This is just a little fantasy for your arousal.
She walked by – Chapter 9

“I was wondering if I had to come in and retrieve you.” She stood and came down the steps. “I wondered if you were up to something like this, Margie. I wondered.” She looked at me and said “You are way too old to be doing things like this with her. You ought…”

“Mom! Stop.” Her mom shut up. “I wanted this. I did this. I kinda made him do it. He was nice and kept trying to stop me. But I made him. I liked it.”

She looked up at me. She hugged me to her.

“Jerry is nice. He was nice to me. He let me do what I wanted. He never forced me to do anything. So stop yelling at him and me. Be happy for me. You like sex. You always said I was gonna like sex a lot. And I do. So shush up.”

She took a breath and looked at her mom. She hugged me tighter. I was mute. I was a deer in the headlights. I had nothing but panic in my brain.

“I love him.” Her mom started to say something and Margie spoke first. “Not in the get married kind of love. Well maybe not for a long while…if ever, Mom. I know things will never be the same with us, cause I’ve become a woman. Mom, I’m not a little girl. And I do love you, Jerry.”

I got my mind in order and started to speak. I ran my tongue around my mouth to get it wet again.

Margie said “Shush. This right now is between my mom and me. You just stand there and hold me.”

I did as I was told. Margie’s mom looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders.

“See Mom, he really doesn’t have the control in this. I do. Don’t cause him any problems. I will be seeing him. Often. I like this. Oh you were so right. Sex is so much fun. I know why you put up with Dave. I feel sad that Dave is such a jerk. You deserve better.” She looked at me and smiled deep into my eyes. “I know I got lucky with you, Jerry. You’re nice, sweet, and gentle with me.”

I thought about my cock cramming down her throat making her puke or folding her in half and fucking her roughly. Gentle. I don’t think so. I think she saw my thoughts, because she said “Now shush. That was what I wanted and it was the way I wanted it. Still want it. The more I think about it, the more I’m getting wet. I think I am gonna…”

Margie’s mom spoke up “Margie!”

“Oh sorry. Later.” She giggled. “So, Mom? Think we can work things out? Think you can handle this?”

“Well, as I sat out here waiting for you two to finish…uh…well finish. I went from mad, to angry, back to mad. I wanted to shoot him. Send you to a nunnery. But as I sat there, I thought of myself at your age. And you show a greater maturity about life than I did then. Just the way you stand there, with your man… I uh. Oh this is not easy. I will work out my problems with this if you help me. I am not sure I can truly handle my 12 year old daughter having sex. I’m not sure I was gonna handle it when you were sixteen, when I hoped you would hold out to. Let alone with such an older man. Shit, he’s almost as old as your grandfather.”

“Mom! Behave.”

“OK. OK. Sorry. Sorry Margie. Sorry Jerry.”

I spoke, but my mouth was still dry, so I croaked “No problem. Not a problem.”

“That’s better mom. Now I can tell that Jerry is thirsty. I am too. My throat is…parched. How about you, Mom? He’s got Mug root beer.”

Margie’s mom said “Parched huh? Yeah. I think I could use a drink. Got anything harder?”

“I got some beer. Becks dark.”

“Ugh Dark beer. Oh well, it will do. By the way, I’m Jennifer. Uh…nice to meet you.”

I said “Hi. Nice to meet you too. Although…”

“Yeah. Nuff said for a while.”

- - - - - -
She walked by – Chapter 10

We went inside and I got sodas for me and Margie and the beer for Jennifer.

“Nice house. Simple. Clean.”

“Mom…” Margie said sternly.

“What?! A mom has a right to grade her daughter’s boyfriend’s house. So it’s your turn to shush up.” She looked at me, smiled. “We girls fight. We often butt heads. But we do make up after a while”

I heard my stomach growl and the soda caused a burp. Margie giggled. I giggled. Jennifer started to scowl, but soon we were all laughing. The reason that started the laughter wasn’t important. The laughter caused more laughter. Finally we all settled back down.

“I guess I should fix some dinner for us.”

