Chapter Two:

I must have finally dozed off about 7 a.m., but was shaken awake by Karen about 7:30.

“Shit Karen, I just got to sleep. Why are you waking me up”?

“I guess that I Just wanted some company. Aren’t you the grumpy one”?

“Sorry Karen, but I was awake most of the night and only got to sleep about a half hour ago”.

“I slept like a baby and felt great when I woke up. I do need to take a shower though, because I feel all sweaty and sticky. It must be from moving all that stuff in here yesterday”.

“Must be. I’m going to try and get some more sleep, so why don’t you hit the shower”.

Thinking about her naked body in that shower washing away all of my cum stains wasn’t going to allow me to go back to sleep, so I decided that I would just jerk off. Just as I peeled back the blanket and grabbed my cock, the door opened and Karen came back in claiming that she forgot to take clean clothes with her. If she saw anything, she didn’t let on because she got her clothes and headed back to the shower.

It was at the moment of ejaculation that it occurred to me that I may not have to masturbate so much anymore. It seemed pretty certain that my hypnosis had worked on Karen, so I could do anything I wanted with her, whenever I wanted. The grumpiness from lack of sleep was now gone and when Karen returned from her shower, I gave her a much more cheerful greeting.

“Hey sis. Sorry about being grumpy with you before”.

“”That’s okay Brian. We have adjustments to make now that we share a room, so it’s no big deal”.

“I’m surprised you slept so well last night. I remember you telling me that you couldn’t get to sleep”.

“I remember telling you that, but I must have gone to sleep as soon as I said it, because I don’t remember a thing after that”.

“It must have been my hypnosis that let you sleep so well”.

“What are you talking about”?

“I offered to hypnotise you so you could get to sleep, and it obviously worked”.

“Sure Brian. In your dreams”.

“Okay, but I can show you if you don’t believe”.

“Show me how”?

“Sit down on your bed and I’ll show you”.

I got out the medal and went through the same process as last night and within a minute Karen awaited my instructions.

“You are now going to feel an uncontrollable sexual urge to perform oral sex, and you will have a voracious appetite for swallowing semen. There is now an erect cock near your mouth and you should follow your urges”.

I had dropped my underwear and was standing naked directly in front of her. I felt Karen’s hot breath as her mouth moved slowly towards my erect and throbbing cock, and then she encircled my cock head with her mouth and began sucking and licking. It was just as well that I had jerked off earlier, or I might have blown my load already, but I didn’t know how much more of this I could take. I felt her mouth release my cock and then I heard:

“Come in my mouth. Mmmmmmmmh. Give me that semen. I want to swallow it”.

Jesus. I blasted her mouth with a huge load, and I don’t know how she got it all down without dribbling some out of her mouth, but she sucked like a Hoover vacuum cleaner, and my balls were sucked dry. I had to pull my cock out of her mouth, because my balls were drained, but she was still sucking hard for more semen, and my cock head was getting tender.

“When you hear me count backwards from 3, you will wake up when I get to one, and you will not remember any of this. The last thing you will remember is coming into the bedroom after your shower”.

“3, 2, 1, wake up”.

When Karen woke up, she began licking her lips and moving her tongue around her teeth.

“I must have got soap in my mouth in the shower. I have a funny taste in my mouth”.

I damn near broke out in laughter, and realized that next time, I better get her to go to the bathroom and use mouthwash, before I wake her up.

“Are you sure that it’s soap? What does it taste like”?

“I’m not sure how to describe it”.

“Let me have a look. Maybe you cut your mouth or something”.

When she opened wide and I looked in her mouth, I could see traces of my cum stuck to her teeth and her tongue, and my cock started growing in my underwear.

“I don’t see any cuts or anything, so maybe you should just go use some mouth wash and that should help clear your mouth”.

“How come your underwear is bulging”?

“Sorry sis. It happens around beautiful and sexy women”.

“You mean me”?

“Yes. Don’t you remember having this conversation last night before you went to sleep”?

“No, but you better enlighten me”.

“Can we let it go until tonight? I have to get showered and dressed”.

“Sure; whatever”.

During the day, I managed to keep busy so I wasn’t constantly sporting an erection. It was virtually impossible to get my mind off of the hypnosis, and the possibilities. Jesus. I might even be able to fuck her pussy tonight. Oh shit. Another load emptied in my clean underwear. It’s a good thing mom and dad were busy and didn’t notice. When I went to my room to change underwear, Karen was emptying boxes, so I had to grab a pair and go to the bathroom to change.

