I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
This is a story about a young white boy, that gets had by an older blackman, so if that turns you off, please go read another story because I can't go back and change what happened.

Here it is.......

I had been hitchhiking at the same spot, in the middle of the night, for over a year, when it happened.

I had picked that spot because it was more or less dark and there were 3 titty bars down the street and also 2 dirty book stores. So the men coming past there already had sex on their minds and that's what I was looking for, " Sex " pure raw sex, like an animal enjoys it.

No, I'm not a girl, I'm a boy, a boy that got turned-on to how good it felt to take it up the ass, when I was in the Navy and only 17 going on 12 years old sexually.

No, I'm not gay and I'm not even bi, at least not that I know of. I've never been attracted to men or boys but I did have sex with them, mostly older blackmen, some of them more than once. No, they didn't make me do it, I wanted too. Just to see what it felt like and the only problem being, " I liked it " and now it comes back to haunt me, more often than I care to admit.

Anyway it was on one of the nights, that the " Need " to feel it again, came over me and I found myself hitchhiking again, not caring who it was or how many of them there were, I just needed to feel it and couldn't get it off of my mind, until I did.

There was a used car dealership on the corner and there was a small guard or watchman trailer, against the fence, real close to where I was at. I had never seen anybody in or around the trailer, so I thought that it was just there to make people think that someone was there and watching the cars, so nobody would fool with them. At least that's what I thought, until the door on it opened and a large blackman stepped out and asked me if I'd like a beer and I said, " Sure " and followed him back into the little trailer.

He was sitting there giving me the strangest look, as he watched me drinking my beer and he drank his. And that's when it happened...

He reached in a drawer and handed me some dirty pictures to look at and since I've always liked looking at them, I did. The only thing wrong is that 3 of them were of me and almost freaked.

Right where I hitchhiked, there was a little walkway between the Maytag repair place and the used car lot. His trailer was right next to the walkway and evidently he had looked out of his window one night and used the camera that watched the car lot, to take some pictues of me.

They were all of me being held against the wall, by a blackman and he had my pants pulled down and was doing me from behind.

One time I had allowed someone [ a blackman ] to do me back there and he had pictures of it, I couldn't believe it.

I asked him if I could have them and that's when he started undoing his pants and pulling his black dick out and I didn't even argue, I just went over and bent down over it, knowing that I'd have to suck itor he'd never give them to me.

I could smell the pee on it and was so embarrassed, as he watched me being drawn down to it. Pulling his foreskin down, exposing the big wet head on it. I just closed my eyes and started licking on it, I didn't care what he thought about me, getting the pictures back, was all I could think of and somehow he knew it, as he said, " That's it boy, suck that black dick, show it how much you like it."

I started licking and sucking on his foreskin and he went ape and started telling me that he wanted my ass, my white ass and that if I wanted the pictures, that I'd have to " Give it up " to him and I started undoing my pants and pulling them down, along with my underwear.

I was already on the floor of the little trailer, so he just got down behind me and pushed it up into me, making me scream because he had gone up into me to fast.

My little asshole went into spasm around his black dick and thinking that I liked it, he started doing me with it right away and I kept screaming and begging him to wait but he wouldn't. And the next thing I knew, he was pumping his blackman's cum deep up inside of my white ass. And I felt nothing but shame, as I felt the cum oozing out of the end of my little boner, my little 4 inch boner and down onto the little trailer floor.

When he finally pulled it out of me and let me up, I pulled up my underwear and pants, grabbed the pictures and ran out the door.

The next time I went by that corner, all of the cars were gone and so was " The Little Trailer, "
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