“No, don’t. I got pizza and salad at home. You are welcome to come over and join us.” I guess she saw the look of panic hit my face again. “Honest. You’re welcome. Just don’t look too close at my house. Not as tidy as yours is.” She took another drink of the beer. “It’s not as bad as I thought dark beer would be. Bring the soda and the beer. I got neither. It’s only a short walk, a little less than a mile.”

“How about I drive us?”

We drove down the hill to their house and as soon as we entered, the smell of pizza hit me. Margie had plates out and was putting salad in bowls and generally doing the catering. Jennifer and I sat at the table. The food landed and Margie dove in. I was not far behind. Jennifer must have been as hungry. It was after finishing my second slice and most of my salad that I was able to speak.

“Jennifer. I know this is hard for you. I really appreciate how nice you are being towards Margie. Thank you. I know that I still have trouble with this myself. But Margie just overwhelms me. She is just so sweet, so sexy. I just want to…”

“Jerry! Mom may not want to hear exactly what we do. Behave. We’re at the dinner table.”

Jennifer busted out laughing. When she got under control she said “I think I know what you two do. I have been around the block a couple of times. I doubt there is anything you do that I haven’t.”

Margie looked down. Jennifer looked at her. “What? What could it be?”

“Mom.” She looked at me, at her mom. “I took all of him. Down my throat.”

“Oh.” Jennifer sat back. “You? How? I mean? No…how?”

“Uh ladies…like she said this is the dinner table.”

“Sorry Jerry. I got to help Mom here, now. Mom. I have heard you and Dave, and Mark before him, and … well you know. They all tried to get you to take it all and you didn’t or wouldn’t. I had to try. It was hard. Oh, it was messy. Jerry had us in the shower. Smart as well as cute, nice, and sexy. But I did it. I think I can learn to do it without throwing up after a few more tries. Yeah, throwing up sucks, but it felt so good to take all of him. It made me so proud. Oh, Jerry liked it too. And I think he’s bigger than Dave.”

“How? When? Never mind. I’m not sure I want to know when you saw Dave. He didn’t…”

“No Mom. I came home early one day and I watched you two. Oh I had to get my hand in my pants, but I had to be quiet. I didn’t want you to hear me. But anyway, I got him down and I puked right off. He rinsed us off and I tried again.” She smirked at me and said to her mom “I had to get him hard again. I took his whole thing in soft. Boy was my mouth full. But then I went back to it. When I got all of him down, I pulled back and puked again. But after that, I didn’t mind puking. And I only puked a little. Hardly noticed it. So I think I can learn to do it without puking. Wanna learn?”

“What?! You want to teach me to deep throat? My 12 year old daughter? Jerry what do you got to say about this? Come on tell her this is silly.”

I swallowed my bite and said “Well…I uh…”

Margie said “See. He’s willing. Let’s all get naked and get in the bathroom.”

“I never said…”

“Shush. Mind me or I will bite it off next time. Let’s go. Mom, come on.”

Margie pulled me up and down the hall. We went into what had to be her mom’s room and into the master bath. She dropped her dress and kicked off her shoes. She was naked before her mom made it in.

“Mom, Jerry, get undressed. I’ll start the water so it’s warm already. Jerry! Mom!”

She turned and got the water going. Jennifer and I just stood there. Margie turned and saw us. She came to me and knelt. She undid my belt and pulled my pants and underwear down. “Now finish. Don’t make me mad.” She turned to her mom and undid her pants and undies. She pulled them down exposing her pubic hair. It looked trimmed for a modest bikini. “Now you finish. Hurry. Both of you.”

I pulled my shirt off. I fought to get my shoes off as my pants tangled me up. Soon I was naked. Jennifer had her shoes off and was stepping out of her jumbled and wadded pants. Margie was back from checking the water. She started unbuttoning her mom’s blouse. It came free and Margie went around and unsnapped the bra. It popped off. We were all naked. My cock was hard and bobbing. Margie pushed me into the shower, then her mom. I wondered how Margie was gonna squeeze in.

