This is just a little fantasy for your arousal.
She walked by – Chapter 1

I am 45. I am semi-retired, having made a good deal of money just before the crash of 2008. I hit it sweet. I still have a small, part-time job. It’s just three days a week. It keeps me interested, but not too busy. I bought a house on a dead end street in the low hills outside of town. I would work on my yard, keeping the hedge trimmed, the lawn mowed, and the trees pruned. I had removed the flower sections put in by the previous owner and put in gravel. This gave me less yard work and a better fire safety zone. I was slowly adding a gazebo off in the corner.

Beyond my house, at the very end of the road, was a hilly, wooded area. Folks would often walk or bike to the very end of the road and then walk into the woods. I would wave to them and smile as they went by.

A cute gal and her daughter often walked their tiny dog up and into the woods. The gal was maybe 33-40. The young girl was maybe 12-14. As any guy would, I imagined getting the mother naked and fucking her…on the inside of my mind. On the outside, I would just wave and smile. The young girl would say hello and wave back. The mom seldom did. Then after awhile, I would just wave and say hello to the girl. If she was walking ahead of her mom, she would stop and talk until her mom got close, then she would flip the leash and they would walk on.

On the fourth or fifth time, I learned her name was Margie.

I said “It’s about time I introduced myself. My name is Jerry. What’s yours?”

She looked at me and said “Margie. I’m named after my great grandmother. It’s a name for old folks. Don’t like it. Thinking about changing it when I get old enough.”

“Well hi, Margie. It’s nice to meet you. And I like your name. It makes me think of mischief for some reason. And I see a hint of mischief behind your little baby blues. Yup trouble behind them blues.”

She looked at me, squinted her eyes, and said “So you see me as a trouble maker?”

Oh, I hit a sore spot. Now I had to throw some sweet talk at her. “No. Not a trouble maker. More like pleasant chaos on two long, lovely legs. You’re a lady of intrigue. You’re sweetness, gentleness, and with a pretty face, and yes quiet, mischief. You will cause many a young man to go astray.”

She smiled. I had poured out the right baloney. I still got the smoothness, though it had been a while since I used it on any ladies.

“Nice try. A bit much with the ‘lady of intrigue’ line. And for your information, I have not led anyone astray -- yet.”

“OK. I’ll accept that since you used ‘yet’. Good idea not to close any door you may want to go through later. Good idea indeed.”

About a week after that, while I was raking the leaves, Margie walked by and stopped and said “Hi. You sure have a nice looking yard. It’s looking better and better.”

I stopped raking and said “Thank you. Where’s your mom and dog?”

She looked at me and then down the road. I saw some internal thinking going on and wondered what did I say to cause that?

She said “My mom is back at the house with her latest boyfriend. I don’t like him. He just uses Mom for sex. He doesn’t really love her. I think she uses him for sex too. I had to get away. Makes me…well…uncomfortable. I can hear them sometimes. You know… I’ve even seen them…doing things.”

“Oh. I uh…”. What do you say to that?

“Can I come in and sit in that swinging chair in your porch house thing there?” She was pointing at my gazebo. “When you gonna finish it?”

“It’s going to be a gazebo. I know I got to finish the roof and railing soon before the weather turns. And yes, Margie, you may sit in the swing chair. I got a little more to do here, then I will get us some sodas. OK?”


With that she scurried over and started swinging in the swing chair. I went back to raking and would look over at my young guest. She was cute, thin. Her short dress showed her legs up to her mid thighs. It was sleeveless and one strap seemed to be constantly falling off her shoulder. She would push it back up only to have it fall down again. Putting the last of the leaves into the yard waste can, I put away the rake in the car port and moved the can out into the street for tomorrows pick up.

I looked at my guest and said “Ready for that soda, Margie? I got root beer, coke, and 7up. What cha want?”

“What kind of root beer? I like Mug and A&W. They’re creamier.”

“Mug it is. Be right out.”

