This is just a little fantasy for your arousal.
She walked by – Chapter 5

“What?” she asked.

“A guy gets super sensitive after cumming. Oh god, you…I…I came in you. Oh no…”

“Oh don’t worry. I can’t get pregnant. Mom put me on the pill as soon as I got my first period. She thinks I will be like her and want sex all the time.” She looked at me and smiled. “Well she got that right. That was fun.”

She went to the bathroom and wiped herself with toilet paper. Then she kissed me as she went out of the bedroom. I followed and found her putting her dress on. No underwear. She was looking around.

“Your underwear is in the bedroom.”

She looked at me. “Not my underwear. That pair stays here. Your trophy. My shoes. I can’t find my shoes.”

I thought. I looked around. “Hey! They’re out in the gazebo.”

She came up to me, kissed me on the lips. Her hands slid down to my butt.

She giggled and then said “Hmmm. We gotta stop that for now. Nice butt ya got there, Jerry.”

She was out the door. I almost followed before I remembered I was still naked. I ran back and got my shorts on. Then I ran out and found her just stepping down from the gazebo.

“Bye. See ya Saturday.”

She again wrapped her arms around me.

She purred. “Not as nice with clothes on. I like no clothes hugging much better. Saturday.”

She left my yard and started skipping down the road.

- - - - - -
She walked by – Chapter 6

The week was a blur. I was looking forward to Saturday. I was fearing it. I berated myself for allowing a young girl to get me to do nasty things with her. I jerked off many times thinking of her mouth, her pussy, and even her tiny, flat titties. Come Saturday morning, I knew I could not put up any defenses. I had fought with myself so hard that there was nothing left to struggle against Margie with.

I was sitting in the swinging chair in the gazebo, lost in these thoughts, when I heard “Hey there! I’m here.”

I lifted my head and watched as she ran into my yard and up the steps to me. She slowed as she got to the deck and then turned and sat on my lap side saddle. She wrapped her arms around me and leaned in and kissed me. My lips took a life of their own and kissed her back. My hands wrapped around her and they started roving up and down her young, tiny body. She loosened one hand and pulled her dress up to reveal no underwear. My hand reached in and started playing and we kissed some more.

She pulled back and said “Wow! That is nice. I was dying all week waiting for today. Oh your fingers are rubbing me again. Oh so nice. Thank you Jerry. But first things first, let’s get the tools out and make some sawdust. Then if Mom comes by, we can say I got sawdust in my eyes and we went inside to wash it out.”

Oh my god! This 12 year girl has been planning and was way ahead of me. Wait! Her mom?!

“Margie? Your mom?”

She looked and me and smiled to counteract my frown.

“Mom is busy. She went to her, uh…Dave’s again. She said she would bring back dinner, pizza or Chinese. So they are going to have a long time to… We are going to have a long time also. So no worries. Uh ok?”

She grabbed my hand and led me to the tool shed. I unlocked the door and opened it. She saw the saw horses and grabbed them both. She struggled, but hauled them to the gazebo as I followed with my rolling work table. All the tools I needed were there already. Then we went back and got the wood. She noticed there was plenty of saw dust in the bottom of the table. She grabbed a couple handfuls and tossed it around. She got more and repeated.

“There! Now let’s get inside. I want you to rub me. I want you to rub my…vagina. I want your…penis…in me again. I was sore for a few days, but I feel much better now. I tested my…vagina…with Mom’s dildo. It slid in and I didn’t feel pain. But, you’re a bit bigger than that. Come on. Now!”

She almost ran to the house and was inside. I was behind, but was not slow either. I entered and saw her just entering my bedroom. I got there and found her already stripping her dress off. She was naked in my bedroom again. I wanted to stop this, but my hands were pulling my shirt up and off. Margie was at my pants and fighting with the belt. I reached down and undid it. She smiled at me and undid the button and zipper. The pants slid to the floor. I had underwear on today, but her hands did not wait even a bit. They hit the floor too.

Even though we had played a bit out on the gazebo, and my cock had gotten hard, it had slipped back to normal while we hauled the tools and lumber out. Seeing her naked had my cock thickening, hardening, lengthening, and rising out to her. She wrapped her hands around it and kissed the head. She looked up at me and smiled. Up until now, Margie had been a flight of frenzy. Youthful energy personified. Now she looked calm, happy, at peace with the world. I smiled back at her. I was at peace with the world and even better at peace with myself. I reached down and helped her stand up. I squatted down and picked her up. Our lips met and we both dove into a deep, soft kiss. My tongue was covering her lips. Her tongue was doing the same.

