Out of demand from the readers, I am writing a part II to my story I'm Not Alone. I hope you enjoy it as much as the original.
Annie and I continued with our peeping throughout the rest of the year, only missing a few times between us. We fell into a pattern of spying on certain neighbors on certain nights at certain times. It got to be almost routine and we soon began to get kind of bored. We didn’t have the opportunity to make love again because her parents never went out together and left her alone and I, well, didn’t want to take the chance of my parents catching us at our house. We would feel each other up as we peeped and get off that way but we didn’t do it again like we did that one time.

All was going well until on one occasion as I was putting my hand down in her pajamas, she stopped me saying “Not tonight, Chris, okay? I can’t. Not tonight.” I didn’t know what had happened but I pulled my hand out and didn’t ask any questions. After that night, I inserted my hand in her pants only after I had been invited. Heck she could put her hand down my pants any ol’ time.

We started missing evenings every once in a while, we just had better things to do I guess and I personally got tired of going to people’s houses just to find their blinds all closed. I was thinking that maybe our peeping days were about over when on a warm July evening, I was out in my cutoff pajama bottoms, dark top and sneakers and was wondering if Annie would show up at the playground. I heard her coming and then I heard another voice. I eased myself back into the trees, out of sight. I saw them turn the corner and step into the clearing. It was Annie but she had another girl with her but I couldn’t make her out.

They stopped at the swing set and started to swing a little, waiting for me to show up. As I stood back in the trees, not knowing whether to show myself or not, I noticed that Annie wasn’t wearing her pajamas, but instead both girls were wearing shorts and tank tops. I decided I had better show myself so I walked out into the clearing, pretending that I was just coming to the rendezvous place and walked up to Annie and said hi.

“Oh Chris, you did make it tonight. I was beginning to wonder,” she said matter-of-factly. “Chris, you know Kim don’t you. We are having a sleepover at my house tonight so I invited her to come out with us.”

A look of horror came over my face as what she had said sunk in. I walked up beside Annie and whispered into her ear, “Annie, we need to talk.” Annie excused herself from Kim and walked to one side as I whispered my objections. “Annie, what are you doing, not only telling someone about our secret but inviting them to see us do it, I mean, can we trust her and will she tell anyone?”

“Chris, you know Kim is my best friend. I had to tell her, geez, quit being so paranoid. She’s cool with it and she’s anxious to spy on people too.”

“Annie, we need to talk about this some more but not here and not tonight. I can’t go with you guys tonight, not until we can talk,” I said seriously.

“Gosh Chris, I’m sorry. I thought you would think it was cool to have someone new to show all the good peeps to. I didn’t think you’d be upset,” she said.

“I’m not upset, Annie, I just think that we need to talk this thing through before we make any changes, that’s all. Can you get away some time tomorrow?” I asked. She answered that she could and we set a time to meet back at the playground tomorrow afternoon.

As I turned to walk back to my house, I began thinking about adding a new person to our little band of peepers and wondered about the judgment of that. I knew who Kim was and thought that she was a pretty bright girl. She was part oriental; I know her mother is Asian and her father is white. I know that she is kind of cute, that she’s about Annie’s size and stature and that she’s starting to develop just as Annie is. But I didn’t know if I could trust her or not,; not like I trust Annie.

I slipped back into my room and went to bed, but I had a terrible time sleeping. I couldn’t get this concern out of my mind. So when the time came for our meeting the next afternoon, I walked to the site with a foreboding feeling in my bones.

I arrived before Annie made her appearance as usual and I was swinging as she made the bend and settled into the adjoining swing. We just sat there for a moment and swung; not saying a word. “How did it go last night?” I finally asked.

“Pretty slow, not too much happening. Good ol’ Mel whacked it off for us. I thought Kim was going to die or something, she got so excited. Too bad you weren’t there, you might have got lucky with her,” she said.

“Really? Is she that kind of girl?” I asked.

“She no different than me,” she said in earnest.

“Can she keep her mouth shut?” I inquired.

“Can any of us; can you, can I?”

“I trust you to keep your mouth shut, can I trust Kim?” I pointed out.

“Chris, can I promise that Kim will keep our secret? No I can’t. I can’t promise that I will never tell anyone. But I trust her not to talk or else I wouldn’t have gone out with her last night.”

“Annie, I know I’m being kind of paranoid and all but, shouldn’t you have consulted me before inviting someone else to join us?” I finally asked. “That was what this is all about anyway isn’t it? Not the trust factor or who might tell who. It’s really about bringing someone into the group without even asking what the other person thought about it.”

“Chris, I’m sorry I didn’t ask you for your input. I was wrong. I know Kim and I know I can trust her. I thought you would be pleased. Do you forgive me?” Annie asked sincerely.

