Chapter Four:

We decided that we should open Brad’s door, and the sight of the two of them fucking had us both frozen in place and unable to move. Brad’s balls were slapping hard against Kelly’s ass and she was moaning something about the tingles feeling so good. Neither of them saw us, and when we heard Brad grunt and slam deep with his cum shot, we decided that it would be better to leave and talk about it in private. We went back to the family room downstairs, since the kids had already been told to stay in their rooms.

Father: “I can’t believe what we just witnessed. Do you think this happened because Brad heard us having sex”?

Mother: “I don’t know, but I am so hot for your cock right now, my pussy is burning up”.

“I am surprised that you want to fuck, after just witnessing our two kids engaged in incestuous fucking”.

“Take me now before I burst. I need your hard cock slamming into my pussy, and I want to cum hard on your cock”.

“Lie down. I’m gonna give it to you like you have never had it before. I will fuck that cunt raw”.

“Fuck my cunt with that big cock”.

We fucked like animals until we were spent and out of breath, and neither of us chose to think about anything except our sexual satisfaction. The kids never entered our thoughts, until now, as our orgasms subsided.

“Jesus, that was some fuck Babe. Your cunt sucked my balls dry”.

“I know what you mean. My cunt is still contracting from my orgasm, and I can almost feel your cum churning inside me. I have to ask you something, but you have to promise not to be upset with me”.

“What is it? I can hardly get upset, after just getting my balls drained by that smoking hot cunt”.

“I think the reason that we had such intense sex was from watching Brad and Kelly fuck. I know it’s wrong and illegal, but you could tell that Kelly was enjoying herself, so I’m beginning to question if it really is so wrong. My cunt has never been this hot, all the years we have been married”.

“Jesus Christ babe. Listen to yourself. Our kids are fucking and now that we know about it, we could be jailed, if we don’t do something. I’m as horny as the next guy, and admit that the sex was better after watching them, but how can we live with ourselves, if we don’t stop them”?

“We could talk to them about sex and explain that no one outside the family can ever know what is happening behind closed doors”.

“I’m not sure that I could handle a conversation like that”.

“I’ll handle it, if you trust me to do it right”.

“Okay, but I think it needs to be done right now”.

“I’m going upstairs now to talk to them”.

“Good you both are together. There is something really important that I need to talk to you about. Sit down on the bed and listen carefully. You two have experimented with sex and I need to know if you both agreed to it”.

“She said it made her pussy tingle and feel good, and I felt so good with my cock inside her pussy”.

“Is that true Kelly? Did you agree to have sex”?

“Sort of. I knew it was wrong, but the tingly feeling in my pussy felt so good, so I told him he could put his cock inside me”.

“I want you to know that it is wrong for brothers and sisters to have sex, but some families allow it under certain circumstances. No one outside of the family can ever know about it”.

“I’m not sure I understand mom. Are we in trouble”?

“No you are not in trouble, but you have to clearly understand that if Kelly ever feels like she doesn’t want to have sex, you have to leave her alone. Also if your father and I want to watch you doing it, you have to accept that”.

“Okay mom”

“Yah, it’s okay with me too. But you heard her Brad; if I say no, you have to stop. Okay”?

“Sure sis”.

“Brad are you erect”?

“Sorry mom. I guess us talking about it got me excited again”.

“What about you Kelly? Are you feeling excited”?

“Yes, I can feel my pussy tingling. Would it be okay if Brad put his cock in me again”?

“Yes, in a few minutes, but first I want to make sure that he is doing it right, so he doesn’t injure you. Brad, come over here please”.

“Mom, what are you doing”?

“I want to suck your cock to see how it tastes. I need to find out if Kelly should be swallowing your semen or not”.

“Mom, this is weird. Mom you shouldn't. Oh mom, that feels really good. I’m going to blow soon. Suck hard for me. I’m cumming. Swallow it mom”.

“Well mom, how do you think it tasted”?

“I loved the taste and Kelly can suck you off whenever you both want it. Now, I want to see you two fuck, so I can make sure that you are doing it right”.