I went inside quickly washed the dust off my face and arms, put on a clean, dry tee shirt, and got the sodas from the fridge. Outside again, I walked to the unfinished gazebo and handed her the drink. I sat on the portion of the railing that was already finished. I had built it low enough and strong enough just for that purpose. A party full of people could be on the railing when done and it would hold up, though I didn’t throw parties anymore. It was just a thought.

“Enjoy.” And I popped mine open and drank deeply. Oh, I needed that. She kicked her shoes off.

“So, have you led any young men astray lately?” I said, going back to our conversation last time.

“No. I haven’t yet. Maybe later. There’s a boy scout convention this weekend. I’ll pick one and lead him astray Maybe another one or two also. That make you happy?”

I chuckled and drank some more of my soda. It was soon gone. Well, I had worked up a good thirst. I crunched the can and threw it at the recycle bucket nearby. A practiced throw – I made it easy. She drank her soda and rocked back and forth. I found myself looking at her legs. They were smooth, nicely muscled, and her dress was high enough that I could almost see her underwear. If the wind would just…

She said “Ahem!” Oops she caught me staring.

“Sorry. I told you that you were mischief. Ya just proved that. I’m too old to be looking at a young lady’s legs. Be they lovely like yours or not. Sorry.” I hoped the compliment would cover up me perving her legs.

She squinted her eyes at me and said “You do know how to talk smooth like, don’t you? You think my legs are lovely?”

She is a smart one, yet still like anyone, she likes a compliment. I smiled. “Yes. You have lovely legs. They are smooth, long, sweet and I am certain they will dance the night away at many a grand ball.”

She straightened one leg and held it out, twisting her foot at the end. I watched. She put it down and lifted the other one. This caused her legs to open up, and yes, I could see her underwear…white. She moved the foot around and then lifted her leg even higher. I was staring up her dress. Her underwear was all but fully exposed. Oh shit, I’m staring again. I looked up at her face and she was looking right at me. Busted.

“So you really like looking at my legs that much?”

“OK. Ya caught me. But you’re the one who made me look and I’m just a guy. You make a guy look at your legs, then open them up like that and yes every guy will look. And I do like long, sweet legs, so you hit my weakness.”

She was still moving her legs up and down. She exposed her underwear again and again. I was still looking, almost mesmerized -- by a little girl.

“Legs are your weakness. Huh? Wanna feel them? Run your hands up and down them?”

My head jerked up. Here was this young girl -- how young? – that I was ogling. I looked at her face and tried to get a more accurate guess at her age. Maybe 15, if I stretched my imagination. I suddenly hoped she was a lot older than that even. Oh god, I’m a pervert.

She put her legs straight out, apart, but touching the deck. The swinging chair stopped. She pulled the hem of her dress up to the bottom of her underwear. She smiled. I think she knew what I was thinking. Oh yes, this girl is mischief and then some. She smiled and pulled her dress even higher. Now it was above the top of her underwear. She spread her legs out a bit more. I could see the bulge of her pussy, her young pussy, pressing against the thin material.

“Go ahead. You want to. Come here and rub them.” She almost purred.

I slid off the railing, knelt down between her legs, and my hands moved to her left calf. Oh yes, her leg was smooth, firm. She lifted that leg higher and rested it on my shoulder. My eyes watched her panties as I stroked her leg. My hands were now moving up to her knee. My cock was hard. Oh god, this is hot. I moved my hands higher, up onto her thigh. My hand was inches from her pussy. I leaned down and kissed her calf and then kissed it again. My fingers were almost there. I sucked on her leg and slid my hand up onto her panty covered pussy. I felt warmth from her legs so close to her sweet young pussy. I heard her let out a soft moan. I kissed and sucked at her calf. I rubbed her thigh and then her pussy, then even higher to her exposed belly. I heard her gasp and her stomached flinched. I looked up. Oh my god! I was molesting Margie. She is just a young girl.

I stopped my hand and was about to pulled it back when she said. “Sorry it tickled, but I liked it – a lot. I like what you’re doing. Don’t stop. Please.”

“Margie. I shouldn’t be touching you. You’re too young. Sorry.”