“Don’t worry about the water on the floor. I will mop it up after. Now Mom, kneel in front of Jerry. Take his…cock in your mouth. Up and down. Get the saliva going. It helps. Oh boy it does.”

I moaned “Oh god nice.”

“Jerry, shush. This isn’t about you. Behave. OK Mom. Now take all the way to the back of your throat and hold it there.”

Jennifer coughed when I hit the back of her throat, her stomach flinched, but she obeyed her daughter.

“Now be sure to breathe through your nose. Grab his hips or ass and pull him in. Slow. Not too far. Don’t back off. Pull.”

I slipped into her throat and she flinched and gagged and pulled off. She didn’t puke, but came close.

“Back at it. No rest for the wicked, Mom. Just like you tell me. Suck him back in.”

Margie grabbed my cock and placed it at her mom’s mouth. Jennifer looked at me and opened her mouth. I slipped in. Nice. Damn blow jobs are nice.

“Again, deeper and then slowly…real slowly…pull him out of your throat, not out of your mouth.”

Margie placed her hand on the back of her mom’s head and pushed. I hit the opening to her throat and Jennifer’s stomach started to lurch.

“Hold it. Relax. Get used to it. Now do I need to push or are you gonna do it.
I heard a ’uh uh’ noise. Could have meant yes or no. “Show me mom. Do it.”

Jennifer’s head came closer. My cock entered her throat. She stopped. Margie pushed and I went deeper.

“Pull him in, Mom. Pull. Harder. Do it. I’ll help.”

She pushed her mom’s head. Jennifer was hanging on to my hips not sure if she wanted to push me away or obey her daughter and pull me in. Margie solved it. She pushed me, so in deeper I went. I felt her nose at my belly.

“Good Mom. Good girl. You’re doing real good. Now the hard part, you got to pull off. Go slow and relax. It’s easy. Nice and easy.”

Jennifer’s head moved back. Each movement back caused her stomach to flinch and jerk. Finally she moved far enough back that I came out of her throat. She pulled all the way off and went down to her hands and knees. Her stomach heaved and lurched, but she didn’t puke. Margie grabbed the shower hose and sprayed her mom’s face. Her other hand grabbed my cock and stroked it. Fondled it. She’s trying to keep me hard. The little minx.

“There. You did better than me. Take some more breaths and let’s go again. Ya gotta get him to finish. It’s easy from here. Back on him. Now do it without my help Mom. Do it.”

She looked at her daughter, then at me, then at my cock in her daughter’s hand. She sat back up, reached for my cock, taking it away from her daughter.

“Oh god it is bigger than Dave’s. You had this in your…in you? Wow!” Margie reached for her mom’s head. “OK. I’m doing it.”

Her lips wrapped around my cock and she moved her head down onto me. Nice. So nice. I hit the back of her throat. Her hands wrapped around my hips and she pulled. I slid in. Again her stomach flinched, but she held on. She pulled more and I went deeper. More and I was now feeling her nose on my belly.

“Now Mom. Push all the way. Smash your face in there. You can do it.”

She pulled and her face did press into my belly.

“Good girl. Now off and on. Off and on. Do him. Make him finish. Swallow his cum.”

Jennifer pushed and pulled me. Her face hit my belly and then she pushed me back. Her tongue worked me and then she pushed back down. Over and over. Her stomach would flinched almost every time, but it was getting gentler. Margie leaned in and kissed me. She slid her tongue out and I met it with mine. Jennifer was fucking my cock into and out of her face. Margie was swapping spit with me. I felt Margie’s hand along my ass. She grabbed her mom’s hand and slid it into my butt crack. I felt fingers wiggle and worm deeper into my butt crack. One popped in. I jammed my hips forward and my cock slid into Jennifer’s mouth and throat.

“Mom, keep doing that, it gets him off quicker. Jerry, grab her head and do her. Be a bit rough. Take control. Do it to her.”

I obeyed. I grabbed her mom’s head and I started face fucking her. I heard her cough and make glurking noses just like Margie. Oh this is so nice. Margie was back kissing me. I was fucking her mom’s face. I was getting close.

