Fascinated with hypnotism

I can remember my parents taking me to the circus when I was 5 years old, and although I loved the animals and high wire acts, I was fascinated by the Hypnotist. As I watched people on stage clucking like chickens and doing other silly things, I thought how cool it would be to be able to control other people. As I grew older, I was convinced by my parents and my siblings that hypnosis was nonsense and was all an act. Still though, I could fantasize.

The fascination continued through my twelfth birthday and actually helped me sexually. I would fantasize about hypnotizing my older sister Karen and having her strip, suck my cock, and then ride me like a bucking bronco. To say that I was oversexed at 12 was an understatement. I masturbated several times a day and whenever possible I would steal glances at my sister as she came out of the bathroom after a shower, or when she had her bikini on swimming.

I had an older brother as well as an older sister, but Jim was 4 years older and bullied me most of the time, so we didn’t get along at all, even though we had to share a bedroom. My sister was only a year older, and she had always treated me nice and we hardly fought at all.

When I turned 13, my parents decided to renovate our house so that I didn’t have to share a room with my older brother. Jim didn’t give any indication that he ever planned to move out on his own, so my parents must have figured that they needed to do something. Sometimes I wish they had booted him out, so I didn’t have to put up with his constant bullying. Just as an example of what I had to put up with; one night after I had fallen asleep, he approached my bed with an elastic band and a paper clip, and shot me in the nuts. Not a great way to be woken up, but as I screamed, he would yell “shut up Brian, I’m trying to sleep”. Naturally I would hear my father’s voice from down the hall, admonishing me to settle down and go to sleep.

We had a family meeting and our parents told us about the plans to renovate, and how things would work during construction. They wanted to get it done now, since the school year had finished and there would be less stress. Apparently construction would take a month, and one of Jim’s buddies arranged for him to stay at his house, until his new room was ready. Karen and I were told that we would have to share my room, and although she was more than a little miffed at losing her private space for a month, she agreed to the plan. My parents knew that she and I had always got along fine, so they had no concerns.

My worry with the plan was losing my masturbation space, and having to resist the temptation of Karen’s sexy body lying so close in a bed nearby. Jim was usually out a lot with his buddies, and I had lots of opportunities to jerk off, but Karen stayed in her room most of the time, and that would be a problem for me. It took all of us a full half day to empty Karen’s room, and when we finished, my room was pretty crowded, but there was nothing I could do about it. That evening, we were all worn out, so I headed to bed around ten and my sister followed about 15 minutes later. She had changed into her bed clothes in the bathroom, and as she turned out the light and slipped into bed, my mind began to wander.

“Are you asleep yet Brian”?

“No. I guess that I am a little wound up, due to all the changes. How about you”?

“Same here. I’m really tired, but don’t feel as if I can fall asleep”.

“Maybe I should hypnotize you and you would be out in an instant”.

“Very funny. I can’t believe that you still think about that after all these years”.

“Yah, I know that it’s probably not real, but I can have my fantasies, can’t I”?

“What fantasies”?

“They are kind of private and personal”.

“Okay, who is she”?

“What are you talking about”?

“Well, if you are like most boys you probably fantasize about some hot girl at school, and dream about hypnotizing her, so you can do stuff to her. So who is she”?

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, and that’s all I’m going to say”.

“Come on Brian. We can’t sleep, so what else is there to do but tell secrets”?

“I would sure like to hear your secrets. I bet they are really juicy”.

“You would probably be disappointed. Girls think differently from boys. Most boys have sex on the brain 24/7, but girls think a little more maturely”.

I was lying on my back as we talked and as soon as the word “sex” left Karen’s lips, my cock engorged and tented the blankets. I was about to turn over real fast so she wouldn’t notice, but decided to wait it out and maybe she would make a comment about it. Now my cock was throbbing and I could see that the blanket was moving. It would be so cool if she saw it and asked to see what was tenting the blankets. Then I came to my senses, so before I embarrassed my 14 year old sister into running out of the bedroom, I turned over on my side. When I did, I saw that she was already on her side looking at me.

“You just flipped over like your bed was on fire. Why did you do that”?

“No reason”.

“Brian, I saw the blankets moving and I know about erections, so it’s no big deal”.

“I didn’t want to embarrass you”.

“Why would I be embarrassed? I haven’t seen one before, but I have read about them on the internet”.