I pulled my hand up from her body. She grabbed it and placed it back onto her thigh. She held it there firmly. “Please. I like it. More. Please, Jerry.”

I pulled my hand free and got her leg off my shoulder. I stood up. Oh damn, I wanted more of that leg and pussy and… Stop that! “Margie. I could get into a lot of trouble fooling around with you. You’re too young.” Now I had to find out how young and how deep in trouble I was. “How old are you anyways?”

“I am old enough. A lady never reveals her age. And a gentleman never asks.”

My turn to squint at her. “Well I just proved I’m not a gentleman. And young girls who lift their dresses to old men can’t claim to be a lady. Now can they? How old?”

“Not telling.” She squinted her eyes at me again and said “If I tell you, will you go back to rubbing me? Like you did? Even more?”

“What?! You want me, an old man, to molest you, an underage young girl?” There I put out straight and honest. When she heard that, she will understand and behave -- then I can behave.


“I uh…”

“Yes I want you to keep rubbing my leg, my… I want it. Please Jerry. I was really, really enjoying it.”

She pushed her leg out and placed it on my knee. Her toes tried to reach up higher, but the swing was too far away. She scooted her hips down and was able to move her toes up to my crotch. Her dress slid higher up her body. She belly was now fully exposed. She hit my hard cock with her toes. They wiggled and seemed to grab.

“Oh gees.” I said. “Margie…”

Her toes worked my cock almost like fingers. I moaned. Oh, I’ve got to stop this. I looked at Margie. She had her tongue poking out the side of her mouth as she concentrated on working her toes on me. She pulled her foot back and then slid the toes under the hem of my loose shorts. Her toes hit my ball sack…my underwear-less ball sack. Her foot stopped. She squinted at me, then she smiled. Her foot and toes moved up to my hard cock. Up and down my bare, hard cock she stroked me.

I tried again “Margie, please stop. Please. You’re too young. I…oh god!”

Her toes had slid down, under my balls and poked into my butt. She wiggled her foot and her big toes pressed against my anus. I sucked air and looked at her with my eyes wide. How do I stop her? I don’t want to stop her.

Just then I heard voices coming up the street. Busted. Saved. Margie also heard them.

“Hrumph! Come on. Let’s go inside and continue.”

- - - - - -
She walked by – Chapter 2

She pulled her leg out of my shorts, got up, and went down the gazebo steps, and started for my front door. I barely had my wits back when I saw her enter my house. I got down the steps and followed her. I was going to talk to her and ask her to leave, to stop this. My hard cock didn’t want to stop this, but this must stop.

I entered the house and there was Margie. Her dress was off and on the floor. She just had on her underwear. Her hands were on her hips, her legs stiff and spread. She had tiny, tiny boobs. Mine were bigger. She smiled and asked “Where’s your bedroom? I wanna lay down as we… well as we rub each other.”

“There. That door.” I responded before my brain engaged.

I just told a nearly naked young girl – still didn’t know how old she was – where my bedroom was. She turned and walked where I had pointed. She entered the room and went out of sight. I gathered my wits and followed. As I got to the door, her underwear came flying out and hit me in the face and hung there. My hands grabbed them and pulled them away, but not before I got a scent. A scent of pussy. My cock had subsided a bit while I walked to the house, but seeing her half naked and now her smell had my cock hard, if not harder. I entered the room. She came to me and hugged me. I hugged her back. Force of habit I guess. I’m hugging a young, naked girl. A very young girl, if my guess is right.

Oh, she had smooth skin. My hands slid down her back, onto her naked butt cheeks. I grabbed one in each hand and pulled her tight to me. She grabbed the hem of my tee shirt and pulled it up. I let go of her sweet butt, bent forward enough to allow her to take off my shirt. As soon as it was off, her hands went to my shorts and undid them. They fell to the floor. She wrapped her arms around me again…naked body to naked body. Oh sweet, smooth, warm, firm, lovely, naked body.