A second finger popped into my ass hole. It jammed in deep and wiggled around. I pulled Jennifer’s head deep onto me and I came. I pulled my head back from Margie and roared. I blew two good loads down her throat, then I let her head go. She pulled back -- almost off. Margie grabbed her mother by the hair and pushed her back on to me. Jennifer screamed, but I went into her throat and the sound got cut off. Margie worked her mom’s head on and off my cock. I would spurt and think I was gonna die from over sensitivity, but again and again Margie jammed her mom’s head onto me. Finally I could take no more. I grabbed Margie’s hand and stopped her. My cock was still in Jennifer’s mouth, just not in her throat. Margie released her mom. I slid my hands onto her head and just held her there a while longer. I let go and leaned back. Margie got down face to face with her mom. Her mom was whupped, tired, still trying to get her full breath back.

“Ya did it mom. You did good. Here let me wash you. Jerry, out and get dried.”

- - - - - -
She walked by – Chapter 11

I got out, Margie got in. She grabbed the soap and started washing her mom. I held the towel and dried myself absentmindedly. I watched my 12 year old lover sensually wash her mom. Good god. My cock was getting hard again. How many times had I cum today? I can’t be getting hard. I was though. Margie rinsed them off and turned the water off. I handled Margie a towel.

“No. You dry her. Do a good job. Here Mom I’ll help you out. Let Jerry dry you.”

I dried her. Of course I played with her boobs. She had moderately big B cups and still very firm. Nice. Her ass was also firm. Her pussy hair got some extra attention.

“Mom, you look tired. Go sit in your chair. I want to have sex with Jerry. I want him so much right now. I’ll not let him cum so you can take over and he can fuck you good and hard as a thank you for your nice blow job you gave him. Jerry, come lay down.”

I did as I was told. My little minx commands me and I obey. Margie climbed on top and grabbed my cock. She wiggled and woggled trying to get me in but she was at the wrong angle. I saw Jennifer get up and walk to us.

“Hey sweety. Here. Let me help you.” She grabbed my cock. “Scoot back. There now ease down. Now up and down with your hips. Yes, like that.”

“Oh that is so nice. He feels bigger. Oh! He hit my clit that time. Oh yes.”

Jennifer sat on the bed and petted her daughter as she fucked me. I was in heaven. My tiny, flat chested minx was riding me hard and her breathing was getting ragged. I had cum so many times today, I was gonna last forever it seemed. Jennifer leaned down and kissed me. More of a chaste kiss, which seemed silly, but right. She pulled up and leaned her breast into my mouth, I sucked and licked. I heard Margie scream and I felt her pussy tighten up. I almost blew my wad, but I remember Margie wanting me to fuck her mom after. I felt Margie relax. Jennifer pulled her boob from my lips. I sucked the nipple as long as I could. It finally popped out. Margie all but fell onto my chest.

She took a deep breath and rolled off. She got off the bed.

“Mom, how do you want it? Tell him then let it happen.”

“Sweetie…I…he’s your man. I…”

“Mom I want to share him with you to show you how good he is. How good it can be. To show you why I’ve got to have him. Why we got to have him. Tell him.”

Jennifer looked at me, at Margie. “Doggie style. Easy then harder.”

She got onto the bed. I moved off and got to the foot of the bed. Her ass was in the air. Her legs spread just enough so I can see her pussy. I could see it was wet, eager. Well if Margie wants me to fuck her mom, my cock does too. I got behind her. I rubbed her ass. I gave it a good, but so-so gentle swat. The sound was loud. She gasped, but didn’t move. Margie grabbed my cock and pulled me to her mom’s waiting pussy.

“Get it in there and then go for it.”

I eased in and it was tight - almost as tight as Margie.

“Do her now. Use her. Fuck her. Show her your love.”

I started pumping into her. I was slowly working up the speed until I was pumping her hard. It was nice. I grabbed her hips and was really slamming into her. Margie reached in and spanked her mom’s ass. It was a good hard hit. She looked at me and smiled.

“A bit of pay back. Fun.”

