Chapter Two:

The Perpetrator:

When I turned 12 a few months ago, I found myself hard and horny most of the time. I discovered masturbation, and after a few tries, I was shooting gobs of cum, and the feeling was fantastic. Every morning and every night in bed I would beat hell out of my cock until it spewed cum. My parents had never told me anything about sex, so I began looking on the family computer for information about sex. There were tons of websites and some of them even showed girls pussies, and that’s when I started dreaming about what it would feel like to put my cock inside a girl’s pussy. The only pussy that I could even dream about getting into, was my little sisters. I had seen Kelly naked a bunch of times, and I was sure that her pussy would do just fine, so I started dreaming about how I could manage to get her alone, and then fuck her pussy.

Friday night, I was getting ready to jerk off when I heard some strange sounds. It seemed to be coming from my parent’s room, so I sneaked down the hall and listened at their door. I could hear slurping noises as well as moans and groans. Then I heard my dad tell mom to suck his cock harder because he was getting ready to cum in her mouth. He said that he was going to hold her ears as he came, and he wanted her to swallow all of his cum. He groaned loudly and mom slurped just as loud trying to swallow his cum. Then there was just silence. I figured that I better get back to my room, until I heard dad say that he was still hard and was going to fuck mom’s pussy. Mom began moaning and then told dad to get his cock inside her and fuck her hard. I could hear slapping sounds as their two bodies must have banged together, and mom moaned even louder. Finally I heard dad grunt, and he told mom that he was going to fill her pussy with his cum. She told him to give it to her good, and then she moaned that she was cumming.

I didn’t even realize it, but I had leaked cum into my underwear, just listening to them, so I needed to get back to my room to pound my cock for another load of cum . That took all of about thirty seconds as I closed my eyes and pictured my cock pounding in and out of Kelly’s pussy. I think that was the moment when I realized that masturbation may not be enough for me. I needed to fuck my sister’s pussy real bad.

When I woke up Saturday morning, it was sunny and the thoughts of no school for two days had me in a really good mood. Normally I would have jerked off, but something told me that maybe this was the day that I should try and fuck my sister’s pussy. My parents always went grocery shopping for a few hours every Saturday, so I would be alone in the house with my sister. I watched cartoons to kill time until they left, and then my sister joined me in the family room. I watched her lie down on her stomach on the carpet, and my cock grew rock hard as I looked at her panties stuck up her slit. My cock was throbbing, so as soon as I heard my parents leave, I got down on the floor and straddled her bum. I pushed my hard cock into the crack of her bum, and she resisted and wanted me to get off of her bum. Obviously she liked the feel of my cock, but probably wanted it in her pussy, just like mom did last night.

I flipped her over and pushed my cock against her pussy through her panties and told her that my cock would make her feel good. I helped her get her panties off, and then put the head of my cock at her pussy opening. I wasn’t making much progress and figured that I needed to get my cock moist so it would slide in easier. Last night dad’s cock must have slid into mom really easy, because he still had spit on his cock from mom sucking on him. I asked my sister to suck and spit on my cock, but she didn’t know how to do it. I helped her get my cock in her mouth and when she had it all slimy from her spit; I moved my cock back to her pussy and pushed. What a great feeling as my cock slid inside her tight little hole. I hit bottom really fast and I guess her pussy wasn’t very deep, since she was only ten years old. I pumped in and out, and it sure seemed that she liked the feeling too. I blew huge gobs of my cum inside her and it was so much more satisfying than masturbation.

After I had finished, she got up and was amazed as my cum ran down her leg. Before she went upstairs to clean up and get dressed, I told her that she should never tell mom and dad what we had done, so we could do this again sometime.

After my sister went to the park, dad told me that he would like to take me mini golfing and I happily accepted the invitation. On the drive home, dad asked me if I knew anything about sex, so I told him that I had researched it on the internet and knew plenty. He told me that he was asking because he saw me walking down the hall last night after listening at his bedroom door. Holy shit. I am probably in a lot of trouble. Dad wasn’t upset at me because, as he explained it, it was a boy’s natural curiousity. He explained that guys need sex more than women and sometimes we have to convince them by being the aggressor. He said that if I heard anything that sounded rough last night, it was perfectly normal sex between two people, who both wanted it. Sounds like me and my sister this morning. He told me that I should come to him if I had any questions about sex, and the conversation ended just as we arrived at our house. Dad let me out and then told me that he had some errands to run and he would be home in a couple of hours. I went into the house and was asked by mom to sit in the family room with her and my sister. She didn’t look very happy to see me.

To Be Continued.............................

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2011-09-24 18:13:12
I do not want to call him a rapist even though he is.

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