“Sure, I forgive you. But from now on, let’s talk about things that affect each other, okay?”

“Okay,” she said getting up to give me a warm hug around the neck. “Maybe tonight we can give Kim a real show,” she said rather seductively.

I must have started to blush because Annie laughed all of a sudden and then turned on her heels and walked back the way she had come. I sat there on the swing thinking about tonight.

Before I knew it, the darkness started setting in and I knew it was time to escape out the window into the warm night air of the forested park. As I strode to the playgrounds, my heart was racing and my ears were ringing with Annie’s words of this afternoon; what did she mean by a “real show”? If it included me, I’m all for it.

As I came up to the swings, the two girls were already there and waiting. I instantly noticed Annie was wearing a black tank top, black shortie pajama bottoms and her feet were bare. She must have been excited because as I got closer to her I could make out her nipples standing tall, ready for inspection. Kim, on the other hand, was wearing full length pajamas and sneakers. At least the pajamas were of a dark color and I noticed that her little nipples were out there too, must be the night air. As we headed out, I fell in behind the two girls and whispered to Annie, “Where are we going to start tonight?”

“I thought we would go over to Mel’s tonight,” whispered Annie back.

My heart sank a little; no gratification for me, but we’ll give the girls a thrill anyway. “Is that where we went last night?” asked Kim expectantly.

“You’ve got it,” said Annie.

“Oh,” said Kim with an excited tone to her voice. “That was fun.”

As the three of us approached the back of the Johnson’s house, the light was on in Mel’s room, but the blinds were drawn so tight that you could barely see a sliver of light shining through. We slowly and quietly approached his window and we noticed that the window was open about a quarter of the way up. With the blinds closed as they were, if we were quiet, he could not see us behind the blinds. As we settled down to peep, it was me, Annie and Kim, with our six eyeballs just fitting in between the blinds.

What they saw made even me almost blow our cover by a gasp escaping my lips. There in an embrace, were Mel Johnson and Patty Anderson. Mel had his hands all over her back and butt and she was stripped down to her bra and panties. Mel had on only his boxer shorts and they were kissing passionately. Then Mel’s hand reached behind her and undid her bra. As he backed away, allowing it to fall off of her heaving breasts, she reached out her hand to grab his gigantic cock.

Now it was Kim’s turn to gasp a silent gasp as Patty slowly removed the boxers from his trim, muscular abdomen and let them slide to the floor. Rubbing his cock between her hand and his abdomen she slid down his body until she was kneeling right at his crotch. She looked at it a second and then took it completely into her mouth. She had to take it down her throat because she didn’t stop until her lips were rubbing on his pubic hair.

Mel let out a groan as Patty withdrew her head from his groin and licked the tip of his cock. She twirled her tongue around the head once, twice and three times and then plunged it back down her throat once again. Mel cried out with pleasure as he started humping her face. As she was taking it deep down her throat over and over again, Mel began to shutter and shake. Then, throwing his head back and pushing his crotch into her face, he let out a roar and exclaimed, “I’M CUMMINGGGG!” Patty didn’t miss a beat but kept up the oral assault on his manhood. “OH MY GOD!” cried Mel.

After he shot his wad down her throat, he reached down and grabbed her under each arm and pulled her up and gave her a big kiss. His cum was running out of her mouth and down her chin, as he opened his mouth to hers. With his right hand, he grabbed her by the crotch, burying his fingers deep up between her legs and literally threw her onto his bed. Following right behind her, he raised her legs upward over her chest, pulled hard on her panties and removed them over her bent legs. Keeping her legs up over her chest, he proceeded to throw his face between her wide spread knees and devour her sopping wet pussy as she screamed her approval.

He buried his face into her pussy as she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in further. He must have been on the right spot because after a few seconds of muff diving, she let out a scream that almost caused us to duck our heads. As she erupted in the thralls of a gigantic orgasm, she threw Mel off of her, spun around on her knees and buried her head back into the pillow. She commanded him, “Fuck me in the ass, you son-of-a-bitch, bury that thing in my ass! Do it NOW!” she screeched.

He mounted her like a dog and, placing his engorged cock right at her anus, he shoved it in to the hilt. She cried with pain or pleasure, I’m not sure, as he started humping her ass for all he was worth. As he was ramming his tool deep inside her bowls, I felt a familiar hand reach into my pajamas and grab hold of my cock. As it started to rub up and down, I stole a glance at its owner and she never moved her eyes from the scene playing out before us.

