I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
This is a story about an older whiteman sucking on a younger boy and being caught by an older lady. So if that turns you off, please go read another story because I can't change what happened... Here it is.......

I was horny again and also drinking, so I found myself out hitchhiking in the middle of the night. Actually it was almost daybreak and I was just about to give up and go home. I knew that it would probably be an older man that picked me up and not a girl or a woman and I didn't care. I needed the sexual outlet and it was usually them, that offered it to me, so I'd take it.

Sure enough an older whiteman [ 55-60 ] pulled up and I got in. He offered me a beer and I took it, as he drove around asking all of the silly questions, that they all do. Like did you go to school around here or do you have a girl friend and whatever. I hate it when they ask me all of that because to me, I can't see where it matters. But maybe it's just small talk to them or whatever, I don't know.

Anyway he found a somewhat dark street and parked in front of some houses that didn't have any lights on yet.

I could see the fear in his eyes, as he reached over and touched me between my legs, waiting to see what I was going to do and when he saw that I wasn't going to get mad, he started rubbing and making my little boner start to come up.

I reached down and undid my levis and pulled them down to my knees, along with my underwear. I was so embarrassed, as he saw my little boner sticking up. It was only 4 inches long and that was fully hard and looked like a man's index finger. Not much bigger. Other boys had laughed at me, all the way through school, when I'd have to get undressed for gym class. So I was really aware of how small it was. Even the girls have made fun of it, over the years. So needless to say, I don't let to many people see it, if I can help it.

He looked shocked, when he saw that it was so tiny but the next thing I knew, he was bending down and slipping his open mouth down over it and sucking on it gently,, as it slid in.

To be honest, watching a man sucking on me, has never turned me on. But the things he was doing to it and my little balls, with his tongue, were unreal. And I just kinda layed back and let him have at it.

I don't know how long he had been sucking on it, when he slid his hands under me and raised my butt up off of the front seat and held me there, while he sucked on it harder and harder, trying to get it to " Feed " him and make him happy. And that's when it happened....

I could FEEL someone coming and I opened my eyes and looked out the car windows and there SHE was. She was a little old lady [ 80-85 ] and she was coming down the street, on the sidewalk and almost to his car.

I started trying to tell him and begging him to stop but he either didn't hear me or he didn't care because he just kept on sucking, like there was no tomorrow and I felt my face getting all hot because now She was close enough to see. And I wanted to hide or something but he wouldn't let me go.

With him holding my butt up underneath, my little boner and balls, where right even with the side window and that's where she stopped, to see what was going on, in the parked car.

She didn't look shocked or disgusted or anything like that, as she stood there watching his head bobbing up and down, on my little boner. Actually she looked like she was remembering. Remembering when years ago a young boy had gotten her to do that, suck on his little boner, on a dark street, in a car.

All of a sudden he started feeling for my little asshole with his fingertip and I lost it and moaned, as he pushed his long boney finger up into me, while he sucked me. She couldn't see what he was doing to me underneath but by the look that came across her face as she watched me, [ She Knew ] .

I couldn't stop my ass from moving all around on his finger and the next thing I knew, I was squirting and watching him " Eat it " and so was she.

She just stood there watching the whole time I was cuming and when it was finally over and my little boner slipped from his mouth, she had a satisfied look on her face and just turned and walked away.
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