“Maybe I should hypnotize you into forgetting what you saw, so I don’t end up in trouble with mom and dad”.

“You actually think that I would tell mom and dad that I saw your erection? Actually I think it’s kind of cool, because now you have to tell me the name of the hot chick you were fantasizing about”.

My cock was throbbing so badly and it felt slimy, probably from the pre-cum caused by this conversation. As I squirmed around in bed trying to find a more comfortable position for my aching cock and balls, my sister got even more curious.

“Why are you squirming around so much? Is the girl so hot that you can’t lie still”?

“As a matter of fact she is really hot, and I wish I could hypnotize her, and then have her do whatever I asked”.

“Maybe I’ll wander down the hall and tell mom and dad that I can’t sleep because you are erect and squirming around. Or, you could tell me who she is”.

“Jesus Karen, don’t do anything stupid like that. Mom and dad will think that I’m a pervert”.

“Well then”?

“Promise me that you won’t get upset with me, if I tell you”.

“Sure I promise. Why would I be upset”?

“Because it’s you that I’m fantasizing about”.

“Are you serious? My little brother is getting erect thinking about me”?

“Yes. You are the hottest girl that I know, and now sleeping right near you is keeping me erect”.

“Shit Brian; you aren’t going to rape me in my sleep or anything, are you”?

“I would never do that to you Karen”.

I watched for Karen’s reaction to the conversation, and although I might have been mistaken, I thought I saw her hand move lower in the bed, near her crotch. The way the blankets shifted, I was fairly certain. I guess I had nothing to lose at this stage, so I decided to roll over on my back and let my erection throb in the blanket, to see how she would react. Although I was on my back, I still had my head turned towards her.

“That thing has a mind of its own, judging by the way it’s moving the blankets around”.

“I guess you would be totally freaked out if I got some relief for it, by masturbating”?

“It would be pretty weird, but I’ve never seen a guy do that, so it might be cool. I think that I would have to be hypnotized though, before I would have enough courage to agree to it”.

“I’ll hypnotize you. I’ve read all the stuff on the internet and I have been dying to try it out on somebody”.

“Go for it Brian, but don’t get your hopes up”.

I turned on my night light and then retrieved a medal and ribbon that I had won in baseball. As I approached her bed, I asked her to sit up and get ready to be put under. She could barely contain the laughter as I slowly swung the medal back and forth in front of her eyes. I used all the wording that I learned from the internet and I spoke slowly and softly, and when I told her that she was in a very deep sleep, she didn’t move or speak. I decided to see if she was playing around with me, so I suggested to her that it was extremely warm in here and she should stand up and remove all of her clothing.

Karen slowly rose from the bed and began disrobing. If she was pretending, she was going to be found out shortly since her top was now fully unbuttoned. When the top came off and hit the floor, two magnificent breasts were now staring me in the face. Then I watched as her hands reached inside the waistband of her pyjama bottoms and underwear, and dropped them to the floor.

My cock was throbbing so badly that I shot my cum load, when her pussy came into view. She couldn’t be pretending, because she was now totally naked and standing just inches from me and my cum soaked cock. I slipped my underwear off and to the floor, so we were now both naked.

“You feel like you are achy all over from moving today, so I think that you should lie down to have a massage to make your muscles feel better”.

Karen moved into the bed and onto her stomach, so I slowly crawled over her and straddled her ass. My cock was wedged against the crack of her ass, as I reached up to begin her massage. She never moved or flinched as my hands gently massaged her neck and shoulders and as they moved down to her shoulder blades, I slipped them to the side to massage the sides of her breasts. I kept my hands there long enough to see if she was going to jump, but she never moved. My hands worked their way down to her lower back and then on to her sides, over her hips and then back to her ass cheeks. I had to slide down to continue the massage and as my cock felt the friction of becoming unwedged from her ass crack, I shot another load of cum. Surely this would cause her to panic and toss me off the bed. No movement yet, even though her ass was covered in cum.

I was kneeling near her ankles, so I gently and slowly parted her legs, and then began massaging my semen into her ass cheeks. Then I moved my hands lower to her thighs, and after massaging up and down there for a few seconds, I slipped my hands to her inner thighs and then felt my first brush with pussy lips. Fuck me. My cock had already shot twice, and it was still hard as a rock; not too surprising, considering that I had felt my first pussy. My fingers ran slowly and lightly the length of this beautiful mound, until I detected a musky odour and then felt something wet near her pussy slit. I wondered if girls get pre-cum like boys do.