What!? What am I doing naked with Margie. She’s too young. I was about to say something when she grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled me tighter to her. My hard cock was sticking her in the belly. She let go one butt cheek and grabbed my cock. She repositioned it up. Her hand then started moving up and down my hard shaft.

“Oh god. Nice. Margie. Oh you have got to stop this. Please stop.”

“Hmmm. Am I not doing this right?” Her hand moved up and down fast a couple of times. “Or would this be better?”

She slid her body down, the one hand never leaving my ass. Her belly, then her chest, rubbed my hard cock that was still in her hand. She looked up at me and then put my cock in her mouth. A good 3 or 4 inches went in. She licked my cock. She sucked.

“Oh gees. Oh, that is so good. Margie. Please stop. You’re too young. Oh fuck!” Her fingers on my ass poked into my butt crack and started searching. It did not take her long and I felt a finger slide against my anus. She pushed and it slid in, aided by my sweat from raking. “Margie! Oh god damn. Oh shit. Oh please stop. Oh god. So nice.”

Her head was now bobbing up and down deeper. I felt the back of her throat and she gagged and stopped, but she did not pull all the way off. She looked back up at me and pushed her mouth back down again. She was making sure not to go that deep again. Her finger was back to wiggling in my ass. I grabbed her head, more to steady myself, than to control her head. She was sucking hard, licking slowly. Occasionally she would stop moving and place her teeth lightly on my cock and slowly slide down. My fingers would jerk in her hair. Her free hand grabbed the base of my cock and together with her mouth started fucking me hard and fast. Her hand kept her from gagging.

“Oh shit Margie. Oh god damn. I…I…oh damn…I’m about to cum….ummmm…oh shit….FUCK….YESSSS!”

My cock erupted in her mouth. I held her head tight and my hips jerked. I pumped about three good squirts of cum into Margie’s mouth. Her finger in my ass slowed down. Her sucking slowed down and got gentler. Her hand left the base of my cock and slid down my balls. She lightly squeezed them and more cum squirted out. She pulled her finger from my ass, and again another small squirt. I was breathing hard. I was barely able to stand up. She kept gently sucking me. When I was able to open my eyes, I saw her looking up at me. Her mouth still wrapped around my cock. She looked happy. She pulled her head up and off my cock. She opened her mouth and there wasn’t any cum. She wiped her saliva off her lips, stood back up, and hugged me.

“Thank you, Jerry. Thank you.

“What? I should thank you. That was great. I uh…”

I looked at her as she moved her hand that had been in my ass up to her nose and sniffed.

“Hmmm. Not what I thought it would smell like. More like just sweat. Body smell. Thank you for letting me learn. That was my first time. Was I good enough?”

I moved and sat on the bed. Margie came and sat along side me. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders.

“Margie, let me tell you a secret. Almost any blow job is a good blow job. I’ve never had a bad one. That being said, you did an excellent job. Oh my, a very excellent job indeed. But why? You’re too young. I’m too old for you.”

“I was good?! Great. And I’m not too young. I read that some cultures allow sex as early as 10 or even 8. You’re not too old. You’re nice. You always said hi to me as we walked Jingo out to the woods. You would stop your yard work and talk with me. You aren’t fat. Kinda cute.” She took a breath. “Boy that was fun. Wanna rub my legs again and my…”

- - - - - -
She walked by – Chapter 3

I looked at this sweet, sexy young girl. This naked, young girl. I have a minor evil streak – mischievous really. I had to play with her mind.

“Your what?” I asked, teasing her. She was young, too young to be comfortable saying private body part names.

“My…uh…” She pointed.

I laughed and repeated “Your what? What is it you really want me to rub? Say it or I won’t”

“My vagina! Rub my vagina. Please”

I hugged her. I stood up and moved her light body onto the bed and laid her back. I started rubbing her legs, her sweet calves, her thighs. She was laying back staring at my hand as it moved on her. I slid my hands higher up her thighs and she moved her legs apart. There was her young pussy. She was either hairless or shaved. I guessed hairless. Her tiny boobs looked even smaller now. My hands were now sliding up her thighs, onto her hips, across her belly. Anywhere except where she wanted. Her hips were jerking, trying to get my fingers on her pussy. She wanted them.