She swung again. Then again and again. Her mom’s ass was getting red. We soon got into a rhythm. I pulled out and Margie spanked. I felt my balls banging up to her clit with each thrust. They were getting tight and sore. Jennifer was panting, moaning, crying. She started to shudder. Her body went red all over, not just her ass. Her pussy tightened real hard on my cock. She came. She went nuts. Her arms gave out and she collapsed forward. I went with her, but slipped out as we fell. When I landed, I slipped into her ass. I knew it right away. I hadn’t planned it. Jennifer screamed and continued to orgasm. I was so close, I couldn’t stop. I pumped into and out of her ass. I took my hands and slapped her hips as I fucked her ass. I was so close.

“Oh damn. Here it comes. I’m going… Oh shit. So good. So…FUCK!!”

I came. My poor over used balls complained but gave what they could into Jennifer’s ass. I shuddered and shuddered on top of her. She was still giving tiny shudders herself. I finally ceased all movement except breathing. Lord, my breathing sounded loud and labored. My cock was slowly losing firmness.

“Oh damn. Your ass is nice.”

“Oh it hurts. It feels good. I feel it slipping out. Ow!”

I popped out and her ass made a wet fart.

“Mom!? He was in your butt?”

“Yes. When we fell forward, he slipped into my ass. Oh, I have taken it up there before, your father mainly, but never so sudden, so hard.”

She farted again. We giggled.

“Sweetie, help your mother to the toilet. Then maybe another quick shower. I’m all sweaty. Wow, first time deep throat. And first time in a long time getting my ass fucked. After Dave today twice, and Jerry once, I think I got enough sex today.”

- - - - - -
She walked by – Chapter 12

I went home and slept like a dead log after all the sex I had. I had fucked Margie and her mom – in the same day. I woke up to a naked Margie climbing into bed with me. The sun had already risen and Sunday was well under way. I moved over and made room for her and she cuddled up to me.

“Hi Jerry. I thought you were never going to wake up. I’ve been staring at you for a while. I gave up and got in bed with you. What are we going to do today?”

I moaned and groggily growled “Uh…I thought I was doing it. You and your mom worked me good.”

Margie said “I know you got more in you. And it’s just me today.”

Margie pulled her leg up along mine, sliding it up my belly. When her knee got near my face, I leaned in and kissed it. She crawled around and got her head under the sheets and left her legs up by my face. I tried to form words to tell her I just couldn’t perform, but her lips latched onto my cock and I gave up. I let her suck and kiss and amazingly I was getting hard. Having her wet pussy inundating me with glorious smell just inches from my face was helping too. I grabbed her legs and positioned her so I could move my face in. I started licking her sweet and glorious pussy. I held her legs and licked deep into her very edible and wet pussy. My efforts were slowing her down. She sucked my cock into and out of her mouth. It was so good. She wasn’t pushing me into her throat, or at least not too far. I would gasp and my hold on her legs would slip. Then I would redouble my efforts and lick and suck her sweet 12 year old pussy. As I sucked and licked harder, she would ease up on sucking me. Then she would gather it together and again suck with passion.

Back and forth we orally attacked each other. I felt her legs starting to tremble. She was moaning louder around my cock. I licked up from her clit, through her slit, and up across her butt. She gasped, pulled off my cock, and came hard. She shuddered and cried and jerked.

I was still hard and hadn’t cummed, but I felt happy. I have a sex crazed girl friend. OK, she is real, real young. But as she said, I have nothing to say about it.

She crawled up and turned around so we were facing each other, eye to eye. She kissed me gently.

“Jerry, that is a wonderful way to start a day. When I left the house, I saw Mom looking envious at me. Maybe later we can head over so you can rock her world?”

“Uh…is this going to be a regular thing? You and me, and then your mom and me? I may just plain wear out and croak.”

“Naw. Ya won’t croak. And If I have anything to say about it, yes, Mom and you will be fucking and sucking. Besides, she has got to help me take you in my butt. I don’t even think I can do that now. Just two fingers feels real big.”

I laughed and hugged her close.

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