Chapter Three:

The Mother:

I’m afraid that my loud sex with my husband has caused our son to exhibit strange sexual behaviour. I think it started when we were having raunchy sex last night and Brad must have heard us and came to our bedroom door to listen. I promised my husband that I would blow him that night and I figured that he would want me to swallow, but I wasn’t going to give it up, without a little begging on his part. After I listened to him moan and beg, I swallowed for him, and then I wanted satisfaction so we fucked really wildly and when I got to my orgasm, I lost control and was very loud. I can understand a 12 year old boy getting aroused hearing something like that, but I’m not sure that I understand why he chose to have sex with his ten year old sister. He could have just masturbated to deal with the arousal. Mind you, my first sex was at 13 years old, so I can’t be too hypocritical.

I have never told my husband about that early sex, because I didn’t know how he would react to me having sex with my twin brother. After the first time, him and I would sneak off to the woods behind our house and we did everything we could think of to each other. I loved mouthing his cock and his ball sack and sucking his cum down my throat, and he really enjoyed licking and sucking on my pussy, until I had an orgasm. We fucked in every position that we could imagine and we even experimented with anal sex.

Unfortunately, we were discovered by my Aunt, who was out picking blueberries, and that was the end of our sexual adventures. That day was a mix of terror and ecstasy. I was on all fours with my brother’s throbbing cock buried in my bum right up to his balls. That was the ecstasy. The terror was when I looked into my aunt’s eyes when she discovered us. It was such a shame, because no one has ever fucked me as well as he did. God, I’m getting wet just thinking about his cock pounding in and out of my body. I guess that is why I never told my husband, because I’m sure that he would see in my eyes that I believed my brother was the best fuck I ever had. Anyways, back to Brad.

I’m sitting here on my own trying to come to grips with Brad’s violation of Kelly, and the silence is deafening. I’m staring at Brad and Kelly and the only thing going through my mind is memories of my twin brother fucking me until I screamed in orgasm. God I’m even wondering what it would be like to watch Brad and Kelly fuck. The wetness between my legs is overwhelming my ability to think rationally and I’m afraid that I’m going to do something stupid.

Thank God he’s home. His car has just pulled into the driveway, so I won’t have to deal with this alone. I’m going to send them to their rooms, so my husband and I can talk this over, and decide what needs to be done. I wonder if they will fuck once they are alone upstairs. Oh fuck, I’m cumming. I can feel my juices running down my thighs. I really need help. This can’t be normal.

The Father:

I’m not too sure that I got through to Brad when I talked to him about what he heard at our bedroom door last night. Brad didn’t say much, and after all he’s just a curious 12 year old trying to discover what sex is all about, so what could I expect him to say? Hey, I’m not going to apologize for getting loud while being sucked off in my own bedroom. I’m sorry that he overheard us, but I’m not sorry for having loud sex with my wife. I guess that I should talk to my wife and see if she has any ideas, or whether we should just let it go. I have driven around for a while now trying to think, but I guess I have to go inside and see what’s up with everyone.

When I saw her sitting in the family room, she seemed to be worked up about something, so I sat beside her and gave her a hug. Christ, she is almost stuffing her tongue down my throat, and now her hand is rubbing my cock through my pants. She placed my hand in her crotch and I could feel heat and wetness. Christ she is horny as hell. What the hell is going on here? I pushed her back and asked what got into her to make her this horny right in the family room. She blurted out that Brad and Kelly are upstairs and are probably fucking, so she wants to have sex right here, and right now.

Before my brain could make any sense of this, she had my pants unzipped and my cock sucked into her mouth. She moaned and had her tongue moving in overdrive on the underside of my cock head. Fuck me, I’m cumming already. I need to grab her face and thrust my cum into her throat. Oh fuck that feels good. I can hear her slurping and gulping my cum down her throat. God don’t stop sucking. After I had completely unloaded in her mouth, I pushed her to the carpet and ripped her panties off. I had her on all fours and for some reason; I had this uncontrollable urge to get my cock into her ass. I spit on my cock head and placed it at her anal opening. As I pushed to get the head inside her tight hole, she was pushing hard against me, and my cock was soon buried balls deep. I began jack hammering in and out of her ass, and she moaned and made these indescribable sound that I couldn’t understand. I can’t remember her ever being this hot and horny for my cock. I wasn’t sure if I had anything left in the tank, but I unloaded whatever I had and sent it deep into her rectum. She screamed and gyrated her hips against me, until my cock was completely drained.

Now that we are relaxing after that unbelievable sex, I need to get her to talk about this sex thing with Brad and Kelly. What the fuck was that all about? When she explained the story to me, I could see that she was getting all worked up again. Christ, she looks like an animal in heat. She tried to get at my cock again, but I was totally spent and limp as a noodle. She asked if we could sneak quietly up the stairs to see what the kids were doing, so I agreed. We heard voices coming from Brad’s room, so we crept up to his door to listen. Those unmistakeable slapping sounds of balls bouncing off an ass, told me exactly what was happening. Before I could open the door to put a stop to it, my wife grabbed my cock and sucked it into her mouth. She sucked so hard it hurt, but her enthusiasm and animal like behaviour was a real turn on. My limp noodle was starting to show signs of life, and even a partially erect cock can feel good with a tongue lashing the hell out of it. I can’t cum, but this suction and that tongue wagging at my cock head felt so good.

I opened my eyes long enough to see that my wife had opened Brad’s door just a crack. It was enough so that she could see him pumping in and out of Kelly’s pussy with his cock. She sure was a great multi tasker, because I could see her eyes watching them fuck, while she still gave my cock her best attention. I felt like I was cumming but I don’t think there was any semen left. My first dry orgasm.

To Be Continued……………………………………….

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