“Roll over gently and slowly so that the muscles on the front of your body can be massaged to relieve the aches”.

She rolled over and I made certain that her legs remained spread, so I had complete access to her pussy. I moved on to my side next to her and began to massage her breasts, and because I was getting braver, I took her nipples into my mouth and licked and sucked them, one after another. There was no reaction or movement except for a very slight moan, so I moved my free hand down her abdomen and soon it rested directly against her pussy. I parted the blond curly pussy hairs, and soon my fingers were slimy and wet. I used the moisture to get my fingers deeper into the inner folds of her pussy, and I noticed her first movement. I froze, but she didn’t do anything except moan a little and spread her legs further apart.

I got a finger deep inside Karen’s pussy, and I was about to blow another load. I didn’t want to shoot all over her again, so I withdrew my finger and grabbed my shaft to pinch it off, so I didn’t blow. When the sensation subsided, I went back to her pussy, but not with my fingers. I moved between her wide spread legs and got my face right into her crotch. My tongue flicked through her pussy hairs and then parted the lips, so that it went further into her folds. The smell and taste would be something that I would never forget, and I kept my tongue wagging deep inside her to enjoy the moment.

I thought I felt her hips rising off of the bed, but couldn’t be sure. I slowly withdrew my tongue from her pussy tunnel and licked the rest of her pussy from top to bottom. When my tongue hit a little bump near the top of her pussy slit (her clitoris, except that I didn’t know what that was, at the time) she moaned louder and her hips did rise off the bed this time for sure. I decided to stay with that spot, since it was getting a pretty good reaction, and as I sucked and licked, I felt juices running over my tongue and down my chin and I felt the pressure of her body pushing her pussy into my face. She must have cum, because her body sagged and there was no more moaning.

“Now that you have had your body massaged to relieve your muscle aches, you have to have your mouth and tongue massaged. Lie across the bed on your back and hang your head over the side. Open your mouth wide and prepare for your mouth massage”.

I watched in disbelief as she obeyed and just looking at that wide open mouth almost made me blow again. I pinched off my shaft again to keep from shooting, and then slowly inserted my cock over her lips and on to her tongue.

“To massage your mouth, you need to totally relax, suck gently and wag your tongue back and forth. Soon you will feel the special massage cream that is designed for your mouth”.

The first bit of suction and tongue wagging was the end of me. I began thrusting and shooting streams of cum into her mouth and down her throat. When I had completely unloaded in her mouth, I used my underwear to wipe any cum that was left on her lips and chin.

“You are now totally relaxed and your muscles, mouth and tongue feel wonderful. Now you need to put your pyjamas back on and slide into your bed”.

As soon as my sister’s head hit the pillow, I gave her further instructions.

“When I count backwards from three and tell you to wake up, you will turn on your side, close your eyes and then sleep peacefully until the morning. You will not remember anything that you did tonight, but you will start to feel amorous when you are around your brother Brian and you will find that you have an irresistible sexual attraction towards him”.

“3, 2, 1, and now wake up”.

Karen rolled on her side and went right to sleep. I was awake the entire night, both from the incredible sexual experience, as well as trying to figure out if hypnosis really worked on Karen, or if she had been pretending.

To Be Continued……………..

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2012-01-01 17:24:42
Great storytelling. I prefer to believe she was intrigued by his admission of his desire for her and decided to play along with the hypnosis to satisfy her own curiosity and enjoyed the entire session as well.


2011-12-01 11:25:55
That was cool. I wanted to do that to my sister too, except I don't have one. Great fantasy. Keep em rolling.

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2011-06-18 17:52:57
jah mahn rasta
Pari shlotz min kave habbi tunna tunna...... Buri nazar wale tera muh kala
Bhosad pappu

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2011-03-10 03:06:15
omg earlier today i masturbated and cummed for my first time and i'm 13. it felt so good to masturbate for my first time especially when i put lotion on my cock which is about 5-6 inches long. hopefully tomorrow i'll be able to masturbate and cum again.

just so you know which comments are mine later

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2011-03-10 03:06:14
omg earlier today i masturbated and cummed for my first time and i'm 13. it felt so good to masturbate for my first time especially when i put lotion on my cock which is about 5-6 inches long. hopefully tomorrow i'll be able to masturbate and cum again.

just so you know which comments are mine later

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