“Do you want a…uh…blow job again?”

“Yes, but not yet. Let me rub you.” I carried her to my bed and laid her down. Her legs spread almost at once. My hands started getting reacquainted with my tiny lover again. I sighed “Sweet.” As I stroked up and down her leg nearest me. She purred and wiggled.

“My vagina. Rub my vagina.”

“So,” I hissed with a fake sinister voice “you want me to rub your vagina? You want the big, bad, evil man to rub your sweet, smooth, delicious…” I paused leering at her. Then I said “pussy?” hissing some more. I wanted her to hear the dirty, sexy words. “You want my old fingers to rub up and into your tight, wet pussy? Huh?”

“Yes. Please.”

“So asked me.”

She whimpered in frustration then said “Rub my vagina.”

I looked at her sternly. “Say it right.”

“Uh…pussy. Rub my pussy. Kiss my pussy. There I said that word. Happy? Please just do it.”

I leaned down and kissed her and my hand slid into her crotch. I cupped her tiny pussy. I stroked all around it. My fingers curled and opened her up and slid in. She closed her eyes and moaned into my mouth.

Her hands grabbed my face and pushed my head up. She looked into my eyes. “You make me feel so nice. So nice. I want your…cock in my pussy. There I said it without you forcing me to say those words. Please fuck my pussy with your cock. Please.”

The want and desired in her face was almost frightening, but it was intoxicating too. I moved onto the bed between her widely spread legs. I lifted them up onto my shoulders and scooted into position. My cock was at her entrance. She was watching. The position gave her a full view as I moved my hips causing my cock to slide around her wet opening. I did not know girls so young could get so wet in their pussies. Margie sure did. I slid my head in.

She hissed and said “Yes. Oh more. More.”

I pulled out and then back in, going a little deeper. She hissed some more. Back out. Back in. Deeper. Slow torture for both of us. Her eyes never left our place of intimate union. She was starting to move her hips trying to get me in deeper, faster. I pushed forward this time in a smooth stroke. I was going to bottom out in this tiny, tight pussy. My god. I wondered if I get all the way in her. I could. I did. I was in all the way to my balls. And I pushed harder, deeper. She moaned and her face was all scrunched up. Again I could not decide if I was causing her pain or pleasure.

I paused, buried deep in her. “Are you ok? Am I too deep? Does it hurt?”

“Oh, Jerry. I’m more than ok. And it hurts some, but it feels so, so, so good. Now do it. Please. Don’t make me wait. Fuck my pussy with your cock. Please.”

The last ‘please’ was almost a cry. I pulled back and then drove forward again. I started a mild rhythm. If I went any faster, I would blow my load way too soon. Her eyes looked into mine and she smiled. She was again at peace. I rocked in and out of her, over and over. This was one of the most peaceful fucks I have ever had. I went in deep and paused. I flexed my cock muscle and her eyes opened. I could tell this was something new and amazing to her. Hell! Anything sexual was new to her.

“It feels so good. It got bigger. I like this. Oh I do. But I want you to do it faster, harder. I want you to ejaculate.” Her eyes slightly closed. “Um. I want you to spurt in me. Faster.”

My little minx wanted. My little minx got. I was hers. I sped up. I focused on how my cock felt in her. Sliding in and out. I pounded my body down into hers. I moved her legs up and towards her head. They bent with great ease. I pounded her pussy. I folded her even move. I was getting deep, so very deep. I sped up even more. I was sweating. I was breathing heavy, open mouth gasps for air. She was making grunting noises with each pump into her.

“Oh shit! Oh god! Fucking shit! Pussy. Tight. Hot. Oh pussy! Damn. Oooh. Oooh! Fuck. Fu…fu…fu…YES! I’m cumming!”

I went over the top and my cock erupted into her. I kept pumping my cock in and out of her as I kept pumping cum into her. I was a madman. I was crazed. This tiny minx had me out of control crazy. I was still fucking her. I was still pumping cum. Never before. I pumped into her so hard. I slammed her tiny body. It was there for my cock’s use. My cock had control and wasn’t letting me stop. I heard her crying out, almost screaming. I opened my eyes and realized I must be hurting her. I was finally able to slow down. I eased back on and let her body unfold. I sat back and my cock slipped out.

She cried out as I left her body “Nooo! Please don’t stop. Back in.”

