Some Cops can be cruel

As soon as I turned 16, I got my Drivers licence and used my savings (from summer jobs) to buy my first car. It was an old clunker, but it ran and I was happy just to be on the road. Of course like most guys my age, I couldn’t afford insurance, so my parents put the car under their policy and lectured me about safety, speeding, etc. I can still hear it: “Brian, so help me god, if you speed or drive reckless, I’ll tow that car to the junkyard and you will be grounded forever”.

Driving down a deserted highway in your first car can be so exciting, as long as you don’t take unnecessary risks, but since my parents safety lecture was days old, I had the car floored and was totally carefree. That was until I heard the siren, and saw the flashing lights in the rear view mirror. This couldn’t be good. A week of driving my own car, and already nailed by the cops.

The sweat poured off of my forehead as the cop approached my car, and I had visions of my parent’s reaction when they found out. I could see my car on the back end of a tow truck leaving me in its dust.

“Licence and Registration Please”.

“I’m really sorry officer. This is my first car and my first week of driving and I guess I wasn’t paying attention to the speedometer”.

“Insurance card please”.

This cop was all business, and I just knew I wouldn’t be getting any breaks from him.

“Insurance is in your father’s name. What are the chances that he will be happy about you speeding and driving up the cost of his insurance premiums”?

“I’m sure that I will never hear the end of it, and I may end up losing my car and insurance coverage”.

“Look son, I was young once and understand the need to let off steam with your first car and see what she’ll do on the open highway, but you were way above the limit, and the fine will be substantial”.

“I am really sorry, and I have no idea how I am going to pay the fine, because I used all of my savings to buy the car”.

“Considering that you are on a deserted stretch of highway with virtually no other cars around, I will consider letting you off with a warning. That is, if I am convinced that you have learned a valuable lesson here and won’t do it again”.

“Honestly officer, I am scared shitless and don’t want to lose my car, so I can promise you that I have learned my lesson and won’t do it again”.

“Okay son. These warnings are kept on file, so if you do decide to get reckless again, the next time you’re stopped for an infraction, the penalty will be a lot more severe. In fact, since your licence is still probationary, your vehicle will be impounded and your Drivers licence suspended”.

As I drove off after thanking him profusely, I felt so relieved and fortunate that I got stopped by a cop who knew what it was like driving your first car at 16. When I got home, I called my girlfriend Lanie and told her what had happened, and she found it hilarious. Fuck me. I almost need a change of underwear and she thinks this is funny. Lanie is 15 and we have been dating for a couple of weeks now. We had been waiting desperately for me to get the car, since it’s the only place with privacy we will have to make out. Our two houses give us no privacy, and she has told me that we could have sex once I was on the road. It wasn’t my first choice, having sex in the backseat of a car, but to a horny 16 year old, anyplace will do in a pinch.

Friday night rolled around and since Lanie and I had arranged to get together after my part time job shift, I was horny as hell and anxious to test my backseat. I drove the speed limit on the highway where I had been caught speeding, and then found a side road that seemed relatively deserted and dark. All throughout the drive out here, Lanie had sat close to me and had been rubbing my erect cock, through my jeans. Spooked by my experience with the cop, I didn’t even try to feel her up, while I was driving. I kept both hands on the wheel, but enjoyed her massaging my cock.

The transmission was no sooner in park, when the two of us jumped over the front seat and landed in the back. Our lips met and as her silky tongue swirled in my mouth, my hands began undressing her. She tried to get my clothes off, but I told her to wait until I had her naked. There was enough light from the moon and the dash lights, so I could see her beautiful body and my cock ached and strained against my jeans. I wanted to just grope her everywhere and lick her body, but she was urging me to get naked too. I ripped off my clothes, and as our naked bodies touched together, we both moaned and slurped at each other.

“Brian, I want to suck your cock so badly”

“Lanie I want it too. Suck it baby, but not too much. I want to save it for your pussy”.

