasure. ”

“ I felt John’s presence beside me , he was holding out my clothing, indicating that I should get myself covered, as the other two appeared to far into their own little world to care out us. As I buttoned my blouse I heard Joyce cry out with a deep loud grunt, a sound that I usually associated with releasing my own orgasm. I looked to see Prince had stopped humping and was holding his hind quarters fixed, pressed into Joyce’s lovely bottom. With an increase in loudness Joyce let loose a sting of words that I had not even thought of as her whole body vibrated vigorously, then seemingly let herself go limp, almost as though she was completely drained from the experience. It was perhaps ten minutes, maybe less that there was no movement from either of them, John however was gotten busy taking more photos, from all angles, walking around the prone bodies.
Leaning in close, bending, directing his camera lens toward the crease at Joyce’s legs
as if he was trying to capture the view of Prince’s cock snuggled between the lips of her pussy.”

“ Suddenly, Joyce rolled forward almost on top her stomach, creating a riff between her and Prince, I was then able to see his long red veined cock extended between their bodies . As Joyce twisted forward a bit more, Prince pulled back, pulling his glistening, gleaning now fairly soft masculine apparatus completely Joyce’s socket. To my utmost surprise, Joyce was gushing substantial gobs of grayish white liquid, it was seeping however not for her hot little cunt, but for her puckered little ass hole, Prince had been enjoying himself humping her ass for all it was worth and from the sounds that she had been making she had thoroughly enjoyed his efforts. John was beside himself, making all sorts of crude comments as he tried his best to capture the essence of the scene laid out before him, to that point I had never ever seen him so excited. I mean well all there was to see was Joyce’s little ass hole throbbing, puckering in different shapes as she evacuated the load of doggie cum from deep inside her bowels. John was trying very hard to be discreet but it was evident that he was adjusting his own male member, something that I had seem him do only once a long time ago. I had often thought John was impervious to young naked female bodies no matter how exposed they were , or how explicit they were exposed”

“ Finally John stopped, he stood up straight, his camera at his side and I saw what I thought to be a shudder or shiver cascade through his body. I remember thinking things were really good if it had made John come . For several minutes all that was heard was the sound of Joyce groaning as the final waves of pleasure ran their course. I still have vivid memories of the situation, John and I standing absorbing the atmosphere so to speak, while Joyce lay at our feet her body making quick jerking movements as Prince who was still curled up beside her licked his cock spanking clean. We were all wrapped up in a comfortable warmth provided by the hot shining sun, each in his own little world.
Dougie I cannot tell you it was a long time , or a short time, it was as though time did not exist, until John spoke up suggesting that he would like to get some shots at the railroad station if I thought I could work it. ”



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