I moved and slid my cock back in to her. She sighed in obvious pleasure. But my cock had spent its load. I pumped in and out for a couple of minutes, but it was starting to soften and shrink. And I tried to keep pumping into her, but eventually I was too flaccid and I squished onto to her but did not enter. My cock was done.

No outcry this time. Just smiles.

- - - - - -
She walked by – Chapter 7

We cleaned up, got dressed, went outside and we actually put more of the railing in. I even let her work the power saw. She was a smart and fast learner. She got the idea of carpentry real fast.

After a little progress, far more than I expected, she grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the house. Once in the living room, she took her clothes off. I took mine off almost as fast. She knelt down and grabbed my cock. I was already getting hard. She knelt and put me in her mouth and sucked.

“Oh god damn. Nice. Oh so nice, Margie. Ohh!”

Her fingers of one hand had my balls and squeezed. I jerked forward and my cock hit the back of her throat. She gagged and pulled her mouth off.

“There, that serves you right for squeezing them so hard. A guys balls are…uh…easily hurt.”

“Sorry. I was just trying things. You went deep into my throat. I wanted to throw up, but I didn’t.” She looked at me and squinted. “Can a girl get all of it in her mouth? Without throwing up?”

I smiled. “Yes. I had one girl friend – many years ago – who could take all of my cock into her mouth. It went down her throat. No others could or did, anyways. Most used their hand as a stop point.”

She looked at my cock as she was stroking it. She looked at me. “How’d she do it?”

“Don’t worry. What you do is fine. Great. The best.”

“I want to learn. Mom can’t or won’t. I hear Dave sometimes say ‘take it all’. And I can hear mom saying no. Then Dave starts calling her names, saying things. I usually get out when he gets like that.”

“Well, I will let you try, but let’s get in the shower in case you do throw up. OK? You don’t have to though. Honestly.”

She stood and pulled me to the bathroom. She got in and pulled me in with her. My cock had got somewhat soft while talking, but her hands and mouth soon had me back up and hard. She looked up at me. I smiled back.

“Take it slow and do what you can. Trust me. I will like it even if you can’t take it all. I know your sweet, tight pussy can.”

“Yeah. I know that too. I can almost still feel it up in there. Now shush. Let me do this.”

She pulled my cock to her mouth again. In I went. I could see her lips open wider than ever. This was about her throat, not her mouth. My cock hit her throat. I saw her stomach flinch a couple of times, but she didn’t pull back. I don’t think she was breathing.

“Breathe through your nose.”

I heard her gag, but I saw her start breathing. She calmed down and pushed. I felt my cock squeeze into her throat. She was hanging on to my hips, holding herself on my cock. Her body was jerking and her face was very beet red.

“You don’t have too..”

I only got those words out when her eyes opened up and looked at me. Her expression was wild eye. Angry eyed. It shut me up. She pulled my hips and more of my cock went in. Her eyes closed again. Her body wasn’t jerking as much. She relaxed and more of my cock slid down her throat. She moved one hand off my hip and moved it to where my cock was in her mouth. She was measuring how much was left. Still an inch or two left. Her hand went back to my hip and pulled. At first I did move any deeper, but then I went in. All the way. She gagged and her body jerked. This time she wasn’t able to hold on. She pulled off and started puking. I felt bad. I rubbed her shoulders until she stopped. I then moved us to the far end of the tub and started the water.

“Oh shit that’s cold.”

Thankfully it gets warm fast. I flipped up to the shower head. I washed then tub and then held it so she could rinse her mouth out. After a bit, she stood up and hugged me.

“Sorry I puked. But I did it. Can I try again?”

“What?! You want to do it again? Why? It caused you to puke.”


What do you say to a naked 12 year old girl who wants to deep throat you?

“Uh…sure. You say you want to, so sure!”

I hung up the hose. She knelt and took my soft, flaccid cock into her mouth. All of me went in, but even so, her cheeks puffed out. It was working though. I was starting to get hard again. Her hands were softly rubbing my balls and my ass cheeks. She pulled her mouth back and then started going up and down, sucking as she went down. I was hard again in a few minutes. She paused, looked up at me, then push forward. I hit the back of her throat. She stopped and I felt her hands wrap around my hips onto my ass. She pulled and this time I went into her throat easier. She stopped and held her place. She pulled back slowly and her body shuddered and flinched. I came out of her throat. She opened her lips wide and sucked in air. She pushed forward again. And again I went into her throat. Deeper, but not all the way. I was amazed. She was obviously fighting her body, but I think she was winning. She pulled back. I was again out of her throat. She gagged, coughed, and saliva sprayed out. She looked up at me and pulled my ass. Back into her throat I went.