I had been blown a couple of times before by other girls, but they weren’t naked, and it was very hurried due to lack of privacy. Once was in the theatre and the other time was in the handicapped bathroom at the mall. Romantic; no, but hey when you are a teenager, you will do anything, anywhere, to get your cock sucked.

Lanie’s head moved swiftly into my lap, and she awkwardly tried to bob her head up and down my shaft. Obviously she wasn’t experienced, and although it didn’t feel all that great, it was a warm mouth so I closed my eyes and tried to enjoy it. After a minute or two, I pulled Lanie’s head up and told her that I needed to get my cock into her pussy, before I blew my load.

“Brian, this is my first time, so can you please try and be gentle”.

Oh my god. I had no idea she was a virgin, but I knew what it was like to pop a girl’s cherry, since I had taken a girl’s virginity a year ago. That time, the girl bled all over her bed and we made one hell of a mess.

“Lanie, I want you so bad, but I want to make sure you understand that you are going to bleed and it will hurt some”.

“I have read about it on the internet and I’m not worried, so please make love to me”.

Having blood all over my car seat was the last thing on my mind, since my cock was throbbing and my balls ached for her pussy. We got into position with her on her back and her legs spread, and as I kissed her, I used one hand to position my cock head at the entrance to her pussy. She was kissing me back wildly and swirling her tongue around my mouth, and when I felt heat emanating from her love tunnel, I began sliding my cock forward. The head was now past her outer lips and pussy hairs and I could feel a ripple effect as I entered her inner folds. Lanie was pulling me with her arms and she tried to get her legs around my ass to drag me inside her pussy. My cock head finally came to rest at her virgin membrane, so I decided to gently thrust in and out in the space from her outer lips to her membrane. It was difficult since she was pulling me hard.

“Lanie, I’m ready to break through your virginity. Are you ready”?

“Oh Brian, I have been ready since I left home. Give me that cock deep in my pussy”.

It took only one hard thrust to break through her membrane, and although she winced and cried out a bit, she continued pulling me into her pussy. It may have been blood, but I thought I felt her pussy get really moist, so I began humping in and out and in a few seconds, Lanie was acting like a wild animal. She groaned, and moaned and humped upwards to meet my thrusts. She was licking and nipping at my neck and ears and seemed to be almost delirious. This got me so excited, I began jack hammering my cock in and out of her pussy.

“Oh Brian, I can feel your balls banging off of my ass. Keep hammering my pussy. I think I am going to cum. OH FUCK, I AM CUMMING. HAMMER MY PUSSY”.

I was almost out of breath, but continued stroking my cock in and out as hard as I could. Lanie’s nails were digging into my back, and when I felt contractions inside her pussy walls, from her orgasm, my balls were ready to explode. Those contractions seemed to be sucking at my cock head, and when my semen blasted, there was a vacuum like pressure draining my balls. I couldn’t stop slamming her pussy and I found the slopping sounds erotic, as my cock thrust through the semen and blood. When my cock had stopped shooting, I still felt her pussy walls sucking at my shaft, and Lanie began to sob.

“Brian, that was so beautiful. You fucked me so good and I will never forget this night”.

“Lanie, I loved fucking you too. Your pussy is still sucking at my cock, even though I have nothing left to shoot.”

“I felt your blasts way up inside me, and it was such a warm and loving sensation, that I will remember it as long as I live”.

Lanie and I both needed to catch our breath, so I slowly withdrew my cock from her pussy, and I could feel the wetness running down my cock and onto my balls. There is something magical about the squishing sounds your cock makes as it leaves a cum drenched pussy. We sat up and hugged and then opened some cokes, since we were both really dry.

“Jesus Lanie. Your pussy was made for my cock. They fit together so great and I am still reeling from that orgasm. Fuck, I’m almost lightheaded”.

“I know what you mean. I can still feel my insides churning your semen.”

“What do you think about having a few more sips of coke with a cigarette and then fucking again”?

“I would love it, but I am pretty soaked down there, so maybe we should try and clean up a bit, so your seats aren’t all stained”.