“Jerry! Please! I want… I want you to rub my vagina. There! Please!”

I was not mean enough to tease her any longer. My hands slid down her belly, just my fingers touching her. They slid in tight to her thighs. I pulled her legs even wider. Her young legs moved easily. Wider than any woman I have ever had, almost straight 90 degrees to the side…the splits! Her young, tight pussy was red. I slid my fingers into her slit. She gasped. Her hips came up. I rubbed my fingers up and down her slit. My fingers were sliding up to, but not quite to her clit. I slid them down to her ass and slid them into her butt crack. Fair is fair. She was moaning and mumbling. Her eyes were closed and her head was rocking back and forth.

I played her. I worked her. I edged her closer and closer. I’m not sure if she has ever orgasmed before, but I was determined to send her over the top. I moved and got my face down by her legs. I started kissing them again. This time I was kissing on her thighs. My fingers were dancing in her crotch. I would poke her anus. I would pinch her pussy lips and pull them. My fingers would then poke into her pussy. I met moisture. I slid my fingers from her pussy to her ass and then back again. I was lubing her ass. I was now able to slide a finger in her ass like she had done to me earlier. I kissed higher and then stretched my tongue out and lapped her slit. She gasped loud and her eyes popped open. She saw my face between her legs. I moved my head in closer and licked again.

“Oh Jerry. That… Oh that… I don’t know… I oh….!”

I felt her reaching a peak, so I moved up and sucked her clit. Her belly tensed up and she almost did a sit up. My finger slid into her slit and I felt her hymen, I pulled back a bit. I licked and sucked her clit and fingered her pussy and ass. Her breathing was getting faster and deeper. She sounded like she was running a marathon.

“Oh yeah. Oh geee. Geeeeeeeee OOOOOOOOOOO!”

Her body jerked and jerked. I kept lapping and fingering. I had three fingers in her pussy and one in her butt. She grabbed my arm and held on tight. She jerked harder and shouted. Her moving hips and pulling hands caused my fingers in her pussy to pop through her hymen. She screamed, but kept jerking and shaking. She was red all over, covered in sweat. She was laughing, crying, wailing, and moaning. Her body was still jerking, but it was slowly easing down. She was over the top and cooling down. I pulled my finger out of her butt. She jerked some more. My fingers in her pussy were in as deep as they could go. I pulled them slowly out. She gasped and then sighed as they left her. I kissed her clit, then her thigh.

I sat up, my face wet. She lay limp on my bed. I got up and got a wet wash rag, my hard on bobbing as I walked. I came back and started wiping her forehead. Then I wiped her chest -- her flat chest. Her little nipples were taut and poking up. I leaned down and sucked and licked each one. Then I continued to wipe her. I got to her pussy and gently wiped her crotch. I went back to the bathroom, rinsed the wash rag, and went back and wiped her all over again.

She lay there spent with a happy smile on her face.

“Yup. A lady of mischief.”

- - - - - -
She walked by – Chapter 4

I looked at this sweet, young girl that I had just molested. I felt excitement and I felt regret. I should not have done this. She is way too young. And I still haven’t found out how old.

“Margie. Come back to the world. Margie.”

“I uh…oh wow…that was…it was…wow!”

“OK. Now how old exactly are you? You made a deal.”

She looked at me and squinted again.

“If I tell you anything under 18, you will not do this again. If I say 18 or older, you will think it is a lie. So…uh…I’m 18 and a half.”

“Baloney! Try again and this time, at least come closer, though I really want the truth.”

She frowned. “Almost 13.”

I was floored. I now felt beyond sick. 12 years old.

“See that’s the look I didn’t want to see. Now you feel bad. But don’t feel bad. I liked this a whole lot. It was real great. I want to do more!”

I looked up from the floor and said “You must know that you can’t tell anyone this happened. I would get in very serious trouble. And shouldn’t you be getting home soon? I don’t want your mom to come looking for you and find you naked in my bed. That would just suck.”