“Oh damn. Sweet. Oh my. This is so good.”

She pulled back to where my cock was just out of her throat and then pulled me back in. This time, I could feel her nose touch my belly. Her body was still flinching, but not as much. She pulled back, then quickly pushed back down. I felt her whole face press into me. She had all of me. She paused and pressed harder. I think a little more went in. She pulled back, this time I never left her throat and she started pushing back down faster. But this time she flinched hard and pulled off and puked again. I grabbed the hose and rinsed her face and my legs off. She took a deep breath and grabbed my cock again.

“Still? You did it. You proved it. You don’t have to continue.”

“I haven’t finished you.” Her voice was raspy. “Now shush and let me get to work.”

In my cock went and quickly to the back of her throat. She looked up at me and pushed her face down my hard cock. Her face hit my belly again. She pulled back until I was just barely in her mouth. Then she pushed forward. Faster. Then she was going up and down. Each time her face hit my belly. Her body was jerking from time to time, but amazingly, she didn’t puke. Even more amazing was how it felt. Tight. Wicked. A 12 year girl was fucking her face onto my cock – with the intention of making me cum! Her tongue would play with my cock when I wasn’t in her throat. She was making glurk noises. She would cough from time to time. Her saliva was almost flowing out of her mouth and down my legs in a constant flow. Her fingers wiggled into my ass crack and found my anus. Her finger pushed in as she bottomed her face on my cock. She held her face down on my cock and pushed another finger into my ass. She tried moving her tongue but it didn’t move much, but it felt great.

“Oh damn, Margie. Oh god damn.”

She pulled up and then back down. She pulled all the way off and puked again. She looked at me. I sprayed us with the hose. She smiled and went back down. Now she was pumping up and down quickly. She would gag often and puke some, but pushed right back on. I rinsed us each time. Her fingers were working my ass.

“Oh sweet. I’m gonna cum. Sweet. Oh…OH….OOOOH. Fuck! YESSSSS!”

I came deep in her throat and she pulled me tight. Her face was pressed hard up against my belly as I jerked and jerked more cum into her.

After I calmed down, she pulled slowly off my cock. It slipped out. She reached for the shower hose and I let her have it. She rinsed her mouth and gargled. She rinsed my legs and cock. I helped her stand. I hooked the hose up and grabbed the soap. I washed her sweet, tiny, young body while she braced herself against the shower walls. I soaped and washed myself.

We got out and I dried her, then me. I carried her to the bed and we lay down. I was stroking her body. We drifted into a light sleep.

- - - - - -
She walked by – Chapter 8

I woke and felt Margie moving. I opened my eyes. I could tell the shadows were getting long.

“Hey there big boy. Wake up. Let’s get out there and make some more sawdust. I think I have to get back home soon. Mom should be getting back with the food.” Her voice was raspy, but close to normal.

I moaned, but sat up. I turned and grabbed her legs. I stroked them and pulled her to me. My face dove into her pussy and I started licking and sucking for all I was worth.

“Oh yes. Oh yes. There. Oh Jerry. Again. Yes.”

I was licking, sucking, nibbling. My fingers were pushing into her slit and I sucked her tiny clit. When I licked her pussy lips, my finger slid into her ass. Her legs were flopping wildly. Her breathing got loud and raspy. I jammed three fingers into her pussy and sucked and licked her clit rapidly.

“Oh Jerry. Yes. YES. YESSSSS!”

She came hard. Her tiny body was shuddering. She was crying, moaning, saying senseless things. She was cumming hard. After about a minute of hard cum, she settled back. I let her rest for a couple of minutes.

“Now about making that sawdust, my little minx? Get your ass up and let’s get to it.”

We wandered into the living room for our clothes. We got dressed and walked outside hand in hand. I stopped in my tracks. So did Margie. Her mom was sitting in the swing chair in the gazebo.

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Totally a reference to Jane Eyre and the innsae Mrs. Rochester, kept locked in the attic, but refusing to be quiet about it basically this kind of innsae, raging element cropped up in lots of writing by women authors of the 19th Century. Gilbert & Grubar infer this is how the authors expressed their feminist rage, but by limiting the rage to secondary characters, their books could still be deemed socially acceptable.

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