I really didn’t give a shit about my car seats at that point, but it did seem like a good idea to wipe up, so the blood didn’t get all over our clothes. Fuck me. No rags, no Kleenex. Nada. I guess I hadn’t thought through my preparations very well. I ended up using my boxer shorts and would drive home commando. There was a lot of blood and cum and after getting as much cleaned up as I could, I tossed the boxers out the window. That would come back to haunt me; just wait and see.

Lanie and I finished our smoke and started getting amorous again. As we kissed and groped, I got her into position again, and with a very hard and throbbing cock, began sliding inside her. It was much smoother this time, with the blood and semen coating the walls of her pussy. Lanie and I got into a rhythm with her thrusting upwards to meet my down strokes, and as we moaned and sucked at each other’s mouths, I could feel that tingle in my balls signalling that I was ready to shoot another load of semen.

“Oh Lanie, I’m almost ready to blast your pussy with my cum again. Are you ready to cum baby”?

“I’m ready Brian, fuck me hard. I want to feel those balls swinging again”.

I began the hard hammering strokes until the car shook and then howling and scratching sounds echoed through the car. Fuck me. What the hell was going on? I turned to look out the window and saw two coyotes with their front paws on the window scratching and trying to get in. My cock shrivelled and slipped out of Lanie’s pussy, as she screamed and jumped up off of her back. One of the coyotes had my boxer shorts in its mouth, and it was then that I realized that they must have smelled the blood on them, and came looking for food.

Once we were dressed, we got the hell out of there, since the coyotes were relentless and wouldn’t leave us alone. Both of us were scared, but after we were a ways away from the coyotes, we started to laugh about it.

“Damn, I was just about to cum. Why couldn’t those coyotes have given us another minute”?

“Yah, I was gonna cum big time too. Jesus Brian, I’ll bet the side of your car is all scratched to hell from their paws. Maybe they smelled sex and that is what set them off”.

“It’s a clunker so I don’t really care, and I’m sure it was the blood that attracted them”.

“Hey Lanie, what time do you have to be home”?


“If there’s time, maybe we could find a different spot to park and pick up where we left off. I would really like to unload in your pussy again”.

“What time is it now”?

“It’s 10:45. What time are your parents expecting you”?

“Oh shit. I was supposed to be home by eleven. My parents know that you have a car, so they didn’t want me out too late. If I miss curfew, they may not let me go out in your car again”.

I had a really bad feeling about speeding to get Lanie home in time, but I didn’t want her grounded and miss out on fucking her beautiful pussy again. Even though I was on the same stretch of highway where I got pulled over, I floored it and headed for her house. We were okay for about two miles, and then the siren and flashing lights had us both looking in the rear view mirror. After pulling over, I rolled down the window and fully accepted my predicament. Thank god I had just got laid. At least I could look back on this night and it wouldn’t be a total write-off.

“Licence and Registration please”.

After he had lowered his flashlight out of my eyes, I could tell that it was not the same cop, so maybe I would luck out and he wouldn’t find out about my previous warning.

“Remain in your vehicle until I return”.

When the cop came back, he asked us to step out of the vehicle, and hand him the keys.

“I see that you were pulled over less than a week ago and got off with a warning”.

“Yes, but I can explain why I had to speed this time”.

“I don’t want to hear it. Why were you out here this time of night”?

“It’s a little embarrassing, but we were just parked down a side road and were kissing and enjoying some privacy, and lost track of time. I was trying to get Lanie home before curfew, when you pulled me over”.

The cop went silent as he shone his flashlight in the back seat.

“Both of you place your hands on the hood and spread your legs”.

The next thing I knew he was placing handcuffs on Lanie and I, and we were both shocked.

“What are you doing? We are not criminals.”

He didn’t answer but continued checking out the car using his flashlight.

“Okay you two, start explaining. There is blood all over the back seat, and there are scratches and more blood on the rear passenger door”.

Since he was probably thinking that we were serial killers or something, I figured that it would be better to just tell him the truth. After relating the whole story to him, he broke out laughing, even though I could tell that he was trying to keep a straight face.

“Is that your story too young lady”?