“I need a while for my cock to recover”.

“Okay, why don’t you both sneak quietly down to the family room and watch me and daddy fuck. If I know that you are watching it will be more exciting, and maybe you two can learn something from watching. Just give me a minute to get down there and get him in the mood”.

“Babe, what are you doing? Christ, are you jerking off”?

“I’m sorry honey, but I got thinking about you talking to the kids about fucking, and the next thing I had to stroke my throbbing cock”.

“Release that throbbing joystick. It’s mine and I’m going to fuck it raw. I want your cum and you are going to blast my cunt with every drop”.

I rode his cock like a rodeo champion and I wasn’t about to get bucked off. I slammed up and down on that cock and as I felt the first wave of an orgasm, I glanced towards the entry, and I saw the kids watching and rubbing themselves.

“Thrust that hard cock up into me babe, I’m gonna cum”.

After collapsing on my husband’s chest enjoying the aftermath of an incredible orgasm, I noticed that Brad had mounted Kelly from behind, and seemed to be trying to get his cock in her ass. I had a flashback to when my twin brother first fucked my ass, and my cunt came back to life.

“Babe, I know that you just came, but I can’t get enough of your cock and I want more. If I suck your cock back to life, will you jack hammer my cunt”?

"Honey it feels like you are sucking on me. Your cunt is in contractions and I swear that I feel like I'm being sucked off".

As I slurped, licked and sucked on his balls and cock head, I kept glancing over at Brad and Kelly. He was now balls deep in her ass, and she seemed to be enjoying it. My husband’s cock was hard and throbbing, so I got on all fours and asked him to fuck my ass. What a sight, watching Brad hammer his cock in and out of Kelly’s ass, as my husband’s cock moved deeper into my rectum. Then I heard something that would change everything forever.

“Fuck her ass hard Brad, just like I’m doing to mommy. Slam those balls off of her ass, and cum deep in her rectum”.

I guess that we are agreed on how to raise our kids, and although most people would think we are sick, they shouldn’t judge until they have an intense orgasm, like we are experiencing right now.

The End

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likes to beat the rush when she learned of the Golden Globe noamnition for her directorial debut In the Land of Blood and Honey.The Bosnian war movie, which opens in select theaters in the U.S. on Dec. 23, was one of five films earning a spot in the best foreign langauge film category. Jolie shot the film both in English and Bosnian/Croation/Serbian; at her request, FilmDistrict will release it in BHS in the U.S. I was on my way and turned on my phone, and saw the subject line on an email. I thought, this can't be. I never expected this, Jolie told The Hollywood Reporter in a phone interview. Just to be able to make a film you care about and then get a distributor makes you happy. Jolie also wrote the screenplay for Land of Blood and Honey, and went out of her way to cast actors from the region. Zana Marjanovic stars as a Muslim woman who is dating a Serb policeman, played by Goran Kostic, when the war breaks out, and who ends up at a rape camp now run by the policeman.The actress-t

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I think you have a lower then Normal Rating because you are on the line with this story. Good for you great story.

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Quigly is one of the best Incest Writers around. I love 98% of his work.

I still have to many hang ups to picture a ten year old female having stedy sex with her 12 year old brother.

This would be condoned about 1 out of 1000 times.

It is fiction and if she is on board then I hope she has fun. Does keep it to herself etc. I would like to see the guy who forced a BJ on his sister in part 1 go to Jail.

In this case at least the Mom and Dad are In love and going strong. A visit from her Brother might be nice. Her Brother and his daughter about age 13.

I never did like the if only I had known stuff, if you are going to start, start young. At 10 and 12 the Brother and Sister are already passed the BS. They can get in 8 years of good sex. They might get bored with each other after awhile.

However the chance of agreeing parents 1 in 10,000.

AS a Teen I missed out on Incest both Sister and Brother and Mom and Son.

My Mother Fled my Father when I was 9 leaving him wit

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Remember incest is best

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a good start are YOU GOING TO DO PART 2 ??

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