She sat up in my bed and reached for me. I couldn’t resist her. My arms went out and I pulled her to me. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me. Oh sweetness beyond sweetness. My cock had gone limp while we talked – especially after I found out her age. Oh shit. Just 12 years old.

She looked out the window and said “Yes, the sun is about to set and that’s when I told Mom I would be home. I hope Dave has finished and is gone. Hey! I have an idea. Why don’t I tell Mom that you asked me to help you with the…gassabo thing. That ways I could come over more often and we could do this again.”

“It’s ga-ze-bo. We shouldn’t have done this this time. And we sure shouldn’t do it again.”

She snuggled in tighter to me, her arms sliding up and down my back. “You want to do this again. I can tell. Your thing is hard again and poking into me.”

“That’s natural for a guy to get a hard cock…” I stressed the word. “…when a naked girl is hugging him. That doesn’t mean I want to molest you again.”

“I started it. I wanted to start it. That was what I have wanted for a while. Today was just when I got enough nerve to do something. And it worked oh so better than I could’ve imagined. Way, way better. You liked it. Your…cock…liked it.”

Her right hand wrapped around my cock and started stroking it. I closed my eyes and moaned. Oh god damn, so nice. Her tiny fingers felt so good. She pulled back and let go of my cock.

“Say I can help you with your…ga-ze-bo. Weird name. Say I can and really mean that we can play some more. Please say I can come over again soon. Say it or I won’t make it spurt stuff again now.”

The absence of her hand was overpowering my brain. I wanted to get off again. I needed her to do it. Her hand, her mouth, her pussy… Oh god, I do want her pussy impaled by my cock. Oh shit, that is so wrong. So very wrong. I will tell her we can’t do this anymore. It’s fine that we don’t fool around anymore. It’s good. Wise.

I opened my mouth to say just that. What came out was “Sure. I have weekends and Tuesdays and Wednesdays off.”

What?! What did I just say? My hard cock took over my brain.

Margie yipped hooray and grabbed my hard cock. She stroked it. She leaned down and sucked it into her mouth. She worked hard and fast. All I could do was stand there. My legs were starting to get weak. She pulled my cock down so it was pointing straight forward. Then she lifted her left leg, tip-toed up, and eased herself over my cock. She rubbed it around her pussy.

“Oh Margie. Oh sweeet, Margie. No. You don’t…oh god.”

She hiked her leg up a bit more and my cock had slipped into the opening of her pussy. My precum, her saliva, her wet pussy, all made it easy for her to slide on. I looked down and watched as she pushed her hips forward. Two inches in. Three. She winced as I came up against the remains of her recently punctured hymen. She eased back.

“Oh Margie, you got to pull off. You don’t want me to cum in you. I could get you pregnant. Oh god that is so tight. So nice. Margie. Please pull off me. Oh no… Oh shit, Margie. Quick. Please. Oh… OOOH. Please I can’t hold it back much longer.”

I was trying to disconnect, but she was holding on and I barely had any control over my body. My cock ruled. It wanted her. What my brain wanted was not even considered.

I shuddered and felt my cock get larger and harder. I tried to push her off. I was getting desperate. Desperate to cum. Desperate to not cum in her pussy.

She pulled me hard into her crotch and I felt my cock go deeper. I looked up at her face and saw her looking down at where we were joined, and I saw her face scrunched up. It could be in pain or concentration. She was humping her hips faster and harder. I was going deeper with each thrust. Still not all the way in, but deeper than I thought possible.

“Oh damn…. YES! Oh fuck. FUNKING SHIT!”

I erupted in her. I blasted load after load of cum into her 12 year old pussy. It felt so wrong, so hot, so damn wild.

I pumped my hips and my legs got weaker. I started to just crumple where I stood. Margie helped me squat down next to my bed. I laid my head on the bed and closed my eyes. I was beat. I felt Margie’s warm, wet tongue lapping at my cock. I jumped and quickly covered my sensitive cock.

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