You could hear the slapping of their legs and the sloshing of the intrusion as he unmercifully continued to slam his big cock deep within her colon. With every slap, she cried out a little until he started to grunt again and you could tell he was about to loose it. His eyes were tightly shut and a stained look came over his face. He was holding his breath now as he strained to keep pace with her hip thrusts. When he could no longer match her thrusts, he cried out and exploded deep within her. She fell forward, bringing him with her until she was lying completely prone with her legs apart, him on top of her back with his cock still planted up her butt. She quivered and convulsed into a submissive state of being and them collapsed, completely spent. He laid there on top of her, breathing heavily and drifting off into a needed rest.

We reluctantly but silently backed off of our perch and withdrew to the safety of the park. I don’t know when I no longer felt the pleasure of Annie’s hand on my throbbing cock but I do know when I found her knelling between my legs and tugging at my cutoffs, pulling them down. As they cleared my stiff erection, it sprang right out into the waiting lips of Annie.

I was shocked and amazed for a second, but when she started sucking on the head of my cock I was suddenly in heaven. I glanced over at Kim and her mouth and her eyes were wide open. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her best friend had a boys cock in her mouth and she was sucking it.
Suddenly Annie’s hand went down between her legs and she started to rub herself. The faster she rubbed, the further she took it in her mouth. When I felt it reach her throat and she started to gag, I started to withdraw it but she took it right back in.

I was ready to explode but I didn’t want to do it in Annie’s mouth. Mel didn’t seem to mind squirting his stuff into Patty’s mouth so why should I mind shooting into Annie’s. I felt it coming and I knew I didn’t have a chance to pull it out so I tried to warn her by grunting out loud but if she heard me it didn’t matter. By this time, her fingers were inside of her shorties, rubbing her pussy raw and no amount of grunting would have made a difference. At some point, I glanced at Kim and her hand was buried down the front of her pajamas also. Then my pleasure moment had arrived, again I grunted aloud and released my stuff into Annie’s eager mouth.

Annie may have been ready for the onslaught of sperm escaping out of my throbbing cock, but I think she underestimated the amount or overestimated her capacity to shallow because the second direct squirt that hit the back of her throat caused her to gag and she released her lips from my shooting cock and I ejected the third, fourth and fifth directly onto her face. Gasping for air, she allowed my sperm to splatter over her cheeks, nose and chin, all the while rubbing her little pussy into an orgasmic release of her own. When finally I stopped my squirting, she was coming down from her self-induced orgasm and she collapsed down into the fetal position and tried to catch her breath.

Kim was lying on her back on the ground with both hands thrust into her pajamas, vigorously rubbing on her pussy, nearing her own release. When it hit, she arched her back off of the ground and rammed her crotch up into her fingers. Holding her breath for the longest time, she slowly let it out as she reached her own orgasm. She then relaxed into a heap but kept her hands directed down at her crotch and I detected a gentle stroking with her hands.

It took some time before anyone was able to stir much less speak and by that time, it was getting late. I scooted over to where Annie had collapsed and gently rocked her shoulder. She came out of it, looked up into my eyes and smiled. “Wow, I guess I got kind of excited and you did too.”

Nodding my head over to where Kim was laid out, I added, “Don’t forget your fallen friend over there.”

She sat up and gave me a hug then said, “And what about you?”

“Oh yeah, I got excited. Couldn’t you tell? I shot my stuff all over your pretty face,” I cooed into her cheek.

“You think I have a pretty face?” she asked.

“Everything about you is pretty, Annie. Don’t you know that?” I exclaimed.

She just turned a little pinkish and gave me a hug around my neck. After a brief moment to collect herself, she said that she had to get this sticky stuff off of her and walked over to the drinking fountain nearby. When she returned to where I was still sitting, looking at Kim with her hands still down between her legs, she said, “Kim, we’ve got to get up, it’s late and we’ve got to go home.”

Kim opened her eyes, smiled at Annie, then realizing where her hands were, she removed them rapidly and glanced around to see if anyone had noticed them. They both got up and kind of staggered off down the path towards their respective house for the night. Looking back over her shoulder, Annie grinned at me, waved her goodnight and whispered something to Kim.

All the next day I was on cloud nine. I was happy, satisfied and just a little giddy. So when 8:30 rolled around, I was off to the park with a spring in my step. I was sitting on the swing when Annie came up the path wearing her pajamas again.

“Hi, Annie,” I said happily. “Where’s Kim?”

“She’s not going to come tonight. She’s not feeling well this evening. Well, I guess I might as well tell you, she started her first period today so she staying pretty close to her mother tonight.”

I thought about what Annie had said and finally asked, “How does starting your period make you sick?”

Annie looked at me and seeing that I was seriously asking, she said, “Most girls when they start their period, especially the very first time, get stomach gramps and nausea and stuff. Some girls get really sick. I hope that Kim does have it too bad.”