At bedtime, I laid there trying to think of a way to convince Karen under hypnosis, to fuck with me. When she came to bed, she said that she was dead tired and should be asleep in no time. About a minute later, I asked if she was asleep and when she didn’t answer, I knew that I was out of luck.

I figured that I might as well jerk off, so I slipped off my underwear and began stroking my cock. I closed my eyes and envisioned Karen sucking my cock head and as I neared the moment of ejaculation, I heard her ask what I was doing. The sensation went away almost instantly, and when I looked over at Karen’s bed, she was up on one elbow looking at me.

“Were you masturbating”?

“Yes, you caught me. I thought you were asleep”.

“I was asleep but the slapping sounds woke me up. What got you so excited”?

“Thinking about a hot sexy girl in my room”.

“Back to that again, are we”.

“Maybe I should hypnotize you so you won’t remember what you heard and saw”.

“You are a riot Brian. Give it up, Hypnosis is a scam and doesn’t work”.

“So if you believe that, let me try it and make a fool out of myself”.

“Sure. Go for it”.

I did the same as before and as she sat on the side of her bed in a trance, I gave her some post hypnotic suggestions.

“First, you will have uncontrollable sexual urges towards your brother Brian, and you will never be able to satisfy those urges until you have fucked him with your pussy.

Second, you will crave semen and want to suck Brian’s cock dry every morning at precisely 7a.m.

Third, once you have satisfied the first two cravings and urges, you will remember nothing.

When I count backwards from 3, you will wake up when I reach one, and your urges will take over.

3, 2, 1, wake up”.

As I sat on my bed watching for Karen’s reaction to the hypnosis, I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Brian, have you ever had sex with a girl”?

“No, but I really want to”.

“Lie down Brian. I’m going to fuck your brains out with my pussy”.

My cock engorged and began seeping pre-cum in anticipation and I just lay on my back and waited for her beautiful pussy to fuck me. As she stripped naked and walked towards me, I reached out to touch her tits and pussy. Her pussy was on fire and I could smell a sexy and musky odour coming from between her legs. Even her nipples stood out erect on her mounds, and she had a crazed look on her face. Maybe I have unleashed more than I can handle. She was on me in a hurry and as I felt her straddle me, I grabbed both of her tits and thrust my hips upwards. The first touch of her hot and moist pussy on my cock head had her moaning and almost growling like an animal.

Karen sat down with all of her weight and impaled herself fully on my cock, and without missing a beat, she began pounding up and down. I felt the urge to cum and as soon as the first stream of cum blasted her pussy, she fucked me faster and harder and soon her pussy squeezed my cock and milked it for every drop of semen. She moaned and purred until I could no longer feel her pussy milking my cock. She then got up and headed back to her bed, but the trail she left behind startled me. How could I have been so stupid and selfish? Karen obviously was a virgin and I had just taken her virginity with no regard for her, and now there was a trail of blood from my bed to hers. I had only thought of my own lust and now I had to think of some way of dealing with this.

Karen was in her own bed and now sound asleep and I am looking at my bed which is covered in blood, not to mention my cock, which is sticky from semen and blood. All I could think of was trying to sleep, and maybe in the morning I could figure something out.

I was woken up at 7a.m. with Karen between my legs sucking furiously at my cock, which she had pulled out the opening in my underwear. She kept moaning that she wanted my semen to swallow, and although I should be enjoying this and already shooting into her mouth, it just wasn’t happening. It made matters worse that her mouth was now a mess from last night’s semen and blood, and she almost resembled a vampire thirsty for a blood fix. The enthusiasm she showed, combined with the sucking and licking, eventually caused me to blow into her mouth and that enabled her to swallow everything she could and then return to her bed.

The quandary was: What would I tell her when she woke up and saw her pussy and mouth covered in blood.

To Be Continued………………………


2011-12-01 17:47:48
Another masterpiece. I haven't read many of your stories, but if they are all as good as the last two I read, you can bet your bippy I'll read them all.

When I finally grow up and become an adult, I hope I write half as good as you do. Two things will prevent that. I'll never grow up and who could ever write that good.

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2011-03-10 03:17:27
Quig, you are my favorite author and you have great potential to become a famous author someday. Please keep these amazing stories coming i will always check if you have a another story up. This part was amazing and i cant wait to see her reaction in part three.


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2011-01-27 10:33:37
He cums way too easily.

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2011-01-27 10:33:32
He cums way too easily.

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