“Yes he is telling the truth. Those coyotes scared me to death”.

Just when I thought that maybe we had a cop with a sense of humour, who may choose to be merciful, things changed. He put me in the back of his cruiser and closed the door and then he took Lanie and placed her in the front seat. He got in and told Lanie that he might know a way to let us off with a warning, if she would cooperate. I was getting a really bad feeling and when Lanie asked what she had to do to cooperate, my fears came true. I watched Lanie as she began to sob and then as the cop put his hand on the top of her head, he unzipped his trousers and pushed her down into his lap. The bastard was forcing her to suck his cock, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. The bastard was narrating the whole thing, probably just to torture me.

“Lick that cock head you fucking cocksucker. Take it deep in your throat. Lick my balls. I’m going to fuck your mouth. I’m going to cum in your mouth and you are going to suck me dry and swallow every drop”.

It lasted about ten minutes, and then he grunted as he came in Lanie’s mouth and then zipped up. She was still sobbing, and I can remember thinking that I had never felt more helpless in my life. The cop told us that if we ever told anyone, firstly, no one would believe us, and secondly, he would hunt us down and shoot us and our families. He had our addresses and said that he could easily make it look like a home invasion. After we promised to keep quiet, he uncuffed us and let us go. I had memorized his badge number and even though I didn’t know if there was anything I could do with it, I told Lanie to write it down after we drove away.

There was very uncomfortable silence during the drive home, and the only thing I could think of to say was that I was so sorry that it happened. Lanie didn’t even kiss me before getting out and when she left, I wasn’t sure that I would ever see her again. That fucking cop had taken the most beautiful night of her life, as she had described it, and turned it into her worst nightmare. There had to be something I could do to get this cop. Lanie took care of it for me, since she told her dad what had happened and he took her straight to the hospital to get checked out. The hospital called in the detectives, and since they had collected some semen from her mouth and throat, and because she gave them his badge number, they felt they had enough for an arrest. They picked me up and after giving them my statement, they headed out to arrest the cop.

The following day, Lanie and I talked about everything that had happened and I asked her if we could try and recapture our magical time together and not let that bad cop ruin our lives. She agreed and kissed me passionately and said that she didn’t want to let that asshole take that beautiful memory away from her. We drove out to the same spot where we had ran into the coyotes and got into the back seat to relive our magical night.

As her legs spread, I had full daylight to view her beautiful pussy and tits, and as my cock was released from my pants, she moaned for me to take her. My cock gently parted her pussy lips and before driving deep into that hot and moist tunnel, I began kissing and licking her face and neck. I slid into her depths ever so slowly and the tease caused her to pull at my back to enter her. When my balls came to rest on her ass cheeks, she began humping upwards and I drove downwards and soon we had recaptured that sexy rhythm.

“Fuck me hard babe. I want to cum on your cock”

“I want to feel your pussy contractions on my cock as you cum”.

The jack hammering began as she clawed at my back and dug her heels into my ass trying to completely impale herself on my cock. We humped, moaned and fucked our brains out until I felt her pussy walls sucking on my cock. I could hear her say in her softest voice that she loved me.

“Oh babe, your pussy is sucking me off. I’m gonna blow and fill you full of cum”.

“Give it to me hard; I want to feel your cum exploding inside me and filling me up. God I love you so much Brian”.

As the streams of cum blasted away at her insides, Lanie cried and clung to me like her life depended on it. I couldn’t help but get choked up too, because I knew that we were washing away a very bad memory.

“Don’t stop fucking me Brian. I never want you to leave my pussy”.

“I won’t babe. I love you and will fuck you to orgasm for the rest of your life”.

My cock never wilted and I stayed inside her pussy for a long time. When she wanted more, I could feel her hump upwards and I would thrust with her. I came twice more before my cock gave out and wilted and then slipped from her pussy’s grasp.

The following day we both had a visit from detectives who told us that the cop they had arrested had made bail and then proceeded to shoot himself in the head. He was dead, so there would be no trial, no testimony and hopefully we now had the opportunity to put the nightmare behind us.

The End

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