“Have you started your period yet?” I blurted out.

She got red in the face and then answered, “Yes, I started my cycle three months ago. Remember when I told you no when you tried to feel me up that one night? Well, that was my first period. I didn’t want you to know.”

“Why not,” I asked innocently. “Isn’t it just a natural thing for girls?”

“Yes, up its kind of private, you know personal,” she said tilting her head down a little.

“When do you start your again?” I asked.

“Chris? I’m not going to tell you that! I mean, my gosh, how personal do you want to get?” she asked in embarrassment.

“I’m sorry Annie, but I thought that we were on a personal basis after last night,” I said. “I mean how personal do you have to be before you can confide in me. Taking my cock in your mouth is pretty personal in my book.”

She turned beet red and looked down at her shoes then said, “In about two weeks.”

“Okay, now I know something personal about you. What do you want to know that is personal about me?” I asked.

“I want to see you completely naked,” she suddenly asked.

“You have before, the night we did it, don’t you remember?”

“Yeah, but that was different, I want to see you up close, you know, I want to touch you all over and stuff.”
“But couldn’t we make a baby if we did that?” I asked.

“I didn’t ask you to do it with me, I just wanted to touch you and see you and stuff,” she said, her voice trailing away.

“Okay I guess. Where can we go?” I relented.

“I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it I guess,” she said titling her head a little.

Suddenly I had an idea. “If you can wait to touch me for awhile, I know where you can see me with no clothes on,” I announced. “Come on, I’ll show you,” and grabbing her hand I led her off towards my house.

As we approached the rear of my house, I told Annie to stay in the tree line and watch for me to signal her to come forward. I entered through my open window and turned on the light in my room, sending a glaring light out the window and giving her a great view. Locking the door, I turned around and gave her the signal to come forward. As she approached the open window, I whispered to her to stand right there at the window and watch the show.

As she got as close as possible to the window, I could see her plainly through the window so I stood directly in front and started by taking off my top. I removed it completely and sat down on my bed to remove my sneakers. That task being accomplished, I turned and face the window and moved within three feet of Annie and then I slowly inserted my hands into the waist band of my cutoffs and headed them south. Over my hips and thighs I slid them down and let them fall to the ground. Stepping out of them, I stood there waiting to disrobe completely and all of a sudden, I found myself feeling self-conscious. I looked right at Annie standing there; trying to swallow, her mouth was so dry, and I started to remove my underwear. I slid them down to my pubic area and stopped for a second to get up my nerve. Finally, I swallowed hard, looked at her eyes and dropped them to the floor.

I was semi-hard and I’m sure it looked pretty big, but I had grown only to the point of it being maybe 4 inches fully erect, so I was a little self-conscious. I had just a small mustache covering down there and let’s face it, I was as skinny as a rail. So there I stood, naked as a ray bird, a skinny, young 12 year old, starting puberty, waiting for my girl to be impressed. I felt like a fool.

But Annie’s eyes grew wide as she looked on admiringly. Seeing the look on her face gave me some confidence so I walked right up to her and whispered, “Do you like what you see?”

“Uh huh,” is all she said, never taking her eyes off of my cock. It started to grow some more so I instinctively reach down and grabbed it with my fore finger, middle finger and thumb, and started to stroke it. Back and forth, I slid the foreskin along the shaft, making it stand out straight for Annie. The look in her eyes was turning me on as I continued to stroke my cock. She ran her tongue over her lips and her eyes were glued to my throbbing cock as I continued to stroke it harder and faster. I could feel the satisfaction starting to build deep within my tummy. My knees were starting to get weak as I yanked on it harder and then I felt it let go.

I closed my eyes with the first shot as it went through the open window, right by Annie’s head. She ducked out of the way as the second squirt sailed by her amazed little face. The third and fourth shot out the end of my pulsating cock and I got closer to the window so the next few would make it outside the window. Suddenly I felt a hand cradle my dying member and I felt it squeeze the last of the sperm out the end. Then I felt a soft touch of a tongue lick the remaining drops from my flaccid cock. The sensation was wonderful.

I reach down and kissed her goodnight and then put on my pajamas, closed the blinds and window and turned off the light. I had no problems sleeping that night.

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2012-08-07 02:23:02
WOW. amazing writing! I'm only 13 and sadly can't relate ):
Lucky 12 year old! I wish I was Annie! ):

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WOW. amazing writing! I'm only 13 and sadly can't relate ):
Lucky 12 year old! I wish I was Annie! ):

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,fuck im 12 and i wish i was annie im so wet rite now im jilln off and my window is open haha

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Lol so much young people.

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im 13 and i wish i was chris but great storie

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