Chapter Three:

It was around 8:30 and I was finally waking up, when I looked over at Karen and saw her mouth still bloody and sticky. She opened her eyes, and after yawning got up and came to my bed.

“Brian, I have this overwhelming urge to fuck your cock with my pussy, so get ready to be mounted. I’m gonna ride you raw”.

“Hold on Karen. There’s something that I have to do”.

“What is it Brian? My breath? I can go brush my teeth, and then we can fuck”.

“Look Karen, you are all bloody from having your virginity taken, and then from you sucking my blood stained cock”.

“That’s good then. We can fuck”.

“Karen sit for a minute”.

I grabbed the medal and began putting her into a hypnotic trance. It was very difficult, because she was so crazed for my cock and kept trying to impale herself on it. Finally I managed to get her under and gave her instructions to forget my previous post hypnotic suggestions.

I gave her the following new suggestions:

First, when you wake up you will go take a shower, brush your teeth, and rinse your mouth with mouth wash.

Second, you will come back here and ask me if you can suck my cock and swallow my cum.

Third, after you swallow for me, you will never fuck me or suck my cock, unless I ask you to.

Fourth, you will have anal sex with me whenever I ask you to.

When I count backwards from 3, you will wake up when I get to one, and then follow my suggestions.
3, 2, 1, and then Karen got up and headed for the bathroom.

It appeared as if I had dodged a bullet, and I felt so relieved.

My mother then knocked at my door and asked if she could come in. What the hell could she want? I hope that she didn’t run into Karen as she went into the bathroom.

“Come in mom”.

“Brian, I just passed your sister in the hall and she had blood on her face, but wouldn’t tell me what happened. Did you two get into a nasty fight or something”?

“Before I explain to you what happened, can I show you something”?

“Of course Brian. What is it”?

“Will you just do as I ask and not make fun of me”?

“You are starting to concern me, but yes, if it will get me an explanation, I will do it”.

I was praying that I would be able to hypnotize my mother and get her to forget what she had seen in the hall. As I swung the medal slowly in front of her eyes, and then talked to her softly, I could see her eyes begin to close and a total blank stare replaced her previous look of curiosity. I gave her the following suggestion:

When I count backwards from 3, you will be wide awake when I reach one, and you will forget what you saw in the hall, and forget why you came into my room. You will also go back to your bedroom, and suck your husband’s cock enthusiastically and sensuously until he comes in your mouth, at which time, you will hungrily swallow every drop of his semen. You will tell him that you also want to impale yourself on his cock, and give him the ride of his life, as soon as his cock has recovered. All during the blowjob and ride, you will moan very loudly and when you have an orgasm, you will scream it out loud for the whole house to hear.

3, 2, 1 and then she awoke and walked out of my room. Karen returned from the shower a few minutes later, and was still naked. She approached me and asked if she could suck my cock and swallow my cum. When I said that she could suck me off, she moved between my legs and took my cock into her mouth.

While Karen’s lips and tongue licked and sucked at my cock head, I listened to see if I could hear anything coming from my parent’s bedroom. Nothing yet, but as soon as Karen’s head started bobbing up and down, I heard:

“Oh my god. What has got into you? What are you doin… oohh babe, that is amazing, oh yah suck it deep. Lick it babe. Fuck, if you keep sucking hard like that I’m gonna blow. Oh shit, I’m unloading babe. Suck it down your throat. Yes, swallow for me. Take it all down”.

Karen had sucked me just hard enough that I couldn’t hold off any longer, so I grabbed her ears and started face fucking her until I shot my cum into her mouth. As she swallowed, I could hear voices from my parent’s room.

“Oh baby, my cock is plenty hard enough. Ride that joystick until you cum”.

I could hear my mother moaning and growling and then about a minute later, she let out a loud scream “OH FUCK I’M CUMMING HARD. KEEP THAT COCK INSIDE ME. MY CUNT IS GOING INTO SPASMS. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE. BLOW YOUR LOAD UP INTO MY CUNT”.

The silence in the other bedroom told me that they both must have cum and were now laying back for a rest. I couldn’t imagine what my father must have been thinking about mom, but I’m sure he was ecstatic.

“Brian, was that my imagination, or did you hear those things too, from our parent’s room”.

“I heard it too. They were really rocking”.

“How would you feel about being bum fucked?”

“What do you mean”?

“Sorry I meant to ask if you would let me have anal sex with you”.

“Sure Brian, I would love that”.

My cock was ready to go again, so I mounted Karen from behind and placed my cock head at her anal opening. It was dry and nothing was happening, so I spit on my fingers to moisten her hole. I also rubbed spit on my cock head, and then tried again to penetrate her bum. The head slid in, and it took me another couple of minutes before the rest of my shaft was totally buried up to my balls. As I began pumping in and out of her ass, I could sense that I would be cumming soon, because her bum hole was so tight.

“Get ready Karen, I’m gonna blow a big load of semen up your rectum”.

“I’m ready Brian, blow that big load into me”.

“Ooohhh shit, I’m cumming Karen”.

Just as I was preparing to withdraw my cock from her ass, so I could lie down to catch my breath, my bedroom door opened, and my father stood staring at us in shock.


“Dad, I can explain. Sit down and let me show you something with my medal”.

The End

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2013-05-02 18:35:37
Really really bad!

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2013-04-23 22:56:31
Clever whimsical story! It could be an erotic Twilight Zone episode. :-)


2011-12-16 00:00:35
Such a shame that it has to end here. Would've expected him to rape her instead.


2011-12-01 17:57:14
That was great. Too bad you are ending it there. Its got a lot of twists and turns left in it. If it were my story, I'd milk it for everything its worth. But then thats why you get more reads than I do.

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2011-09-16 19:01:30
Part 4?! Where is it?!

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